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The slow decline of the Maori Party

Written By: - Date published: 1:25 pm, October 28th, 2012 - 22 comments
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The Maori Party conference finished yesterday. There were several articles (mostly from Audrey Young) reporting different stories arising from the conference. It’s not good news for the Maori Party.

Party seeks help from ‘Maori Dotcom’

Maori party members are crying out for a “Maori Dotcom” to bankroll them into the next election. The party is on a fundraising and membership drive to save itself from extinction. Party membership has slumped to about 600 financial members from its peak of about 23,000 in 2005.

At its annual conference yesterday, keynote speaker and communications consultant Matthew Jansen warned the party would be wiped out in 2014 – or at the 2017 election if it was lucky.

From 23,000 to 600 in 7 years – that is an astonishing decline. It would suggest that the current leadership and strategy is not working. But…

Turia, Sharples to stay with Maori Party

Maori Party co-leaders Tariana Turia and Pita Sharples may stay on to fight the next election. … Mr Sharples says his party convinced him to stay on. He has led the party with Ms Turia for eight years. Both may now perform at the 2014 election.

…no change in leadership and…

Maori Party conference: ‘Now let’s get moving’

Mr Bird said that being at the table of Government was a ”no -brainer.” … “What is clear is that we have always acted honourable in our dealings with the Government. We are proving stable Government without cost to our mana.

“Whether the voter agrees with this is a moot point…”

… no change in strategy. The Maori Party is (unfortunately) not necessary to “stable government” for the Nats, and their support for a government which is so damaging to so many of their constituents clearly is damaging to their mana – Bird’s denials notwithstanding the facts speak for themselves.

Maori Party looks to include more Pakeha

Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia says she would like the Maori Party to return to its broader support base, including Pakeha.

… when the party faced its first national election in 2005, about a quarter of its members were Pakeha, and it stood 55 candidates in general seats as well as the seven Maori seats.

Worth a try I guess, but I don’t see any reason for Pakeha to be any more impressed with the Maori Party’s performance than Maori are themselves.

In my opinion the MP signed their own death warrant when they allowed the split with Mana to happen. The coverage above paints a picture of a party in terminal decline.

22 comments on “The slow decline of the Maori Party”

  1. Tim 1

    The raison d’etre for Turia’s motivation is once being scorned by a Helen Kluk. The raison d’etre for Pita’s is a blind faith loyalty in daer dear Turia. Both are blinded.
    Let them both continue their current direction – it makes way for others to actually get on with it all.
    The best that can be said about the both of them is that they’re now contemplating their legacy, and NO DOUBT that whatever they do will now be driven by that. Fortunately, most Maori are unimpressed

  2. fustercluck 2

    I was inspired to cast my party vote for the Maori Party when it was first formed; the notion of an indigenous party was quite exciting to me. I was sufficiently disillusioned by the next election to avoid tossing these sycophants to power the same favor.

    Go Mana!

  3. fatty 3

    The problem with the Maori Party is that they ideologically compromised. Ironically, political commentators have said this about Mana, when its actually the Maori Party that are caught at the cross-road. Its also the same reason why our form of biculturalism has failed Maori, and benefited Pakeha.
    The Maori Party’s promotion of Maori Culture, while also supporting neoliberalism, is like pissing into a hurricane. They are getting nowhere. They need to resist neoliberalism, otherwise they will continue to perpetuate the mono-culture that they are trying to break down.
    But the Maori Party continue to pat themselves on the back…only a lapdog would be content with crumbs off the dinner table

    • North 3.1

      Yeah…….Trickle Down…….the notion that the poor subsist on the crumbs from the tables of the rich…….classic justification to up-size the meals of the rich.

      Someone said it, US historian William Blum maybe, can’t remember now. Obesity brought on by all those extra crumbs has buggered my memory.

