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Open mike 15/06/2013

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, June 15th, 2013 - 111 comments
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111 comments on “Open mike 15/06/2013”

  1. Alanz 1

    Oh dear . . . – – – . . .


    Calling Grant Robertson . . . – – – . . .
    S O S . . . – – – . . .
    Time for regime change . . . – – – . . .
    S O S . . . – – – . . .

    • Saarbo 1.1

      “He said he did not know his colleagues were being hosted by SkyCity until he got there. ”

      Quote from David Shearer in Dom Post.

      Is this believable?


      Last sentence.

      • Te Reo Putake 1.1.1

        Is this believable?


        • Saarbo

          Surely this sort of thing is discussed within Caucus, if it isn’t then it needs to be. The Sky City Deal is one of the major areas that Labour can really take it to National in 2014 (they probably still can), and given its importance I would have expected this group of four to have discussed it with their Leader. Would Helen have known?

          and another article:

          “David Shearer’s February reshuffle of his shadow Cabinet has, however, so far failed to create any sense of urgency that might suggest the party actually wants to govern.”


          From National’s No 1 PR person…John Armstrong. But it has some truth to it.

          I really feel for Tim Barnett, he has his work cut out the way the Labour caucus operates. Something is really missing, even you can’t deny that Te Reo.

          • karol

            On The Panel yesterday on RNZ, Chris Trotter made the point that Helen Clark would have been proactive on such an issue, foreseen the possible PR ramifications in advance and strongly warned her MPs against accepting such hospitality.

            • Morrissey

              Chris Trotter is a fool. If he had a sense of humour, it might help. Unfortunately, putting on faux-Mexican voices and mocking political dissenters is not humorous….

              Well, maybe someone like Populuxe1 might laugh, and certainly that empty vessel Lisa Scott whinnied her assent. Jim Mora probably thought it was not funny, but being the diligent host he is, laughed dutifully and even encouraged the gang bang.

              • Te Reo Putake

                Moz, I thought it was mocking a cowardly accused rapist, not a political dissenter. Still, great that you know what goes on in Mora’s head, a career as a tv medium awaits you. You could style yourself the Host Whisperer.

                Funnily enough, I was really impressed with Trotter’s contribution yesterday, particular the discussion around the Captain Cook pub. It’s a brave political commentator who’ll sing on live radio, but he did a fine job of it.

                • Morrissey

                  Moz, I thought it was mocking a cowardly accused rapist

                  Accused by whom? Certainly not by the two young women who were threatened and cajoled into going along with this utterly discredited attempt to lynch him. Certainly not by the women in Rape Crisis, who recognize a bogus rape claim when they see one. Certainly not by any of the world’s best journalists. Certainly not by anyone who has any knowledge of this case and is honest.

                  … not a political dissenter.

                  Ahhhh, so Julian Assange is NOT a political dissenter. Thanks for that. Is that choice piece of intelligence from the same book that says David Shearer IS doing a great job? (I note that you have been trying to fly that dead turkey a lot as well, recently.)

                  Still, great that you know what goes on in Mora’s head,

                  I am sure that Mora was thinking: Oh, my God, this pompous and unfunny twerp is a PRAT. But of course, as the jolly mein host of this party in Hell, he has to humour, even encourage, such prattery.

                  a career as a tv medium awaits you.

                  Sayyyy, I L-L-L-LIKE the sound of that.

                  You could style yourself the Host Whisperer.

                  Trouble is, the only thing I would whisper would be: “Time to retire, Jim/Larry (can I call you “Lackwit”?)/Leighton/Danny/Murray/Veitchy/Kerre/Jesse/Simon/Geoff…

                  Funnily enough, I was really impressed with Trotter’s contribution yesterday, particular the discussion around the Captain Cook pub.

                  It’s a brave political commentator who’ll sing on live radio, but he did a fine job of it.

                  If you like your melodies unmemorable, your singing flat and your guitar-playing about the proficiency of Sid Vicious as he’s coming down from a heroin jag, Chris Trotter is the man for you. If he had the talent, he might be one day as good as THIS BLOKE….

                  • McFlock

                    And now for a word from the real world…

                    • Morrissey

                      And now for a word from the real world…

                      No, I’m sorry, my friend, but gnomish utterances ain’t gonna get it done for you.

                    • McFlock

                      I’m not your friend, buddeh!

                    • Morrissey

                      I’m not your friend, buddeh!

                      I’ve been called some choice things in my time, but having the title “Buddah” bestowed on me is taking things to a new level, I have to say.


                      Imagine the joy!

                    • McFlock

                      Well, now we know three things about Morrissey.

                      1: he doesn’t watch South Park; and
                      2: he sees no difference between “A” and “E”; and
                      3: he can’t spell “Buddha”.

                    • Morrissey

                      Well, now we know three things about Morrissey.

                      1: he doesn’t watch South Park; and

                      I do, actually. In fact, one of the unkinder souls on this forum recently compared me to Cartman.

                      2: he sees no difference between “A” and “E”; and
                      3: he can’t spell “Buddha”.

                      In fact, I can even spell it in Japanese….

                    • McFlock

                      Cartman? Nah.

                    • Populuxe1

                      Rape Culture at work…

                  • weka

                    “Certainly not by the women in Rape Crisis, who recognize a bogus rape claim when they see one.”

                    Morrissey, I assume you are talking about the group Women Against Rape. They have never said that the rape allegation was bogus, and it does your cause great disservice to keep insinuating that they did. Please stop.

                    Here is (part of) what they actually said –

                    Justice for an accused rapist does not deny justice for his accusers. But in this case justice is being denied both to accusers and accused.

                    The judicial process has been corrupted. On the one hand, the names of the women have been circulated on the internet; they have been trashed, accused of setting a “honey trap”, and seen their allegations dismissed as “not real rape”. On the other hand, Assange is dealt with by much of the media as if he were guilty, though he has not even been charged. It is not for us to decide whether or not the allegations are true and whether what happened amounts to rape or sexual violence – we don’t have all the facts and what has been said so far has not been tested. But we do know that rape victims’ right to anonymity and defendants’ right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty are both crucial to a just judicial process.

                    Swedish and British courts are responsible for how the women’s allegations have been handled. As with every rape case, the women are not in charge of the case, the state is.


                    • Morrissey

                      Morrissey, I assume you are talking about the group Women Against Rape.

                      weka, thanks for tidying up my careless error—it was indeed Women Against Rape that, as with every other independent and non-partisan organization, pointed out the spuriousness of these allegations.

                      They have never said that the rape allegation was bogus, and it does your cause great disservice to keep insinuating that they did.

                      You are correct that the Women Against Rape organization did not use my blunt and undiplomatic language, but the meaning of their statement is perfectly clear: there is not, and never was, any merit to those charges against Julian Assange.

                      Please stop.

                      Fair enough: I did rather roughly paraphrase Women Against Rape’s condemnation of this witch-hunt.

                    • Populuxe1


                      “You are correct that the Women Against Rape organization did not use my blunt and undiplomatic language, but the meaning of their statement is perfectly clear: there is not, and never was, any merit to those charges against Julian Assange.”

                      It does no such thing – they have quite clearly indicated that both sides have been denied the justice of a trial. The confirmation bias is strong with this one, oy vey.

                      Why is it so hard for you to manage Assange as advocate for freedom of information and Assange as smug misogynist prick simultaneously? The two aren’t related.

                    • Morrissey

                      It does no such thing – they have quite clearly indicated that both sides have been denied the justice of a trial. The confirmation bias is strong with this one, oy vey.

                      “Confirmation bias”? What nonsense. Women Against Rape in Sweden issued many statements condemning this witch-hunt, pointing out that it possibly endangers the credibility of real rape charges in future.

                      Why is it so hard for you to manage Assange as advocate for freedom of information and Assange as smug misogynist prick simultaneously?

                      There is no evidence he is misogynist. I note your use of the word “smug” as a replacement for “handsome”.

                      The two aren’t related.

                      Good. You’ve said something that makes sense.

                      That is encouraging.

              • Pasupial

                @ Morrissey

                Chris Trotter is no fool. I not infrequently disagree with his conclusions myself (and his recent comparison of Dunne with Merlin was a bit bizarre), but he can express himself cogently. Plus his knowledge of the Kiwi Left’s history is far more extensive than my own (certainly greater than Shearer’s, and he’s supposed to be its leader).

                The problem might be in hearing him on the Mora show where he strives to be less confrontational lest he be banned like Bomber (I don’t tune in often myself). His blogs on The Daily Blog often come at things from angles I’d not previously considered. He had some interesting things to say on Citizen A this week (and no faux-Mexican voices). Link: http://thedailyblog.co.nz/2013/06/13/citizen-a-martyn-bradbury-chris-trotter-david-slack-on-dunne-prism-gi-evictions/


                I tend to stay out of the Assange argument; people have their opinions and nothing I type is likely to change them. Though I do admire WikiLeaks itself, and leakers such as Manning. However, I would say that Assange can be both; a “political dissenter”, and; accused of unlawful sexual contact by non-use of condoms in Sweden (which is a fair way from the usual definition of; “rapist”): The two things are not mutually exclusive.

                Also, if I thought the USA was keen to extradite me into one of its torture hell-holes for; an extended interrogation followed by a show trial, then I’d be holed up in whatever safe haven I could find myself! That’s more prudence than cowardice.

                • Morrissey

                  Chris Trotter is no fool.

                  He certainly acted like a fool yesterday. But you’re right no doubt; the problem is not a lack of intellect, it’s a lack of integrity.

                  I not infrequently disagree with his conclusions myself (and his recent comparison of Dunne with Merlin was a bit bizarre), but he can express himself cogently.

                  “Haw haw haw haw haw! Give him a sun lamp!” is cogent, I guess. Unwittingly cogent, but a cogent demonstration of Trotter’s morality, as well as his dull sense of humour.

                  Plus his knowledge of the Kiwi Left’s history is far more extensive than my own (certainly greater than Shearer’s, and he’s supposed to be its leader).

                  Barry Gustafson and Michael Bassett also have an extensive knowledge of the Kiwi Left’s history. Just knowing things is one thing; having the courage to act morally is another.

                  The problem might be in hearing him on the Mora show where he strives to be less confrontational lest he be banned like Bomber.

                  Nobody expects him to be confrontational, certainly not as confrontational as Bomber. Trotter could simply have made the point that Assange is being persecuted and that his being forced to stay in the Ecuadorian Embassy is a grave violation of human rights. It is not a trivial or laughing matter, as those guffawing in that studio seemed to believe.

                  Also, if I thought the USA was keen to extradite me into one of its torture hell-holes for; an extended interrogation followed by a show trial, then I’d be holed up in whatever safe haven I could find myself! That’s more prudence than cowardice.

                  The only cowardice here was on the part of Chris Trotter, who apparently lacks the gumption to stand up and speak out against evil.

                  Your points are well made, Pasupial, and your moniker is intriguing.

          • Te Reo Putake

            I’m not denying there is a problem, Saarbo, just that Shearer doesn’t seem to be the kind to lie. Weak, bumbling and ineffective, yes, but mendacious, no.

            Shearer is in an awful position. He doesn’t enjoy the support of the majority of his caucus (nobody else does either), he has many caucus members who clearly don’t give a flying one about the Labour party, it’s members or its values and he is likely to scrape in as winner of the next election when he should be enjoying Lange era leads in the polls.

            I admire his determination to go on though, despite all the factors ranged against him. It takes a special kind of guy to be that lacking in competence, gravitas and authority and still retain the belief that he is the best option for leadership.

            • mickysavage

              Do I sense a changed opinion TRP?

              • Te Reo Putake

                No, not really, micky. Just a sense of despair that we are saddled with a dozen or so self serving egotists when we need more MP’s who put the party and the people first.

                • Colonial Viper

                  You’ve got a good political instinct mate and have taught me a lot about Labour politics, but am also glad that you do see some of the same issues as I do, and how they are painfully playing out. The nation needs better.

                  • Te Reo Putake

                    Cheers, CV. In the long run, we will get our party back. Just wish it was sooner. Anyhoo, footy beckons. Catch ya later.

            • felix

              “when he should be enjoying Lange era leads in the polls.”

              There’s no “should” about it TRP. If he were better at his job he “would” be leading in the polls. He’s not, because nobody believes he’s good at his job.

