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Open mike 15/12/2013

Written By: - Date published: 7:53 am, December 15th, 2013 - 96 comments
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96 comments on “Open mike 15/12/2013”

  1. Tracey 1

    Colin craig thinks of a catfight as rankin goes up against bennett. Stuff puts it in their headline. Craig could have stopped and strong and determined. What would be the equivalent male comment and when did we last see it in print?

    [I think you meant cat fight Tracey. Corrected - MS]

    • Lanthanide 1.1

      Yeah, I thought it was a bit sexist from him. I guess it displays his true-blue “women exist to serve men” sort of viewpoint.

    • millsy 1.2

      2 single mothers who used to be on the DPB, who struggled to get by financially, who then turned around and now support political parties that want to take money off people who are in the EXACT SAME position as they were, and replace it with intangible abstract concepts like “aspiration” and “oppurtunity”. Well, I hate to break it to you ladies, but you cannot buy food or pay for your rent and power with “aspiration” and “oppurtunity”. The “dream” of working in a high paid job 5-10 years down the track isnt going to help a woman having to choose between paying the power bill or buying formula for her baby.

      Its pretty simple really

      “And another thing”: You cannot train people for jobs that dont exist. All this talk of “education” being the only way out of poverty is crap.

      • Tim 1.2.1

        It’s worse than that @ millsy – these two ‘ladies’ seem to think they can force such aspirational outcomes by making people have to struggle even harder than they had to. (Pulling up the ladder as DC puts it). A good way for them to ease their nasty little consciences whilst allowing themselves the luxury of their holier than thou, control freak behaviour.

        • Paul

          Dreadful memories come back of Rankin and that Destiny Church parasite, Hannah Tamaki saying poverty was the fault of the parents.
          Is there an adjective stronger than repulsive to describe these views?

      • Paul 1.2.2

        “Bennett and Rankin have similar back stories; both grew up in households without much money, had children at a young age and raised them alone on the domestic purposes benefit.”

        What Stuff did not add was..
        Both don’t want people with their back story to have the support they got now.”

        Funny that; failure to do any journalism by the corporate media.

      • Murray Olsen 1.2.3

        It is not at all obvious that Paula Bennett ever struggled to get by financially at all. In fact, with the support she had from her parents and the government money she was able to access, she would have been better off materially than many working people are today. Of course, she has obviously always suffered from great poverty of the spirit.
        As for Christine Rankin, I don’t know.

    • vto 1.3

      all gender should be deleted from the planet. drones, we should all be…..

      I’m going to france, at least they have a maturity about life

      • Anne 1.3.1

        Last night I posted this link on Open Mike. I’m re-posting it because it’s an important issue:


        Twenty odd years ago I went through a similar experience as the two long serving Foreign Affairs officers in MFAT only my case wasn’t played out in the media. As a much less important employee in another Public Service area, my superiors saw fit to have a caveat placed on me preventing me from publicly revealing anything, or even being able to clear my name of wrong doing. The above link shows that the psychopathic, bully boy/girl modus operandi inside the Public Service has returned with a vengeance under this Nat. govt.

        • Tim

          I have a similar experience Anne – VERY similar. My ‘bottom line’ however is/was that under NO circumstances was I going to STFU should the need arise.
          For me, what’s changed in the PS is down to its corporatisation which allows the administration to run as little ‘fiefdoms’ (as I’ve mentioned elsewhere) – easily manipulated by the political class by way of various rewards.
          Its a system whereby the vast majority of diligent and committed public servants are subjugated (some even in an environment of fear) by their politically-appointed, generally incompetent, master of the Universe overlord. So much for all that efficiency and effectveness, accountability and transparency we were all promised when the doddering old Douglas had an ideologically-driven brain fart.

          • Anne

            Its a system whereby the vast majority of diligent and committed public servants are subjugated (some even in an environment of fear) by their politically-appointed, generally incompetent, master of the Universe overlord.

            Spot on Tim. The climate of fear was so palpable in my PS office that at one point my colleagues didn’t dare speak with me.

            If I had my way the Rebstock bitch (sorry, but it’s true) would be sent back to America from whence she came, and Iain Rennie develop a sudden desire to “spend more time with his family” and resign.

            • Arfamo

              +1. Yep. Similar experience in the PS for me. The corporate style of “professional manager – don’t need to know what the staff do, just set the vision and the targets” management has led to incredible wastage of effort and money as well. Most of the good talent in the PS has left IMO.

              • Colonial Viper

                The neoliberal cult of (un)professional managerialism – which both Labour and National subscribe to – has gutted this nation.

            • Colonial Viper

              Have you read Václav Havel’s essay “The Power of the Powerless”?

              I think everyone on the Left needs to know about the ideas he wrote about from the deep dark days of Soviet domination of Czeckoslovakia.

      • alwyn 1.3.2

        With the record of so many of their Presidents as an example I think that Len Brown should go there. He would fit in beautifully wouldn’t he?

      • greywarbler 1.3.3

        What’s up vto
        Can I go to France with you? Richard Wolff was talking about how they still run their country, people still have time to be people there. It sounds like heaven compared to us.

    • Mary 1.4

      I thought it might’ve just been the headline but Craig said it. Says a lot about the man. Not a great start for his political relationship with Rankin. He invites her to stand then says that – charming. While I’ve got no time for Rankin publicly she’ll shrug it off but privately she won’t be pleased. The good thing is that Craig’s hard wired to say such silly things so they’ll just keep coming. The right-wing deserve him.

    • Tracey 1.5

      thanks MS

    • Murray Olsen 1.6

      Colon Craig is seriously creepy and weird. Every time he opens his mouth it becomes more apparent.

    • newsense 2.1


      still this was a bit of a laugh from Kerre McIvor.

      Cunliffe needs to up his good bloke chops. Laughed it up- the headline Labour up to 40% (which seems largely a re-distribution of the left vote) and the picture? Key drinking with prince Wills….go figure…

    • felix 2.2

      Hmmm. I think Rodney is actually being quite honest there. His position, unlike John Key’s, is entirely believable in the circumstances as described. In fact it’s almost the opposite of what Key expects us to swallow.

      1. Hide wasn’t engaged with NZ socially or politically at the time because he was off around the world no doubt seeking his fortune and having adventures. Fair enough. Not every young person’s life is highly politicised.

      But compare and contrast that position with the facts as stated by John Key.

      Key was living in NZ.
      He was at University.
      He had wanted to be Prime Minister since he was ten years old.
      He had strong political views and debated them vigourously around the dinner table.
      The man he describes as his political role model, Muldoon, was PM.