      Pita’s a firm believer. Toryana Torya doesn’t believe in anything but a consuming hatred of one Helen Elizabeth Clark. The sad comedy of it…….there she is cruising around in one of Dunnokeyo’s heated leather seated BMWs, Che Guevara beret on the head…….trying to find a back door through which to sneak into the hui. Disgraceful ! Meanwhile Pita just smiles, and smiles, and smiles.

      Dead loss both of them. No wonder Maori Party membership’s declined by roughly 97%.

  4. Blue 4

    The Maori Party was never going to last. For a political party to survive it needs to carve out a sustainable niche for itself, and the Maori Party was never going to do that.

    It was formed on the back of a single issue, got carried away on a tide of Maori enthusiasm, and then the enthusiasm rapidly ebbed when it became clear that the presumptuously-named Maori Party did not and could not represent all Maori, that they were basically useless, and that worse than that, their only real function was propping up a National government, which is not what a large section of Maori voters intended to do with their vote.

    Once Turia and Sharples retire, I can’t see anyone hanging out to support Rahui Katene and Te Ururoa Flavell.

    • Anne 4.1

      It was formed on the back of a single issue.

      It was formed on the back of the revenge of one woman against another woman.

    • gobsmacked 4.2

      Rahui Katene 2012 (of the Maori Council) doesn’t even support Rahui Katene 2011 (of the Maori Party) any more.

  5. millsy 5

    I dont think the National Party is all really that racist any more, apart from the Ansellist fringe here and there, but I do think that Maori have been adversley affected by National Party policies (ie benefits/welfare, health, education, labour law, ACC and state housing), and I think that is is shameful that the Maori Party should stand in government with them while all this happens.)

    J’Accuse, Matua Toms.

  6. karol 6

    The Maori Party started out with strong convictions and worthy goals.  It’s sad to see what they have become.  It looks like, in order to survive, they are trying to copy the Mana Party in opening up the party to non-Maori, but without the principled philosophy of Mana.

      • Jim Nald 6.1.1


        “Maori party members are crying out for a “Maori Dotcom” to bankroll them into the next election” –

        Even worse, Tariana, Pita and Ururoa are now for sale for a good price by someone who can pay.

        • North

          At least the loathsome wahanui Tau Henare, previously known as “Ray Henry of the union”, is unabashed and sort of honest about it.

          He never possessed a principle to sell anyway, which he acknowledges by failing to conceal his dispositional larrikinism.

          On the other hand PS and TT still lay claim to principle but boy are they ready to be knocked down to the highest bidder. Damn…….we used to think that Winnie defined sophristic charlatanism ?

    • David H 6.2

      They are on the long, slow, slide, into oblivion. What a pity, but it’s their own fault.

      • Draco T Bastard 6.2.1

        That is, I believe, the inevitable fate of a race based party especially when that race based party shows itself to be more supportive of the colonisers than the race it purportedly represents.

    • Mary 6.3

      Yes, precisely. Only trouble is that despite the party having, surprisingly comfortably, assumed the role of National’s Maori wing, going out into the general electorates will still have the effect of taking votes from the Left. If the Maori Party really want to improve things for Maori they’d disband.

  7. This has taken awhile, probably they will lose their votes to the Mana party as at least it has been working hard to support Maori interests and the interest of struggling New Zealanders. The Maori party is just a vote for the government, and their membership realised that; thus left in droves.

  8. AmaKiwi 8

    Maori go to jail for stealing cars. Key’s mates get knighthoods for stealing state owned enterprises.

    Maori Party leaders were fools to think they could sleep with the enemy and not get f*cked.

  9. xtasy 9

    Maori were partly disowned and cheated by a colonial fraudsters regime, still daring to claim they did it all in sincerity to enter into Te Tiriti, whilst there was NO true good faith!

    But also many Maori were conned into this due to ignorance and false sense of opportunity (quick short time gain for no value, giving in to division and opportunism, not realising the consequences).

    Conseqently wrongdoings happened, but as we know the strong arm tactics were always favouring the stronger economic and higher numbered force of the colonial power.