              And no, it’s not because the caucus aren’t very good at being led. That’s desperate mate.

              “It takes a special kind of guy to be that lacking in competence, gravitas and authority and still retain the belief that he is the best option for leadership.”

              Not at all. The world is full of deluded, incompetent egomaniacs. Could have picked any of a number of them to lead Labour but no, they had to especially import this one and gift him a seat ‘cos he’s just so frickin awesome.

              • Te Reo Putake

                “And no, it’s not because the caucus aren’t very good at being led. That’s desperate mate.”

                Not actually what I said, but correct none the less. Most of these MP’s toed the line under Clark becuase she was better than them and they knew it. No so much under Goff and nothing close to respect under Shearer. There is nothing Shearer can do to them and they know it. And they will treat the party with contempt as well, for the same reason.

              • Colonial Viper

                The irony being that Shearer would have made an excellent Cabinet Minister and could have taken the path of building his reputation and political credentials up over time.

                • Whafe

                  CV – is there any agreement within your supporters here of whom could actually begin to have the leadership skills of which will need a very talented individual to take on the leadership of the Labour Party?

                  Not a trick question at all.

                  It is a given, NZ needs a strong opposition, at present we have nothing close to an opposition…. It is a party made up of factions, within factions of factions of factions…

                  • Colonial Viper

                    Well, I can’t speak for anyone else but I am on record as being a Cunliffe supporter. At this stage going into 2014 I don’t particularly think it’s important that Cunliffe even be in a top 3 position, but he needs to be on the Front Bench and be given leeway to open up on the National Government, at will.

                    Now who knows if the following can work together on a personal basis but for gawds sakes they are supposed to be professionals so they should; I think that the top 5 or 6 need to work as a public facing leadership fire team scoring real political points and educating the public and the media, and in no particular order I would probably have:

                    - Robertson
                    - Cunliffe
                    - Wall
                    - Goff
                    - Little
                    - Adern

                    And if Helen Kelly were available…

                    something old something new something borrowed something blue :P

                    • felix

                      Who’s the “blue”? ;)

                      As for who should be leading the party? It’s tempting to say “anyone but Shearer”, but basing choosing a leader on the basis that they’re “anyone but” someone else would be fucking retarded and look where it got Labour last time.

                      I do however remain of the opinion that there is no-one in the Labour caucus who could do a worse job than Shearer.

                    • Rogue Trooper

                      something fair something true 8-)

                    • Draco T Bastard

                      I do however remain of the opinion that there is no-one in the Labour caucus who could do a worse job than Shearer.

                      I’d disagree with that. I think there are a lot of people in Labour’s caucus that could do significant damage if they were leader. It’s the ones doing damage without being leader.

                    • Whafe

                      You mention that they should be able to work together. They are professionals.

                      In all honesty, the vast majority of the issue is that they just can’t work together. Please do tell and show me that they can in fact work together..

                      If Cunliffe was leader, there is no way that Robertson could work with him…

                      Helen Kelly Felix, could do a far worse job than Shearer, and thats being polite.

                      Someone within the running of Labour needs to bang some heads together and teach if it is possible that the team MUST work together, because it is quite the opposite…

                      You are all to involved to actually make the tough calls…. You cant tell me the hypocrisy of the last weeks antics are what you all believe in?

                    • Rhinocrates

                      While I despise a couple of those – Robertson for being a gray apparatchik, Goff more seriously for being profoundly anti-democratic, I do appreciate their limited competence, provided that they don’t get too much influence.

                      I’ve met Helen Kelly, she helped me in a labour dispute, so yeah, whenever, wherever would be good. She’s a strong advocate (Hoots’ hissy fit and personal slur proves that).

                    • Colonial Viper

                      Rhino – it’s no democratic socialist dream team as you correctly imply, but you have also seen to the truth that it is a Labour team which would incinerate National’s chances on E-Day into little smouldering cinders.

                    • felix

                      Whafe, couple of things.

                      1. Any team will work well together when led well. Not the other way around.

                      2. You know nothing about Helen Kelly.

                      3. I’m not involved at all, thanks.

                      4. What hypocrisy? Aren’t Labour allowed to vote freely on legislation anymore?

                      5. You should be questioning National’s corruption and conflict of interest in this matter. They’re accepting gifts and favours from a company in who’s favour they are are passing laws.

                    • David H

                      But they will probably just keep on the same ol’ same ol’, and flush any chance of winning straight down the crapper just to keep Cunliffe off of the front bench.

                • Anne

                  The irony being that Shearer would have made an excellent Cabinet Minister and could have taken the path of building his reputation and political credentials up over time.

                  Got it in one CV. But the small bunch of self serving egotists had another agenda – one that had little to do with taking NZ to a better place, or respecting members and supporters. Indeed, they were doing David Shearer no favours by pushing him up to the top of the ladder before he had acquired the necessary political knowledge and experience. But of course that also goes back to that other agenda?

                  • Which agenda was that Anne?

                    The internal one or the external one?

                    • Anne

                      Until more recent times, I thought there was only an internal agenda mickysavage. That is, a contest for the top political jobs and the power trappings that go with them. But revelations over the past 8 months or so – and the past week or two in particular – strongly suggest there was an external component to that agenda as well. Am I not the only one who has suspicions…?

                    • Colonial Viper

                      “Gotta keep the power out of the hands of the looney lefties, communists and democratic socialists…” that’s a Labour faction line that right wing writers will happily listen to.

                    • Rogue Trooper


                    • Anne

                      @ mickysavage
                      Thanks for a timely reminder of an important Fran O’Sullivan link – more important than she would have known at the time.

                      When Lange rolled Bill Rowling he catapulted the infamous “fish and chip plotters” Sir Roger Douglas, Richard Prebble and Mike Moore to very senior roles, Lange reaffirmed his desire to be surrounded by politicians who were “surging in debate” and “active in the cause”.

                      And who exactly were Sir Roger Douglas, Richard Prebble and Mike Moore (perhaps) really working for – apart from being captive to a group of very rich NZers or ex NZers? In the end I think the external component of that political era also went a bit further than was immediately recognisable.

                      David Lange was taken for a ride. But I think he got his own back.

                    • Anne

                      This is the reality which belies the “Anyone but Cunliffe” faction’s convenient claim that Phil Goff was seriously undermined by just one person, his finance spokesman.

                      A lie that I suspect is still being perpetrated… from external sources as well as some in the ABC caucus club.

                      A testimony to how much David Cunliffe is feared.

                    • Aye Anne. This particular allegation made it clear to me that there is something very wrong in the party. Because amongst other things the Goff was not able to recall the amount of tax income the CGT would produce in the first year that it actually did generate income. The figure had been available for months but there was a delay in releasing the tax policy because the PREFU figures had only just come out. The claim that sabotage happened by Cunliffe is not only clearly wrong but so wrong it has to be malicious.

                      I blogged about it at the time at http://waitakerenews.blogspot.co.nz/2011/12/is-new-zealand-politics-being-taken.html and I believe the comments stand.

                    • Anne

                      At the time you posted that blog there was a block of some sort and I coudn’t get into your site to read it. Reading it now it’s almost uncanny at how prophetic that post has proven to be:

                      The clear impression is that the sudden publicity surge behind a Shearer leadership campaign was orchestrated across the left and right wing. This is disturbing. Has New Zealand politics been reduced to a group of powerful people holding sway over different political parties and being able to exercise significant influence over them?

                      1. NZ politics has been reduced to a group of powerful people holding sway over different political parties… that is what I meant by the other agenda. And some of it (I’m sure) is coming from beyond NZ!

                      2. O’Sullivan’s claim of a return to the cloth-cap politics of old was frankly a crazy bit of ideological garbage with NO BASIS IN FACT. Could anyone – with even half a brain – in all honesty describe Helen Clark’s Labour govt as a return to cloth cap ideology?

                      That so many caucus members plus some (who should’ve known better) beyond the caucus fell for the nonsense still makes me wonder…

                    • Olwyn

                      At the time I was told three reasons for the caucus’s supporting Shearer, two of which I remember, the other I’ve forgotten. One was that the media would be more friendly to Labour under Shearer, and another was that Labour would be more likely to win back the rural seats with Shearer at the helm. So far, I do not see where effort has gone into winning back the rural seats, and I guess the media may be more friendly in the sense of not actively setting out to visit ruin on them individually, apart from the badmouthing of Cunliffe in which they were complicit. The polls, however, have stayed exactly as they were under Goff, despite the shine having come off Key, despite rising unemployment and despite the attacks on the vulnerable having escalated quite dramatically.

                      The opacity of the Labour caucus, and the ferocity with which they attacked Cunliffe at the conference makes one suspect that they have agreed, with God knows who, to muzzle the left and maintain the current status quo, in exchange for God knows what. One assumes they must be trying to pull it off on the basis that if you make no commitments you cannot stand accused of betrayal.

                    • Anne

                      …one suspect that they have agreed, with God knows who, to muzzle the left and maintain the current status quo, in exchange for God knows what.

                      For power. Pure, unadulterated power, and access to the hallowed halls of local (and global) corporate hospitality.

                      That should upset a few people. :evil:

                    • Olwyn

                      This is a reply to Anne: It is possible then, that they have decided to do their masters’ bidding to insure themselves against attacks like the one on Aaron Gilmour, which would have the potential to close the relevant doors. Nothing to do with actually representing anyone. I read the catch cry “We must appeal to the middle class” as code for BAU. Essentially, it’s an argument that goes. We represent Labour. You cannot get anything more Labour than a Labour MP. Therefore, we must represent ourselves.

            • Saarbo

              yes, thanks TRP. Incredibly frustrating for us supporters on the left, watching National introduce legislation daily that is increasing inequality and breaking down our communities and meanwhile our main representative party are acting like imbeciles, protecting their own little patches…they are certainly not going to be winning any Nelson Mandela awards for selflessness this lot.

      • BM 1.1.2

        Total bollocks.

        They were all there to meet with sky city management, Shearer included.

      • Mary 1.1.3

        Isolated this whole Sky City thing isn’t really a big deal. If Labour were a strong and credible Opposition they’d weather something like this easily and the whole thing would be forgotten in a day. The problem is that Labour isn’t strong or credible or anything like a worthy opposition. So when things like this come up highlighted is how completely pathetic Labour’s become. There’s no depth there whatsoever so the focus goes on the relatively minor and irrelevant things. And at the same time the government gets undue mileage out of comments like “deeply hypocritical”. Well, it’s not “deeply” hypocritical at all. Hypocritical, sure, and Shearer and his mates should have known better. But it shouldn’t signal the end of the world, like it has. Labour is currently so weak it can withstand very little. Key et al can say almost anything and they look ridiculous. All of this means one thing: David Shearer, how ever nice a guy he is, cannot continue as leader. Deep down I think he knows this himself.

    • Ad 1.2

      Nah i am quite happy to watch everyone in caucus and on this site who supported Shearer – and his core cabal who were in that Sky City box – to just swing in a good cold wind for a few days yet.
      You put him there people.

      • Morrissey 1.2.1

        You put him there people.

        To be fair, they only put him there because they were bamboozled into it by Matthew Hooton and his friends at that epochal barbecue.

        • Colonial Viper

          Veuve cliquot tends to do that at the right dosage

        • felix

          To be fair to Matthew he wasn’t really involved.

          All he did was heartily encourage Shearer in person, recommend him to all his influential contacts, sing his praises all over the media for months on end and gleefully take part in the smear campaign against his opponents.

    • Paul 1.3

      Time to bring in some fresh faces without the taint of neo-liberalism.

    • Boadicea 1.4

      Grant? You naughty Roman Baiter Alanz. There is nothing funny about that bad joke.

      Grant? The Grant that pushed unproven Shearer into the role to block Cunliffe?
      Grant? The Grant who hand picked the incompetent staff in Shearer’s office?
      Grant? The Grant who had Labour third to the Greens and the Nats in Wellington Central?
      Grant? The Grant who has only ever worked inside the Beehive and who gets agrophobia when he leaves the environs?

      Shearer has to be replaced immediately. But not by the Machiavellian who was instrumental in giving us a clear DUD and exacerbated the situation.

      Grant and his mates did the numbers a few months back when Shearer had lower polls and pulled back. They are now awaiting the latest Roy Morgan figures gleefully.

      The only person with the integrity, competence and public respect to be a SUCCESSFUL Labour Leader is David Cunliffe.

