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Tales from the precariat: AAAP

Written By: - Date published: 1:18 pm, September 13th, 2013 - 69 comments
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Auckland Action Against Poverty did another 3 days of advocacy action this week, this time in New Lynn, as explained in their pre Impact Action press release:

“At least 9 out of every 10 people seen by our advocacy service have been incorrectly or unfairly denied assistance. This ranges from being denied a benefit altogether when Work and Income have incorrectly assumed someone is living in a de facto marriage, to Work and Income not applying discretion in a case where a mother needs additional assistance for food.

“The culture of blame and suspicion which Paula Bennett has whipped up makes it near impossible for people to receive the assistance they are entitled to.”

Last year, in my report on AAAP’s similar Impact Action days in Onehunga, I stated how positive such action is for many people struggling on low incomes.

AAAP’s Facebook page links to some videos from these two weeks of action.

Sandra’s story was posted on youtube on 4 September 3013 (so before the New Lynn Impact), based on her prior experience of AAAP advocacy. Sandra had a bad back and a lumpy bed. Unable to get money for it from WINZ, she borrowed money from a money lender.  AAAP advocacy helped her to get money for this from WINZ, and pay back the money lender.

Aaron’s story was uploaded to youtube on 1 September 2013.  He is an unemployed graduate who had struggled with WINZ.  AAAP helped to get his benefit re-instated along with backpay.

An AAAP video from 11 September filmed at New Lynn WINZ:  advocates, and AAAP organisers, including Sue Bradford, give examples of the stories from people advocates have helped.  They speak of people incorrectly/illegally having their benefits cut, leaving people struggling and hungry.

A Thursday press release from AAAP focuses on “Tales of despair: from the streets of New Lynn” … Ranui … Glen Eden…

Even seasoned advocates running a beneficiary ‘impact’ outside Work
and Income in New Lynn this week have been shocked at the numbers of
people in dire need says Auckland Action Against Poverty spokesperson
Sue Bradford.

“In the last few days we have worked with many families who are living
with constant hunger and cold, and who are having to wash all their
clothes by hand in the middle of winter.

“We’ve helped people who are seriously ill but still hounded to find
work as a ‘Job Seeker’ rather than being paid the Supported Living
Allowance they are entitled to.

“We are finding many who have been turned down for Work and Income
assistance to which they are entitled, or who are on the wrong
benefits, meaning they are trying to survive on even less money than
an already minimal welfare system allows them.

“If our experience in New Lynn this week is anything to go by,
thousands of New Zealanders of all ages are having an already marginal
existence made even tougher because of Paula Bennett’s welfare
policies and departmental inadequacies.

“On top of that, Government housing policies which have severely
reduced access to state housing mean many beneficiaries are simply
unable to find or afford decent accommodation and are living in damp,
overcrowded and filthy conditions.

“It is deeply ironic that while there is huge angst about the
difficulty middle class families have in buying a suitable home, there
is little public mention of the families living in cars, garages or
being shunted from one unsuitable situation to another.”

A left wing NZ government needs to urgently repeal Paula Benefits damaging social security “reforms” and return social security to fulfill it’s original 1930s aims.

AAAP protest

Well done AAAP!

69 comments on “Tales from the precariat: AAAP”

  1. Treetop 1

    So the government thought that throwing millions into testing (throat swabs) for rheumatic fever was the answer to prevent the condition. Decent affordable housing is what prevents rheumatic fever and being able to eat three square meals a day and being able to afford to see the GP. While on the topic of third world disease in NZ, whooping cough is claiming the life of very young babies (6 – 12 weeks).

    HNZ has become a shit hole place to rent from. I applied 2 or 3 years ago (after the new criteria)and I was told that it would take three months. The reason I have not pushed for a cheaper home is because of the poverty of many of their tenants and my health has declined and will continue to do so. Most tenants are sick and miserable or have a criminal record and many of the properties have a dirty next door yard/section or an agressive dog near by and I do not like stereo base in my face randomly. I cannot live in a stressful environment.

    Work and Income have become a shit hole place to go to for assistance and to deal with. I will not allow them to intimidate me. The last time I went to Work and Income I had an appointment and the woman who saw me said she had 6 other people to see.

    There needs to be a survey carried out on HNZ and Work and Income. Now that would be an eye opener for the uniformed.

    • Greywarbler 1.1

      The uninformed would indeed have their eyes opened, even just a fraction if they want to remain wilfully ignorant of the sad conditions that our poorly run economy has left otherwise worthy and willing workers in. The list of disadvantage goes through poor jobs, poor hours, poor opportunities, poor transport, poor housing, poor food options, poor services, poor health (with increases in prescription costs from $3 to $5 for each item, absurdly expensive for a family with multiple problems, and a high barrier before costs drop). There are low levels of happiness, which is essential for a life not just an existence, and low income with little or no discretionary income, and low levels of hope for better conditions.

      The uniformed too need to know about the awful conditions for sure, the police, the wardens and other workers, so that they don’t add extra harm to the harm that people with problems have caused to others, and the harm they have caused themselves from practices they adopt to deal with their situation.

    • bad12 1.2

      You have an objection to living anywhere near ‘the poor’???, i beg your pardon, perhaps i could intercede on your behalf and get the Minister to build you a more befitting place out Remmers way,

      There is a dead certain means of not having a neighbour’s messy yard offend your sensibilities as well, keep you nose on your side of the fence,

      i live in one, a HousingNZ property that is, it is pure luxury simply because the rent is affordable, this old girl, my Castle has been housing people like me for over 70 years, on the odd occasion where the street goes into feral mode i either lean on the gate and have a laugh at the show or turn the tv up and ignore it…

      • The Al1en 1.2.1

        “You have an objection to living anywhere near ‘the poor’???”

        I don’t think the word ‘poor’ was used.

        “or have a criminal record and many of the properties have a dirty next door yard/section or an agressive dog near by and I do not like stereo base in my face randomly”

        But scum would have sufficed.

        “i beg your pardon, perhaps i could intercede on your behalf and get the Minister to build you a more befitting place out Remmers way”

        You’d have more chance getting people to live with respect for their neighbours, though judging by some tenants, it’d be a close run thing.

        “There is a dead certain means of not having a neighbour’s messy yard offend your sensibilities as well, keep you nose on your side of the fence”

        Broken window policy for all.

        • bad12

          ”because the poverty of many of their tenants”, ring any bells in your cranial cavity ‘the alien’,

          i got stuck in my reply to you at the word ‘scum’, go look in the mirror…

          • The Al1en

            Look, you jumped both feet into assuming Treetop was being anti poor, which they are not. Settle down.

            “i got stuck in my reply to you at the word ‘scum’, go look in the mirror…”


            • bad12

              Oh i get it, that one is fully supportive of the poor but just wouldn’t want to live near any of them…

              • The Al1en

                I think it was explained in the first post…

                “and my health has declined and will continue to do so”
                “I cannot live in a stressful environment.”

                So are you picking on them for the fun of it or the idealogical desire to support ‘the poor’ , as you put it, at all costs?

                • bad12

                  i think it all might have something to do with the small fact that ‘i am’ the poor and have been for quite some time,

                  i have to in all honesty do a me to over the fact of not being able to live in a stressful enviroment, such makes me prone to acts of feral violence, closing the door and ignoring the world i find is the best medicine…

                  • The Al1en

                    Poor is relative, of course, but I’m sure many of us posting here currently are, or have been really hard up in the truest sense of the word.

                    My point, perhaps badly made (as usual) is that there aren’t any excuses for some aspects of how we live, because those poor actions are not defined by the amount of money we have.

                  • karol

                    Seems to me both of you are talking about extra stresses that people currently live with in low income areas. It also sounds like part of the stress could be removed if HNZ houses were better managed.

                    Plus, giving people a living wage, and options for engaging positively in the wider community might help, too.

                    • Treetop

                      Section 38 (1) of the 1986 Residential Tenancies Act states “The tenant shall be entitled to have quiet enjoyment of the premises …”

                    • xtasy

                      Treetop, I can relate to your issues with handling stress and unhealthy environments. Yes, there are persons with ill health who are probably more sensitive to noise, tensions, disorder and so than some others may be.

                      I do not hold it against you.

                      Re Housing NZ you are right with criticism, as they now run their BS “corporation” at the smell of an oily rag, put tenants they have into uncertainties and fear (reviews, non performance or delays in repairs and so forth), do not even renovate places properly anymore, and allow private market speculators to buy homes in “expensive” areas to make a nice profit with buying and selling. Tenants get sent letters to tell them their “market rental” “valuations”, so they feel real “guilty” for “depending” on the “honourable taxpayers” subsidising their supposedly “chosen lifestyles”.

                      Entitlement to housing has been tightened, so many on the list will likely NEVER get a proper HNZ home in future (under this government).

                      As for “quiet enjoyment”, that is the tenancy law meaning the landlord will allow the tenant to not be bothered by the landlord with unreasonable presence and pressures, it does mean nothing re the neighbours. That is where you may have to struggle with useless Council “noise control services”, which are a massive joke here in Auckland, as they never really resolve anything much anyway.