      He expects us to believe all of that and simultaneously believe that the events around the 1981 tour didn’t really register with him at the time. Hilarious.

      That position of Hide’s is not available to Key unless he withdraws and reverses all that stuff in his official back-story, and he can’t do that because it would make a liar of him.

      2. Hide doesn’t know whether sporting and trade boycotts are better or worse than engagement. Fair enough, who does? Hide has a strong belief in free trade and the supremacy of markets for making important decisions. I think he’s a dogmatic extremist in this regard but nevertheless it’s a debatable question and one that merits more serious discussion than a budget herald column can be expected to offer.

      Key also has a strong belief in free trade and the supremacy of markets. But unlike Hide, he won’t say it in so many words because it would frighten many of those who vote for the sanitised, inoffensive, non-threatening Brand Key™ . The gulf between the publicly and privately held views is demonstrated by the fact that behind our backs, when he thinks no-one is listening, he describes NZers as having a “socialist streak” that would prevent him from acting as he wishes.

      So this position of Hide’s is also unavailable to Key unless he wants to place himself far further to the right than Brand Key™ can be seen to be.

      3. Hide couldn’t give a damn about rugby, so he wasn’t interested on the selfish level of thinking he had a right to see the all blacks play SA. Fair enough, I couldn’t give a damn who the all blacks play either.

      And maybe neither does Key. But he has invested a lot of time, money, and energy in portraying himself as a guy who BBQs with the blokes and drinks piss with the All Blacks and grandstands at the RWC. The whole narrative falls down if he reveals that he couldn’t give enough of a crap about rugby to want to see the All Blacks play SA, rugby at the highest level in 1981.

      So that position of Rodney’s is also unavailable to Key unless he blows his carefully constructed bought and paid for good kiwi bloke image.

      Hide’s column really does highlight the utter impossibility of what Key expects people to believe about him. It might be crediting Rodney too much to suggest that it is deliberately nuanced to do so, but it does so regardless.

      • Rogue Trooper 2.2.1

        Beautifully comprehensive review imo.

      • Colonial Viper 2.2.2

        Also, Hide worked on North Sea oil rigs for a good deal of his time out of NZ.

        His background is more working class than most of Parliament.

        • felix


          I don’t have much time for a lot of his views. I think he’s naive to believe much of what he believes, but I’ve never really doubted that he believes it.

          The above being no exception.

          • Rogue Trooper

            Been a lot of worthwhile and informative reading on TS these past few days. Very stimulating.

            • logie97

              … why wouldn’t Hide make this admission until Mandela had gone though? Bit cowardly in my opinion.

      • Tracey 2.2.3

        top drawer

        Do you know how he ended up under Alan Gibbs wing, given his background?

  2. “..If you were going to predict which country would jumpstart the counter-culture movement of the 1960s, it wouldn’t be Switzerland.

    In Switzerland nothing seems out of place.

    Sitting in the Lindenhof overlooking the river Limmat – the capital of Zurich looks like the perfect Mittel-European small city.

    It is the essence of picturesqueness –

    - that is of course – if you ignore the heroin addicts strewn all over the Spitzplatz behind the Hauptbahnhof..”



    phillip ure..

  3. Te Reo Putake 4

    Nice to see the first couple of candidates being confirmed by Labour yesterday. Given the likelihood of a snap election after Banks is jailed, its important both Labour and the Greens are ready to go as early as possible.

    So congrats to Deborah Russell, Rangitikei and Rob McCann, Otaki. The first of many!

    • Colonial Viper 4.1

      Also Glenda Alexander for Waitaki, and today, the Clutha Southland candidate will be confirmed. Congrats to them!

    • Tim 4.2

      I agree totally TRP that Labour and the Greens need to be ‘ready to go’ at any time!
      “What I would say” (to use a Nickey Kaye-ism) is that DC needs to knock a few of the old guard’s heads together and remind them he wants to win – whereas they’re quite comfortable in either gubbamint OR opposition. I would say it – but I decided to give up on Labour until 2017 where we’ll all be able to see if they’ve actually decided to return to founding principles.

      • Paul 4.2.1

        Yup vote Green to ensure no backsliding by the Labour caucus.

      • Te Reo Putake 4.2.2

        Fair enough, Tim, but I’d suggest that if you want a return to ‘founding principles’ you could actually play a part by joining Labour. The party needs to more than a caucus mindset upgrade for a real change in direction, it needs more activists in every branch, LEC and the affiliates. Perhaps it’s time the next conference put term limits on our MP’s? Say 3 terms unless a majority of members approve a fourth? As a member, you can help make that happen.

        • weka

          Why can’t/don’t existing members do that?

        • Tim

          I’ll consider REjoining when I see signs that the Party (all MP’s) show they’re more responsive to their membership – i.e. not weighed down by an old guard who only want to pay lip service and with all that “I paid my dues and I’m therefore entitled” attitude) AND when they unambiguously state their opposition to neoliberalism
          They’re getting there admittedly and hopefully there’s a DC knocking a few heads together in the background.
          The thing is that there are NOW alternatives that are more responsive to their membership.
          …. as I said – maybe around 2017.
          I think a record of having voted for them even when they chose to have a little lay down and do SFA (a least worst option) shows that I was committed to what Labour supposedly (and once) stood for.
          I no longer have a blind faith that only serves to advance certain politician’s careers and preserve a comfy little status quo. The best evidence of all that is to just look at the National Party.

    • Rosie 4.3

      Well, I’m still keen to hear what Labour candidate will go into Ohariu. I’ve asked several times here, but no replies so far – maybe it’s an unknown or maybe it’s a secret?!……..

      Also, is it really likely that we would go to a snap election if Bank’s is found guilty? If so, that would be truly awesome!

      • Anne 4.3.1

        I don’t think the candidate has been selected yet Rosie. Probably sometime in the New Year. Actually, Labour is leaving it a bit late for the selection process. Especially if there is an early election.

        Despite Key’s denials (which mean nothing coming from him) speculation is rife he’ll go early if he can get away with it. The polls show he’s still on a high with the voting public but he knows they’re slowly waking up to him. It makes sense to get the election out of the way before the rot really sets in.

        • Rosie

          Thanks for your thoughts on both queries Anne.

          It is getting a little late for the selection for Ohariu isn’t it. Charles Chauvel, in the 2011 election, got more votes than the previous election and decreased the gulf between himself and Dunne, with Shanks (resigning from parliament in Jan) straggling along behind in the electorate vote.