  2. logie97 2

    Apparently Key is concerned about the difficulty Kiwi’s future Mums and Dads are having participating in our home-owning democracy.

    Perhaps if he was to legislate that residents only could own property.
    Secondly legislate for a maximum of two houses (including the beach house) that any family, company or trust can own. That way the speculators would have to divest themselves of their portfolios and supply would far outstrip demand and sanity would return to the market.

    • RedLogix 2.1

      Or you could just go with the idea that “house owning” does not equal “democracy”.

    • mikesh 2.2

      Rationing property in areas where shortages exixt, such as Auckland, would make sense, and it would not stop property owners within the designated areas purchasing outside their areas if they wanted holiday homes somewhere.simply pass a law that anyone who owns one or more homes in a designated area cannot purchase any more.

      Getting exixting exixting land landlords to divest themselves of their current portfolios, however desirable that may be, might nevertheless be problematic.

      • logie97 2.2.1

        … threaten them with massive property taxes. Give them a three month grace on capital gains tax so they can unload a few of their houses.

        • mikesh

          … sounds a bit brutal, and probably unjust, where landlords have previously purchased properties in good faith. Preventing them from purchasing further properties, however, would achieve the desired result of reducing demand.

  3. Morrissey 3

    “Haw haw haw haw haw!”
    The humour-deficient Chris Trotter fails again

    The Panel, Radio NZ National, Friday 14 June 2013
    Jim Mora, Lisa Scott, Chris Trotter

    On Wednesday night’s edition of Backbenchers, horrified viewers witnessed the embarrassing spectacle of Labour List makeweight Sue Moroney bumbling her way through an excruciatingly inept attempt to formulate a coherent answer when Wallace Chapman asked her if she supported calls for New Zealand to offer asylum to “that American whistle-blower.”

    Yesterday, long-suffering Panel listeners heard an unusually inane and depraved exchange about another dissenter being targeted for state vengeance. What is particularly interesting here is the behaviour of the pompous, unfunny, self-styled “leftist” Chris Trotter…..

    MORA: What else have you got for us?
    SUSAN BALDACCI: Well, this latest study shows that we’re all a little bit paranoid. There are three kinds of paranoia, apparently—
    MORA: Three kinds of paranoia?
    SUSAN BALDACCI: [voice betraying slight edge of irritation] Y-y-y-y-yes.

    She gives a brief survey of an article about paranoia she has just downloaded from the internet, and then the program takes a sinister turn….

    SUSAN BALDACCI: Julian Assange is a little bit paranoid.
    MORA: Oh yes? Hur, hur, hur, hur!
    SUSAN BALDACCI: Yeah, he claims that being holed up in the Ecuadorian embassy, he is deprived of his human right of getting enough sun.
    MORA: Is it a human right to get enough sun?
    SUSAN BALDACCI: That’s what he claims! He claims that being not allowed to leave London is violating his “human rights”.
    MORA: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    LISA SCOTT: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    CHRIS TROTTER: Haw haw haw haw haw!
    SUSAN BALDACCI: He thinks he should be allowed out of his Ecuador embassy hideout to sunbathe.
    MORA: He can get out on the balcony, where he gave that speech!
    LISA SCOTT: Yeah! Ha ha ha ha ha!
    CHRIS TROTTER: Yeah! Ha ha ha ha ha! Or get him a sun lamp! THAT’s what he needs!
    LISA SCOTT: Ha ha ha ha ha!
    SUSAN BALDACCI: He he he he he!
    TROTTER: I suspect the ambassador’s just sick of the sight of him! [Assumes wheedling mock-Hispanic accent] “Are you ever going to LEEEEAAAVE?”
    MORA: Oh that’s very good! Ha ha ha ha!
    LISA SCOTT: Ha ha ha ha ha!
    MORA: Sun lamp! Get him a sun lamp!!!
    LISA SCOTT: Ha ha ha ha ha!
    MORA: Ha ha ha ha ha! Back after the news!

    Read a fuller account of this dreadful edition of The Panel here….

    • CC 3.1

      Chris is no doubt keeping his future fee options open now that a Fairfax stalking horse is going to be the in charge at RNZ.

  4. Ad 4

    Do I believe my eyes to see that Shearer is planning to expose the Five Eyes network to a public review? Does he understand national security at all?


    Worse, Norman even asks whether China would appreciate that network’s influence here. Is he really saying we need to balance the interests of the intelligence networks of China and the Five Eyes network in our security policy?

    • karol 4.1

      Both are asking for an inquiry. Nowhere is either Norman or Shearer asking for a “public” inquiry.
      I think Norman is talking about balancing NZ’s economic agreements with China and agreements with the US.

      • Colonial Viper 4.1.1

        The Pacific is the 21st century playground of two superpowers, an imperial one well established and unparalled, and one just developing but without even a true deep water navy. It won’t pay to piss either one off.

  5. David H 5

    This was part of an answer I gave to Blip Yesterday.

    Does anyone remember the Movie Stealth ?


    Here’s the real US Military version. Nightmare stuff this one is. We’re right on cue for Skynet and Terminators.

    And from what I have been reading these are completely autonomous just Program and go but there’s NO calling it back

    “there’s no human pilot in constant control as there is with those, and once the jet is in the air there’s no way for human commanders to communicate with it.”

    This is a scary scary piece of technology. And now they don’t need to have bases in foreign countries, as it’s now Carrier Based.

  6. Hi folks!

    Seen this?

    Media Alert from Auckland Mayoral candidate Penny Bright : “Will THIS help stop the Auckland Draft Unitary Plan?”

    On what LAWFUL basis has the Auckland Council based this ‘mantra’ of an extra million people coming to Auckland over the next 30 years?

    On what LAWFUL basis has the advice of Chief Planning Officer Dr. Roger Blakeley been followed, to use the Department of Statistics ‘high’ population growth projections, when they recommended using ‘medium’ population growth projections?

    How come two key infrastructure providers, Watercare Services and Auckland Transport are using ‘medium’ population growth projections for their Auckland region asset management plans?

    Petition 2011/ 64 of Penelope Bright, and Supplementary Evidence to support this Petition, are being considered as ‘Items of Business’ before the Social Services Select Committee.

    Will this ‘throw a spanner in the works’ and help stop in its tracks, both the Auckland Draft Unitary Plan, and the Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas Bill?

    We shall see…………………..


    Petition of Penelope Mary Bright

    Requesting that Parliament declines to proceed with the Housing Accords and Special Housing Areas Bill until the lawfulness of the reliance of Auckland Council on the New Zealand Department of Statistics’ “high” population growth projections, instead of their “medium” population growth projections for the Auckland Spatial Plan, has been properly and independently investigated, taking into consideration that both Auckland Transport and Watercare Services Ltd, have relied upon “medium” population growth projections for their infrastructural asset management plans.

    Supplementary Evidence to support the above-mentioned Petition:


    In my considered opinion, this evidence is damning and proves that lawful due process for the Auckland (Spatial) Plan, which the Auckland Unitary Plan is supposed to implement, has NOT been followed in a proper way.

    I have requested, on the basis of this EVIDENCE, that the Social Services Select Committee do the following:

    “14 a) Formally request that Auckland Council provide the following information that I have requested, and not been given, (or been able to find for myself in the Auckland Council Future Vision / Auckland Plan Committee minutes:

    1) Please provide the minutes, of the particular Auckland Council Future Vision Committee meeting, (including the resolution number), which specifically resolved to take the advice of the Auckland Council Chief Planning Officer, Dr Roger Blakeley, to rely on the Department of Statistics ‘High’ population growth projection, as outlined in their letter dated 28 March 2011, for the DRAFT Auckland Spatial Plan ( the ‘Auckland Unleashed’ document), for public discussion in March 2011.

    (I note that if the Department of Statistics letter was dated 28 March 2011, and the only meetings of the Auckland Future Vision meetings were held on 1 March 2011, 7 March 2011, and 11 March 2011, it is unclear to me how Auckland Council elected representatives could have discussed this letter, and resolved to rely on the advice of Auckland Council Chief Planning Officer Dr Roger Blakeley to use their ‘high’ population growth projections, prior to release of the ‘Auckland Unleashed’ document for public discussion in March 2011? )

    2) Please provide a copy / copies of the competent, professional legal advice, which confirmed the lawfulness of the Auckland Council Chief Planning Officer, Dr Roger Blakeley, in giving that advice, (for the DRAFT Auckland Spatial Plan ( the ‘Auckland Unleashed’ document), for public discussion in March 2011.) and the lawfulness of Auckland Council elected representatives accepting that advice, given the following statutory duty outlined in the Local Government (Auckland Council) Act 2009 s.79 (4) (c):


    3) Please provide the minutes, of the particular Auckland Council Auckland Plan Committee meeting, and the resolution number, which specifically resolved to reconfirm their taking the advice of the Auckland Council Chief Planning Officer, Dr Roger Blakeley, to rely upon the Department of Statistics ‘High’ population growth projection, as outlined in their letter dated 28 March 2011, for the DRAFT Auckland Plan for consultation in September 2011

    4) Please provide a copy / copies of the competent, professional legal advice, which again confirmed the lawfulness of the Auckland Council Chief Planning Officer, Dr Roger Blakeley, ( for the DRAFT Auckland Plan for consultation in September 2011) in giving that advice, and the lawfulness of Auckland Council elected representatives accepting that advice, given the following statutory duty outlined in the Local Government (Auckland Council) Act 2009 s.79 (4) (c):


    5) Please provide the minutes, of the particular Auckland Council Auckland Plan Committee meeting, (including the resolution number) , which specifically resolved to reconfirm their taking the advice of the Auckland Council Chief Planning Officer, Dr Roger Blakeley, to rely on the Department of Statistics ‘High’ population growth projection, as outlined in their letter dated 28 March 2011, for the FINAL Auckland Plan which was decided upon in March 2012.

    6) Please provide a copy / copies of the competent, professional legal advice, which again confirmed the lawfulness of the Auckland Council Chief Planning Officer, Dr Roger Blakeley, in giving that advice, (for the FINAL Auckland Plan which was decided upon in March 2012) .and the lawfulness of Auckland Council elected representatives accepting that advice, given the following statutory duty outlined in the Local Government (Auckland Council) Act 2009 s.79 (4) (c):


    Penny Bright
    ‘Anti-corruption /anti-privatisation’ campaigner

    2013 Auckland Mayoral candidate

  7. Tim 7

    Can I just draw your attention to this:

    and my comment – I think around 1AM.

    Only because the illustrious sucker-upper Soimun has recently expressed a feigned concern for the situation THAT IS STILL GOING ON – and as yet (1 year on), complaints that I’m aware of have still not received a response from that bugger’s muddle mixture of functions known as ‘MoBIE’.

    The trick is for Immigration to TIE visas to specific employers – such that the employee gets royally ripped whilst being UTTERLY reliant on the good grace of the employer.

    For those that resent all these bloody foreigners coming in here and talking ‘all our jobs’, I say we (read private tertiary institutions and others) should not have made false promises in the first place.
    They might also consider that this is another way that wages and conditions are being driven DOWN for any/every worker.
    That’s not to mention this wonderful ‘egalitarian’ country called Nu Zil’s reputation o’seas, that no doubt the instigators will be doing their very best to suck up to.

    I’ve just become aware of YET another case.

    • Tim 7.1

      Actually, I’ve become aware of two additional instances. One reliant on prostitution to survive.
      Should he/she actually get what was expected – they now have to come up with (or guarantee) that they have $15K in the bank (as proof that they can sustain their living without being a ‘burden’ on the Nu Zill tex-payer)
      So having been ripped off 30 grand plus (and whilst they, and their family desperately try to repay that money), having attained degree (‘graduated’) from a private tertiary institution that promised the world, but who delivered no less than 5 different lecturers throughout a semester and has subsequently gone under (i.e. – out of business – no accountability – no means of recovery for services not delivered), they must now effectively sell themselves to get what was promised.

      I’m angry!. VERY fucking angry! I just console myself knowing that the very people this government will soon/have already been trying to grovel to, have members in their family that are affected.

      It’s a far better policy to just be upfront and honest

    • Tim 7.2

      mmmm – the lack of any sort of response after 7 hours and 47 minute is pretty telling.
      Maybe its because they’re only a few nargies and chinks!
      I sometimes wonder about the ‘left’ – I mean I’ve given up wondering about the Labour Party, but the lack of any interest here is pretty telling on this issue.