                      Once there were functioning communities in Housing NZ neighbourhoods and other neighbourhoods, but with the “reforms” in the early 1990s, that has all gone. Also look at the stats for crime sky-rocketing after 1991! Everything has a cause and effect, some ideologues confuse the two.

        • marty mars

          Why exactly are they scum allen – cos their yards are untidy, their music is too loud, they apparently have criminal records – what is it that causes you to describe them as scum?

          • The Al1en

            Work out and use your own definition, Marty – You don’t have to agree with my interpretation and vice versa.

            Me, I say scumbag neighbours are those who show little or no respect for others in the community.

            • marty mars

              lol – like those who go around calling others scum.

              • The Al1en

                “lol – like those who go around calling others scum.”

                If you like, well done. ;)

              • Greywarbler

                marty mars
                lol – like those who go around calling others scum.

                Are you determined to start a fight over who is the poorest or whether people have the right to want something better than the pits? Do you actually care about people in poor conditions, and the problems they have with people who are not in control of their lives, care nothing for others and are unpleasant people to live near to?

                What good comes from fighting with people having a tough time or knowing others who are. What improvement does that bring? It’s just senseless and anger is wasted energy that is needed for action to improve conditions.

                • I don’t like someone calling other people scum for no good reason (music, tidiness or whether it is believed that they have a criminal record) – that is my beef with allen. Do you think he was right to call them scum?

                  • the pigman

                    marty mars – aliens was interceding because bad12 had decided to misconstrue Treetop’s dislike for being surrounded by antisocial behaviour. I think aliens was probably trying to draw his attention to the distinction between the poor who do not display antisocial behaviour, and those who do. You might object to the binary and defend the ferals (do you like this word better than scum?) on the basis that their antisocial behaviour is a symptom of their poverty, but that is lowering the bar a little too far I’m afraid.

                    • ferals are not the same as scum – in fact I’ve got a lot of feral in me. Allen added his little toxic bit in and that is what I objected to. I have no issue with what treetop was saying and fully appreciate how difficult the situation can be. To me calling them scum is equivalent to calling beneficiaries bludgers. It is just a blanket derogatory term that dehumanises people, often people who actually are not that bad.

                    • The Al1en

                      “Allen added his little toxic bit in and that is what I objected to.”

                      No, you’re twisting it and spinning bullsh*t because your prejudice and pre conceived ideology got the better of you.

                      That’s not the way to go about things, comrade.

                    • “or have a criminal record and many of the properties have a dirty next door yard/section or an agressive dog near by and I do not like stereo base in my face randomly”

                      But scum would have sufficed.

                      ummm that’s what you said numbnuts – my response was pretty subdued I thought

                      Why exactly are they scum allen – cos their yards are untidy, their music is too loud, they apparently have criminal records – what is it that causes you to describe them as scum?

                      Can’t see any twisting there – is it down the page a bit?

                    • The Al1en

                      “ummm that’s what you said numbnuts – my response was pretty subdued I thought”

                      I know what I wrote, and yeah, most of us will know of the sort of people that have in this thread been more appropriately and quite properly described/classified as anti social. They’re scum bags all right.
                      Your response, predictable and ever so ‘right on’ left wing, places the rights, moral or otherwise, of this type of tenant/home owner, despite all their wrong doing, above those poor sods having to live amongst them. Indeed, you said, and I quote “often people who actually are not that bad.”.

                      Now of course not all people with untidy gardens and criminal records are scum, but that was never the issue, and I dare say you know it.

                      “Can’t see any twisting there – is it down the page a bit?”

                      But you don’t deny spinning bullshit. ;)

                      And now you’re fighting a one man epeen, inet weeing contest with yourself because you can’t/won’t accept you didn’t think it through before you took the default position of defend and attack.
                      Seriously, do better, or wear the fake tag yourself ;)

                    • “Now of course not all people with untidy gardens and criminal records are scum” then why call them that or are you just going to bullshit some more cos you’re bored. Just take it on the chin, as you said you often badly make your points – I accept that and I’ll let it go :)

                      Edit: Ha! Thought the fake bit might break the skin – maybe flake was better, less painful for your ego lol

                    • The Al1en

                      “Now of course not all people with untidy gardens and criminal records are scum” then why call them that or are you just going to bullshit some more cos you’re bored. Just take it on the chin, as you said you often badly make your points – I accept that and I’ll let it go :)

                      You’ll let it go :lol: No doubt, you’ll want it all to be forgotten, never to be mentioned again, funny that.
                      Don’t play if you can’t lose, my old fella used to say.

                      Point made badly or not is up for debate, but it’s quite clear the type of tenant we’re talking about here, and I’m not alone in conjuring the mental image.
                      Like I wrote earlier, you can defend their rights to make peoples lives a misery, in fact, you should make your case and stand by it, but anyone who’s lived next door to one of them will know you’re talking bull and are full of sh*t.

                      Now you can quote from here ’til sunday and back again, with all manner of sage commentary to go with it, but it changes nothing. Some people are scumbags. This is a fact. Living near them is a nightmare, and decent folk deserve better. Argue contrary if you must.

                      “Edit: Ha! Thought the fake bit might break the skin – maybe flake was better, less painful for your ego lol”

                      Love me or hate me, what you see is what you get. I’ve never been called a fake before, well not by any one that’s been able to back themselves up.
                      If it were me that had said it, I wouldn’t have bought it up again unless I had the proof to make it stick, credibility and all that ;)

                    • your making your point badly again allen – come on get your shit together will you

                      btw what exactly is a ‘decent folk’

                      hint – you don’t have to quote my whole reply back – I can follow the conversation and it just clutters everything terribly

                      edit – I very surprised no one has called you a fake before – just goes to show doesn’t it

                    • The Al1en

                      “your making your point badly again allen – come on get your shit together will you

                      btw what exactly is a ‘decent folk’

                      hint – you don’t have to quote my whole reply back – I can follow the conversation and it just clutters everything terribly”

                      I think you’ve had enough for now, ’cause you’re oozlum birding it, somewhat :lol:

                      “marty mars …
                      13 September 2013 at 8:53 pm
                      Get fucked wanker”

                      That’s pretty classless, I can do a lot better. ;)

                    • yeah it was but class is so overrated

                      Edit – I don’t mind your music – that was quite good

                    • bad12

                      the pig-man, from a re-read of what treetop wrote in his/her first comment i misconstrue nothing,

                      Your defence of alien is pathetic, whereas treetop gives every impression of not wanting to live near those in poverty for a stated list of reasons, your mate alien takes this to a whole new level of insult by inserting the word ‘scum’,

                      If you think alien’s first comment was anything to do with making distinctions i suggest you need get at least your eyes checked,

                      it is HousingNZ’s mission to house the mad,bad,and plain sad and in my opinion they do the best they can with only half a set of tools and far too few houses which obviously means that the more timid among the clientele are more likely to end up face to face with the above,

                      Alien’s claim that there should be some form of ‘broken windows policy’ would tend to suggest that ‘it’ thinks that tenants should be given the kick for such ‘crimes’ as having a messy yard,

                      A grand idea with the result being that instead of offending some sensitive souls sensibilities such people will end up back on the streets where many of them come from doing a lot more damage than simply having a messy yard…

                    • The Al1en

                      “yeah it was but class is so overrated

                      Edit – I don’t mind your music – that was quite good”

                      Thanks very much, I just wish I could sing and play.
                      I wrote it the day a f*ckwit scumbag, going well over the 40k school zone speed limit, nearly rear ended me outside the school at pick up time, and who then objected to getting the finger by offering me out for a fight, in front of my daughter and all the other mums and dads, like a big twelve year old kid.
                      A bit of a chat later, by the time we were done, his passenger was laughing so much at him, this clown was so angry, when he took off doing a burnout he slid into the kerb and popped his tire.
                      F*cked how I drove home in a straight line as I stopped and gave him the last line of the song for his troubles. :lol:

                    • The Al1en

                      “Alien’s claim that there should be some form of ‘broken windows policy’ would tend to suggest that ‘it’ thinks that tenants should be given the kick for such ‘crimes’ as having a messy yard,”

                      I’d be happier if you’re gonna quote me or use my name to make a point, you at least try and read and understand what I’ve written instead of just making it up or lying :lol:

                    • xtasy

                      With much grief, once again, I see the poor, disowned, downtrodden, stressed out tending to argue and fight amongst each other. This is exactly the result of the kind of government and the divisive policies we have, and this is exactly what Key, English, rotten Paula Bennett and their (financial stakeholder) backers want to happen. Divide and rule, that is their motto.

                      Perhaps reflect, a functioning society needs debate and clearing the air at times, but in the end, sufficient unity and solidarity will the be only way to defeat the crap to drives us all to stress, depression, tension and despair.

                      Sometimes we need to agree to disagree, but live and let live also.

                  • The Al1en

                    “I don’t like someone calling other people scum for no good reason (music, tidiness or whether it is believed that they have a criminal record) – that is my beef with allen. Do you think he was right to call them scum?”