          I’m wondering if Labour worked at it, whether they could win the Ohariu seat next year, on Dunnes 30th anniversary of holding it! Encouraging to see a 65% NO vote coming this electorate with a 49% turnout. Maybe, just maybe Dunne may have had his day.

          It would excellent to see BOTH Banks and Dunne gone

      • rod 4.3.2

        @ rosie “if banks is found guilty’ you must be joking, he will probably finish up with a knighthood for services to John Key.

        • Rosie

          we can only hope rod………………be interesting to see how the bets are going closer to the time.

  4. Herodotus 5

    Wonder what the reverse is – the benefit to coys of employees being expected to work when sick and the burden that places on the employee to struggle on.
    IMO somewhat blinkered vision on the topic.

    • Paul 5.1

      A classic Herald article softening up the public for further draconian labour laws and creating a public perception that all our problems stem from lazy workers, not corrupt, incompetent and greedy corporations.

      • Draco T Bastard 5.1.1


        It was all about what the bosses and corporations wanted and nothing about what the workers actually need.

        • Paul

          They do this all the time.
          For example, education.
          Article after article on teachers to create a public perception that they are bad people.
          Hardly ever a positive story..always reports to prepare the population for charter schools and an attack on teachers’ unions.

          Also, judges are increasingly being targeted for their lack of support for the government’s draconian and undemocratic laws.

          • KJT

            Nothing about;
            The employers who expect employees to turn up 15 minutes early every day, without extra pay.
            The employers who steal employees breaks and lunch hours.
            Employers who want part time employees available at 12 to 6 hours notice, so they cannot take another part time job, but do not want to pay extra for it.
            Employers who routinely take a little from each pay packet, knowing employees have little redress, even if they notice.
            Employers who take all of an employees first months pay, to pay for their work gear.
            Employers who pay so little that other tax payers, and employers, have to subsidise their business.

            Etc Etc Etc.

  5. Tracey 6

    Au revoir vto.

  6. Morrissey 7

    Mediocrity Watch

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    “The Wellington City Council’s living wage is the worst possible decision. …. Third world countries are a hand-brake on the efforts of the rich industrialized capitalist countries to protect the environment….” [drones on in wandery fashion for several minutes]

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Jordan Williams, speaking as one of three “Young Activists” on Radio NZ National’s “Ideas” segment, Sunday 15 December 2013. It is worth noting that stand-in host Finlay Macdonald was clearly appalled by Williams’ comments and that another guest (Heleyni Pratley) openly snickered in derision as Williams vapoured on.

    Mediocrity Watch aims to keep you informed of—or, to quote the epically mediocre Simon Dallow, to be “right across”—the shoddiest, least professional, most insulting journalism and taxpayer-subsidised-sensitive-singer-songwriting from all over the world, but especially New Zealand. It is produced by DeakerWatch®, a division of Daisycutter Sports Inc.

    More mediocrities….
    No. 9 Andrew Clay: ““After a comedy show, one is often mobbed by the ladies.”
No. 8 Ed Sheeran: “I See Dire”

    No. 7 Paul Little: [Russell Brand] is “petulant, ungracious and unfunny” and a “cut-rate Chomsky”.

No. 6 David Farrar: “Things were generally very relaxed in this area.”

No. 5 Jordan Williams: “Capping rents seems like a recipe for disaster.”

    No. 4 Prof. Robert Patman: “Hezbollah is totally a creature of the Iranian regime.”

No. 3 Jeremy Wells: “What evidence is there that secondhand smoking does any harm? Where is the evidence? WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE?”

    No. 2 Gavin Gray: “…never been any problems associated with the name King George.”

    No. 1 Susie Ferguson: “If, as you say, this has all been done before, why do it all again?”

    • Paul 7.1

      Goodness those libertarians get a lot of publicity on RNZ considering their share of the vote is so small. Wonder how the bosses at the station can justify that?

      • Morrissey 7.1.1

        Here’s a little thread from earlier this year about that hapless loon Jordan Williams. Note also that an even more hapless Standardista jumps in and flounders embarrassingly as he tries to defend Williams…..

        • felix


          Posting the audio of what was actually said, which shows the difference between your version of events and the one that actually happened, is haplessly defending Williams.


          Our foes are the same foes, Mozz, but we won’t beat them with lies. We’ll beat them with the truth.

          • Morrissey

            Posting the audio of what was actually said, which shows the difference between your version of events and the one that actually happened, is haplessly defending Williams.

            Thanks for posting it; what it actually shows—as you know perfectly well—is how accurate my post is in tone and substance, if not in every detail. I don’t make stuff up; the only problem is that my transcription speed is not good enough to get me a job as a secretary for a Fortune 500 company—-not yet anyway. If you had chided me for the errors, and the odd exaggeration—yes, I do add the odd bit of gratuitous laughter or an extra “ummm” or “errr” to underline the vacuity of certain guests—that would be a fair and reasonable critique.

            But you have not done that: what you have done here, and done on several other occasions, is to allege that I deliberately distorted and even falsified the cruel and irresponsible words of Mora and his guests. I have not, and you know it. Your inept pursuit of me started after I came out in support of the dissenting journalist Julian Assange; you unwisely chose, like several others on this forum, to side with his state-backed tormentors.

            Our foes are the same foes, Mozz, but we won’t beat them with lies. We’ll beat them with the truth.

            There you go again, saying I tell lies. Others on this forum, who do not share your agenda of character assassination and dissenter-bashing, but who do listen to those shockingly depraved radio shows, have attested to the accuracy and integrity of my transcripts. Hell, someone even called me “the Diana Wichtel of the Standard.” Maybe you could launch a campaign against her next; after all, she makes the odd slip-up as well.

            • felix

              No Mozz, when you say someone said something that they didn’t say, that’s a lie.

              And when someone points this out to you, and you insist, in the face of the audio evidence, that your report is accurate (word perfect is the term you used) that’s a lie.

              And when you turn on that person and accuse them of all sorts of nefarious motivations for insisting on honesty (Assange? Seriously you stupid fuck, find me a quote to back that up) that’s a lie.

