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44 comments on “Don’t forget to vote no”

  1. TightyRighty 1

    sort of like if you didn’t vote in the last election, you automatically voted left / anti asset sales so national don’t have a mandate?

    • blue leopard (Get Lost GCSB Bill) 1.1

      National were voted by enough people to gain a mandate to govern however they did not gain a mandate for asset sales via the election because out of the people who did vote a majority voted for parties that were against the asset sales.

      They proceeded to justify ignoring this clear message of the election results with spin and you, Tighty Righty appear to have fallen for their b/s hook line and sinker.

    • framu 1.2

      no – national dont have a mandate on a single policy because national didnt win the election and winning an election doesnt give you a mandate to automatically pass policy.

      All national did was be a member of the ruling coalition and it is the coalition that got a mandate to form the govt – nothing more

      why do you persist in not getting this?

  2. vto 2

    This is of course the second referendum on asset sales – the first being the last general election, in which more votes were cast for parties against asset sales than votes cast for parties for asset sales.

    John Key’s silly games in this is a very large part of the reason the people are deserting him in droves. Goon.

    • Melb 2.1

      “more votes were cast for parties against asset sales than votes cast for parties for asset sales.”

      Well all those parties against should have gotten together and formed a government then.

      Oh wait.

  3. rich the other 3

    Remarkable how its assumed that all of the people who voted against National at the last election oppose asset sales.
    I know people who voted labour at the last election and agree with asset sales , I’m one of them.
    green/labour , never again.

    • vto 3.1

      so you know one person who did such, you

    • blue leopard (Get Lost GCSB Bill) 3.2

      lol …is there anyone who believes Rich the Other voted for Labour/Greens?

      “Remarkable how its assumed that all of the people who voted against National at the last election oppose asset sales.”

      There is no need to assume that there were people who voted National and were against the asset sales. Most of us know at least one and the polls that have been conducted also indicate there were plenty who did this. Asset sales was unpopular – even Key knows this.

      • vto 3.2.1

        Asset sales are unpopular for one very simple reason………. rich people seek to own assets such as this to maintain and increase their wealth, and so should we.

        so fucking simple

  4. Tracey 4


    I know national voters who were against asset sales. So your example and mine show how dangerous keys premise is.

    how do you feel about the tax rise key had no mandate for… based on his and your logic.

  5. Tracey 5

    Anyone know how the division of asset sales between debt paydown, hospitals and education is going. That was the mandate wasnt it?

  6. Rosie 6

    A most succinct and perfect poster, Greens.

    Let’s all deafen Shonkey with our mighty big roar of NO!

  7. The Gormless Fool formerly known as Oleolebiscuitbarrell 7

    I voted no because I want them to sell more than 49%.

  8. karol 8

    Finally I posted my vote today! And there was a guy just ahead of me doing the same at the Post Office.

  9. ianmac 9

    A compelling argument to people who are not keen to vote is that the PM has said that he doesn’t care what the people think because he is going ahead anyway. Some of us would say that we will vote to confound the arrogance. The PM does not value your point of view so damn him!

  10. Draco T Bastard 10

    The Greens are at it again:

    Parliamentary Library and Green Party calculations show that, by the time of the 2014 election, the reduction of the top income tax rate for the top 10% of income earners will have cost over $4.5 billion. The asset sales programme produced only $3.9 billion worth of proceeds to the Crown to date, even before sales costs are deducted.

    “National isn’t selling our assets to pay for schools and hospitals; they’re flogging them off to fill a hole left in the budget by the tax cuts that they gave the top 10%,” said Dr Norman.


  11. tricledrown 11

    rich pull the other one.

  12. swordfish 12

    I can’t apologise enough to the National Party.

    The moment I received the referendum envelope, I opened it, ticked ‘NO’, put it in the required envelope and posted it off. I’m deeply ashamed to admit that I did so without taking any account whatsoever of the emotional feelings of that nice Mr Key and Mr English. In fact, it’s almost as if I stood on them like they were the human equivalent of semi-liquid dog turds.

    Can I just take this opportunity to sincerely apologise to the National Party and all who sail in her.

  13. swordfish 13

    Cheers, Mickey.

    You’ll find I start sniffing about whenever elections, by-elections or demography/geography of party support’s in the offing.

    Glad to be proven wrong in the Chch East result. Sure it was gonna be close !

    Incidently, I’m now more than half-way through a long-term project calculating party-vote support (and p-v movement) in every urban suburb in NZ for the 2005, 08 and 11 general elections (for Lab, Nat, Green, NZF, UF, Cons and ACT – as well as for the Left and Right blocs as a whole). Cities ranging in size from Whanganui up to Auckland.

    I can certainly see that some of the suburbs in your neck of the woods (west Auckland) have swung back towards the Left in 2011. Also, a bit shocked to see the huge on-going Lab-to-Nat swings in south-western suburbs of Dunedin – Burnside, Green Island and, above all, Abbotsford. Hope Labour’s got people on the ground there consulting with local voters. Needs to be sorted.

  14. Murray Olsen 14

    I voted and even put a photo on Facebook to inspire others.

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