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David Bennett’s successor?

Written By: - Date published: 10:39 am, August 22nd, 2013 - 17 comments
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Rumour has it that David Bennett has decided to retire at the next election. It’s been made clear to him that he’ll never be allowed anywhere near a ministerial portfolio. Who will take on his role? Well, how about this guy – Mark Sabin – who yesterday told Parliament that, thanks to St Key, New Zealand has the highest growth rate on Earth, when it’s actually 117th?

Here’s Sabin  saying Kiwis are “seeing this economy growing at a faster rate than any other economy in the world”:

Here’s how we’re actually doing according to the IMF (we’re the blue line between South Africa and Kiribati)

IMF GDP growth ratesFor the record, it’s South Sudan’s economy that is ‘growing at faster rate than any other economy in the world’.

17 comments on “David Bennett’s successor?”

  1. jaymam 1

    But wait, why do we need constant growth in a developed society? I’m sure the Greens would question that. And GDP is a poor measure. GDP increases when a large catastrophe is being fixed.

    • Lightly 1.1

      good points but they have nothing to do with the fact that Sabin’s making shit up.

      • Tracey 1.1.1


        one thing is clear that each successive MP under national that steps into the limelight is practising lying…

  2. Crashcart 2

    Stop bringing fact into politics. It annoys the heck out of the encumbants who have made a practice of spouting off whatever they think sounds good no matter how far from teh truth it may be.

  3. karol 3

    Why is Bennett out of favour with the Nats?

    • Saarbo 3.1

      Good question Carol, he is an incompetent fool who operates well beyond his capability, but that wouldn’t necessarily put one “out of favour” in the National Party. I wonder what else makes him stand out for non promotion?

      • Lightly 3.1.1

        even the nats have limits though, eh? he’s a useful idiot on the backbench but imagine the political liability he would be if he was actually meant to run part of the government

        • chris

          He is about as useful as anchovy from the Tasman electorate.

          oops anchovy aka Auchinvole

      • felix 3.1.2

        He’s a brain-dead property investor with no ethical compass who says out loud that (quote) “the government is not here to make your life better”. He is devoid of any understanding of society beyond understanding how to extract a rent from it. He is fundamentally selfish, ignorant, and compassionless.

        Nope, I can’t think of any reason either.

    • gnomic 3.2

      On the basis of the articles published under his name in a suburban newspaper he appears to be stupid beyond belief. Perhaps his parliamentary colleagues have noticed. Since the Hamilton seats are definitely a nice to have, one might think the Nats would go out of their way to give their occupants a boost. Indeed MacIndoe has ascended to modest heights. Presumably Bennett is actually pretty vacant.

  4. Tracey 4

    I had to google him

    In the National-led Government David is Chair of the Transport and Industrial Relations Select Committee and also a member of the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee

    Why is transport in with industrial relations?

    • Vagabundo 4.1

      My first thought was “Wasn’t he that ACT guy who stole that dead baby’s identity? Successor? Huh?”

  5. Tiger Mountain 5

    Sabin–boofhead par excellence. Promote him by all means.

    The ex Far North Kaitaia coppers personal, business (Methcon) and police activities would provide many fruitful hours for a reasonable journalist.

  6. Aotearoean 7

    Excuse me .Who is David Bennet What electorate does he represent?Has anyone a photograph of the man?

  7. Aotearoean 8

    Excuse me .Who is David Bennet What electorate does he represent?Has anyone a photograph of the man?

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