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Green Opening Address

Written By: - Date published: 8:21 pm, August 23rd, 2014 - 19 comments
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[update: to put it somewhere, the InternetMana one has highest fun value]


19 comments on “Green Opening Address”

  1. Really interesting that the Greens obviously feel more able to be actively negative about the government.

  2. brett 2

    Not very interesting that you have drawn a strange conclusion like that. Vote team ShonKey if you must, but don’t attempt to dilute an important message and a positive agenda with your comments here. A lot of people need to grow up, reduce their capitalist lust, and think about how we can preserve what we’ve got going here. You are one of those who must learn.

  3. Colonial Viper 3

    Wow, that Green ad rates a big fat B-.

    • really..?..at least i got thru it..

      ..i couldn’t get past chippy in the labour one..

      • Colonial Viper 3.1.1

        Compare it to the Greens 2011 address.

        • karol

          A good counterpoint to last election’s one. They were more aspirational/inspirational. Continuing along that line can play intot he spin lines about Greens being airy fairy hippies all ideals and not practicality.

          This time, they are showing themselves to be down to earth and dealing with life’s daily tasks and struggles.

    • Olwyn 3.2

      A bit harsh. The aim seems to have been to show the leaders as real people, while at the same time getting their policies across. I thought it worked well – and “love New Zealand” offers a subtle and appealing challenge the NZ inc. concept.

  4. Big dog 4

    Pretty hard to be against any of that.

  5. Ad 5

    Come on Greens, your billboards are great.
    Take this spiel outside and burn it. Unsugared porridge.
    I wanted to hear and see the passion and the pride of a party unconstrained by compromise.

  6. Mike the Savage One 6

    This one is not quite up to what I had expected, but it is OK. At least the Greens speak out the concerns of many, especially those missing out, and those wanting a sustainable, better future, without destroying the environment for the sake of quick export bucks for ever more milk-powder, logs and raw fish to China.

    It seems almost as if they want to compete for votes with Mana, or Internet Mana, fighting for the underdog’s vote. For me that is good, for others it may sound negative.

    As for “negativity”, check out this:

    Not much positive said there by tweeters, I am afraid, on their website.

    Makes you wonder yet again, what these “polls” are all about, or are the “pulling” wool over our eyes, I ask?

    I think the next times the Greens need a better campaign video consultant, but what counts for me is policy, the honesty of any messages, and the reliability of the persons standing for the party.

  7. karol 7

    I thought it was pretty good. It flowed and was engaging. The opposition of the kind of society they are aiming for, and the bad things that are happening now was done well.

    There were some nice touches that made Turei and Norman seem fairly down to earth – Norman talking about working in the car factory and his melanoma – dealing with the bad things, but working to overcome them. Turei talking with her daughter also was fairly down to earth/

    • Colonial Viper 7.1

      Why the heck did Norman need to draw attention to Brisbane. Really weird.

      • Olwyn 7.1.1

        He grew up in Brisbane, and the two leaders were trying to show, in that short period of time, something of who they are. He could not honestly have done otherwise.

        • Bunji

          Best to own it when you have clowns like John Ansell on Morning Report calling him the Australian Communist.

          • Molly

            Agree. One of the repetitive (and irrelevant) criticisms of him is that he is Australian.

  8. Pasupial 8

    Ka Pai Hoverboards!

    Brevity can be a virtue. At least the GP address didn’t drag too much – I bailed on the Labour one after the first few minutes (before the slider was even a quarter the way across).

    • karol 8.1

      I really liked the opening of the Labour video. But I, too, “bailed” (temporarily) after about 7 minutes. It was the lack of flow that seemed to make it feel like it was dragging and a bit staged. I did come back to it later. Some very good bits, though.

      And agree on the value of the shortness of the Greens vid. It is fairly snappy, flows and is engaging throughout.

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