                    Go on, empathise with and support the type of inconsiderate low life scumbags that make some people prisoners in their own homes.
                    We know they exist, what’s wrong in calling it like it is?
                    Too un pc, or too close for home? :lol:

                    Oh, and get over yourself and harden the f up, as the natives, figuratively speaking say. ;)

                  • Greywarbler

                    marty mars
                    Do you think there are people in the world who deserve to be called scum? If not do you have a bottom line for behaviour that you will tolerate? And how many times would you allow such other people to limit or take from you either things or your money or your secure personal space, or the people or pets you love, or your security, or your self-respect etc? Because that is what people called scum do?

                    • Scum are key and his exploitative mates that encourage substandard housing, inadequate income and deprivation on those most at need – that is my definition and example of scum.

                  • karol

                    Well said xtasy @12.12 am

                    Maybe others should take a note of his important points, and calm down a little – look at the bigger picture and how things can be made better and we can all learn a bit about learning to live together.

                    What xtasy said:

                    With much grief, once again, I see the poor, disowned, downtrodden, stressed out tending to argue and fight amongst each other. This is exactly the result of the kind of government and the divisive policies we have, and this is exactly what Key, English, rotten Paula Bennett and their (financial stakeholder) backers want to happen. Divide and rule, that is their motto.

                    Perhaps reflect, a functioning society needs debate and clearing the air at times, but in the end, sufficient unity and solidarity will the be only way to defeat the crap to drives us all to stress, depression, tension and despair.

                    Sometimes we need to agree to disagree, but live and let live also.

        • Greywarbler

          Cripes Bad12 Give someone a bit of leeway to say what they honestly feel. And what is real and important for them in their situation, though it’s not the same for you. There is not a case for giving Treetop a hard time, you sound as judgmental as some of the officious government workers must sound to people having troubles. Have a bit of empathy, it isn’t just about whether you are satisfied or can tolerate what you have.

      • Treetop 1.2.2

        I rented with HNZ from 1986 until 2000. There has been a steady decline in the maintenance and availability of the properties. It costs money to dump rubbish and mow the lawn. When I talk about a “dirty next door yard/section” I am talking about dumped furniture and dog poo not picked up for weeks. Some HNZ properties do not have fences.

        I have an objection to the government not supplying enough fit to live in affordable homes. It is about time that this changed.

        • The Al1en

          Make no mistake, there’s plenty of rich folk who are scumbag, neighbours.
          Being poor isn’t a prerequisite for the mantle.

          • Treetop

            I knew that some people who rent from HNZ may take offence to my comment and that some people may have a field day.

            Just because rental is low there is no excuse for the governments maintenance to be poor or to have a critical shortage of properties.

            I always laugh when a person quotes you when a spelling mistake has been made e.g. bass.

            • The Al1en

              “Just because rental is low there is no excuse for the governments maintenance to be poor or to have a critical shortage of properties.”

              Quite right, just as there are no excuses for some tenants to make life miserable for their neighbours, HNZ or otherwise.

            • bad12

              A hint: check out the property thoroughly befor you accept the lease, then you will see if the neighbours leave s**t all over the lawns etc,

              Make up a little narrative befor you go looking, ”Hi i am your new neightbour blah blah” sort of thing and check out your neighbours either side, if you don’t like the scary facial tatt’s, the kids beating each other with heavy blunt instruments, or the cat chewing up the dog,

              Say no thanks to HousingNZ and wait in the line again…

              • Treetop

                Hard to check out a complex with 10 – 20 units, this is the unhealthy cheap direction that HNZ are heading in.

                Irrespective of where I live, if I know that family violence is occurring, I will contact the police, as I would not like it on my conscience were a serious injury or a death to occur, especially an innocent child.

  2. Greywarbler 2

    I haven’t heard of Sue Bradford for a while but felt sure that she would be active at the coalface. She is better doing what she is now drawing attention to the dire conditions that some are suffering so she can report the painful facts.

    I hope that AAAP has enough money to continue with this because the Three Monkey Denial practice that the NACT government wants to apply to difficulties they want to ignore, is particularly potent when looking at Welfare in Poorer Benefit’s Patch. (The 3 Monkeys have their hands, over their eyes, mouths, and ears to ensure they Know Nothing.) Perhaps Sue could let us know how AAAP are situated financially themselves.

    • karol 2.1

      I don’t know how AAAP are doing funding-wise. But their website asks for donations and other forms of support.

      AAAP is a collection of Beneficiaries, Community Activists, Academics, Students, Trade Unionists and members of the Church community. Getting involved can be as easy as contributing some funds, but we really need people to join us organising against National government reforms. Administration, Media, Action planning, flyering, picketing, outreach- we need help with all of these.

      If you want to get involved email us at contact(at)aaap.org.nz and let us know how you would like to contribute. We try to support one another as much as we can in upskilling, so if something specific interests you, you can let us know as well. If you’re not sure what you would like to do but want to keep updated send an email to our contact email saying you would like to subscribe to our email list.

      Donation notice down the bottom right of the web page.

  3. Rosie 3

    Thank you karol for your report. It’s great to be informed about these actions happening around the country.

    Hearing those stories made me feel a bit teary, but also angry that people who are struggling and/or in crisis are treated with such contempt and indifference. Such treatment is degrading and no one should have to bear the loss of their dignity on top of circumstances in their life that are beyond their control.

    The volunteers that make up AAAP are true angels doing crucial work. It’s a sad reflection on the state of our welfare system that they have to exist.

  4. Mary 4

    “A left wing NZ government needs to urgently repeal Paula Benefits damaging social security “reforms” and return social security to fulfill it’s original 1930s aims.”

    Too true, just a pity it’s not Labour’s policy to do this. For this reason we need to continue to expose Labour as a party that does not look after the poor, and hope that the Mana/Green presence within a coalition is strong enough to stand up to Labour’s refusal to do anything about poverty in New Zealand. We need to publicly abandon any hope that Labour is a caring party, instead of treading around carefully hoping not to show a divided left. When it comes to social security Labour is not a left-wing party. It’s time we told the truth about this and let Labour persuade us through action that this isn’t the case, if it can.

  5. xtasy 5

    Yes, some shocking news is trickling through from AAAP and their experiences in New Lynn, and the most scary stuff about it is, that so many affected do not dare to raise their voices, and that many do not even know their rights and entitlements.

    Our so “hard working” Principal Health Advisor” for MSD and WINZ has most recently been avoiding making comparisons between benefit dependence and drug dependence, but he continues unchallenged (by his employers) and unimpressed by any criticism – with his “therapeutic work” and “work will set you free” kind of agenda.

    Here is Dr David Bratt with some of his newest “presentations” – that he gave to GP conferences not long ago. He has been “updating” his so “informative” propaganda on the “health benefits” of paid work on the open market, and included details about the new welfare reforms that are being put into practice now:


    Dr Bratt and Professor Aylward joining forces to push the pseudo medical science propaganda:

    “Shifting Your Primary Focus to Health and Capacity”


    Watch the duo Bratt and Aylward defend their agenda promoting the “health benefits of work”, in an interview with Lucy Ratcliffe from ‘NZ Doctor':


    P.S.: I am not sure whether it is mentioned in one of the presentations the links above lead to, or in another one, but not so long ago I saw one where Bratt strongly suggests, that there are now “Special Needs Grants” available for longer lasting contraceptive measures (implants or so), so women can access them and now become more “attractive” for the job market, more “work ready”, by avoiding the “risk” of getting pregnant!

    • Mary 5.1

      xtasy – Are there any statistics that show that while the number of people receiving benefits has increased the average amount each of those individuals receives has decreased? This would be a damning rebuttal to Bennett et al who constantly rely on the total spend as showing how “generous” our social security benefit system is.

      • xtasy 5.1.1

        Mary – good question. I have no information on that, and I suppose it is not readily available. Some research may be worth doing in this area. But it will be hard to establish, as most benefit recipients will receive various components, being the base rate – plus top ups for accommodation, temporary additional support, for in some cases still special benefit (where some may have continued to get it without interruption, since it has been replaced by TAS), and also for disability allowance.

        The Ministry is playing a lot of “smoke and mirror games” with such figures, and realising that so many individuals will have different circumstances, there is no real chance to get a clear enough set of figures to prove that less is being paid per person on average. The standard answer to OIA requests is often, that “such information is not centrally collected or recorded”, it is instead “kept in individual client files”. The Ministry then usually refuses information, as they claim it will be too costly and time consuming to collate such information, which is enough for a legally valid reason for them to not supply it.

        Only by adding up all total benefit components, by adding up all benefit recipients and then comparing such figures year by year, may one get some hint of a “trend”.

        What I know for sure is, that over the last year or two, at least about a couple of thousands have been “culled” from the former invalid’s benefit.

        There will also be many former sickness beneficiaries pressured into some forms of work over the coming years, but as they will be a new “sub group” in the new Jobseeker Support group, on whom too little detail of info will be made available, it will be hard to track, how many will shift from “deferred” Jobseekers (too sick to work) to no longer deferred Jobseekers (those “fit” for work). I suggest those interested send in as many OIA requests as they see fit to shine light on all this in coming months and years.