    The Maori Party is failing to address issues sufficiently, by siding with the worst party that one could choose to get fair and reasonable redress. Also they are up against a public sentiment, much against them, as the majority Pakeha want NO more resolutions and want to keep dominance, but they are ignorant also, by allowing their divide and rule immigration approach to undermine their own strength.

    NZ is on a crossroads, maybe about to become a largely Asian dominated country and society, so that is a true challenge, is it not, for Maori and Pakeha, and some migrants.

  10. I turned my back on the Maroi Party the day Pita said on TV “What has Labour ever done for Maroi”.

    Nearly voted for “Mana” in the last election, maybe next time I will.

  11. Tim 11

    The desire for the MP to “re-image” I believe is solely down to the fact that Pita and Turia have woken up to the fact that they chose to lay down with dogs, and are now itching to the point where raw flesh is visible. It’s a concept that many seem to have forgotten. The MP and NActional were NEVER natural partners (or netshrill as Jonky would state)

    All the “good” reasons in the world were offered at the time by Pita and Co about how they could become more relevant and gain some sort of representation by having a degree of power (by propping up a NActional regime).
    Unfortunately they’d forgotten principle and the fact that most Maori are just that – (principled).

    These days, the only thing I can admire about Pita is his loyalty (to Turie). Unfortunately he failed to realise a few very BASIC concepts which I won’t go into here for fear of being criticised as – well – WOTeva -.
    I can even remember a time when Turia was “comfortable” with draconian measures to teach lessons to those silly little ferral bitches that get themsleves preggers en gowon the doipoiboi- I mean all that crap that tow a Bennet line – what’s worse its it’s dressed up in leopardskin and ugboots in a way that Pita AND Turie (darling) are comfortalbe with..

    BOTH (Pita and Turia) seem to have forgotten – probably due to their attaining baubles – that Murries aren’t ekshly thet stupud..

    Dear Pita; Dear (dear, dear, dea,r DEAR,) Turie –
    biggest mistake EVER! = Lying down with dogs, you get up with fleas – and – as you know, they pesky little critters.

    I’m left wondering whether Pita is wondering whether it was all worth it. If he isn’t, it’ll be a testament as to his Uncle Tomhood and stupidity. Still. treats and trinkets and cargo cultism have caught out many a predecessor – so Pita – don’t feel too bad!
    Easier living from here on in being able to convince people you “troid” and didcha best then not heving troid et awl.
    I’m also left wondering though, whether Dear dear dear dear dear dear Turie (before you react – consider the idea of cynicism, devll’s advocates, the NZ supposed MSM media, ET AL), is – or should be on HRT!. She’s SO fucking bitter, one really should consider ab hormonal imbalance, and failing that – SHEER FUCKING STUPIDITY!
    Clearly – whatever though, a “re-imaged” MP is going to have a shitload of baggage. – VOTERS though are utterly entitled to take account of said baggage – as are all those impeded by Nactional Party polsies to date. It’s really only since the proposed proivtisatshun of water and Al Trissty genrayshun that the MP (unda Dear, Dear, Dear Dear Turie and Pita pita Pita {Pittered) Pita have begun to show realistic concern.
    I’d b trying to “re-image” too if that was my record!
    I bet Pita never intended he’d go down in history in the manner he will. Still………..cudda shudda wudda aye!.
    Shit happens. We’ll see in the next erection whether Murries want to sign up to the unsustainable, or whether they begin t appreciate the troils in tribya layshuns of their ensusters, or whether they want to get with those that are more honest (such as a Mana Party), or even a Green Party, or EVEN the idea that a least worst option would have been to go with a slightly less roit-wing party than NActional (such as the pathetic – in its current form – Labour)

  12. deemac 12

    interesting that the MSM gave the MP such a soft ride in reporting their “conference” – actually just a couple of dozen mainly elderly folk, nice people I’m sure, but a serious party – forget it!
    No-one was rude enough to point out the fact that they failed to fill even the tiny Greytown marae.

  13. Well this pakeha wouldn’t join the Uncle Toms. They sit at the table of the devil Key; and hopefully their spoon should have a long handle.

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