      Given 3 decades of conditioning though, I don;t suppose I should have expected anything else, though I lived in hope. I still keep asking myself – did I post this in the wrong place?

      But then…just as I wonder sometimes about leaked reports and who ‘MIGHT be responsible’ (with some sort of limitation on a ‘tight 5). FUCK ME with a feather duster!
      The bleeding obvious seems to be the least obvious, and that’s perhaps what many are relying on.
      (If I wrote a report, of which I was both proud, but also concerned about FURTHER sanitisation, there might be various means by which I might ensure its contents were not going to be neutered further. I’d probably have to rely on friends and family, AND whoever was willing to assist).

      I’m now expecting a load of (awe geez – but the timelines don;t quite fit, and all that sort of kaka).
      I’m fucking glad the patriotic have already paid off their mortgages and are well placed to just fuckng retire and be shot of the bastards

  8. johnm 8

    The Artist Taxi Driver in the U$K
    Make no mistake it’s a class war,hunt the poor

    “They came for the disabled, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t disabled.

    Then they came for the elderly, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t old.

    Then they came for the poor, and I didn’t speak up because I was doing ok.

    Then they came for me, and there was nobody left to speak for me.”


    Coming here, 300000 kiwis to be harassed off benefits in the next 10 years. They’ll copy the punitive sanctions regime of the socially collapsing U$K

  9. Rosetinted 9

    Good stuff on Radionz this morning. One on lack of concern about investigating prior notice by FBI about 9/11 and the way they seem to be tied in knots by their own complex dealings. Also set up a whistleblowers association.

    This will get you quickly to the links. http://www.radionz.co.nz/national/programmes/saturday

    8:15 Sibel Edmonds: Sibel Edmonds is the publisher and editor of Boiling Frogs Post and the author of the 2012 memoir, Classified Woman: the Sibel Edmonds Story (ISBN: 978-0-61560-222-6). She has a MA in Public Policy and International Commerce from George Mason University, a BA in Criminal Justice and Psychology from George Washington University, and is the recipient of the 2006 PEN Newman’s Own First Amendment Award for her “commitment to preserving the free flow of information in the United States in a time of growing international isolation and increasing government secrecy”.

    and a discussion that contains a lot of the words – “conspiracy theories”
    11:05 Charles Pigden
    Charles Pigden is Associate Professor at the Department of Philosophy, University of Otago. He has published on a number of topics including Hume on Is and Ought, the ethics of Bertrand Russell, and conspiracy theories.

    visiting speaker to the Royal Society -
    9:05 Terry Speed
    Professor Terry Speed is a world leader in bioinformatics and is regarded as one of Australia’s most important statisticians. His work has helped to identify areas of the human genome that contribute to cancer, genes that are vital for embryonic development and malaria proteins responsible for initiating infection in human red blood cells. Professor Speed is a Fellow of the Royal Society, London, was presented with the 2012 Thomson Reuter’s Citation Award and the 2012 Victoria Prize for Science and Innovation, and is visiting New Zealand as 2013 Distinguished Visitor for the Royal Society of New Zealand, presenting the talk, Understanding Epigenetics Through Mathematics, in Dunedin (18 June), Christchurch (19 June) and Wellington (20 June.

    • Rogue Trooper 9.1

      Alasdair MacIntyre
      trade Bertrand Russell texts in for some Huxleys :-D

  10. Rogue Trooper 10

    The Nation : The Sequel ae.
    When Rachel (fine China Girl) Meets G.I Joe (that village idiot Guy).
    Scene I.Act I.
    Sour Milk.
    Guy- Primary Industries growth outlook (otherwise fine); 7% year on year for the next four years.
    -primarily dairying
    Rachel- intensification, more land and irrigation.
    Guy- evades intensification outcomes enquiry.

    -phone logs, locations, times.
    Gamma Group of Companies
    Dr. Peter Gutmann, AU
    -gmail-everything you have sent, Facebook, GMail, Twitter
    -meta-data = information about communications
    -and may not require warrants regarding the “whos, when, and wheres”.
    -Google’s income is from selling data about you.
    -loyalty cards; an anecdotal example of the local Warehouse (Target) knowing your daughter is pregnant before you do through data-mining.

    -China views 5 Eyes with anxiety
    -Key; has broken compact made with the electorate, post-Brash
    -’rule of law’ undermined-The Law Society, Geddis et al;
    -”never been to a corporate box- not a good look for a politician”.

    the erudite Colin James
    -this govt. give less attention to due process than Muldoons.
    -Sky corporate box nonesense is damaging for Labour.
    -Gordon John Thompsen
    -’tested’ the ‘waters’ how Shearer is held, and it is unlikely he will be changed.
    -Russell Norman “the Leader of The Opposition”.
    -Key’s shine is (still) coming off, showing vulnerabilities; SOME CONSERVATIVES in the PARTY HAVING DOUBTS ABOUT HIM!

    • David H 10.1

      (that village idiot Guy) My local Trough feeder (MP), and a very apt description of him.

  11. Rogue Trooper 11

    (that Jose Babosa is xtatically funny).
    Ben Gracewood- Computer Programmer
    -”we should be worried about changes to GCSB, etc”.

    Adam Boileau- Internet Security Specialist
    -”the collection of LOCATION data is not given enough scrutiny to” (implications).
    now this is the really sad part,
    “these kids living their lives through Facebook and Google+ (sexting etc) are gonna get to 30 and regret it”. Maybe Sam will come round about then…

  12. Rogue Trooper 12

    raise those Rosetints

    The Apotheosis of Master Sergeant Doe

    Welcome , dear Master Sergeant to the fold
    Your pace was firm, your passage mean and bold.

    Lean your entry, in studied Savior’s form
    Combat fatigued, self-styled a cleansing storm.

    Let other shoulders sprout gold epaulettes
    You shunned those status-greedy etiquettes,

    Stayed simple Master Sergeant. The nation knew
    Who was the Master; the Sergeants rendered due.

    The comrade band diminished.The bloody contest played
    It’s grand finale.Alone the Master planner stayed

    The course. The lean had rounded out. The barrack slob,
    Close-crop peak-cap head affects new heartthrob

    Swinger images. The tie pins are no paste.
    The spoils of office, easy acquired taste

    Distend the appetite, contract the scruples.
    A crow may answer eagle, perched on borrowed steeples.

    Flown on flags, graced by diplomatic corps
    We consecrate the nightmare, kiss anation’s sore.

    To mask the real, the world is turned a stage,
    A rampant play of symbols masks a people’s rage.

    The ass that mimes the Lord’s anointed wears
    A face that once was human, prone to fears

    But crowns are crowns. When rulers meet, their embraces
    Are of presence. Absent cries make empty phrases.

    The pile is high on that red carpet trail
    That muffs the steps to your Inaugural Grail,

    Skulls like cobbles, bones like harmatten twigs
    The squeals of humans dying the death of pigs.

    You missed the hisses too; a fanfare covers all.
    The whine of violins at the State House Ball

    Bears down the whining discords of misrule
    You’ve proved a grade A pupil from survivors’ school.

    Your worthy predecessors raise a toast
    From exhiled havens , or from the eternal roast

    Swinging Bokassa, Macias Nguema, Idi Amin Dada
    You sucked the their teats, you supped from their cannibal larder,

    And belched in unison. The pinnacle attained,
    Next goal is duration. Shall we see you ordained

    In the Guiness Book of Records, the Master stayer?
    Youth is your ally, and appetite of Master slayer.

    Till the peole’s fiesta: a blood-red streamer
    In Monrovian skies, a lampost and- the swinging Redeemer.

    -Wole Soyinka (Nigeria).

  13. David H 13

    To all you Isky users out there have you seen this??

    And this


    No more unmetered access to streaming whatever from Sky, and it will end, at the end, of this month.

    And I have seem no news on it at all so is going to be a nasty shock to a lot of people.

  14. Rogue Trooper 14

    Hard Act To Follow.

    “Sola! Livy I exHume”,
    serio-comically fastgates
    a Harmony of The Gospels
    to a Bashful Bright-Eyes
    coyote with far-away eyes
    Staid ’round the perimeter
    Wantonly set aloft
    Combinations understudied pointedly
    for Drole verbal effect.
    (some are fated to live post-humourously).
    to nicol
    and nicotian.

    for polly and ianmac.

  15. Colonial Viper 15

    Why spy on your own citizens anyways?

    Seems that the answer lies in the US wanting to be able to suppress domestic civil unrest in the event of an economic, social or environmental shock


    “DoD might be forced by circumstances to put its broad resources at the disposal of civil authorities to contain and reverse violent threats to domestic tranquility. Under the most extreme circumstances, this might include use of military force against hostile groups inside the United States. Further, DoD would be, by necessity, an essential enabling hub for the continuity of political authority in a multi-state or nationwide civil conflict or disturbance.”

    • Rogue Trooper 15.1

      ahhh, the link, in particular, between catastrophic climate change and repressive totalitarian government.

      • Colonial Viper 15.1.1

        The people in charge want to stay in charge – no matter which side of the peak oil/climate change/debt deflation discussion is proven right in the future.

        • Rogue Trooper

          from Genesis to Revelation: “Abraham believed God and it was accounted to him as righteousness”
          Jesus Christ and The prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.
          Read the comments? “The most important article this year”. Excellent page-turning my friend; things are really going to speed up now,oil shortages possible by 2015! the Snowden revelations just the beginning. Some of the comments assert that the States will not be able to maintain order for long. Are you going to frisbee the article all over the show, being well-connected and all that. I am only a writer ;) yet I know I’m under soft surveillance.

          • Colonial Viper

            My friend, it is always a pleasure. Many people from all walks of life are glancing askance at the cognitive dissonance they are experiencing. A five year recession with barely a hint of a rebound? Growth is coming tomorrow (reminds me about the joke at the pub – free beer tomorrow). Bailouts and the needles of austerity sucking over and over, yet banking and sovereign debt crises continue to cascade? History returning to Europe – even in the “advanced” “civilised” nations of Western Europe. Spain, Greece, Italy, Sweden.

            For now not much is said out loud amongst “polite company” (remarking that our civilisation is probably all the way up shit creek without a paddle usually kills the dinner party conversation), but trust me more than a few “ordinary Kiwis” (and I do mean “ordinary”) are paying at least some attention. As usual our political parties are intent on being followers not leaders.

            The US will be a powerful and influential nation for many many years to come, and I am not under any illusion: the nation remains a source of innovation, courage and inspiration for the world: not because of the example of it’s recent authorities and leaders, but due to the example set by some of its finest citizens. Young Americans who not only know right from wrong, but are willing to put their lives on the line for their peers and for people they have never met, even when they know that many of them will never thank them but think them cowardly disloyal enemies of their home country.

            A few men by the name of Washington, Jefferson and Adams…they too were branded as gutless traitors.

            NB there is also a path of independent states that the USA can follow in the future. The deep south may decide that it prefers to go it’s own way as might the liberal coastal areas. And Texas will be quite relieved to be Texas by itself, once again, a condition that it lost only in 1845.

            The answers to the near future of the human race lie not in ever increasing technology and complexity, fun filled as that is, but in returning from the limits of globalisation and mass consumption to the resilience of localisation, of human understanding kinship and meaning.

            And as you point out, much of the knowledge is already there in old but not-quite-forgotten traditions and stories, ones which rest almost unseen, patiently and unobtrusively. Like a gold coin forgotten in an old coat pocket, always ready to be found as a pleasant surprise, no notice necessary.

            • Rogue Trooper

              ahhh, according to Legend WN the Son goes out several $T. I’ll take the proverbial slow road (they can take the high).

          • Colonial Viper

            BTW Rogue – have you read the latest Archdruid report on the shape of civilisations?


  16. xtasy 16

    It must be the liberalism exceeding ACT Party narrow mindedness that drives the Standard to allow them to advertise here, but hey, we are open and tolerant, are they though, and is Banks the same?

    For a better atmosphere and tune turn to this, life is so sad and depressing we all need a cheerful break I suppose, enjoy:


  17. xtasy 17

    Excellent music from Chile, traditional that is, Inti Illimani, enjoy:


    That is the merging of indio music with western, Spanish music, as I am sure the South Americans had no guitars and the likes before.