        • Mary

          I wonder if it isn’t as simple as adding the total amount spent across all benefits paid under the legislation, including add-ons etc, comparing that figure with previous years, and then matching each year’s total with the corresponding number of people in the benefit system? The question could be along the lines of an average per capita spend on all benefits under the Act, compared across previous years. There’d be a need to take account of certain tax credits like Working for Families paid under the Tax Act and perhaps one or two other things but I suppose my point is that it mightn’t need to be too complex ascertaining some sort of average spend per capita compared over previous years?

          • xtasy

            Mary – many may also be working part time and only get parts of their benefits week to week, and with employment, part time and full time fluctuating, it would make it difficult to argue any case, based on beneficiaries being underpaid so to say. There are too many scenarios and variables at play.

            What is a fact is, that beneficiaries have for so many years been ill advised by at least some case managers, or not being told about all their entitlements, it is nothing really new of a problem. What is new, is the amount of pressure put on case managers, also now doctors and therefore beneficiaries affected, to first try and prove there is no work for them, to prove they are sick and disabled and incapacitated enough, to “deserve” any benefit or top up.

            Hence the worsening feed back that AAAP and advocates have received.

            • Mary

              “There are too many scenarios and variables at play.”

              But if all the variables have always been present in both the past periods and at the present time then wouldn’t it mean we’re comparing apples with apples? The issue I’m raising is simply one of comparing average welfare spend per capita over various periods? Am I being a little naive here by missing something obvious?

  6. tinfoilhat 6

    More power to you Sue and AAAP you are doing wonderful work for those most in need.

    I look forward to the happy day when you’re no longer needed.

  7. Treetop 7

    A minority have assumed that some of my neighbours are not struggling students, single parents, on the supported living benefit, aged or terminally unwell, that from time to time the odd neighbour is not on home detention, that there are not old couches, microwaves, car parts in the yard or dumped bags of rotting rubbish on the street not picked up for weeks (not in a regulation bag) unless I ring up.

    In my initial comment I stated “HNZ has become a shit hole place to rent from.” “Work and Income have become a shit hole place to go to for assistance and to deal with.”

    How dare I think that I should have an expectation that the government increases their housing stock, provides the size of housing required, and when required to have the necessary maintenance or repairs carried out on a property.

    Every time a person rings or goes into Work and Income or HNZ, how dare they think that they should have an expectation to be treated respectfully and assisted. This can also be said for dealing with ACC or the DHB.

    I set out with an intended objective to highlight how out of touch with poverty HNZ and Work and Income are and that immediate change is required.

    • Mary 7.1

      “I set out with an intended objective to highlight how out of touch with poverty HNZ and Work and Income are and that immediate change is required.”

      I agree entirely. Just don’t expect Labour to want to do anything about fixing anything for beneficiaries. As David Shearer made clear, “Labour is a party for workers”.

  8. myrlock 8

    Social Housing is changing now. Social Housing will be tiny little cells in concrete blocks.
    Housing Corp properties, the quarter acre section ones, are being sold off and are unavailable to most New Zealanders now.

    • Murray Olsen 8.1

      Your sense of entitlement is unbelievable. Concrete is far too expensive. Social housing will be built of cardboard.

  9. AsleepWhileWalking 9


    Hope you are still checking in on this thread!!

    I understand about the need to live in a home away from stressful environments and the issues with HNZ. Suggest you try to apply through Keys Social Housing (I believe a division of Pathways). This is my recommendation because the application process is less stressful as they help house mental health consumers so they understand why you need as opposed to “want”:

    – a quiet neighbourhood where you feel safe
    – close to supports (eg transport and doctor, other relatives)

    Better yet Keys manage the tenancy. I know you are ALREADY in HNZ housing but please look into it, ok?

    Many blessings, xo

    • Treetop 9.1

      When you have a physical debilitating health condition which is uncommon, it does take a lot of my energy just to have this managed and properly diagnosed. (Oh how I argue and have argued with clinicians to the point where I have knicked name the DHB the freak show). I try to live as independently as I can and living close to the CBD enables me to do this.

      I rent privately and have resided where I reside for nearly 13 years. I do not see any advantage in living in social housing as there is a time limit and some people may not like young children making noise. As well I do not need to be managed by a social worker/community agency and the system they have to work with, STINKS.

      Ideally HNZ needs to go back to what is tried and true as this is what flourished, with some modifications e.g one bedroom dwellings on the flat.

