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Open mike 26/05/2011

Written By: - Date published: 6:00 am, May 26th, 2011 - 30 comments
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30 comments on “Open mike 26/05/2011”

  1. ZeeBop 1

    Relationships are a prerequisite for a culture of respect for human rights to flourish, but they don’t guarantee them. If nobody is listening, or worse, those concerned have conflicting interests then Human Rights are ignored and sidelined.

    Debt in moderation is good for a country. But when families can’t afford milk how can being the premium milk producer matter to every day Kiwis?

  2. Pascal's bookie 2

    Plutocracy watch:


    Consistent with the study of Senatorial trading activity, we find stocks purchased by Representatives also earn significant positive abnormal returns (albeit considerably smaller returns). A portfolio that mimics the purchases of House Members beats the market by 55 basis points per month (approximately 6% annually).

    Between this stuff, the revolving doors, the computer traded ticket clippers and the lack of any real reform, I’m starting to suspect that this cake might be a bit fictional.

  3. Hilary 3

    Anybody going to follow up on the $2.4 million untendered gift of taxpayers’ money to a ‘Christian’ parenting group in the Budget? Sounds like that donation to a National Party-aligned Pacific business in the Budget last year.

  4. Pascal's bookie 4

    The US deficit: ( The GOP should shut up about it if they had any self respect edition)


    • Draco T Bastard 4.1

      The GOP, just like our own conservatives (National, Act, mP), are only there to transfer public wealth into the hands of themselves and their rich mates.

  5. Greywolf Mining want to exploit/explore Golden Bay for oil, gas and coal. But as TV3 have said they are a bit more of a grey ghost not a grey wolf – why?

    emails bounce
    the chinese company listed as a partner on the website is not their partner
    hard to find company offices

    are greywolf a sham – just another dirty company involved in dirty business? IMO yes. But who is going to make the money – that’s the trail to follow.



  6. Cynthia McKinney is one of my heroes. She is black, educated and of a high moral fiber. It was she who confronted Rumsfeld about the child slave ring run by Dynacore, the missing trillions of the Pentagon budget and travelled to the Gaza strip two years ago on one of the boats trying to break the siege.
    She travelled to Libya to see with her own eyes what is happening there. She wrote a Counterpunch piece about the “kinetic, humanitarian” action called Feast of Blood.

    Alex Jones is also one of my heroes. Considered by many a vile, redneck, truther birther, teapartier, nutcase but as he is one of the most outspoken anti war activists who calls out both Bush and Obama and their puppet masters on their lie based illegal wars of aggression and resource robbery he has to be one of my heroes even if I don’t agree with his gun toting, anti abortionist views to name a few.

    Today only here is the link to the page which contains a link to his radio show in which he interviews US Congress woman McKinny who at this moment is in Tripoli Libya awaiting the nightly “kinetic, humanitarian” bombings.

    So for those of you who thought that the intervention was a good use of NATO and the US army I would challenge you to listen to this interview between Cynthia McKinny, black (sort of) leftist black women (She is the leader of the American green party) and white male Texas, gun toting, birther 911 truther Alex Jones and educate yourself. (A word of warning; The radio show is about three hours and streaming so you might have to wait for the interview to air again.)

  7. todd 9

    Parliament’s Wall of Shame #3


    National Party MP Tau Henare has shown what a complete douche bag he is once again on his Twitter feed. The Jackal doesn’t like to see such atrocious behaviour like this and has therefore included Tau Henare in the Parliament’s Wall of Shame.

    In October 2005, Taito Philip Field lost his ministerial posts following controversies around allegations that he had improperly used his influence as an MP to receive material gain.In October 2005, Taito Philip Field lost his ministerial posts following controversies around allegations that he had improperly used his influence as an MP to receive material gain.

    Phil Heatley announced his resignation from his portfolios on 25 February 2010, citing further problems with his ministerial credit card spending. Mr Heatley said his decision to quit came after he had looked closely at his ministerial credit card expenses for the past 18 months.

  8. Morrissey 10

    Loon Watch No. 1: Philippe Karsenty

    Unless you are especially interested in charting the tortured and unhappy progress of crazed far-right lunatics, you probably haven’t heard of PHILIPPE KARSENTY, a minor-league French fringe-dweller. Karsenty is a conspiracy theorist who has become the darling of the
    Israeli extreme right, following his determined effort to cast doubt on the veracity of television film of a routine killing by Israeli troops of a Gazan boy on Sunday, September 30, 2000.
    Karsenty has as much respect amongst sane and honest people as a flat earther, a moon-landing “skeptic”, a 9/11 Truther, or a global warming denier. As you will see in the video (Part 3) this is very much a sore point for Kasenty. Luckily for him however, he had the perfect interlocutor, an empty vessel called JAMIE GLAZOV, when he appeared on the very first edition of FrontPage Close-Up….

