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National’s opening tv ad

Written By: - Date published: 10:24 pm, August 21st, 2014 - 15 comments
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Roman version:

Eminem version:

(I like the sly orca that’s been inserted)

Herald poll in the morning – the first post Dirty Politics.

Wonder how the PM calling the media ‘scummy’ will help him keep up his popularity.

[Update: this just thru..]

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15 comments on “National’s opening tv ad”

  1. Kiwiri 1

    L O L !

  2. the pigman 2

    Thanks for sharing. Fix the apostrophe in “version’s” in the post-teaser please 😀

  3. emergency mike 3

    “A spokeswoman for the prime minister later said his “scummy” comment was a joke with a press gallery journalist whom he deals with regularly.”

    Ah so it was an in-joke, and since that particular journo wasn’t there to hear it I guess it was an in-joke with… himself… Ooookay then.

  4. Akldnut 4

    UK is not a country either

  5. Ben Hur one was the best laugh for a long time. Shame Labour can’t use some of its air time to show it on tv. Thanks, whoever took the time to do it.

    But, to make a good thing better, why not change the logo to “Inter-National”. Apart from the cycleway, they haven’t done much for kiwi mums and dads.

    Herald this morning has latest poll showing only a small drop in support for National (whew, they say). Don’t they realise how narrow a margin the last election was won by? Also, United Future is up 0.4% to 0.4% LOL.

    • Te Reo Putake 5.1

      The last Herald poll before the 2011 over-estimated National support by a 3.5%. Its poll a month out from 2011 (ie roughly at the same point in the campaign as now) was out by a whopping 7%!

  6. Ad 6

    Bring on the tv debates.

  7. whateva next? 7

    an actual image of the National cabinet in a canoe would do me, not so sleek!

  8. Montag 8

    The Natz advertisement seems to indicate that if you are pasifika, asian, disabled, old etc then you ain’t “on the boat”, and yet we all contribute to our society surely.

    • Therese 8.1

      yes of course we are all taxpayers from womb to tomb and even after that………..and we ALL PAY THESE SERVANTS to look after our tax purse too. (and we did elect them in 2011?/) do we trust any of them now??????????????
      who do we want to represent us in this 2014 election year………..be careful…look for an honest person (male/female) and pick carefully the party and the person….look for their CV watch their body language their answers to your questions???? …………honesty is the best policy………..secrets and lies get found out anyway……………MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT……OR YOUR TWO TICKS I SHOULD SAY…………..your tax purse your money is at stake we want our taxes spent on us the citizens and used for essential services health education law and order benefits for those who need them NOT thrown away on useless projects and whims like eg BOAT RACES???????? Footballs…………Moviemakers and we all know who they are……travel perks / double dip rents for our servants etc……………….

  9. Typical Tories.

    Many a true word spoken in jest.

    Work your guts out for nothing boys. You’ll get the lash if you don’t.
    Is this what they mean by more jobs for everyone?

    A Tory Utopia if ever was one.

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