              But I don’t need to argue with the ghosts in your mind. For all I know when someone says something once, you hear them screaming it several times. But the audio tells the true story and your reports stand in stark contrast, and the ultimate dishonesty is that you refuse to listen to the audio and make an honest side by side comparison

              • Morrissey

                1.) No Mozz, when you say someone said something that they didn’t say, that’s a lie.
                I reported, accurately and without exaggeration, that Jordan Williams had been provoked into a furious ranting denial of the fact that Lord Monckton is regarded as a loon by all serious thinkers. You, as you often do, launched into a nutty defence of Williams, pretending that he had not ranted and shouted. He had, and the recording matches my transcript/rendition of the cringe-inducing episode.

                2.) And when someone points this out to you, and you insist, in the face of the audio evidence, that your report is accurate (word perfect is the term you used) that’s a lie.
                Now you are distorting—and I fear it stems from malice, not simply bewilderment as I originally thought—what I have written on several occasions. I have always conceded that my transcriptions, which are always done without the use of a tape recorder, are not always perfect but they ARE true to the nature and tone of the people I pin down for posterity. Often, the most important bits of my transcripts are indeed word perfect; you are quibbling, trivially and dishonestly, over a few misplaced/transposed/added snickers or ummms and ahs, and contesting my interpretation of the often uncomfortable pauses that are a feature of these radio discussions. If you left it at that, your criticism would be valid; unfortunately you seem to lack a certain degree of proportion, or common sense—and you have accused me not of the odd inaccuracy or error (which is fair) but of lying (which is not fair).

                3.) And when you turn on that person and accuse them of all sorts of nefarious motivations for insisting on honesty (Assange? Seriously you stupid fuck, find me a quote to back that up) that’s a lie.
                I’ve just conducted an archive search of your postings and it’s clear that you have not been one of the denigrators of Assange. I apologise to you, and acknowledge my speculation was wrong and unfair. Now, if I was a liar, I would simply keep repeating my original allegation, but I will not. Your allegations about my occasional slip-ups constitute a calculated insult, an extreme attack on my integrity, and a deliberate distortion—and I have repeatedly refuted them. It is time you did the decent thing and acknowledged that your attacks on me have far exceeded robust criticism and long ago degenerated into nothing more than foul personal abuse, and all the worse for being untrue.

                4.)But I don’t need to argue with the ghosts in your mind.
                That’s a nasty but rather limp effort at trying to marginalise me as some kind of deluded crackpot. Keep trying, then after that try walking through a brick wall; you’ll have about as much chance of success.

                5.) For all I know when someone says something once, you hear them screaming it several times. But the audio tells the true story and your reports stand in stark contrast, and the ultimate dishonesty is that you refuse to listen to the audio and make an honest side by side comparison.
                The audio shows a young Wellington lawyer out of his intellectual depth, falling back on the oldest trick in the lexicon to cope with being shown up as a fraud: he shouts, stutters and stammers, and denies that the person he has been defending is a fool and a charlatan.

                Kind of reminds me of some of the people around here.

                • McFlock

                  and so Morrissey’s brain has completely scabbed over the yawning chasm between what he wrote that people said, and what they actually said.

                  • Morrissey

                    Now THAT is a classically lazy and content-free post. If you’re going to tell lies, my friend, your rhetoric would need to be much better than that. And you’d need major support by a criminal organisation to protect you. I don’t think you’re quite that powerful yet, and you’re way too emotional to engender anything but contempt, but in case you grease your way right up that academic ladder, here’s the level of cold-hearted indifference to morality you need to aim at….

                    You’re only part way there. Empty abuse is fine, if you have some institutional muscle to back it up. You haven’t, unfortunately.

                    By the way, that government functionary had the integrity (too late, but that’s another story) to admit that he had lied…..

                    At the moment, you’re way below that bloke on the integrity scale. Which should be very embarrassing for you.


                    • McFlock

                      whatever, Don Quixote.

                    • Morrissey

                      whatever, Don Quixote.

                      Again, a substandard and lazy response. You really are not up to this—at all.

                    • Te Reo Putake

                      Moz has OD’d on the wanker pills. Somebody call the whambulance.

                    • McFlock

                      Up to what – persuading a deluded individual that his massive ego blinds him to his lamentable terminological inexactitudes? Nah mate, you need a shrink for that, and I’m not qualified.

                    • Morrissey

                      I’m not qualified.

                      No you’re not. As I said, you lack the credentials, if not the inclination, to keep telling lies like you are doing.

                    • Rogue Trooper

                      “and coming up round the outside is………..Beeeeetalllbomb!”

                    • McFlock

                      telling lies? What lie? That you repeatedly claim accuracy in your transcripts when the words you attribute to speakers seem to be missing from the audio recordings available online?

                      I’m being charitable and just assuming that you’re clinically delusional, rather than suggesting that you’re even more incompetent as a liar than John Banks.

    • i thought the total jaw-dropper from willams was his claim that young people now have none of the worries of their parents/grandparents generations..

      ..yes..we had nukes being rattled/waved at will..

      ..but..um..!..climate-change/global-warming/mass youth unemployment/huge debts from/for education..

      ..being at the bottom of the wage-pyramid..(university students forced into working for $11 per hr/youth-rates..how fucked/fucken oppressive/unfair is that..?)

      ..how’s that all for starters/getting on with..?

      ..and williams then used that one-legged stool to stand on to say this is why the young are not engaged in the political system..

      ..and he does have a point about low engagement..

      ..but i wd put that low engagement in part down to a sense of powerlessness..

      ..of not wanting to get their legs/trousers drenched..

      ..from what can easily be seen as pissing into the wind..

      ..and i wd argue that desire for engagement is out there..

      ..but the forum/means has not yet been established..

      ..the internet has opened many doors..

      ..but those energies are yet to coalesce in a meaningful manner..

      ..so.basically..williams was just lowest-orifice-plucking..

      ..with his farcical ‘nothing to worry about’ claims..

      ..phillip ure..

      • Paul 7.2.1

        Says so much about this vile young man.

        • Morrissey

          Williams doesn’t get on to these programmes because he has anything interesting or intelligent to say. He gets on because he’s not only very pushy but (more importantly) also well connected: he is an office junior for S.S. lawyer Stephen Franks. He imitates Franks perfectly: the slow pretentious delivery as well as the banality of his statements.

          • Paul

            So how does Franks have so much influence?

