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Parata’s conflict of interest

Written By: - Date published: 11:30 am, May 18th, 2011 - 7 comments
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Hekia Parata is our Minister of Energy. She is also a shareholder in Contact Energy. Whether the shareholding is large or small, it’s a conflict of interest. Her decisions can affect the value of her shareholding. The slackness displayed by Key’s ministers towards these shareholding conflicts, starting with his own Tranzrail shares, is not good enough.

H/T No Right Turn

7 comments on “Parata’s conflict of interest”

  1. Aye, clear breach.
    How long has she owned the shares?  If she has only just bought them it makes it even worse.

  2. Herodotus 2

    Whilst there may be a apparent conflict, is this any different to those MP’s who own directly or thru trusts or retirement schemes rental properties ??
    yet I imagine that the cost to poor taxation policy regarding 2nd properties has more to do with wealth capture and escaping tax than this case. mmmmmmm. But we won’t go there will we as all parties would appear as being self interest.

  3. randal 3

    HP thinks she is a public servant and makes no distinction between politics and and just plain old fashioned money grubbing any way you can get it.

  4. Jhonson 4

    Could get worse as well as Contact are haveing a 1:9 rights issue.
    Has anyone asked Contact for a database of holders like Bernard Whimp did to see how much shares she has.
    This is another corrupt practise by this usless government.
    Bring back Helen I say, she had more balls than the collective National party.

  5. uke 5

    There seem to be so many of these National MPs with clear (and murkier) conflicts of interest.
    Perhaps it’s time to start up an “Index of Suspicion” along the lines of the International Cycling Union relating to whether cyclists are doping themselves. (Could go with The Standard’s “Keeping the buggers honest” columns.) Quite useful to have an online dossier of Tory dodginess.

  6. Ian 6

    Come on, she’s probably just a simple mum and dad investor – how many thousand shares does she own?

  7. Afewknowthetruth 7

    Never mind the shares, what qualifies her to be Minister of Energy?

    (The usual qualification is to know almost nothing about energy and not understand what the term energy actually means scientifically, so she’s probably on a par with all her predecessors.)

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