    Part 1
    Jamie Glazov: “We are honored to have as our guest a HERO of our time: Philip Karsenty, who exposed the infamous Mohammed Al-Dura hoax. Mr Karsenty, what support are you receiving for exposing what is obviously a lie and a hoax?”
    Philippe Karsenty: “This is a case for democracy. You need to have media which are conveying the truth, not lying. … It was a state- sponsored blood libel. …Chirac decided to demonize Israel.”

    Karsenty then launches into a hysterical denunciation of Charles Enderlin. This is problematic, because Enderlin, like so many of the most trenchant and courageous opponents of Israeli criminality, is Jewish, so he can’t simply be smeared with the routine “anti-Semitism”
    baloney. But Karsenty is obviously incapable of thinking of any other strategy, and so he says, risibly, that Enderlin was “responsible for the blood libel.” He derides Enderlin for complaining about the way that fanatical Zionists attacked him, and forced him out of his apartment.

    Glazov continues: “The wounds on the father are not gunshot wounds. The boy himself has never been found. Is that correct? How is it possible to be shot fifteen times and for there to be no blood?” The answer, of course, is easy: it’s all “incitement against Israel”.

    Glazov then tries to pour cold water on the exhaustively documented fact that Israeli troops routinely fire thousands of bullets at unarmed protestors. It just doesn’t make SENSE, he reasons:”If you said that an American policeman shot for 45 minutes just to kill someone, it wouldn’t make sense. Brainwashing makes them believe that Israelis would shoot at them for 45 minutes. French intellectuals won’t listen to Holocaust-deniers, and they won’t listen to us. Their
    main argument is to refuse to debate.”

    Part 2
    Maybe, just maybe, you’re extremely indulgent, and inclined to give anyone a fair go. Perhaps you need more evidence that Glazov is not only a denier of evidence, but a crank and a fool? Well then, please watch the first thirty seconds of Part 2: Glazov assures us that not only do our eyes deceive us when we watch film of the Mohammed al-Dura killing, but that global warming is a hoax.

    Karsenty returns to talking about the shooting video, and raves on and on: “Ten years of insane lies… Israel has been poorly treated by the U.S. over the years….No matter how many facts you will prove, this is about deeply entrenched Jew-hatred. …More lies and more lies and more lies. What you have to understand is that the lies didn’t stop after the death of Mohammed al Dura. Lies about the Lebanon war, the Gaza war, the so-called peace flotilla, lies, lies, lies. There is no anti-
    Semitism, it’s anti-Israel. Be clear. There is no anti-Zionism, it’s anti-Semitism.”

    Part 3
    Jamie Glazov assures Karsenty that “forensic scientists have delegitimized the evidence of this shooting. Beyond reasonable doubt!” Karsenty: “Our worst opponents in this were extreme left

    Glazov is obsessed with the fact that not one Palestinian has supported Karsenty. “You have Jews on the side of Palestinians,” he points out. “So why don’t some Palestinians support you?” Karsenty expresses his indignation that French intellectuals don’t respect his intellect. He rails against “Jewish journalists” who “demonize and bash Israel”. It’s all “brainwashing. Brainwashing is the worst thing that can happen.”

    Part 4
    Karsenty: “I know that I have the truth. We are moving forward. We will win at the end. Because nobody can fight against the truth.”
    Glazov: “Let’s say that tomorrow the boy and the father show up. Do you think the world will apologize to you?”
    Karsenty: “Of COURSE some boys die in the middle east, of COURSE some die. It doesn’t make sense, when you think of the rules of engagement of the Israeli soldiers.”
    Glazov: “You’re not waiting for an apology for this faked report?”
    Karsenty: “I tell you, the truth will come out some day. It’s so obvious.”
    Note that nearly the whole video is a free-ranging denunciation of critics of Israel. The “hoax” is not dealt with in any detail. Karsenty does not present even one piece of evidence to back up his
    outlandish claims.

    If you want a contrast to this lunacy, you can watch a measured report, by a reputable and highly respected TV station, on the killing of Mohamed Al Dura HERE…

    • Deborah Kean 10.1

      I wish my connection allowed me to see videos Morrissey, but thank you for the summary… I used look at Frontpagemagazine occasionally, but it was no good for my BP. What a bunch of nutmegs!