    • Populuxe1 19.1

      “Think and enjoy, more culture than down under.”
      In which case feel free to fuck off any time you like.

      • Colonial Viper 19.1.1

        You are indeed gracious for emphasising the point precisely.

        • Populuxe1

          I, Colin McCahon, Witi Ihimaera, Janet Frame, and any number of NZ cultural practicioners past, present and future thank you for your support and enthusiasm, CV – you can fuck off too

      • xtasy 19.1.2

        Yes, I was absolutely right, Populuxe1, when I wrote “more culture than down under”, wasn’t I?

        There came you, “down under” my last post or comment above, and you displayed a lack of culture by throwing a slightly abusive comment back at me. I may have foreseen it, hey.

        But I may forgive you. We do all turn “mad” at times, whatever that word means, so welcome to the rest of the “mad club” – with fluctuating membership.

        By the way, I f*** off-shore every night, via the internet that is.

  18. thank you for this analysis.


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    Colin James | 01-09
  • Keystone XL: Oil Markets and Emissions
    Estimates of the incremental emission effects of individual oil sands projects like the Keystone XL (KXL) pipeline are sensitive to assumptions about the response of world markets and alternative transportation options. A recent Nature Climate Change paper by Erickson and...
    Skeptical Science | 01-09
  • Union to support Work and Income staff following tragedy
    The Public Service Association (PSA) says today’s shooting at a Work and Income office is a tragedy, and nobody should...
    PSA | 01-09
  • We no longer have a Prime Minister
    Having just listened to an item featuring John Key on Checkpoint (National Radio) I now have to announce that New Zealand has no-one at present performing the proper role of Prime Minister. John Key could not have acted less Prime Ministerial if he had...
    Political Scientist | 01-09
  • We no longer have a Prime Minister
    Having just listened to an item featuring John Key on Checkpoint (National Radio) I now have to announce that New Zealand has no-one at present performing the proper role of Prime Minister. John Key could not have acted less Prime Ministerial if he had...
    The Political Scientist | 01-09
  • Ashburton, 1 September 2014.
    Crime Scene: The murder of two WINZ workers and the wounding of another in Ashburton adds another tragic chapter to New Zealand's grim history of lone men committing multiple murders.I NEVER WENT BACK to Aramoana after the killing. I had...
    Bowalley Road | 01-09
  • Radio NZ: Politics with Matthew Hooton and Mike Williams – 1 September 20...
    . - Politics on Nine To Noon - . - Monday 1 September 2014 - . - Kathryn Ryan, with Matthew Hooton & Mike Williams - . Today on Politics on Nine To Noon, Mike Williams and Matthew Hooton on...
    Frankly Speaking | 01-09
  • Radio NZ: Politics with Matthew Hooton and Mike Williams – 1 September 20...
    . - Politics on Nine To Noon - . - Monday 1 September 2014 - . - Kathryn Ryan, with Matthew Hooton & Mike Williams - . Today on Politics on Nine To Noon, Mike Williams and Matthew Hooton on...
    Frankly Speaking | 01-09
  • John Key’s Top 69 Lies, Today no. 19 – The SkyCity deal doesn’t m...
     SkyCity deal doesn't mean more pokies – Key SkyCity is understood to be seeking law changes allowing 300 to 500 additional pokie machines and wider use of technology which would increase gambling revenue in return for building the $350 million facility...
    Arch Rival | 01-09
  • Will an inquiry make it all better?
    So far, the Dirty Politics book has generated two inquiries. The first is into the release  of information from the SIS to a certain blogger whom we don't name. The second is into Judith Collins' alleged involvement with an alleged...
    Pundit | 01-09
  • We Play Dirty at the Climate Talks Too: New Zealand’s Dirty Politics of C...
    This guest post is by David Tong, an Auckland based community lawyer working on his Master’s in Law on the UN climate talks. He chairs the P3 Foundation and co-chairs the Aotearoa New Zealand Human Rights Lawyers Association, and last...
    Hot Topic | 01-09
  • The trouble with liars
    A group of habitual liars try to get their story straight....
    Imperator Fish | 01-09
  • Photo of the day: Mitre 10′s bike parking
    The other weekend I went to the Mitre 10 Mega in Wairau Road to pick up some building supplies. To my surprise, they’ve put in a bike rack near the store entrance. I’m not sure how much use it’s going...
    Transport Blog | 01-09
      TEU Victoria University Branch Newsletter – September 2014 In this issue: AGM-a-calling: Welcome from the Branch President Ask them Anything: TEU Presidential Election Election Special: Union members could make the difference Election Special: 3 Reasons to Vote Bringing Back Dignity:...
    Tertiary Education Union | 01-09
  • Stumbling towards Power?
    Let's be honest about it.  Labour have absolutely nothing to celebrate just now.The last few days have been fantastic for the left and in particular for a certain Mr D Cunliffe.  But before we get too deliriously joyous, let's face...
    Left hand palm | 01-09
  • Will the police investigate?
    John Key is busy putting together an inquiry into Judith Collins' attempt to undermined SFO Chief Executive Adam Feeley. The effectiveness of any inquiry will ultimately depend on its terms of reference, and the signs are not good; Key looks...
    No Right Turn | 01-09
  • Dirty Politics symposium on Friday
    Otago University will be holding an online symposium this Friday on "Debating 'Dirty Politics': Media, Politics and Law". Andrew Geddis has more details on the agenda: 1:00-1:15: Opening interview with Mr Nicky Hager 1:15-2:05: Media panel with Dr Rosemary Overell;...
    No Right Turn | 01-09
  • Debating “Dirty Politics”: Media, Politics and Law
    Love it or loathe it, Nicky Hager's Dirty Politics and its aftermath has lit a fire under our perception of "politics as usual" in New Zealand. Exactly how all that plays out come September 20th is an as yet unknown...
    Pundit | 01-09
  • More British collusion in torture
    This time in Nepal, where they funded, equipped and supported a regime torture-squad:British authorities have been accused of funding a four-year intelligence operation in Nepal that led to Maoist rebels being arrested, tortured and killed during the country’s civil war....
    No Right Turn | 01-09
  • August ’14 – NZ blogs sitemeter ranking
      Bloggers in the thick of election campaign? Image Credit: Against the Current PLEASE NOTE: Sitemeter is playing up again making it impossible to automatically get the stats using the normal process. I have done a manual work around but it was...
    Open Parachute | 01-09
  • What Collins’ resignation means for journalism & the campaign
    Isn't it curious how often major scandals end in farce and how often it really is cock-up rather than conspiracy? Judith Collins' fate was decided in the end by friendly fire, an accident of one of her own. And it...
    Pundit | 01-09
  • Chalk one up to Cactus Kate
    People must be getting the correct impression about now that Cameron Slater and Cathy Odger’s aren’t the smartest of bloggers.Not only have we learnt that Slater is just a simple copy and paste hack, the leaked emails show that he's...
    The Jackal | 01-09
  • R.I.P Ashburton shooting victims
    Thoughts go to the families. Everyone else around Ashburton – Stay Safe, gunman is still loose! ...
    An average kiwi | 01-09
  • EQC advertises for National
    Yesterday, EQC ran a double page spread in the Sunday Star-Times, timed for the fourth anniversary of the 2010 quake. The ad focused on lessons learned and earthquake preparedness, but part of it was about what a great job EQC...
    No Right Turn | 01-09
  • According to Slater and ‘Cactus Kate’ Gay People are “F*****g Gross...
    In the latest release of ‘alleged emails’ between National Party affiliated Right Wing BloggersCameron Slater (Racist Adulterous Blogger – WhaleOil) and the other Right Wing Blogger, ‘Cactus Kate’, anti-homosexual comments are commonly made between them. One comment by Cactus Kate...
    An average kiwi | 01-09
  • The Food Industry’s Three Essential Soundbites
    When their backs are against the wall, the Food Industry usually pull out one of three soundbites. Each of these soundbites appear sensible on their own, but when you take them as a package, it becomes clear that they are...
    Gareth’s World | 01-09
  • Urban Farm Vehicles
    Wow who knew there were so many farms in Remuera or have some locals just started taking the term Remuera Tractor a bit too literally. Motorists are evading hundreds of dollars in vehicle licensing fees by incorrectly registering their cars as...
    Transport Blog | 01-09
  • Why Is John Key Not Compelled to Give Evidence Under Oath?
    I have today sent an open letter to the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security to ask why Mr Key is not required to attend her inquiry and to give evidence under oath.  The letter is attached. Dear Inspector-General, I was...
    Bryan Gould | 01-09
  • Vega Auriga should be detained in New Zealand until problems fixed
    Maritime Union of New Zealand National Secretary Joe Fleetwood says that the ship Vega Auriga should be detained in a New Zealand port until it is deemed seaworthy and crew issues have been fixed....
    MUNZ | 31-08
  • Judith Collins and Me: A familiar story
    It dates back to 2005, another election year. And as one of those responsible for seminars for the School of Government and the Institute of Policy Studies at Victoria University of Wellington I assisted with the organisation of two pre-election forums...
    Pundit | 31-08
  • Local communities critical to Civil Defence
    Labour will focus on empowering New Zealand communities to be resilient in Civil Defence disasters, says Labour’s Civil Defence spokesperson Clare Curran. Announcing Labour’s Civil Defence policy, she says that Labour will work with schools, voluntary agencies and community groups...
    Labour | 02-09
  • Labour looks to long-life passports, gambling harm review
    A return to 10 year passports and a review of gambling laws are highlights of Labour’s Internal Affairs policy released today. “More than 15,000 New Zealanders signed a petition calling on the Government to revert to the 10 year system...
    Labour | 02-09
  • MANA Movement Leadership stands strong behind Internet MANA relationship
    “There is now, and always will be, a range of views about many issues within our movement and members are free to express them, but Georgina’s views on Kim Dotcom are not shared by the MANA Movement leadership or the vast majority...
    Mana | 01-09
  • Rebuilding the New Zealand Defence Force
    A Labour Government will make it a priority to rebuild the capacity of the Defence Force to carry out the tasks expected of it, says Labour’s Defence Spokesperson Phil Goff. Releasing Labour’s Defence Policy today he said the NZDF has...
    Labour | 01-09
  • Speech to Canterbury Chamber of Commerce
    Today I'm going to talk about our policy package to upgrade and grow our economy and how we turn that growth into a foundation for a decent and fair society. But first I want to address the issue of our...
    Labour | 01-09
  • Commission of Inquiry must have bipartisan support
    The Labour Party is drafting terms of reference for a Commission of Inquiry, Labour’s Shadow Attorney-General David Parker says. “It is abundantly clear there is a need for an independent Commission of Inquiry, chaired by a High Court Judge, into...
    Labour | 01-09
  • Rapid Transit to unclog Christchurch
    Labour will build a 21st century Rapid Transit system for Christchurch, says Labour Leader David Cunliffe. “The long delayed recovery of Christchurch hinges on a modern commuter system for the city. “We will invest $100 million in a modern rail plan...
    Labour | 31-08
  • Labour’s commitment to public broadcasting
    A Labour Government will set up a working group to re-establish a public service television station as part of our commitment to ensuring New Zealand has high quality free-to-air local content. “We will set up a working group to report...
    Labour | 31-08
  • A new deal for the conservation estate
    The health of our economy depends on New Zealand preserving and restoring our land, air, water and indigenous wildlife, says Labour’s Conservation spokesperson Ruth Dyson. Announcing Labours Conservation policy, she said that there will be a comprehensive plan to restore...
    Labour | 31-08
  • Labour’s plan to end homelessness
    Labour has a comprehensive approach to end homelessness starting with the provision of emergency housing for 1000 people each year and putting an end to slum conditions in boarding houses, Labour Leader David Cunliffe says. “Labour believes that homelessness is not...
    Labour | 30-08
  • Labour: A smarter approach to justice
    A Labour Government will improve the justice system to ensure it achieves real public safety, provides equal access to justice and protects human rights, Labour’s Justice spokesperson Andrew Little says. “Our approach is about tackling the root causes of crime, recognising...
    Labour | 29-08
  • Labour to foster Kiwi love of sport and the great outdoors
    A Labour Government will promote physical activity, back our top athletes and help foster Kiwis’ love of the great outdoors by upgrading tramping and camping facilities. Trevor Mallard today released Labour’s sports and recreation policy which will bring back a...
    Labour | 29-08
  • Pacific languages recognised under Labour
    Labour will act to recognise the five main Pacific languages in New Zealand including through the education system, said Pacific Affairs spokesperson Su’a William Sio. Announcing Labour’s Pacific Island policy he said that there must be a strong commitment to...
    Labour | 29-08
  • No healthy economy without a healthy environment
    Labour recognises that we cannot have a healthy economy without a healthy environment, says Environment spokesperson Moana Mackey announcing Labour’s environment policy. “New Zealand’s economy has been built on the back of the enormous environmental wealth we collectively enjoy as...