            • Tim

              I wonder that too (How does Franks ….etc.)
              Mora likes his ‘eloquence’ I think, and the fact that he comes from the ‘cultured’ department of the right wing (kind of like the 1% of the 1%) – which of course is very esprayshnul – especially if you’re the nicest man on Earth.
              It always amuses me when I see RNZ accused of being a bunch of lefties.
              There’s a dinky little band of 1%ers all comfy and cosy, nicely ‘work-life balanced’ and ‘fair and balanced’, with credentials they think we all should die for pulling the strings.
              We should really be grateful they exist I suppose – otherwise under the current junta it’d be “Afternoons with the Nicest Man on Earth – brought to you by Watties Baked Beans”, and “Nine to Noon with the World’s Most Regalr Gal – brought to you by Sanitarium Allbran”.

              There’s always RNZ weekends and weekday evenings that (so far) don’t seem to have been infected.

              Btw … Franks should patent himself. We sometimes watch in awe as he manages to defy gravity and slip up an uphill Hawker Street. I’m trying to discover how his gentrification engine works – it sure as Hell doesn’t have spark plugs but its causing havoc in the Mt Vic neighbourhood.

              • North

                Hah, as a student nearly 40 years ago lived in Hawker Street four doors from the top. Magnificent view. Fell over uphill numerous times in various levels of sobriety on that steep street. Thing is I never had the nasty blow to the head as clearly has friend Stephen. Must’ve been a hoot to watch Tim . “Key”stoned Cops.

      • Morrissey 7.2.2

        …the total jaw-dropper from willams was his claim that young people now have none of the worries of their parents/grandparents generations…

        Yes I heard that, Phillip. It comes under the rubric of “drones on in wandery fashion for several minutes.”

  7. Morrissey 9

    No. 2: Illegal “settlers” in the Occupied West Bank

    As you watch these clips, bear in mind that Barack Obama, who hijacked the Mandela memorial service for a great anti-apartheid leader, is a piously defiant advocate for these people….



    Another really frightening loon….
    No. 1 Philippe Karsenty: http://thestandard.org.nz/26052011/#comment-334310

  8. prime news is having their biggest clusterfuck/meltdown ever..

    ..they started with no sound..seemingly blissfully unaware for some time..then they flicked to ads/promos..

    ..it is now ten minutes into the bulletin..and still the ads/promos..

    ..heh..!..back on..but with a new/different (australian) announcer to the one who started the bulletin..

    phillip ure..

  9. Rogue Trooper 11

    “and Jade Rabbit is in third place, coming up round the outside…”

  10. Rogue Trooper 12

    Must be Christmas the preceding from Paula and the MSD

  11. Rogue Trooper 13

    not much else in The Herald today.

  12. Rogue Trooper 14

    ‘cept for the potential of loss of more jobs in even Agriculture arisng from technology ; saw the potential when there was a documentary on a similar product developed for pasture inspection by a New Zealand school-boy recently. (somebody no longer needs to travel and open and close 30 gates a day).

    • Arfamo 15.1

      The man is now dead and buried ( or soon will be). So is much that he hoped for. All there is left is nostalgia.

  13. Philj 16

    RNZ is slipping. Nine to Noon, and Afternoons sliding in relevance and quality. Needs a serious refurbishment.
    Weekends are better quality but right wing ‘market’ forces are increasingly apparent. Hoping Finlay MacDonald gets the nod to replace Chris Laidlaw.

  14. Rogue Trooper 17

    It is Sunday… John 5:25 . Good Night. Let tomorrow be good. gonna watch this interesting film about the Emperor Barbarossa now.

  15. greywarbler 18

    Prof Richard Wolff is talking about how the Democrats tried to get Bill through in USA setting 0.7% tax on incomes over US$1 million to raise extra tax to employ the unemployed. There are 350,000 tazpayers who average US$2.9 million would have been $13,500 each extra. This was an outrage and the Republicans prevented that Bill going through that was to raise money for creating employment!! I have put up links earlier but just google Wolff.

    They did pass some law that was going to put a lot of money into repairing highways!@!

    • Rogue Trooper 18.1

      that piece you applied on cosmetics was worth reading imo and valued.

      • greywarbler 18.1.1

        Thanks RT have been pondering about it for a while. Cosmetics for women are hegemonic and pervasive and constant use undermines the move towards women’s real self-acceptance.

  16. Paul 19

    Good article by Espiner about white collar crime and how our society is structured to deal with it leniently.

    Some highlights…

    “For a nation with the dubious distinction of having one of the highest rates of imprisonment in the western world, we’re remarkably reluctant to lock up anyone from the big end of town”

    “This may have something to do with the fact that those whose collar is more white than blue are more likely to be able to afford lawyers with the letters QC after their name. It’s also partly because criminal cases involving corporate types tend to be complicated, drawn-out and expensive.”

    “But it’s also due to the fact that our laws – particularly the 1961 Crimes Act – are not just inadequate but biased in favour of those who either swindle investors out of their life savings or bring about the injury or death of their employees through negligence.”

  17. captain hook 20

    I see in the rag this a.m. the sensible sentencing trust claiming that they dont care how much it costs to imprison as many as people as possible.
    Do they have shares in the private prison companies.

    • Colonial Viper 20.1

      Putting resources into helping kids out at the start seem to have escaped their small narrow brains.