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  • South Auckland disadvantaged by new decile rankings
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  • Sexism, rape culture and power
    Our discourse around sexual violence is complicated. All too often perpetrators are described as ‘monsters’, so when someone you know tells you the lovely man that you really like sexually abused them it’s hard to believe, because they’re not a...
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  • New faces, wise heads in bold Labour line up
    Labour Leader Andrew Little today announced a bold new caucus line up which brings forward new talent and draws on the party’s depth of experience....
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  • Plan for mega factory farm ruffles feathers
    Not long ago I wrote about the proposal to build a mega factory farm in the small township of Patumahoe that would confine over 300, 000 hens to colony cages. This week the resource consent hearing for the proposed factory...
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  • National restarts logging in West Coast forests
    “Dead wood also contributes by providing nutrients to soils, supporting the agents of wood decay such as fungi and invertebrates and it is a key habitat for the regeneration of some trees.” Annual Report 2013/14, page 29. The National Government has...
    Greens | 20-11
  • Lab plan the beginning of slippery slope?
    It’s time for new Health Minister Jonathan Coleman to show his hand on plans to privatise lab services which doctors are warning could put patients’ lives at risk, Labour’s Health spokesperson Annette King says. “Clinicians have sent the Government some...
    Labour | 20-11
  • A-G called on to look into flagship ‘cost-saving’ programme
    New health Minister Jonathan Coleman has some serious questions to answer following a decision to wind up the Government’s flagship health savings provider HBL just a fortnight after giving it the green light to implement its plans, Labour’s Health spokesperson...
    Labour | 20-11
  • Prime Minister’s warped view of history
    Students who sat NCEA level 3 history exams last week might be very worried to hear the Prime Minister tell a Radio Station that New Zealand was one of the few countries that was settled peacefully by Europeans. Those students who wrote...
    Greens | 20-11
  • Climate of fear needs addressing
    It is hugely concerning that community and volunteer groups feel they are being gagged from speaking out against the Government, Labour’s Community and Voluntary Sector Spokesperson Louisa Wall says.  A Victoria University survey of 93 sector groups has found 50...
    Labour | 20-11
  • Mandatory code of conduct needed for supermarkets
    Labour has drafted legislation to establish a mandatory code of conduct for supermarkets to ensure New Zealand suppliers are not affected by anti-competitive behaviour. “Even though the Commerce Commission found no technical breaches of the law through some of Countdown’s...
    Labour | 19-11
  • National softening public up for 7th successive deficit
    Finance Minister Bill English is softening the public up for an announcement that National is going to fail in even its very limited goal of achieving a budget surplus, the Green Party said today."No finance minister in a generation has...
    Greens | 19-11
  • National caught out on state house porkies
    Housing NZ’s annual report out today directly contradicts the Government’s claim that one-third of its houses are in the wrong place and are the wrong size, said Labour’s housing spokesperson Phil Twyford. “The annual report states 96 per cent of...
    Labour | 18-11
  • Damning report on Department of Conservation restructure
    The restructuring of the Department of Conservation (DOC) following National's severe funding cuts has been revealed as failure, the Green Party said today.The Taribon report has reviewed the new structure of DOC after 12 months. The restructuring, one of the...
    Greens | 18-11
  • Greens welcome Xi, but human rights need to be on agenda
    The Green Party welcomes the visit to New Zealand of Chinese President Xi Jinping and wishes to congratulate him on his recent announcement regarding China capping emissions for the first time.The United States and China recently unveiled a deal to...
    Greens | 18-11
  • Backing New Zealanders to get ahead
    New Labour Leader Andrew Little says it is an immense privilege to have been chosen to lead the party and to be given the task of ensuring it once again becomes a powerful force that backs New Zealanders in getting...
    Labour | 18-11
  • Andrew Little Elected Leader of Labour Party
    “The Labour Party congratulates Andrew Little, who has been elected as party leader in a robust and highly democratic process,” says Labour Party President Moira Coatsworth. “Andrew’s leadership will have the full support of the whole Labour Party.”...
    Labour | 18-11
  • Report into Brownlee security breach should be released
    The Government and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) should release the report into former Minister of Transport Gerry Brownlee's airport security breach, the Green Party said today."The actions of a Minister of Transport breaching security at an airport are a matter...
    Greens | 17-11
  • Brownlee must ask CAA to release the report
    Gerry Brownlee must ask the Civil Aviation Authority to release the report that finds he broke the law in breaching airport security, says Labour's Transport spokesperson Phil Twyford. “It is inexcusable for any minister, let alone the then-Transport Minister, to...
    Labour | 17-11
  • G20 climate comment increases pressure on NZ
    The G20 decision to include climate change in its communiqué despite Australia's attempt to ignore it, increases pressure on New Zealand to come up with a credible plan to cut emissions, the Green Party said today.The G20 Leaders Communiqué from...
    Greens | 17-11
  • NZ joins G20 climate problem
    Confirmation this morning by John Key that his Government plans to do nothing to turn around NZ's rapidly rising greenhouse emissions means that New Zealand joins Australia as one of the problem children at the G20 meeting in Brisbane, the...
    Greens | 16-11
  • IRD joins Corrections in Phillip Smith failure
    It is incomprehensible that IRD and Corrections were not able to stop Phillip Smith from rorting the tax system out of $50,000 until it was too late, given that he was a notoriously manipulative prisoner stuck in jail, says Labour’s...
    Labour | 13-11
  • The Government has to listen to Olly
    When even hard boiled property investors like Olly Newland  say first home buyers have been shafted by Loan to Value Ratio lending restrictions, surely it is time for the Government to listen, says Labour's housing spokesperson Phil Twyford.  "Auckland landlord...
    Labour | 13-11
  • Key used GCSB for political ends prior to 2014 election
    New documents released to the Green Party show that Prime Minister John Key used New Zealand's intelligence services for the National Party's political ends a few days out from the 2014 election, the Green Party said today.Documents released to the...
    Greens | 13-11
  • Government not meeting its climate target
    The Government must front up to the fact that its own advisors are now saying that New Zealand is off target in any transition to a low carbon future, says Labour’s spokesperson on Climate Change Nanaia Mahuta.  “A briefing to...
    Labour | 12-11
  • Briefing reveals Defence facilities ‘increasingly unfit for purpose’
    The Defence Briefing to the Incoming Minister reveals a deteriorating state in Defence facilities that are no longer fit for purpose, says Labour’s Defence spokesperson Phil Goff.  “The briefing is heavily censored but still reveals that Defence camps, bases and...
    Labour | 12-11
  • New projections show New Zealand missing climate target
    Briefings to Incoming Ministers released today reveal the Government's climate policy is failing with projected emission more than double what is needed to meet National's 2050 target, the Green Party saidProjections released by the Ministry for the Environment, as part...
    Greens | 12-11
  • National’s highways far less efficient
    National’s new state highways have a far lower cost-benefit ratio than motorways built under the last Labour Government, making a mockery of the Government’s bluster that its road building will boost the economy, says Labour's Transport spokesperson Phil Twyford. “New...
    Labour | 12-11
  • Governor points finger at National on supply
    The Reserve Bank Governor has admitted he had to keep loan to value mortgage restrictions in place because the Government’s attempts to increase housing has fallen ‘a long way short’, says Labour's Housing spokesperson Phil Twyford. “The thousands of first...
    Labour | 12-11
  • Did Collins cover up Slater’s OIA requests?
    Disgraced former Cabinet Minister Judith Collins must explain why she appears to have tried to hide Official Information Act requests she fulfilled for Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater, Labour MP Megan Woods says. “New documents obtained by Labour show Judith...
    Labour | 11-11
  • Reserve Bank’s dairy warning must be heard
    The Reserve Bank’s warning that falling dairy prices are creating greater risks for the New Zealand economy must be taken seriously by Bill English and John Key, says Labour’s Finance spokesperson David Parker. “Dairy prices have nearly halved since February...
    Labour | 11-11
  • National’s housing failure keeps LVRs in place
    The Reserve Bank’s decision to leave loan-to-value ratio mortgage restrictions in place is further confirmation of National’s housing policy fiasco, Labour’s Housing spokesperson Phil Twyford says. “The Reserve Bank would have lifted LVRs if they had seen any increase in...
    Labour | 11-11
  • Let’s see if it is plane sailing Mr Bridges
    Comments by Transport Minister Simon Bridges that Far North residents' anger over cutbacks to regional flights will be allayed by larger planes and cheaper fares out of Kerikeri, are just pure arrogance, says Labour’s Te Tai Tokerau MP Kelvin Davis....
    Labour | 11-11
  • Commerce Commission inquiry needed into building supplies monopoly
    The Commerce Commission must stop dragging the chain and urgently investigate the anti-competitive practices in the building industry that are driving up the cost of building materials, says Labour's Housing spokesperson Phil Twyford. “Competition in the building materials market is...
    Labour | 11-11
  • Air New Zealand grounds Far North
    The announcement by Air New Zealand to close services from Kaitaia to Auckland will be an absolute disaster for the Far North, Labour MP for Te Tai Tokerau Kelvin Davis says.  “Air New Zealand is sending a signal to the...
    Labour | 11-11
  • Pulling West Coast flights a savage blow
    Air New Zealand’s decision to withdraw its Westport service is another kick in the guts for an already struggling community, West Coast-Tasman MP, Damien O’Connor says.   “Having been involved in the West Coast’s efforts to get Air Nelson to return...
    Labour | 11-11
  • Air NZ cuts economic lifelines to neglected regions
    Air New Zealand’s plans to cut its Eagle Air regional services to already struggling regions is a hammer blow to Westport, Whakatane and Kaitaia, says Labour's Transport spokesperson Phil Twyford. “The regions of New Zealand are being abandoned by this...