    Labour | 28-08
  • Better protection, fairer deal for Kiwi consumers
    Tackling excessive prices, ensuring consumers have enough information to make ethical choices and giving the Commerce Commission more teeth are highlights of Labour’s Consumer Rights policy. “The rising cost of living is a concern for thousands of Kiwi families. A...
    Labour | 28-08
  • Media Advisory – MANA Movement Candidate for Waiariki Annette Sykes, Waia...
    Media are advised that this coming weekend, the MANA Movement Candidate for Waiariki, Annette Sykes, will be on the Internet MANA Road Trip within the electorate of Waiariki. Speakers confirmed are Annette Sykes, Hone Harawira, John Minto, Laila Harre and Kim...
    Mana | 27-08
  • Internet MANA – Waiariki Road Trip: 29, 30, 31 Aug 2014
    The Internet MANA Road Trip hits Waiariki this weekend. It would be great if all MANA members in Waiariki could especially attend the public meetings and show their support for our Waiariki candidate Annette Sykes. Confirmed speakers Hone Harawira (except Taupo), Annette...
    Mana | 27-08
  • First home buyers $200 a week better off with Labour
    A couple earning around $75,000 a year would be $200 a week better off buying a two bedroom terraced Labour KiwiBuild home instead of an equivalent new build under National’s housing policy, says Labour Leader David Cunliffe.  “National’s policy to...
    Labour | 26-08
  • Another Day – Another big power profit
    The latest profit announcement from Genesis Energy shows that the power company was sold for a song to the detriment of the country’s power consumers, says Labour’s Energy spokesperson David Shearer. “A net profit of $ 49.2 million follows hard...
    Labour | 26-08
  • Labour embraces the rainbow
    Labour will work hard to ensure all New Zealanders enjoy the freedom to grow up and live their lives in dignity and security. Labour’s Rainbow policy, released tonight in Wellington, focuses on International Relations, Human Rights and Education....
    Labour | 26-08
  • National gets fast and loose with the facts
    In their desperation to make it look as though they are doing something about the housing crisis, National is playing fast and loose with the facts, says Labour’s housing spokesperson Phil Twyford....
    Labour | 26-08
  • Labour will drop power prices for Kiwi families
    New Zealanders will get cheaper power prices under NZ Power, says Labour Leader David Cunliffe. “The electricity market is clearly broken. With falling demand for electricity, prices should be going down. Instead prices are going up and companies are extracting...
    Labour | 26-08
  • Labour: Promoting sustainable tourism
    Ensuring New Zealand’s clean, green status continues to be an international tourism benchmark and reviewing MBIE’s oversight of the tourism sector will be on the radar under a Labour Government. Releasing Labour’s Tourism policy today, spokesperson Darien Fenton said tourism...
    Labour | 26-08
  • Skills shortage a result of National’s complacency
    The fact that there is still a severe shortage of skilled tradespeople, despite a growth in the number of apprentices, is a result of National’s failure to plan and develop the workforce, Grant Robertson, Labour Employment, Skills and TrainingSpokesperson says."The...
    Labour | 26-08
  • How much tax does John Key pay compared to a minimum wage worker?? – Mint...
    MANA Movement Economic Justice spokesperson John Minto is calling for a radical overhaul of New Zealand’s taxation system with calculations showing that a minimum wage worker pays a ten times higher tax rate than the Prime Minister. o Minimum wage...
    Mana | 25-08
  • Labour’s culture of science and innovation
    Labour will create a culture of science and innovation in New Zealand that will be the envy of the world, says Labour’s Innovation, Research and Development spokesperson Megan Woods. “Labour believes that good science lies at the heart of a...
    Labour | 25-08
  • Improving life for our new New Zealanders
    New Zealand’s international standing as a community that encourages and fosters all cultures will be bolstered under a Labour Government with an upgrade of the present Office of Ethnic Affairs to a Ministry. Releasing Labour’s Ethnic Affairs policy, spokesperson Phil...
    Labour | 25-08
  • South Auckland housing crisis
    National’s HomeStart package is nothing more than a political stunt designed to beguile South Auckland voters, said Labour’s Pacific Affairs spokesperson Su’a William Sio. “Few working Pasifika and Maori workers in South Auckland will be able to buy their own...
    Labour | 25-08
  • Home buyer subsidy discredited in Oz
    Treasury advised against National’s policy of ramping up home buyer subsidies after it was discredited in Australia because it pushed house prices even higher, Labour’s Housing spokesperson Phil Twyford says. “Documents released under the OIA (attached) show Treasury advised the...
    Labour | 25-08
  • Nursing hours explain turnover and high-stress culture
    A staff survey supports concerns nursing staff at Dunedin Hospital are under increasing pressure and that the emergency department is in a critical state, says Labour’s Associate Health Spokesperson David Clark.  “An ED nursing survey at Dunedin found that 80...
    Labour | 24-08
  • Underhand tactics prove case for axing donations
    Revelations that schools are using underhand tactics to coerce donations from cash-strapped parents further highlights the need for Labour's plan to increase funding so they aren't dependent on contributions from parents, Labour's Education spokesperson Chris Hipkins says. “By law New...
    Labour | 24-08
  • National applies band-aid to housing crisis
    The Government’s flagship housing announcement is a band-aid approach that will push up prices rather than solve the housing crisis, says Labour Leader David Cunliffe. “House sales to first home buyers have collapsed as a direct result of the Government’s...
    Labour | 24-08
  • Climate change focus on the now for the future
    A Labour Governmentwill put in place a comprehensive climate change strategy focusing on bothmitigation and adaptation, establish an independent Climate Commission andimplement carbon budgeting, says Labour Climate Change spokesperson MoanaMackey."This is about future-proofing our economy. Making the transition to alow-carbon...
    Labour | 24-08
  • Labour’s 21st century transport pledge
    The next Labour-led Government will create a 21st century transport system for New Zealand that promotes the most efficient and sustainable combination of transport options, says Labour’s Transport spokesperson Phil Twyford. “Labour will rebalance the Government's transport spending away from...
    Labour | 23-08
  • Housing under National: the facts
    1.       House prices in Auckland Council valuations indicate Auckland house prices have gone up by one-third over the last three years. (Auckland Council) The average Auckland house price has gone up by nearly $225,000 since 2008, up over $75,000 in...
    Labour | 23-08
  • Labour irons out low income tax issue
    The increasing casualisation of work has led to many New Zealand families being disadvantaged through the tax they pay, Labour Leader David Cunliffe says. "Many low paid workers are having to work two or three jobs to make ends meet...
    Labour | 22-08
  • Cornered Government comes out swinging
    The National Government is so desperate to keep its dead-in-the-water expert teachers policy alive, it has refused to rule out forcing schools to participate through legislation, Labour’s Education spokesperson Chris Hipkins says. “John Key today attacked the Educational Institute for...
    Labour | 22-08
  • Pacific people continue to go backwards under National
    A report from Victoria University highlights the fact that Pacific people are continuing to go backwards under a National Government, said Labour’s Pacific Affairs spokesperson Su’a William Sio.  “The report shows the largest inequality increases were in smoking, obesity, tertiary...
    Labour | 22-08
  • Wellington transport plan needs to keep moving
    The failure of the Transport Agency to properly look at alternatives to the Basin Reserve flyover is not a good reason for further delays to improving transport in Wellington, Labour MPs Grant Robertson and Annette King say. “The Board of...
    Labour | 22-08
  • Labour’s focus on inequality, kids and better job prospects
    Tackling child poverty and removing barriers to people working part time to enhance their prospects of moving into a fulltime job are highlights of Labour’s Social Development policy. Releasing the policy today, spokesperson Sue Moroney said while part-time work was...
    Labour | 21-08
  • Political staff should give answers under oath
    The Inspector General of Security and Intelligence should use her full statutory powers to question witnesses under oath about the leak of SIS information, says Labour MP Phil Goff. “Leakage of confidential information from the SIS for political purposes is...
    Labour | 21-08
  • High dollar, hands-off Govt sends workers to dole queue
    The loss of up to 100 jobs at Croxley stationery in Auckland is devastating news for their families and the local Avondale community, Labour’s Employment, Skills and Training spokesperson Grant Robertson says. “The company’s inability to compete in international markets...
    Labour | 21-08
  • National’s flagship education policy dead in the water
    National’s plan to create executive principals and expert teachers is effectively dead in the water with news that 93 percent of primary teachers have no confidence in the scheme, Labour’s Education spokesperson Chris Hipkins says. “The fact that teachers are...
    Labour | 21-08
  • Dunedin will be a knowledge and innovation centre under Labour
    Dunedin will become a knowledge and innovation centre under a Labour Government that will back local businesses, support technology initiatives and fund dynamic regional projects, Labour Leader David Cunliffe says. “Nowhere has the National Government’s short-sightedness been more apparently than...
    Labour | 21-08
  • Inquiry into SIS disclosures the right decision
    Labour MP Phil Goff says the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security has done the right thing by launching an inquiry into the disclosure of SIS documents about a meeting between himself and the agency’s former director-general. “This inquiry is necessary...
    Labour | 20-08
  • Labour – supporting and valuing carers and the cared for
    Placing real value on our elderly and the people who care for them will be a priority for a Labour Government, Labour Leader David Cunliffe says. Releasing Labour’s Senior Citizens policy today David Cunliffe promised that a Labour Government would...
    Labour | 20-08
  • By Hoki! It’s Labour’s fisheries policy
    A Labour Government will protect the iconic Kiwi tradition of fishing by improving access to the coast, protecting the rights of recreational fishers and reviewing snapper restrictions, Labour’s Fisheries spokesperson Damien O’Connor says. “Catching a fish from the rocks, beach...
    Labour | 20-08
  • Mighty River – Mighty Profits – Mighty hard to swallow
    Mighty River Power’s profit increase of 84 per cent is simply outrageous, says Labour’s Energy spokesperson David Shearer. “Demand for electricity is flat or declining yet the company has made enormous profits. It is the latest power company to celebrate...
    Labour | 19-08
  • Collins’ actions were wrong, not unwise
    John Key’s moral compass remains off-kilter as he cannot bring himself to declare Judith Collins’ actions outright wrong, not simply ‘unwise’, said Labour MP Grant Robertson. “Under pressure John Key is finally shifting his stance but his failure to condemn...
    Labour | 19-08
  • Public servants behaving with more integrity than their masters
    The State Services Commission's new report on the integrity of our state services reflects the yawning gap between the behaviour of public servants and that of their political masters, Labour's State Services spokesperson Maryan Street says. “This report, which surveyed...
    Labour | 19-08
  • Press Leaders Debate – Round 2 – 7pm tonight
    This debate is live in a Town Hall, Key has done well at these in the past, but since the hate politics exposed in Dirty Politics, expect real fury directed at Key. My guess is that Key will attempt to use whatever he...
    The Daily Blog | 02-09
  • MANA hit speed wobbles – why Annette Sykes will win Waiariki
    MANA are my favourites. But of late, their transition from crawling to sprinting has hit some speed wobbles. Hone’s and Pam’s aggressive attitude towards the media recently is very understandable in light of how connected many of the media were to...
    The Daily Blog | 02-09
  • Soz Cam – PaknSave boycott of whaleoil continues – time to start a boyc...
    Cam is so carcinogenic now, not even his mates in the Tobacco Industry are talking to him any longer. I suspect only the Israeli Defence Force propaganda department are paying for content on whaleoil now. Cam says that PaknSave have dropped their problems...
    The Daily Blog | 02-09
  • The Rock Fuels NZ Roastbuster Rape Culture
    This is making me feel pretty uncomfortable. Here we have an instance of Jono and Ben posing like “exposed celebrities”. But do you know what I’m seeing? I’m seeing two dudes who basically “roasted” a woman online (exposed pictures of...
    The Daily Blog | 02-09
  • GUEST BLOG: Kate Davis – Why beneficiaries need advocacy
    There are times when I am wrong. I was wrong recently when someone suggested to me that AAAP should be eligible for government funding to continues its advocacy work. That was before. Before dealing with advocacy on a weekly basis...
    The Daily Blog | 01-09
  • TheDailyBlog September Political Poll Has Been Kicked Off
    The Daily Blog’s August poll has concluded and the September poll has been kicked off, asking readers: What party will you likely vote for at this year’s General Election? You will see this month’s poll in the right-hand sidebar of...
    The Daily Blog | 01-09
  • GUEST BLOG: Kelly Ellis – Jamie Whyte, leave that poor seal alone!