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  • Gordon Campbell on the life and ACC work of Sir Owen Woodhouse
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  • Collins: The charade is getting silly
    via your New Zealand Herald this morning: Justice Minister Judith Collins' Beijing dinner with Oravida boss Stone Shi and a senior Chinese border control official came after the company made a formal request to New Zealand ministers to intervene with...
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  • ‘Dr N’ Case Raises Question about NZ’s Abortion Laws
    By Sabrina Muck Dr N, a doctor working in a rural area with 30 years’ experience, was suspended for six months for illegally prescribing the medication misoprostol (Cytotec) to four patients in a manner contrary to legal pregnancy termination procedures...
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  • Divert excessive weapon spending to achieve clean energy future
    According to new figures released on Monday, last year a whopping US$1747 billion was spent on armies across the world. Modest decreases in spending in austerity hit Western Europe and reduced spending in the US, which is still the biggest spender...
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  • Whaleoil dishonestly accuses Helen Clark of dishonesty
      I suppose dishonestly reporting that someone else has behaved dishonestly could be regarded as a wonderful example of irony. But if the dishonesty of the reporter is transparent then it’s also a wonderful example of crass stupidity. Either way,...
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  • EDUCANZ, Professionalism and Politics
    When I first started teaching I spent a number of happy years in rural communities. In the early eighties all teachers were expected to teach in a 'country' school to enable them to get promotion. Country service was seen as...
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  • The Templin Manifesto
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  • Wimp.
    Yesterday John Key challenged David Cunliffe to a televised debate on housing. Today, he wimped out. This is really odd. Key is one of the best politician-debaters New Zealand has ever seen. He convincingly beat both Helen Clark and Phil...
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  • Why Labour will lose the election
    [Image stolen from David Cunliffe] Seriously? With the country facing unemployment, inequality, a housing crisis and climate change, and Labour is relentlessly talking about regulatory subsidies for the caravan-rental industry. So much for "talking about the real issues"....
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  • NZTA Predict No Growth For Matakana
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  • The PCE on the Environmental Reporting Bill
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  • On what really annoyed me about ‘The Goldfinch’
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  • On what really annoyed me about ‘The Goldfinch’
    Donna Tartt’s new book won the Pulitzer Prize today. Lots of people loved this book – and if you’re into beautiful prose there is a lot to love. But the story-telling really bugged me, and the event of it winning a...
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    Has Recep Tayyip Erdogan gone from model Middle East 'strongman' to tin-pot dictator?...
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  • Maritimes magazine Autumn 2014 now online
    This edition of the Maritimes magazine covers the new Regional Maritime Federation, the offshore oil and gas industry, the 2014 Interport sports competition and much more....
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  • Climate change: Action is affordable
    Last month, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released the second part of its Fifth Assessment report, showing the dire future we faced if we did not act to reduce emissions. Over the weekend, the IPCC released the third part...
    No Right Turn | 14-04
  • 85 more jobs killed by the NZ dollar – Christchurch textile firm in r...
    Date of Release: Saturday, April 12, 2014Body:  News that the high New Zealand dollar has claimed another textile firm has come as a huge shock to those affected, FIRST Union said on Saturday.Staff at Christchurch Yarns were told yesterday that their...
    First Union Media | 14-04
  • Gordon Campbell on royalty and its tourism spin-offs
    Ultimately the Queen’s longevity has been one of her most significant accomplishments. A transition to Prince Charles while the monarchy was in the pits of public esteem in the mid to late 1990s would have been disastrous for the Royal...
    Gordon Campbell | 14-04
  • World News Brief, Tuesday April 15
    Top of the AgendaWorst Climate Change Scenarios Can Be Averted, Panel Says...
    Pundit | 14-04
  • Images of women and mother blaming
    There have been a few stories in the media about New Zealand women and obesity and body image, some referenced in this editorial from the Herald on Sunday. This article blames mothers for teaching girls to put on lip gloss....
    frogblog | 14-04
  • A Matter of Time: Reflections Of A Waning Republican
    Time Lords: The historical transition of the Monarchy: from that which rules, to those who reign, was a remarkable constitutional innovation. Neither a true monarchy, nor yet a full republic, Britain’s constitutional monarchy offered its subjects something unique. "[A] constitution...
    Bowalley Road | 14-04
  • IPCC 5th Assessment Report – exposing NZ on climate policy
    The IPCC’s 3rd Working Group has just released the final section of its 5th Assessment Report.  Following WGI report on the science and WGII on impact, this one focuses on a response strategy. The Report recalls that annual global emissions...
    frogblog | 14-04
  • Maori Party / Key fundraiser
    The Political Anorak News is full of the $5,000-a-plate fundraiser for the Maori Party hosted by John Key at the Northern Club in Auckland. A few thoughts: Nothing illegal about this at all, or really anything immoral either. Key wants...
    Polity | 14-04
  • Collins must admit misleading Parliament
    ACC Minister Judith Collins must front up and admit she has misled Parliament over ACC’s policy to stop paying compensation to clients who refused to fill in its privacy form, Labour’s ACC spokesperson Iain Lees-Galloway says. “Judith Collins claimed Labour...
    Labour | 16-04
  • English confirms he has no plan to raise wages
    Finance Minister Bill English has confirmed he has absolutely no plans to lift wages, Labour’s spokesperson on Labour Issues, Andrew Little says. “Bill English told the Chamber of Commerce yesterday that workers could expect a rise in average income of...
    Labour | 16-04
  • Govt careless and callous about threatened birds
    The National Government is increasing the threat to two of the world's most threatened and unique birds by opening up Victoria Forest Park to petroleum drilling, the Green Party said today.Scientists have recently published a ranking of the 100 most...
    Greens | 16-04
  • Genesis: The biggest fire sale of them all
    National has finished its asset sales with a massive bonfire of a fire sale, showing once and for all how much of a disaster this programme was, says Labour’s SOEs spokesperson Clayton Cosgrove. “Just 68,000 Kiwis bought shares in Genesis,...
    Labour | 16-04
  • Interest rates rise but only smokes increasing
    Mortgage rate rises are making life harder for homeowners, and many of them will be surprised the latest CPI figures show inflation would be zero were it not for tobacco tax hikes, says Labour’s Finance spokesperson David Parker. “New Zealanders...
    Labour | 16-04
  • Term One Report Card for Hekia Parata
    Assignment Teacher’s Comments Grade      ...
    Labour | 16-04
  • Hekia Parata kept exam book errors from schools