    Labour | 11-11
  • Christchurch on the rent rack
    A jump of 20 per cent in weekly rents in the past year is a disaster for Christchurch, says Associate Housing spokesperson Poto Williams. “The Trade Me Property Rental Price index has rightly described the city as being a ‘...
    Labour | 11-11
  • Past time to act on warnings about palliative care
    Health officials have been warning the Government about a critical shortage of palliative care specialists for years, Labour’s Acting Deputy Leader and Health spokesperson Annette King says. A stocktake carried out for the Ministry of Health shows New Zealand’s end...
    Labour | 10-11
  • Report must spur Government into action
    The soaring cost of domestic violence and child abuse highlight the need for the Government to prioritise and act on the issue, says Labour's spokesperson for Social Development, Sue Moroney.“Findings from the Glenn Inquiry that show the problem is estimated...
    Labour | 10-11
  • Family safety paramount, then urgent review
    Corrections Minister Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga has some serious questions to answer over why a dangerous prison escapee, convicted of further crimes while in jail, managed to abscond while he was on approved temporary release, Labour’s Corrections spokesperson Jacinda Ardern says.“Phillip...
    Labour | 09-11
  • LVRs a failed experiment from Bill English
    Loan to value mortgage restrictions are a failed experiment from Bill English to tame Auckland house prices, that have caused collateral damage to first home buyers and other regions, says Labour's Housing spokesperson Phil Twyford. “The possible end of LVR...
    Labour | 09-11
  • Govt books getting worse as economy slows
    National’s economic credibility is under serious scrutiny with its search for surplus becoming harder due to an economy far too reliant on the dairy industry, says Labour’s Finance spokesperson David Parker. “National promised New Zealanders would get into surplus by...
    Labour | 06-11
  • Kiwis in pain because of Government underfunding
    New research showing one in three people needing elective surgery are being denied publicly-funded operations shows the Government must properly fund the health sector, Labour’s Health spokesperson Annette King says. “For almost two years Labour has been warning about the...
    Labour | 06-11
  • National’s promised surplus looking doubtful
    Budget figures for the first quarter of the financial year released today by Treasury show the Government's goal of achieving a budget surplus is looking doubtful, the Green Party said today."National has staked its credibility on achieving a budget surplus...
    Greens | 06-11
  • Kevin Hague speaks on the Gambling Amendment Bill (No 3)
    I rise to give this speech on behalf of Denise Roche, who handles the gambling portfolio for the Green Party. This bill deals with class 4 gambling—pokies in pubs and clubs—and it is the result of changes that were suggested...
    Greens | 06-11
  • Kevin Hague speaks on the Health (Protection) Amendment Bill
    I would like to start off where the previous speaker left off, on the issue of balancing rights or balancing harms. All law is in some way a restriction of personal liberty. That is the point of law. When we...
    Greens | 06-11
  • Joyce backs away from yet another target
    Steven Joyce has backed away from two targets in two days, refusing to acknowledge that his Government has an unambitious aim to get unemployment down to 4 per cent in 11 years’ time, says Labour Associate Finance spokesperson David Clark....
    Labour | 06-11
  • Pacific peoples incomes and jobs falling under National
    The Minister of Pacific Peoples is attempting to bury the ugly facts of Pacific unemployment and income levels worsening since National took office in 2008, said Labour’s Pacific Affairs spokesperson, Su’a William Sio. “If the Minister doesn’t acknowledge how bad...
    Labour | 06-11
  • Annette King? Annette King?? Surely not Annette King!
    I’m not often surprised at the goings on in the Labour Party but I was gobsmacked to see Andrew Little has appointed Annette King as Deputy Leader of the parliamentary Labour Party. I had idly assumed the role would go to Adhern...
    The Daily Blog | 23-11
  • New Shadow Cabinet – Little does more in 6 days than Goff, Shearer & ...
    New Zealanders do not respect intelligence, they respect confidence. Cunliffe beat Key in the debates, but it didn’t matter because NZers don’t respect the debate, they respect the tone. Our anti-intellecuatlism runs deeper than most with our reverse-egalitarianism. The chip...
    The Daily Blog | 23-11
  • This weeks Waatea news column – The myths white people tell themselves
      This weeks Waatea news column – The myths white people tell themselves...
    The Daily Blog | 23-11
  • The irony of backlash to petrol stations charging workers for stolen petrol
    You have to laugh at NZers sometimes. you really do. The outrage that has been sparked by news that workers at petrol stations are charged for stolen petrol is one of those perfect examples of a delicious irony most NZers...
    The Daily Blog | 23-11
  • A Dishonest “Countering Terrorist Fighters Bill”
    Wouldn’t you think a Countering Terrorist Fighters Bill would actually mention “terrorist fighters” in its text? The Bill, as released yesterday, does not. It’s simply another generalised counter-terrorism exercise giving extra surveillance powers to the Security Intelligence Service and enabling...
    The Daily Blog | 23-11
  • How biased is the media? A Patrick Gower case study
    . . . Isn’t it interesting that Patrick Gower – who made his partisan feelings crystal clear on Twitter on 29 May with this extraordinary outburst;  “Lalia Harré – you make me feel sick by how you are rorting MMP...
    The Daily Blog | 23-11
  • The C Word
    It isn’t even December but the decorations are up and the ads are on the telly. I am a genuine Grinch come this time of year, so when the conversation at work turned to everyone’s holidays plans I may have...
    The Daily Blog | 23-11
  • Honouring the Ampatuan massacre victims as fight for justice goes on
    A grim reminder of the Maguindanao, or Ampatuan, massacre on 23 November 2014. Photo: DanRogayan A TOP Filipino investigative journalist will be speaking about the “worst attack” on journalists in history and her country’s culture of impunity in a keynote...
    The Daily Blog | 23-11
  • GUEST BLOG: Anjum Rahman – what are they afraid of: the erosion of democ...
    Today the Hamilton City Council has put on a big party to celebrate the 150th anniversary of European colonisation of the area.  There have been a series of events during the year to mark this event, including a civic ceremony. ...
    The Daily Blog | 22-11
  • #JohnKeyHistory
    John Key has done it again. This week our lovely Prime Minister has showed us how little he knows about the history of the country he is supposed to be running. Apparently “New Zealand was settled peacefully”. Was it really?...
    The Daily Blog | 22-11
  • G20 growth targets and growth model offer more problems than they solve
    At the recent G20 in Brisbane, member countries agreed to accelerate growth to an additional 2% on top of current trajectories. But ongoing public sector cuts, asset sales, and reducing workers’ rights indicate that at least part of the growth...
    The Daily Blog | 22-11
  • GUEST BLOG: Bill Courtney – Charter Schools: The Shroud of Secrecy Contin...
    The Ministry of Education yesterday released another batch of information relating to the five existing charter schools and the four new ones proposed for opening in 2015. As we have seen before, the release of such information, often requested under...
    The Daily Blog | 22-11
  • EXCLUSIVE: Campaign reflection, Laila Harré reaching out for radical minds
    Today I’ve announced that I will be stepping down from the Internet Party leadership in December. This will happen once options for the future have been developed for discussion and decision among members. My absolute focus in this election was...
    The Daily Blog | 21-11
  • The Ebola crisis, capitalism and the Cuban medical revolution
    “Ebola emerged nearly 40 years ago. Why are clinicians still empty-handed, with no vaccines and no cure? Because Ebola has been, historically, geographically confined to poor African nations. The R&D incentive is virtually non-existent. A profit-driven industry does not invest...
    The Daily Blog | 21-11
  • MEDIA WATCH: TVNZ Reveals Insane Deadlines For Māori and Pacific Island Pr...
    Last Tuesday, November 18th, TVNZ requested proposals from producers for the four Māori and Pacific Island programmes they will no longer be making in-house. Marae, Waka Huia, Fresh and Tagata Pasifika will keep their existing names, existing formats and existing...
    The Daily Blog | 21-11
  • The Daily Blog Breakfast Club Ep. 1
    TDB Video, Live from Verona Cafe on K-Rd, Auckland – a weekly current affairs show with TDB Editor Martyn Bradbury. This week’s panel: Chris Trotter & Selwyn Manning.The issues: 1 – What now for the New Labour leader? 2 –...
    The Daily Blog | 21-11
  • Performance-demonstration at Auckland’s High Court to demand justice for ...
    People outraged at the lack of justice in the so-called ‘Roast Busters’ case and 99% of other rape cases in this country are holding a visually powerful mass action at the Auckland High Court at 1 o’clock on Saturday. They...
    The Daily Blog | 21-11
  • IES vote may weaken defense of public education
    PPTA announced today that secondary teachers have voted to include the IES (Investing in Education Success) as a variation to their collective employment agreement with the government. At one level it’s an understandable decision by PPTA members because through engaging in a consultation...
    The Daily Blog | 21-11
  • NZ History lesson on Planet Key – the lies white people tell themselves
    John Key’s bizarre claims about our ‘peaceful history’ comes across like the apartheid history of South Africa where white people discovered Africa first… New Zealand ‘settled peacefully’ – PM New Zealand was “settled peacefully” by the British, the prime minister...
    The Daily Blog | 20-11
  • Universal Basic Income and Labour Policy
    On Radio New Zealand’s None-to-Noon on Wednesday (19 November), new Labour leader Andrew Little intimated that he would like to put Universal Basic Income (UBI) on his policy agenda (What policy changes will Andrew Little usher in?) Predictably Kathryn Ryan, despite being...
    The Daily Blog | 20-11
  • The New Notes : They Ain’t Mint
    Hulk Queen Angry. Hulk Queen smash.   Yesterday, the Reserve Bank announced its new designs for our banknotes. Now, I’ve historically been pretty sketch about this entire process; variously feeling affronted that the government could find eighty million dollars to fund a...
    The Daily Blog | 20-11
  • MSM under-mining of new Labour Leader already begun?
    . . It did not take long. In fact, on the same day that Andrew Little won the Labour leadership*, the first media reporter was already asking if he would be stepping down  if Labour failed to lift in the...
    The Daily Blog | 20-11
  • GUEST BLOG: Simon Buckingham – invisible disability voices
    Today I am ranting. The Disability Advisory Group has been announced by Auckland Council. This is the body that represents the interests and views of people with disabilities in Auckland. Whilst I would not have applied this time as I...
