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The remainder of this page is for all site bugs and development notes. I will attempt to start posting notes about what is a problem, ideas for enhancements, and fixes.


Change Log

2013/11/23 Bug Shift sphinx operations to just one server (file?).
2013/11/23 Bugs Done Fix the search results to have correct date/times and to put in the relevant images.
2013/11/18 Enhancement Done Shift system fully to the cloud with separated database server, file server, and web servers. Now just have to make it fully dynamic
2013/08/21 Bugs Done Fix the community layouts.
2013/08/13 Enhance Done Add a Show tags section for displaying comment tags.
2013/08/10 Enhance Done Comment out the blogroll and skyscaper ad to give more room for comments.
2013/08/10 Enhance Test Enhance the feed with plugin + enhancements.
2013/07/27 Enhance Done Upgrade the mobile version.
2013/03/10 Enhance Done Shift database from MyISAM to InnoDB to reduce locking issues in the future.
2013/03/10 Bug Done Locate the 500 errors on saving re-edits of posts. Replaced SEO generator.
2012/11/13 Enhance Done Testing RSS aggregators
2012/11/05 Fixes In progress Fix the contribute and contact form to stop spambots. Turn off until finished.
2012/10/29 Fixes Done Fixes to allow full use of the cloudflare CDN. Rocket loader is only outstanding due to JS for TinyMCE comments and the AEC re-edit.
2012/10/23 Fixes Done Fix some of the SQL queries in the sidebar stats that delaying the updates for incoming comments (and stacked queries queued)
2012/08/26 Bug Done
Get rid of the statcounter message that shows up on page display in firefox.
2012/06/07 Bug Done Get rid of comment-page-? out of the comment links.
2012/06/07 Bug Done comment rss and W3 minify
2012/04/04 ToDo How to display links [thestandard.org.nz]
2012/04/03 ToDo Done Get rid of the comment-page-1 in links to comments.
Added a filter for get_comment_link in the theme.
2012/02/15 Bug Done Sphinx Search had an update, and it appears that it was putting the lock files in with ownership coded to its own user id. That meant that the web process that had been running it was unable to run the daily updates. Shifted the cron to the sphinx user.
2011/11/13 Bug KSES allows a <i /> through causing a italic display throughout the rest of the comments page.
2011/11/10 Feature Done Added W3 Total Cache to deal with possible performance issues through the rest of the campaign period.
2011/11/03 Bug Fixed Disabled iPad mode because of continuing problems with iOS5 Safari. Initially it was just fuzzy on most pages using 2.3.1 of WPTouch. 2.4 replaced that with it crashing whenever posts were displayed. 3.x of WPTouch fixes this
Enhance  Added this page so I and others can keep track of what is going on.

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