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Spin the wheel

Written By: - Date published: 9:39 am, July 4th, 2012 - 7 comments
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7 comments on “Spin the wheel”

  1. mike e 1

    No U turns. one Uturn.
    Broken promises just about all accept asset sales!

  2. Uturn 2

    Yeah, what is the fascination with pedophiles their supporters have? The way it’s used out of context, with no apparent connection to the reality, but with more relevence to them than a standard expletive. It puzzles me. Yet more of the RW lexicon I don’t understand.

    • BernyD 2.1

      It’s all about the “Denial” psychosis buddy …

      They’d need 30 years of therapy (“Your in denial” … “No I’m not” ….),
      Too figure it out for themselves.

      Then another 30 Years of “Transferral psychosis” therapy (“It’s their fault” … “But it’s your mind” …)

      Finally they admit it was them all along.
      Then another 10 Years to cry about it.(“But why am I like that” … “Only you can asnwer that” …)

      And if they’d admit to it when they were 10 and tell themselves to stop being a Dickhead they’d save 70 years of therapy.

  3. Newt 3

    Crush the elderly and ban teenagers?

  4. ropata 4

    You really should credit the creator of this work… Porcupine Farm

  5. Joe W 5

    Very much appreciate the credit Ropata, but this one’s concept and content is entirely from Danyl at the DimPost, with appropriate acknowledgement to No Right Turn:

  6. adam 6

    The wheel is very funny IMO. Trouble is it’s not only laugh a minute, it’s too true of our current looney Neo-liberal National Government. If they get another term god help us all!

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