    Worse than showing mere lip service to Rainbow inclusion, ACT leader Jamie Whyte showed stunning arrogance when appeared at a candidates debate on rainbow issues hosted by the Auckland University Students’ Association last Thursday. The stunning hypocrisy was evident as...
    The Daily Blog | 01-09
  • Right wing can’t help but use scum
    Some people have been shocked that the traditional right wing party in New Zealand politics is so deeply embedded with scum like the blogger Whale Oil. We need not be so surprised. It takes a certain type to support the...
    The Daily Blog | 01-09
  • EXCLUSIVE: National’s Ohariu candidate admits contact by Simon Lusk
    . . Wellington, NZ, 31  August – At a meet-the-candidates public meeting in the Rongotai Electorate, National’s Ohariu candidate, Brett Hudson, confirmed that he had been approached by “a mate”, who passed on a message from  National Party operative, Simon...
    The Daily Blog | 01-09
  • Coalition for Better Broadcasting – Auckland Broadcasting Debate 2014
    Coalition for Better Broadcasting – Auckland Broadcasting Debate 2014...
    The Daily Blog | 01-09
  • Petition for Governor General of New Zealand to Investigate all the allegat...
      Now we see the inquiry will be a whitewash, that is secret, won’t be consulted with the Opposition, will have limited scope and will ignore Nicky Hager’s book, we must demand the Governor General step in and demand an...
    The Daily Blog | 01-09
  • Ashburton, 1 September 2014
    I NEVER WENT BACK to Aramoana after the killing. I had been a frequent visitor to the tiny seaside village back in the late 1970s and throughout the 80s. Its tall cliffs and broad beaches providing a colourful backdrop to...
    The Daily Blog | 01-09
  • Checkmate in 1 move – how could Slater have known what was in OIA request...
    And now we get down to the final few moves before checkmate. If the following investigation is right, how could Slater and Collins have known what was in the Secret Intelligence Service Official Information Act request that hadn’t been released...
    The Daily Blog | 01-09
  • The Edge Posts Naked Photos Of Jennifer Lawrence Without Consent
    Today the Edge website – owned by Media Works – published fully naked photographs of Jennifer Lawrence without her consent. It is not OK to publish naked media of any woman without her consent, full stop. It is absolutely disgusting...
    The Daily Blog | 01-09
  • Bomber, Laila and Maggie – a highlight from Auckland Broadcasting Debate ...
    Bomber, Laila and Maggie – a highlight from Auckland Broadcasting Debate 2014...
    The Daily Blog | 01-09
  • Jeremy Wells’ Mike Hosking rant on Radio Hauraki: Today, how good was I i...
    Jeremy Wells’ Mike Hosking on Radio Hauraki...
    The Daily Blog | 31-08
  • Maggie Barry slags Laila Harre & blogger, audience erupt
    The Coalition for Better Broadcasting held their public meeting in Auckland last night and it became a fiery shouting match when Maggie Barry decided to slag Laila Harre and me off. 250 people packed into the Pioneer Hall off High...
    The Daily Blog | 31-08
  • It has to be a full independent public inquiry and Key MUST front
      You know things are bad when images like this start appearing in the media.  It isn’t a ‘left wing conspiracy’ to point out the over whelming evidence of what is clearly a right wing conspiracy! If it looks like a conspiracy, sounds like a conspiracy...
    The Daily Blog | 31-08
  • Political Party social media stats – National playing Dirty Politics on s...
    Interesting data from friend of the blog, Marty Stewart, on social media likes and it shows an interesting question that post Dirty Politics should probably get asked…   …it’s interesting that Key has so many personal followers.  One wonders if...
    The Daily Blog | 31-08
  • The depth of the National rot and the compliance of our news media
    I’m so tired. Aren’t you? I don’t want to read the news anymore. It’s awful and I feel ashamed of it. We live in a country that people all over the world would give an arm, a leg; their life...
    The Daily Blog | 31-08
  • Conservative Party candidate links smacking ban with suicide, sexually tran...
    If Chemtrails, faked moon landings and climate change denial weren’t enough, welcome to your new Minister for Spanking,  Edward Saafi... The anti-smacking law is to blame for youth suicide, youth prostitution and even sexually-transmitted infections, a leading Conservative party candidate...
    The Daily Blog | 31-08
  • A brief word on the canonisation of Matthew Hooton
    Before we all start the canonisation of Matthew Hooton, let’s consider some home truths here shall we? While the Wellington Ruminator Blog, the blog who was previously mates with Judith Collins, now seems to have a crush on Matthew Hooton… …I...
    The Daily Blog | 31-08
  • A brief word on undercover cops in bars
    Dunedin police booze operation labelled ‘creepy’ Undercover police officers drank in Dunedin bars as part of an operation targeting liquor licensing offences. While police said the inaugural operation was a success — with most bars found compliant — the Hospitality...
    The Daily Blog | 31-08
  • Judith Collins press conference
    Judith Collins press conference...
    The Daily Blog | 31-08
  • GUEST BLOG: Angry Lawyer – Collins, Odgers, Williams and legal ethics
    We deserve better lawyers than Judith Collins Three of the worst offenders exposed in Dirty Politics are lawyers: Judith Collins, Cathy Odgers, and Jordan Williams. What Nicky Hager exposed them doing would be out of line for anyone, but from...
    The Daily Blog | 31-08
  • GUEST BLOG: Pat O’Dea – Necessary Defence
    Increasingly climate change is becoming the main fracture line between political parties. Where political parties stand on climate change defines political parties and movements like no other issue. The Mana Movement like the Maori Party it sprang from, came out...
    The Daily Blog | 31-08
  • Why it is all over for John Key
    Image: Melanie D I’ve been confident that National will lose this election and that our focus should be on what a progressive Government needs to establish as its agenda in the first 100 days. Past that point, the establishment pushes back...
    The Daily Blog | 31-08
  • A brief word to everyone who voted National in 2011
    I received this interesting email from a National Party supporter today… …let me say this to anyone who voted National last election – you should be ashamed by what has been revealed and what your vote ended up enabling but...
    The Daily Blog | 31-08
  • EXCLUSIVE: Déjà Vu All Over Again: John Ansell confirms his participation...
      THE MAN BEHIND the Iwi-Kiwi billboards that very nearly won the 2005 election for Don Brash and the National Party has confirmed his involvement in businessman John Third’s and former Act MP Owen Jennings’ campaign to drive down the...
    The Daily Blog | 31-08
  • Public Broadcasting Auckland debate 6.30pm tonight now with Colin Craig &am...
    The Coalition for Better Broadcasting debate on public broadcasting happens tonight at 6.30pm in Auckland at the Pioneer Women’s Hall, High Street, Auckland City.  In the light of Dirty Politics and the manipulation of the media, public broadcasting is more important for...
    The Daily Blog | 30-08
  • Winners & Losers in Collins sacking plus what’s the latest on Slater...
      Make no mistake, there was no way this was a resignation, it’s a face saving way out for Collins, she was sacked.  My understanding is that National internal polls are haemorrhaging and that the powers that be within National...
    The Daily Blog | 30-08
  • Third party propaganda attacks incoming Labour-led government
    . . Further to a report by Daily Blogger, Chris Trotter, on receiving information regarding planned attack-billboards, the following billboard is highly visible to traffic on the southbound lane of the Wellington motorway, just prior to the Murphy St turn-off....
    The Daily Blog | 30-08
  • Labour wins the Internet
    I’m sure I’m not the only one who tried to vote online for the leaders debate and couldn’t because the website was down. The next option was the txt vote, 75c a pop of course. So I’m not surprised that...
    The Daily Blog | 30-08
  • GUEST BLOG: Anjum Rahman – Rotherham and the need to challenge willful bl...
    I haven’t been following the events in Rotterham too closely.  I’ve read about the basic issues and the culture of silence that stopped action been taken even after complaints were made.  That culture of silence is incredibly familiar, and described...
    The Daily Blog | 30-08
  • Review: Hairspray
      Oh Hairspray! What fun! Somehow I managed to miss the movie when it came out, I had no idea really what it was about though I felt it had a vague relation to High School Musical. In retrospect, that...
    The Daily Blog | 30-08
  • Mounting global pressure against Timor-Leste’s ‘death sentence’ media...
    East Timor’s José Belo … courageous fight against ‘unconstitutional’ media law.Image: © Ted McDonnell 2014 CAFÉ PACIFIC and the Pacific Media Centre Online posted challenges to the controversial ‘press law’ nine months ago when it emerged how dangerous this draft...
    The Daily Blog | 30-08
  • GUEST BLOG: Curwen Rolinson – Spies, Lies and When Campaigns Are Fried
    Like most of the rest of the nation’s political classes, I was eagerly affixed to TV One from 12:30 on Saturday afternoon to witness the downfall of Judith Collins.Whenever we witness the crumbling of a titan of the political landscape...
    The Daily Blog | 30-08
  • BREAKING: Whaleoil crushes Crusher
    Judith ends up shooting herself A new email has been released suggesting that Collins was attempting to undermine the head of Serious Fraud Office with the help of far right hate speech merchant Cameron Slater. Unbelievable!   She has been forced...
    The Daily Blog | 30-08
  • BREAKING: Rumours Judith Collins gone at lunchtime
    Brook Sabin first of the mark with rumours Judith Collins is about to resign – PM announcing a statement at 12.30pm… …Paddy follows… …Vance confirms..   …if Collins is gone by lunchtime, it will be because the PM understands the...
    The Daily Blog | 29-08
    Thanks to the information passed to Chris Trotter by “Idiot/Savant” from No Right Turn it is now possible to identify at least some of the persons involved in this latest example of attack politics. What follows is Chris’s response to Idiot/Savant’s timely assistance: Well done...
    The Daily Blog | 29-08
  • Comparing burning puppets, hip hop lyrics and drunk student chants to black...
    Watching the mainstream media try and obscure Cunliffe’s surprise win in the leaders debate  is a reminder the Press Gallery is in depressed shock. The current spin line from the Wellington bubble media in the wake of Dirty Politics is that...
    The Daily Blog | 29-08
  • Why has it all gone quiet on Charter Schools?
    They’re one of ACT’s flagship policies and the National Party have been gung ho in supporting them. So how come we’re not hearing Hekia Parata, Jamie Whyte, Catherine Isaac, et al singing from the rafters about what a resounding success charter...
    The Daily Blog | 29-08
  • Moment of Truth – September 15th – Auckland Town Hall
    Moment of Truth – September 15th – Auckland Town Hall...
    The Daily Blog | 29-08
  • EXCLUSIVE: Dirt Alert! Are the Greens and Labour about to become the target...
    WE’VE SEEN IT ALL BEFORE. In 2005 pamphlets began appearing all over New Zealand attacking Labour and the Greens. For a couple of days both the parties targeted and the news media were flummoxed. Who was behind such an obviously...
    The Daily Blog | 29-08
  • The Donghua Liu Affair: the Press Council’s decision
    . . 1. Prologue . The Donghua Liu Affair hit  the headlines on 18 June, with allegations that David Cunliffe wrote a letter in 2003,  on  behalf of  business migrant, Donghua Liu. Four days later, on Sunday 22 June, the...
    The Daily Blog | 29-08
  • The difference between Cunliffe & Key in the debate
    It was with much interest that I watched the leaders debate on Thursday night.  I watched with an open mind, always happy to have my opinion changed.  Maybe John Key is all the wonderful things that many say about him,...
    The Daily Blog | 29-08
  • GUEST BLOG: Denis Tegg – When Did We Agree To Our Data Being Shared with ...
    New shocking evidence has emerged from Edward Snowden’s trove of documents about a program called ICREACH under which data collected by the GCSB is shared with 23 US spy agencies. Under new sharing agreements which appear to have commenced immediately after...
    The Daily Blog | 28-08
  • Why Internet MANA are the best political friends the Greens could ever get
    Metiria at last nights #GreenRoomNZ: standing on the shoulders and camera cases of giants  NZers, regardless of political spectrum or apathy level, have a wonderful beach cricket egalitarianism about us. If we can objectively conclude a winner, then that person...
    The Daily Blog | 28-08
  • Sick of the Sleaze? Protest against National’s dirty politics THIS SATURD...
    Sick of the Sleaze? Protest now dammit! Three weeks before the election, action is being taken across the country voicing a rejection of the National Government’s track record and direction. Rallies are being held in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin...
    The Daily Blog | 28-08
  • GUEST BLOG: Sir Edmund Thomas – Address at Nicky Hager public meeting
    I regard it as privilege to chair this public meeting. I have long had the greatest admiration for Nicky Hager’s work, and nothing I have read or heard in the media over the past week or so has caused me...
    The Daily Blog | 28-08
  • The Rock is Fuelling New Zealand’s Roastbuster Rape Culture
    The Rock are still displaying without-consent images of Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities online. They are making fun of this without-consent action, saying that she was "asking for it", etc. They appear to be supporting this kind of...
    Scoop politics | 02-09
  • HRLA Condemns Murder of Filipino Human Rights lawyer
    Attorney Rodolfo R. Felicio, a member of the National Union of Peoples Lawyers , was gunned down while working on a land dispute in Rizal, east of Manila. Two caretakers of the disputed land were also injured in the attack....
