Damnit… I missed the 4000th post

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Well I missed it. We rolled past the 4000th post at the end of October. A bit unexpected, it was too early by my reckoning and I wasn’t looking for it. We’re now at post 4154 so well on the way for the next milestone. Number 3000 was in early June, so it took a bit less than 5 months. The comments are sitting at 127k. So we did about 32k comments between post 3000 and 4000. A bit less than the 38k in the previous 1000 posts, but I guess that there were a few less months to write them in.

The range of different styles of posts from different authors is pretty awesome. But we’re going to have to do something about the layout. I’m pretty sure that I’m missing some of the posts because they’re scrolling off the page too damn fast.


8 comments on “Damnit… I missed the 4000th post”

  1. r0b 1

    So much to do, and so little time…

  2. sk 2

    Hey Lynn,

    I am still new to ‘The Standard’ – and have made my fair share of off-key comments (no pun intended) – but you are doing a great job, and providing a great platform in a country where independent thought (whatever the trolls may say) too often has no way of expressing itself. Congrats.

  3. Cheers Lynn and the rest of the Standard Bloggers for running an awesome blog.

    The only thing missing is my blog on your blogrol but perhaps that will come in the future. LOL.

  4. lprent 4

    Sk: we try. We even have our own alternative views to each other.

    Te: the authors can pretty much add links to the blogroll. I scan the blogroll roughly every couple of months in segments and hide ones that don’t have new posts or information. That keeps the list so it is relevant and shorter. The hidden ones are now more than the active ones. I guess that no-one has added your site……

  5. Well perhaps this post gives them an idea. LOL. I know some of them are definitely more than a little interested in my subjects.


  6. prism 6

    I’m a new blogger. Interesting how it works and connecting with so many minds and concepts.

    I wondered if there was any chance of a short code for each blog heading, then one could track it really fast. I note the tags if I want to look up past comments but if I could just search for the date plus code it would be faster. May require too much work. You don’t mention that word donate – guess that is always welcome. I think I should be doing something.

  7. Rob Carr 7

    I like the current layout but perhaps if it could be done so like 2 paragraphs of the article only showed and then there was a button to expand it on the same page. That way you can still scroll though it easy.

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