  9. NickS 11

    Too lazy to copy and redo the links:

    Open mike 25/05/2011

    In summary, Physicians and Scientists for Global Responsibility New Zealand are talking out of their arses on a recent bit of research. While I don’t like the term scaremongering, it’s the easiest and simplest way of describing their claims, which basically ignore any prior research on the toxicity of glyphosphates and modified Cry toxins from bt bacteria, and basic toxicology 101. i.e. that toxicity is in the dosage and mechanisms of action and that mere presence alone isn’t a indicator of impending doom.

    And their support of various pseudo-science groups, such as NZ based anti-fluoridation groups, an alt-med group masquerading as “health-choice”. Plus ye olde anti-1080 kiddies who don’t understand basic organic chemistry and lack of any actively publishing NZ GMO researchers makes Nick rather suspicious about their ability to interpret teh literature without making first year mistakes.

    And one thing I forgot to add is a link to the successor to the NZ Institute of Gene Ecology, The Centre for Integrated Research in Biosafety based out of Canterbury uni, staffed by people who are actually trained and currently researching issues to do with GMO’s. Who TVNZ should have gone to for an opinion on this instead…

  10. NickS 12

    And just to try and drive people to distraction, here’s the instructional video for an origami kiwi. Muwahahaha

  11. Draco T Bastard 13

    Here’s some fantastic CGI videos. Although, you do have ask just what happened to all the traffic that those roads are supposed to be transporting went to. Perhaps they all disappeared with the oil…

  12. logie97 14

    On Afternoons today, Jim-I-so-value-and-admire-the-Penguin-Mora has quoted the blog as a source for information and valid comment today. What it does seem to suggest is that Jim dwells in the sewers for some of his browsing.

  13. Peak Oil was in 2006 Dr Fatih Birol on National Radio yesterday http://www.youtube.com/user/oilcrash1?feature=mhee#p/a/u/1/k22q5KZibtI
    Dr. Fatih Birol is Chief Economist and Head of the Economic Analysis Division of the Paris-based International Energy Agency. He is organiser and director of the World Energy Outlook series, the IEA’s flagship publication. He is also responsible for providing regular briefing to the Executive Director and Governing Board of the IEA on the economic impact of energy market and industry developments.

    Gerry Brownlee New Zealand Minster of Energy and Resources signed off on this statement on 1 June 2010
    “The Government’s position on peak oil, therefore, continues to be that oil production will not change significantly until 2030, or until some date beyond this. ”

    Its the end of the world as we know it …

  14. johnm 16

    Brownlee signed off his credibility in that statement showing how out of touch and blinkered and plain dim he is!Mind you life is a lot less stressful being a Donkey, but! he’s paid a lot of money to wake up, care and be alert as to NZ’s future prospects or threats to those prospects.

  15. Draco T Bastard 17

    Can we afford an increased minimum wage? Yes!
    Can we afford capitalists? No!

  16. Jim Nald 18

    Originality, creativity and innovation captured in one word for Wellingtonians:


  17. Campbell Larsen 19

    Infratil – a company that is a likely buyer of our energy companies/ public infrastructure, creating a deliberately provocative distraction in the form a of stupid sign to try and get us to forget about a bullshit budget and the lies and corruption that is going on right in front of our eyes.

    Fuck the sign.

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  • Social Wellbeing Agency replaces Social Investment Agency with new approach
    The Minister for Social Development Carmel Sepuloni today announced a new approach that continues to broaden the Government’s social sector focus from a narrow, investment approach to one centred on people and wellbeing. Minister Sepuloni said redefining the previous approach to social investment by combining science, data and lived experience ...
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  • Government to strengthen protections for whistleblowers
    The Government is strengthening the Protected Disclosures Act to provide better protection for whistle blowers, Minister of State Services Chris Hipkins said today. “The Protected Disclosures Act is meant to encourage people to speak up about serious wrongdoing in the workplace and protect them from losing their jobs or being ...
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  • PM speech at Parliamentary Chinese New Year celebration 2020
    Nǐn hǎo (Hello in Mandarin). Xīn Nián Kuài Lè (Happy New Year in Mandarin) Néi Hóu (Hello in Cantonese). Sun Nin Fai Lok (Happy New Year in Cantonese) Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa. Thank you for your invitation to attend this celebration today. I would like to acknowledge ...
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  • IPANZ Annual Address
    Kia ora. Ngā mihi nui ki a koutou katoa. Nau mai haere mai ki te Whare Pāremata. E ngā mana whenua ki tēnei rohe Taranaki Whānui, Te Upoko o Te Ika, Ngāti Toa Rangatira, Ngāti Raukawa – kei te mihi, kei te mihi, kei te mihi. E ngā mana, e ...
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