    Scoop politics | 02-09
  • SFO lays charges for procurement fraud
    Two individuals have been charged in the Auckland District Court today with Crimes Act charges laid by the Serious Fraud Office for alleged fraud against Mighty River Power Limited relating to procurement for the Company’s Southdown power station....
    Scoop politics | 02-09
  • Commitment to lifting wages good for New Zealand
    The Service and Food Workers Union has applauded the Green Party workers’ policy announced today....
    Scoop politics | 02-09
  • Sykes: There’s Only One Poll That Counts
    “One of the oldest sayings in politics is that there is only one poll that counts – the one on Election Day – and that’s the one that I am focusing on” remarked the MANA Movement candidate for Waiariki, Annette...
    Scoop politics | 02-09
  • Winston Peters Shown up by the Civilian Party
    Even the satirical 'Civilian Party' has now offered the Taxpayers’ Union more credible figures for the ' Bribe-O-Meter ' than Winston Peters’ New Zealand First. The Taxpayers’ Union Bribe-O-Meter now includes, National, Labour, the Greens,...
    Scoop politics | 02-09
  • Further criminal investigation into CTV Building collapse
    Police has today confirmed it will be advancing the criminal investigation into the collapse of the CTV building in February 2011....
    Scoop politics | 02-09
  • Greens policy to restore link between effort and reward
    The Green Party’s new workers policy articulates an alternative to wage repression and job insecurity based on restoring the link between effort and reward, according to FIRST Union. The core tenets of the policy include implementing an $18 minimum...
    Scoop politics | 02-09
  • Greens workers policy supported by union movement
    The CTU is supporting the Green Party’s policy launched today focused on improving life for working New Zealanders. “This policy shows the Greens commitment to collective bargaining as the best and fairest way to improve workers terms and conditions. It...
    Scoop politics | 02-09
  • Research Scholarships for Cannabis Treatments
    Medical cannabis research will be boosted by $140 million if the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party is elected on September 20. Pediatric epilepsy treatment will be one of the main priorities for the research scholarships....
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • Ngai Te Rangi Change to Tribal Elections
    Ngai Te Rangi has begun a postal vote of beneficiaries to change the way representatives are elected to the two Ngai Te Rangi tribal organisations....
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • Greens’ commitment to pay equity welcomed by workers
    The Public Service Association (PSA) says the 58,000 workers they represent will benefit from the announcement by the Green Party of a commitment to pay equity and to a living wage for core public servants and contractors....
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • Real People Powering Real Policy
    New Zealanders from all walks of life have helped the Internet Party create a full platform of strong, progressive and realistic policies that will create a better future for everyone, says leader Laila Harré....
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • University of Canterbury to help with forestry safety
    The University of Canterbury is to launch a new research project to make sure New Zealand’s new forestry roads are safe and are established with minimal environmental impact....
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • Time to get serious about ending homelessness!
    New Zealand needs a comprehensive set of policies that address the housing and support needs of homeless people as well as significantly increasing the supply of affordable, good quality houses and flats....
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • Hundreds to join domestic, sexual violence march
    Several social service providers from across New Zealand have come together to call for an end to the epidemic level of domestic and sexual violence in New Zealand....
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • Students helped with debt repayments
    New Zealand students now living in Australia are being reminded not to ignore their student loan debt as Inland Revenue expands its latest tool to help with repayments....
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • Launch of GenderNeutral.co.nz website
    GenderNeutral.co.nz are excited to announce the launch of their new website, GenderNeutral.co.nz ....
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • Factory farming debaters to look chicken in the eye
    MPs participating in a panel discussion about factory farming will come face-to-face with a real live hen, rescued from the claws of the intensive farming industry. Hettie the Hen will demonstrate to the MPs what little space is afforded to...
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • Leadership stands strong behind Internet MANA relationship
    “There is now, and always will be, a range of views about many issues within our movement and members are free to express them, but Georgina’s views on Kim Dotcom are not shared by the MANA Movement leadership or the...
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • Personal Statement by Matthew Hooton
    Personal Statement by Matthew Hooton 1 September 2014 For Immediate Release “This morning I made comments on Radio New Zealand’s Nine to Noon programme about an attempt by staff in the Prime Minister’s Office to interfere in the appointment...
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • The Worm turns down for John Key
    John Key struggled to coax The Worm above the line in Thursday’s Leaders Debate, according to Roy Morgan’s Reactor, the original Worm. John Key struggled to coax The Worm above the line in Thursday’s Leaders Debate, according to Roy Morgan’s...
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • The Edge Posts Naked Photos Without Consent
    The Edge website, owned by Media Works have published fully naked photographs of Jennifer Lawrence without her consent....
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • Statement from the Governor-General on Ashburton Shootings
    The Governor-General, Lt Gen The Rt Hon Sir Jerry Mateparae, has expressed his deep shock following the shooting of three people in Ashburton today....
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • Update on IGIS inquiry into release of NZSIS information
    In recognition of the public interest, the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security, Cheryl Gwyn, took the unusual step of providing an update during the course of an inquiry and confirmed today that she would be summoning a number of individuals...
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • An Open Government Plan developed in secrecy
    The State Services Commission sent NZ’s Open Government Action Plan to the international Open Government Partnership (OGP) Secretariat on 31 July. The countries involved in the OGP since its inception - from the UK and US to Indonesia and Brazil...
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • KiwiRail; another year older and deeper in debt
    That is a lot of money and there are lessons that need to be learnt before we pour in another $1 billion....
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • Fonterra China Deal Demands Safe Supply Chain
    The future success of Fonterra’s deal to sell infant formula in China [1] requires all milk it uses be safe and for Fonterra to secure its supply chain from contamination by GE DNA and pesticide residues. There is now significant...
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • HRC praises Auckland mum for speaking out
    Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy has praised an Auckland mother of four who went public after humiliating treatment by staff at The Warehouse....
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • Southern DHB refers disputed issue to Serious Fraud Office
    Following advice from forensic investigation firm Beattie Varley Limited, Southern District Health Board has referred the expenditure at the centre of its long running dispute with South Link Health to the Serious Fraud Office. The parties have been...
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • The Letter 1 September 2014
    Last night’s TVNZ Colmar Brunton poll puts the left and right 60 MPs each. United and the Maori Party say they will go with the side that gets to 61 MPs. ACT just needs just 1.3% or 28 thousand Party...
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • Shopping Giveaway Harmless Fun For Kids
    Family First NZ is rubbishing claims by critics including Gareth Morgan that the New World ‘Little Shop’ promotion is harmful for kids, and says that kids should be allowed to be kids. “Children love acting like their parents and pretending...
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • Red Cross launches employment service for former refugees
    New Zealand Red Cross is encouraging employers to give refugees a fresh startwith the launch of Pathways to Employment, a nationwide work assistance service....
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • EDS welcomes Labour’s Conservation Policy
    The Environmental Defence Society has welcomed Labour’s Conservation Policy including the key objective of halting the current pattern of indigenous biodiversity decline within ten years....
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • Poverty is falling and income inequality is not rising
    “A Roy Morgan poll shows that the issue people are most concerned about is income inequality. This just goes to show how the persistent repetition of a lie bewilders the public. Income inequality is not in fact rising. And the...
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • Rotary NZ responding to Fiji water and sanitation issues
    Clean water and sanitation are vital to health. In Fiji Rotary New Zealand have been targeting 22 communities that are experiencing severe hardship mainly because they don’t have access to clean water for their drinking, cleaning and cooking needs....
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • Work & Income shooting a Tragedy
    Kay Brereton speaking on behalf of the National Beneficiary Advocacy Consultancy group says; “Two people shot and another wounded, this is a tragedy and our deepest sympathy goes out to the family and whanau of the victims, as well as...
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • 1080 Poison Deer Repellent not Effective – Farmers
    Four deer have been found dead within a farmer's bush block, after an aerial 1080 poison drop applied with deer repellent. The drop was part of a 30,000 hectare drop across the Northern Pureora Forest Park....
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • Employment Charter will strengthen migrants’ rights
    Establishing an Employment Charter for construction companies is a critical step to strengthening the rights of migrant workers that are fast becoming the face of the Christchurch rebuild, according to an alliance of union groups. The charter has...
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • Global March For Elephants and Rhino
    It’s a trans-national business that funds terrorist organisations, fuels conflict in Africa, and poses environmental, development and security challenges. The illegal wildlife trade is also a lucrative business, generating an estimated USD$20 billion...
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • New series of videos aimed at disengaged youth
    From the people who brought you 'NZ Idle' (NZ's favourite web series about an artist on the dole) comes a new series about election time: Choice Lolz....
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • Picket Of Leaders Christchurch Debate
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • Vega Auriga should be detained in NZ until problems fixed
    Maritime Union of New Zealand National Secretary Joe Fleetwood says that the ship Vega Auriga should be detained in a New Zealand port until it is deemed seaworthy and crew issues have been fixed....
    Scoop politics | 01-09
  • Minor Parties Added to Election ‘Bribe-O-Meter’
    The Taxpayers’ Union have added the Green, ACT, United Future and Conservative Parties to the ‘ Bribe-O-Meter ’ hosted at taxpayers.org.nz . Excluding ACT and New Zealand First, the total election ‘bribes’ - that is new spending not already...
    Scoop politics | 31-08
  • Fiery Broadcasting Debate in Auckland
    Over 250 people turned out for the Auckland Broadcasting and Media Debate in Auckland City last night to hear politicians give their solutions to NZ’s media and broadcasting woes....
    Scoop politics | 31-08
  • Independent Epsom Candidate: Adam Holland
    Today I am very proud to have been nominated to run as an independent candidate by the people of Epsom in order to work hard for the people of Epsom, Mount Eden, Newmarket and Remuera....
    Scoop politics | 31-08
  • Voters favour parties with factory farming policies
    A Horizon Research poll shows that 64.7% of adults are more likely to vote for a political party with a policy against factory farming....
    Scoop politics | 31-08
  • Collins And Dirty Politics Drive The #nzpol Wordcloud
    After Judith Collins' resignation as Minister from Cabinet on Saturday, the data insight organisation Qrious collected all tweets that used the hashtag #nzpol and for approximately the 24 hours since the announcement to produced this wordcloud....
    Scoop politics | 31-08
  • Bill English: allegations against Judith Collins are serious
    Deputy Prime Minister Bill English told TV1’s Q+A programme that the allegations against Judith Collins are serious and that’s why an inquiry is needed....
    Scoop politics | 31-08
  • Culture Change Required
    "There are serious issues raised in an Employment Relations Authority judgement released this week. The culture within the Whangarei District Council (WDC) organisation must change. The culture of any organisation is defined by its leadership starting...
    Scoop politics | 31-08
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