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Epsom: spit or swallow? » john key john banks spit or swallow epsom

john key john banks spit or swallow epsom

2 comments on “john key john banks spit or swallow epsom”

  1. curious 1

    This whole thing is rather curious.  Why did the ‘body guards’ not check out the small black bag on the table, sitting so close to the MP, it could’ve been a ‘bomb’  or some other piece of dangerous or damaging plant. Maybe it is a ploy by the National Party strategists as some suggest to place themselves on the front page of the news to detract from what the election is really about.  Who knows?

  2. Colonial Viper 2

    Shit John, what’s in that black bag there beside you?
    No idea, John, thought it was yours?
    Nope not mine, John, it looks a bit like the vibrator bag one of my ex’s had though.
    Ha that must be what it is. Right let’s have a chat on how we game the election and get rid of that old fart Brash, all in one smooth motion.
    Yes great, our privacy is assured, given that the black bag sitting there mysteriously almost definitely contains nothing more intrusive than a vibrator. Carry on.

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