    The Daily Blog | 20-11
  • Jeremy Wells’ Mike Hosking rant on Radio Hauraki: Today, Andrew Little
    Jeremy Wells’ Mike Hosking rant on Radio Hauraki: Today, Andrew Little...
    The Daily Blog | 20-11
  • Why labelling Little as a ‘Unionist’ is a joke and how he beats Key in ...
    The line being used to attack Andrew Little as a ‘Unionist’ is just an absurd joke, and it comes from people who clearly don’t understand the modern NZ Union movement. Andrew ran the EPM Bloody U, they are easily one...
    The Daily Blog | 19-11
  • 5AA Australia – Labour’s New Leader + China’s President In New Zealan...
    Recorded on 20/11/14 – Captured Live on Ustream.tv. 5AA’s Peter Godfrey and Selwyn Manning.ISSUE ONE: The New Zealand Labour Party has elected its new leader, the vote going to a third round after no clear outright winner was found in...
    The Daily Blog | 19-11
  • Did Roger Sutton think he was running the Rock Radio Station?
    Visible G-String Fridays? Full body hugs? Jokes about who you would and wouldn’t have sex with? Honey? Sweety? It’s like Roger thought he was running the Rock Radio Station, not a Government Public Service department set up to rebuild a...
    The Daily Blog | 19-11
  • US Politics
      US Politics...
    The Daily Blog | 19-11
  • Amnesty International – The conversation that needs to be had with China
    Caption: Police officer watching Hong Kong pro-democracy march, 01 July 2014 © Amnesty International    Yesterday’s edition of The New Zealand Herald features an open letter to all New Zealander’s from Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China. Along...
    The Daily Blog | 19-11
  • GUEST BLOG: Patrick O’Dea – “Liar”
    LIAR! ‘Privatised social housing to benefit tenants’ English “Housing Corp was a poor performer and about a third of its housing stock was the wrong size, in poor condition and in the wrong place. That stock was worth about $5...
    The Daily Blog | 19-11
  • Too Close For Comfort: Reflections on Andrew Little’s narrow victory over...
    THE TRAGIC SCREENSHOT of “Gracinda” in defeat bears eloquent testimony to the bitter disappointment of the Grant Robertson-led faction of the Labour Party. And, yes, ‘Party’ is the right word. The Robertson machine has now extended its influence well beyond...
    The Daily Blog | 19-11
  • How to defeat child poverty
      How to defeat child poverty...
    The Daily Blog | 18-11
  • Little’s Shadow Cabinet
    Now the horror of trying to pacify the factions begins. The only thing Little’s new shadow cabinet must do is create the pretence of unity. The reason voters didn’t flock to Labour wasn’t the bloody CGT or Superannuation, it was...
    The Daily Blog | 18-11
  • A pilgrimage with my sister – Rethink the System
    We’ve both wanted to do a pilgrimage for many years. But, unlike many modern pilgrims, we wanted to be pilgirms in our own country and get closer to our communities, rather than seek greater distance from them. We are both...
    The Daily Blog | 18-11
  • Lack of policy ambition is Andrew Little’s main problem
    I’ve met Andrew Little a few times and he’s a pleasant man who will make a reasonable job leading what the Labour Party has become in recent decades. He will preside over a much less divided caucus and will be...
    The Daily Blog | 18-11
  • Journos, film makers, media freedom advocates join Asia-Pacific political j...
    A candlelight vigil for the 58 victims of the 2009 Maguindanao massacre – 32 of them media people. Still no justice for them today. Renowned investigative journalists, film makers, academics and media freedom campaigners from across the Asia-Pacific region will...
    The Daily Blog | 18-11
  • And the new Labour Leader is ZZZZZZZZZZ
    The victory lap by Caucus over the members choice of Cunliffe has ended and the new leader of the Labour Party is Andrew Little. Yawn. The dullness and caution of the latest Leadership race will be served well by Andrew,...
    The Daily Blog | 18-11
  • Allow the Facts to Get in the Way of the Neolib Stories
    One of the weaknesses of the political left in New Zealand over the last 30 years has been to allow the neoliberal storytellers to get away with lots of fibs and half-fibs. On TVNZ’s Q+A on 16 November, in a...
    The Daily Blog | 17-11
  • Defending The Boomers: A Response to Chloe King
    THE BABY-BOOM GENERATION (49-68 year-olds) currently numbers just under a quarter of New Zealand’s population. Even so, there is a pervasive notion that the generation of New Zealanders born between the end of World War II and the mid-1960s exercises...
    The Daily Blog | 17-11
  • This weeks Waatea news column – Waitangi Tribunal ruling enshrines Treaty...
      This weeks Waatea news column – Waitangi Tribunal ruling enshrines Treaty as a living document...
    The Daily Blog | 16-11
  • Key now says SAS will be needed to protect ‘trainers’ behind the wire
    Well, well, well. What do we have here? Government could send SAS to Iraq New Zealand’s elite Special Air Service (SAS) could be deployed to Iraq to protect Kiwi troops sent to train local forces. Prime Minister John Key confirmed...
    The Daily Blog | 16-11
  • Do You Want to Build a Meth Lab? (Frozen x Breaking Bad Parody)
    Do You Want to Build a Meth Lab? (Frozen x Breaking Bad Parody)...
    The Daily Blog | 16-11
  • Soft soap for the rich – harsh taxes for the poor
    It’s no surprise to see New Zealand has one of the world’s lowest tax rates for the rich and the superrich. A survey by the global accounting network UHY shows New Zealand’s highest tax rates are lower than even Australia,...
    The Daily Blog | 16-11
  • Phillip Smith and the rehabilitation process
    The dominant media narrative in horrible murder cases is that the perpetrator is unlikely ever to be rehabilitated. When it appears the offender may get parole the media turns first to family members of the victim who commonly (and understandably)...
    The Daily Blog | 16-11
  • The Nation review: Finlayson’s terrifying definition of who is on terror ...
    Terrifying Nation today on TV3. Chris Finlayson is on justifying the Government’s Muslim fear mongering and extension of even more surveillance powers. It was jaw dropping. Finlayson says ‘alienated people with a chip on their shoulder’ is the threshold to get...
    The Daily Blog | 14-11
  • A brief word on The Block NZ
    Is it just me or did The Block manage to sum up everything that is wrong about our culture and economy? Fetishised property speculation as mass entertainment in a country of homelessness & poverty. I wonder if State House tenants...
    The Daily Blog | 14-11
  • Waitangi Tribunal ruling
    That spluttering choking sound of a thousand rednecks being informed Maori still have sovereignty is a hilarious cacophony of stupid… Crown still in charge: Minister Chris Finlayson on Waitangi Treaty ruling The Waitangi Tribunal’s finding that Maori chiefs who signed...
    The Daily Blog | 14-11
  • A brief word on Phillip Smith
    We can arrest student loan & fine defaulters at the airport – but not convicted child molesting killers? Before we ban manufactured ISIS ‘terrorists’ from having passports, how about we just manage to stop child molesting killers from fleeing first?...
    The Daily Blog | 14-11
  • Free Me From Religion
          The meeting begins – or at least it’s supposed to begin – but someone interrupts proceedings. She wants everyone to pray with their heads bowed while she can “thank our Father who art in Heaven.” I close...
    The Daily Blog | 14-11
  • Key capitulates on TPPA while big money NZ set up propaganda fund
    So Key has capitulated on the ‘gold standard’ of free trade deals… The primary objective for New Zealand at Apec was to see some urgency injected into the TPP talks and to keep leaders aiming for a high quality deal....
    The Daily Blog | 13-11
  • Safety Week 2014 focused on a safe summer
    ACC’s annual Safety Week kicks off today. With summer just around the corner, Safety Week this year is focusing on keeping safe when playing sport, enjoying recreational activities or drinking alcohol....
    Scoop politics | 24-11
  • Safety focus during motorcycle month
    As the Central District Police annual Month of Motorcycles campaign cruises into its second week, the results so far have been positive with many motorcyclists playing their part to keep our roads safe....
    Scoop politics | 24-11
  • Insane Law Perverting Course of Justice: SST
    Insane Law Perverting Course of Justice: SST The Sensible Sentencing Trust is slamming a decision which may acquit a Whakatane offender of serious dangerous driving charges....
    Scoop politics | 24-11
  • Taranaki Base Hospital draped in white ribbons
    Taranaki Base Hospital draped in white ribbons to show violence towards women is never OK...
    Scoop politics | 24-11
  • Family Violence Intervention Team uses social media
    Family Violence Intervention Team uses social media to say “no” to domestic violence Everyone has the right to feel safe at home. Many do not. One in three partnered New Zealand women report having experienced physical and/or sexual intimate partner...
    Scoop politics | 24-11
  • Smoke Alarms in Rental properties
    TPA says recent calls for mandatory smoke alarm installations in rental properties is an opportunity for all parties to come together to improve the safety and quality of rental housing....
    Scoop politics | 24-11
  • CTU will not engage in Governments sham consultation process
    Today the CTU has sent a letter to Prime Minister John Key articulating serious concerns about both the content and the rushed process the Government has clearly signalled it intends to follow to progress the Countering Terrorist Fighters Legislation...
    Scoop politics | 23-11
  • Job vacancies steady in October
    The number of skilled job vacancies advertised online remained steady in October across most industry groups and occupations, according to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s latest Jobs Online report....
    Scoop politics | 23-11
  • 600 Slaves And Counting on New Zealand Soil
    The 2014 Global Slavery Index has just been released, and buried within its pages is New Zealand’s growing issue of human exploitation and slavery. When taken in conjunction with the US State Department’s Trafficking in Persons Report 2014,...
    Scoop politics | 23-11
  • Statement from Police Commissioners of Australia and NZ
    Media Statement from Police Commissioners of Australia and New Zealand: Police Commissioners take a stand against violence against women and children...
    Scoop politics | 23-11
  • NZ Police Commissioner makes a stand against Family Violence
    New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush has joined with his Australian Police Commissioner colleagues at Parliament House in Canberra this morning to take a stand on violence against women and children....
    Scoop politics | 23-11
  • Amnesty International campaigns for end to domestic violence
    Amnesty International will be making a donation of over $500 to Aviva (formerly known as Women’s Refuge Christchurch) at the conclusion of Tuesday’s inner city march against domestic violence....
    Scoop politics | 23-11
  • Waka Hourua celebrates what’s working in suicide prevention