    Schools will be appalled to learn Education Minister Hekia Parata knew since January that hundreds of exam booklets had been returned to the wrong students but said nothing about it, Labour’s Education Spokesperson Chris Hipkins says. “Exams are stressful enough...
    Labour | 15-04
  • What has ACC Minister been doing?
    The ACC Minister needs to front up and explain what, if any, changes she has made to the broken culture of ACC rather than denying that she has any part to play in the dysfunction of her Ministry, the Green...
    Greens | 15-04
  • Promise of jam tomorrow takes the cake
    A claim by Minister of Finance Bill English that average wages will climb by $7,500 over the next four years is a cynical promise of jam tomorrow by a government whose record on wage growth is atrocious, Labour spokesperson on...
    Labour | 15-04
  • Judith Collins has to fess up on ACC blunder
    ACC Minster Judith Collins must front up and tell New Zealand how many people who refused to hand over their private details to ACC have been denied cover, says Labour’s ACC Spokesperson Iain Lees-Galloway. “The legality of ACC’s privacy waver,...
    Labour | 15-04
  • Board of Inquiry conditions will save rivers in New Zealand
    The Ruataniwha dam decision released today has protected the Tukituki River and dashed the Government’s hope of the “one nutrient model” (TRIM) being adopted nationwide, says Labour’s Conservation spokesperson Ruth Dyson. “It is a massive victory for those in the...
    Labour | 15-04
  • Labour turns wheels for cycling safety
    With more than a million New Zealanders now using cycling as an attractive alternative means of transport it is past time their safety was taken seriously, Labour’s Transport spokesperson Darien Fenton says. Due to speak to a cycling rally at...
    Labour | 15-04
  • SPEECH: Institute of Directors
    LEADING AND MANAGING OUR ECONOMIC FUTURE David Cunliffe MP, Labour Leader Speech to the Institute of Directors 15 April 2014, Auckland It's a privilege to be speaking here. The Institute of Directors has a proud history of developing New Zealand's...
    Labour | 15-04
  • More Oravida endorsements from John Key
    The use of a picture of John Key in an advertisement for Oravida’s scampi products in a Chinese airline magazine is further evidence of an unhealthily cosy relationship between the National Party and this company, Labour Leader David Cunliffe says....
    Labour | 15-04
  • Workers at Canterbury Yarns need redundancy support
    Workers faced with redundancy at Canterbury Yarns need a redundancy support co-ordinator, Green Party industrial relations spokesperson Denise Roche said today.Last week, Canterbury Yarns was placed in receivership. Canterbury Yarns joins a long list of New Zealand manufacturers who have...
    Greens | 14-04
  • Making the holidays easier for Kiwi drivers
    The next Labour Government will make the holidays easier and journeys quicker for Kiwi families driving on the roads, says Labour Leader David Cunliffe. “There’s nothing Kiwis like more than getting on the road and going on holiday. But on...
    Labour | 14-04
  • Ae Marika! 15 April 2014
    Our MANA AGM down in Rotorua on the weekend was a sold-out affair – even the media were struggling to get in! Political conferences can be very dull, but not this one. We had a great line-up of speakers including...
    Mana | 14-04
  • Green light from Labour for cancer screening programme
    Labour Leader David Cunliffe has today committed to a national bowel screening programme, starting with extending the current service to the Southern and Waikato districts. “Around 3000 New Zealanders develop bowel cancer each year and about 1200, or 100 a month,...
    Labour | 14-04
  • Adequate resourcing needed for victims’ advocate
    The establishment of a victims’ commissioner role will only be meaningful if it is properly resourced to do the job of advocating for victims’ interests, Labour Justice spokesperson Andrew Little says. Justice Minister Judith Collins has just recently indicated her...
    Labour | 13-04
  • IPCC report shows Government ignoring climate experts
    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) report into climate mitigation, just released in Berlin, shows the National Government is ignoring the pleas of the world's best climate scientists.The report says deep and fast emission cuts are vital from all...
    Greens | 13-04
  • Japan’s quick turnaround on whaling disappointing
    News that Japan plans to recommence some form of “scientific” whaling programme so quickly after the International Court of Justice’s ruling against it is very disappointing, says David Shearer, Labour’s Foreign Affairs spokesperson. “New Zealanders expected the ICJ ruling -...
    Labour | 13-04
  • Reviewable tenancies will increase risks for vulnerable children
    Instead of kicking families out of their homes if they can pay their rent, parents with young children should have the opportunity to purchase equity in a state-built home over time, the Green Party said todayFrom July, Housing New Zealand...
    Greens | 13-04
  • 48,000 New Zealanders drinking faecally contaminated water
    Some 48,000 people were provided with water that had issues with faecal contamination, 18,000 of whom were from Canterbury, the Green Party said today. The Ministry of Health's Annual Report on Drinking-Water in New Zealand for 2012/13 shows that 48,000...
    Greens | 12-04
  • Labour will move to save the Kauri
    Labour will spend $20 million over the next 10 years to stop the spread of Kauri dieback disease, says Labour Leader David Cunliffe. “We are facing an ecological disaster with over 11 per cent of the Kauri trees in the...
    Labour | 12-04
  • SPEECH: Saving our Kauri
    Seech notes Good morning. Thank you for joining us here today. As a West Auckland MP I am very aware the kauri is an important part of this place. The Waitakere Ranges with their thousands of kauri, are a taonga....
    Labour | 12-04
  • MANA to continue negotiations with the Internet Party
    The MANA AGM has decided unanimously tonight to continue negotiaitions with the Internet Party. Within a month further negotiations, further consultation with MANA branches and a final decision on whether to proceed with a relationship is expected....
    Mana | 12-04
  • National’s tax dodge
      National’s insistence that it is cracking down on tax dodgers is little more than a bit of election year chest beating, Labour Leader David Cunliffe says. “Revenue Minister Todd McClay surely doesn’t believe collecting $100 million of an estimated...
    Labour | 12-04
  • Housing prices go up – Gens X & Y give up
    Today’s REINZ report shows house prices continue skyward while first home buyers are dropping out of the market, says Labour’s housing spokesperson Phil Twyford. “According to the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand the national median house price has risen...
    Labour | 11-04
  • Do Key and Adams support Chorus appeal?
    John Key and Amy Adams must tell New Zealanders whether they support Chorus’ appeal of the High Court’s ruling in favour of the Commerce Commission, says Labour Leader David Cunliffe. “Chorus’ appeal is a waste of time. The company is...
    Labour | 11-04
  • Is Judith Collins unapologising
    Judith Collins appears to have retracted her apology for failing to disclose her meeting with her husband’s fellow company directors and a senior Chinese border control official just weeks after being ticked off by John Key for not doing so, Labour...
    Labour | 11-04
  • Media Advisory
    There have been a few minor changes to the MANA AGM agenda. Moana Jackson is unable to attend due to family commitments. Speaking in his place on Saturday morning MANA is pleased to welcome Georgina Beyer and Willie Jackson. MANA...
    Mana | 10-04
  • Green Party requests inquiry into Peter Dunne and Trust
    Green Party MP Denise Roche today wrote to the Parliamentary Registrar of Pecuniary Interests requesting an inquiry into whether Peter Dunne should have included his involvement as chair of the Northern Wellington Festival Trust on the Register of Pecuniary Interests...
    Greens | 10-04
  • Veterans short-changed
    The Veterans’ Support Bill reported back to Parliament today rejects a key recommendation of the Law Commission Review on which it is based and ignores the submissions of veterans and the RNZRSA, says Labour’s Veterans’ Affairs Spokesperson, Phil Goff. “A...
    Labour | 10-04
  • Tribute for Maungaharuru- Tangitu settlement
    Labour Member of Parliament for Ikaroa-Rāwhiti, Meka Whaitiri paid tribute to Maungaharuru-Tangitu today as their Treaty of Waitangi settlement became law. “The Bill acknowledges Treaty breaches that left Maungaharuru-Tangitu virtually landless. Today we were reminded of the history, mamae, loss...
    Labour | 10-04
  • Neglected rural and regional roads will cost more lives
    The government must take urgent action to prevent more accidents to truck drivers and other road users of increased logging trucks on neglected roads, says Darien Fenton, Labour’s Transport spokesperson. “The dangers to drivers and other road users in the...
    Labour | 10-04
  • Judith Collins’ refusal to answer a disgrace
    If John Key is holding his Ministers to any standards at all, he must make Judith Collins answer questions about the senior Chinese official she met during her taxpayer-funded visit to China last October, Labour MP Grant Robertson says. “Judith...
    Labour | 10-04
  • Ryall needs to heed hospital workforce issues
    The public health workforce, the same one Tony Ryall argues is making a lot of progress is facing increased pressure and staff burnout through his continued shuffling of the deckchairs, Labour’s Health spokesperson Annette King says. “Mr Ryall uses all...
    Labour | 10-04
  • Key ducks but can’t avoid High Court slap
    The High Court’s slap in the face to John Key and his Government over Chorus has left it with no option but to accept the Commerce Commission’s lawful process in deciding the price of copper, says Labour’s associate ICT spokesperson...
    Labour | 09-04
  • First home buyers shut out as LVRs bite
    The bad news continues for young Kiwis as the latest Core Logic report shows the proportion of first home buyers has declined since LVR lending restrictions came into force, says Labour’s Housing spokesperson Phil Twyford. Twenty two centres across the...
    Labour | 09-04
  • MANA – and, or, or not – DOTCOM
    Both MANA and the Internet Party share goals in common with other parties, like getting rid of National and reining in the GCSB. There are also differences, as there are with other parties as well. MANA accepted a request to...
    Mana | 09-04
  • Wise heads want wise response
    Labour accepts the challenge laid down by the Wise Response group to protect and future-proof New Zealand’s environment and economy. A petition calling for urgent action was presented to Labour’s Environment and Climate Change spokesperson Moana Mackey at Parliament this...
    Labour | 09-04
  • Greens support high profile Kiwis’ call for climate action
    The Green Party fully supports a group of high profile Kiwi business people, lawyers, academics and commentators delivering a petition to parliament today calling for the Government to take the threat of climate change more seriously.Wiseresponse, a group of over...
    Greens | 09-04
  • Mayor’s jobs initiative shows up inactive Govt
    Auckland Mayor Len Brown and the Auckland Council are to be congratulated for providing opportunities for young people to get into work, but it stands in stark contrast to the National Government overseeing spiralling youth unemployment, Labour’s Employment, Skills and...
    Labour | 08-04
  • National discovers public servants needed after all
    New figures released today show National has done an embarrassing U-turn after discovering it actually does need the public service, Labour’s State Services spokesperson Maryan Street says. “Wellington now has the most public servants it has had since 2000. Figures...
    Labour | 08-04
  • School closures about saving Hekia, not kids
    The National Government's decision to merge Phillipstown and Woolston schools is another disaster for Christchurch and proves this Government is more interested in saving face than in what is best for children, the Green Party said today."Hekia Parata's stubborn refusal...
    Greens | 08-04
  • Cosgrove writes to invite Countdown to Committee
    Labour’s Commerce spokesperson Clayton Cosgrove has today written to the Chief Executive of Progressive Enterprises Dave Chambers, asking him if he would accept an invitation to appear before the Commerce Select Committee. “Yesterday National MPs blocked my motion to invite...
    Labour | 08-04
  • Phillipstown will get reprieve under Labour
    A Labour government will allow Phillipstown School to stay open, with a review after two years, Labour’s Associate Education spokesperson Megan Woods says. “Hekia Parata has failed the Phillipstown community with today’s decision to close the school. “It is disgraceful...
    Labour | 08-04
  • State Housing waiting lists go through the roof
    The waiting list for State Houses has risen by over a thousand in the past three months, says Labour’s Housing spokesperson Phil Twyford. “Low income people are feeling the sharp end of National’s housing crisis. A shortage of affordable houses...
    Labour | 08-04
  • Hekia Parata fails to answer basic questions
    Education Minister Hekia Parata’s inability to answer even the most basic questions about her proposed new Executive Principal roles will have alarm bells ringing in school communities all around the country, Labour’s Education spokesperson Chris Hipkins says. “Schools are already concerned...
    Labour | 08-04
  • Guy gets it wrong by any measure
    The Ministry for Primary Industries being forced to reprint rulers designed to help recreational fishers measure their snapper catch is right up there on the incompetence scale, Labour’s Fisheries spokesperson Damien O’Connor says. “MPI is having to spend another $8000...
    Labour | 08-04
  • So the US has assassinated a NZ citizen – what did Key know?
    A non judicial assassination by the US on a NZ citizen raises questions. Key made the idea that NZers were training with terrorists part of his farcical defence for the GCSB mass surveillance legislation. I say farcical because even if...
    The Daily Blog | 16-04
  • Something Better Than Something Worse: Why John Key could become our longes...
    IN HIS MEMORABLE holiday-home encounter with the host of Campbell Live, the Prime Minister, John Key, did not rule out running for a fourth term. Were he to be successful, the long-standing record of Sir Keith Holyoake (11 years and 2...
    The Daily Blog | 16-04
      Sky City Casino Second, Chorus Third  The seven finalists for the 2013 Roger Award for the Worst Transnational Corporation Operating in Aotearoa/New Zealand were: ANZ, Chorus, IAG Insurance Group, Imperial Tobacco, Rio Tinto, Sky City Casino and Talent 2. The criteria for judging are...
    The Daily Blog | 16-04
  • National drowning in an ocean of poisoned milk
    It is becoming difficult to keep up with which National Party MP is bleeding the most at the moment. Simon Bridges is being crucified by Whaleoil almost as much as Greenpeace are attacking him, suggesting Cam is seizing the moment...
    The Daily Blog | 16-04
  • Want to get rid of synthetic cannabis? Legalize real cannabis
    Have we managed to appreciate the madness that synthetic cannabis is legal yet more harmful than organic cannabis which is illegal? I find the current moral panic over synthetic cannabis difficult to become concerned with when alcohol is FAR more...
    The Daily Blog | 16-04
  • Save our homes – stop the evictions!
    “We will keep on fighting because it frightens me to think my grandchildren could become homeless,” Tere Campbell told me. Tere is a member of Tamaki Housing Group. In September 2011, tenants in 156 state homes in Glen Innes received...
    The Daily Blog | 15-04