    On 19 and 20 November, Māori and Pasifika national suicide prevention programme Waka Hourua held its first national hui-fono in Auckland. The theme was Whakarauika Mai: Bringing Communities Together to Prevent Suicide in Aotearoa. ...
    Scoop politics | 23-11
  • Domestic violence problem bigger than Sky Tower
    Domestic violence problem bigger than Sky Tower SKYCITY’s Sky Tower in Auckland will be lit up in white on Monday evening Nov 25th at 10pm, on the eve of White Ribbon Day. The anti-domestic violence network SAFTINET (Safer Auckland Families...
    Scoop politics | 23-11
  • State Services Commissioner ‘unfit for the job’ says Little
    State Services Commissioner ‘unfit for the job’ says Little The new Labour leader Andrew Little has called for the State Services Commissioner Iain Rennie to be stood down after his handling of the Roger Sutton sexual harassment case. "The idea...
    Scoop politics | 23-11
  • Patrick Gower interviews Laila Harre
    Patrick Gower interviews Laila Harre Headlines: Laila Harre to quit as Internet Party leader by Christmas when the party has completed its review, but would love to return to parliament Says party considering options for its future including winding...
    Scoop politics | 22-11
  • Lisa Owen interviews Labour leader Andrew Little
    Lisa Owen interviews Labour leader Andrew Little Headlines: Andrew Little says the shape of his front-bench for the 2017 election may not be clear until the end of next year Indicates next week’s appointments may be temporary: “So I may...
    Scoop politics | 22-11
  • Phillip John Smith – statement
    Police and the New Zealand Embassy in Brasilia are aware of a decision from the Brazil Federal Court requiring the deportation of Phillip Smith within 10 days. Further assessment is required to ensure there is a full understanding of this...
    Scoop politics | 22-11
  • Green’s ‘not speaking out about human rights abuses in China
    Right to Life challenges Russell Norman the co-leader of the Green Party to explain why, he was prepared to ask Prime Minister John Key to talk to Chinese President Xi Jinping about human rights abuses in countries bordering China but...
    Scoop politics | 21-11
  • Goodfellow congratulates Key on IDU election
    Goodfellow congratulates Key on IDU election National Party President Peter Goodfellow has congratulated Prime Minister John Key on his election today as Chairman of the International Democrat Union (IDU)....
    Scoop politics | 21-11
  • Taxpayers’ Union Congratulates PM on IDU Appointment
    The Taxpayers’ Union is today congratulating Rt. Hon. John Key on becoming the Chair of the International Democrat Union , as former Australian Prime Minister John Howard retires from the role after 12 years. Taxpayers’ Union Executive Director...
    Scoop politics | 21-11
  • High demand for Consumer NZ’s “Do Not Knock” stickers
    Consumer NZ has distributed nearly 100,000 “Do Not Knock” stickers since the launch of its campaign to fight back against dodgy door-to-door sellers.The “Do Not Knock” campaign was launched on 3 November 2014. Free “Do Not Knock” stickers...
    Scoop politics | 21-11
  • Phillip Smith decision still pending
    Detective Superintendent Mike Pannett is returning to Washington DC where he will continue to closely monitor a pending decision from the Brazilian authorities on the process to return Phillip Smith to New Zealand....
    Scoop politics | 21-11
  • High Court demonstration to demand justice
    People outraged at the lack of justice in the so-called ‘Roast Busters’ case and 99% of other rape cases in this country are holding a visually powerful mass action at the Auckland High Court at 1 o’clock on Saturday. They...
    Scoop politics | 21-11
  • NZ Society Wins Global Award For Fighting Animal Testing
    New Zealand banning animal testing of legal highs has been acknowledged with an award given in London. The New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society (NZAVS) was awarded the 2014 LUSH Prize for lobbying against animal testing. The prize was given at the...
    Scoop politics | 21-11
  • Poor govt advice to workers on petrol station drive-offs
    The New Zealand Council of Trade Unions has raised concerns with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment ('MBIE') regarding their reported advice to workers about the petrol station drive away issue....
    Scoop politics | 21-11
  • New Ombudsman opinion
    The Ombudsman has published his opinion on a complaint concerning the Police refusal to release information about a charging decision....
    Scoop politics | 20-11
  • Kindergarten support staff achieve pay rise in tough climate
    The valuable contribution of kindergarten support staff has been recognised with a pay increase, despite the significant funding cuts that the kindergarten associations are experiencing....
    Scoop politics | 20-11
  • Democracy and Conservative Religion: The Case of Islam
    “Is Islam compatible with democracy?” is a frequently-asked question. Recent rethinking of secularism and democracy have opened up new possibilities to think about religion and democracy. This question is important particularly in the case...
    Scoop politics | 20-11
  • NZ fiscal watchdog needed to guard the public purse
    New Zealand needs tighter fiscal rules and an independent watchdog to improve the quality of government spending and reduce the risk of a return to deficit spending as the country’s population ages, if not before....
    Scoop politics | 20-11
  • NZSMI disappointed ANZTPA proposal shelved
    November 20, 2014: Consumer healthcare products industry body, the New Zealand Self-Medication Industry Association (SMI) says it is disappointed Government has once again shelved plans to create one medicines regulatory agency for both New Zealand and Australia....
    Scoop politics | 20-11
  • Democracy Action Welcomes Tauranga Vote
    Responding to Tauranga Council’s unanimous vote not to establish separate Council seats on the basis of ethnicity, Lee Short, Democracy Action founder says: “The establishment of a Maori ward would have damaged the relationship between Maori and...
    Scoop politics | 20-11
  • Employer caught abusing new ‘teabreaks law’
    Employer caught abusing new ‘teabreaks law’ to exploit workers The government passed the controversial ‘teabreaks’ legislation only a few weeks ago and already Unite Union has caught an employer using this law as an excuse for ill-treating their...
    Scoop politics | 20-11
  • FGC response to Commerce Commission report
    The New Zealand Food & Grocery Council is not surprised by the Commerce Commission’s findings, given New Zealand’s current legal framework....
    Scoop politics | 20-11
  • Bascand: Brighter Money
    Seeing people’s initial reactions to the new banknote designs is a heartening reminder of what an important role currency plays in our lives, and what a sense of pride and heritage our notes evoke....
    Scoop politics | 20-11
  • RBNZ releases Brighter Money designs
    New Zealand’s banknotes are getting brighter and better, with the Reserve Bank today unveiling more vibrant and secure banknote designs which will progressively enter circulation later next year....
    Scoop politics | 20-11
  • 25 years of children’s rights
    UNICEF and OFC celebrate 25 years of children’s rights with Just Play Sports Days On Universal Children’s Day (20 November) and as part of the Oceania Football Confederation’s (OFC) inaugural President’s Cup, UNICEF will celebrate 25 years of children’s...
    Scoop politics | 20-11
  • Xiamen delegation to Wellington has business focus
    Stronger business, education and cultural ties with our Chinese partners will be the focus when a 20-strong government and business delegation led by Xiamen Mayor Mr Liu Keqing which visits Wellington tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday as part of the...
    Scoop politics | 19-11
  • Warriors promote White Ribbon Day message
    Warriors promote White Ribbon Day message Shine and Orakei Health Services On Tuesday, the Vodafone Warriors will promote the White Ribbon Day message to the community at Eastridge Shopping Centre, Mission Bay. The Warriors are supporting their charity...
    Scoop politics | 19-11
  • Superannuitants to protest unethical investments
    A delegation of Auckland superannuitants will deliver a protest-card petition and protest letter to the New Zealand Super Fund this Thursday afternoon to call on the fund to divest from companies which support the Israeli occupation of Palestinian...
    Scoop politics | 19-11
  • Manukau job cuts ‘running the place into the ground’
    Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT) confirmed to its staff yesterday that 54 jobs will go before Christmas....
    Scoop politics | 19-11
  • Newcore Looks Pretty Rotten for Ratepayers
    Responding to the NZ Herald report that the IT system commissioned by Auckland Council to consolidate the eight systems the Super City inherited from its precursor councils could be facing a budget blowout of $100 million, Taxpayers’ Union Spokesman Ben...
    Scoop politics | 19-11
  • Accountability following quake response inquiry not achieved
    Lessons still need to be learned from the search and rescue efforts following the February 2011 earthquake in Christchurch, a leading New Zealand lawyer, Nigel Hampton QC, says....
    Scoop politics | 19-11
  • Our kids say: We are failing in our duty to protect them
    Our kids say: We are failing in our duty to protect them More than a quarter of Kiwi kids say children’s right to be safe and protected isn’t being upheld in New Zealand, identifying protection from violence, abuse and murder...
    Scoop politics | 19-11
  • PARS & Turuki Health Care collaborate on health and services
    Auckland-based PARS (People at Risk Solutions) have partnered with the Turuki Health Care Trust, to offer improved healthcare services to those in need. PARS works closely with former prisoners, providing mentoring, housing, and social services to ensure...
    Scoop politics | 19-11
  • Children’s Plea
    A plea has been sent to all Members of Parliament, regardless of party affiliation, to accord urgency and priority to children's issues. These issues include vulnerability, safety and childhood poverty....
    Scoop politics | 19-11
  • Treasury off track in search for sound policies
    Treasury is unlikely to find the ideas it is looking for to improve outcomes for children while its primary driver is cost-cutting, says Child Poverty Action Group....
    Scoop politics | 19-11
  • Commission calls for answers on handling of CERA harassment
    EEO Commissioner Dr Jackie Blue is deeply concerned about the way in which the State Services Commission has handled sexual allegations made against CERA chief executive Roger Sutton this week and is calling for answers....
    Scoop politics | 19-11
  • Ashley Dwayne Guy v The Queen: Appeal Upheld
    The appellant, Mr Guy, was found guilty by a jury of a charge of sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection. After the verdict it was discovered that, by error, the jury had been provided in the jury room with two...
    Scoop politics | 19-11
  • Zonta Club to Take a Stand Against Gender-Based Violence
    During the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence (25 November – 10 December), the Zonta Club of Wellington, along with members of the local community, will join nearly 1,200 Zonta clubs in 67 countries for the Zonta Says NO...
    Scoop politics | 19-11
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