A bird in the hand is worth two in the provinces

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Fran O’Sullivan is not known as a critic of our pollies from the right. So imagine my surprise when catching up on my weekend reading I spotted these somewhat acerbic comments.

On Thursday night, the man who wants to be our next prime minister was nowhere to be seen. he was off touring New Zealand endeavouring to raise his profile.[while] the country’s news organs are busily dissecting his leadership and asking the “What does Key stand for” question. Corporate NZ is asking the same questions.

I’d already been hearing murmurs about Mr Key and his regular disappearing tricks but this seems like a clear case of “business is going to vote for me anyway so I’m off to charm the masses”. Or is it that he’s afraid of fronting up to the policies the corporate world want him to put his name to?

No wonder she thinks he has to lift his game.

18 comments on “A bird in the hand is worth two in the provinces”

  1. The Double Standard 1

    What is a “polis”, apart from a town in Cyprus?

  2. the sprout 2

    jebus, Fran must have had a whattackers peanut slab, she’ll have got a nasty answerphone missive from her bosses at Nat HQ for being so off-message with that one.

  3. Gruela 3

    Obviously Corporate NZ doesn’t feel like it’s getting its money’s worth. I guess this is their way of sending a warning to the Hollow Man.

  4. The Double Standard 4

    The local smearing gallery needs to gets its act together.

    Please try and agree whether you think Fran Sullivan is under control of the Nats, or Corporate NZ. Maybe you should email her your thoughts, using the link on the article?

    As usual from low quality commentors here, all we get is an attack on the messenger, even when it is critical of Key

    I suppose this one was BS too?


  5. the sprout 5

    “the Nats, or Corporate NZ”

    tds, i think you’ll find those fancy book learnin types call that a False Dichotomy

  6. Gruela 6


    I used to have a false Dichotomy. I’d wear it to fancy dress parties and scare the ladies with it.

  7. the sprout 7

    after clocks i think jonkey may have to borrow your falsie for a few weeks before he gets his own pecker back up

    captcha “battle below”

  8. Gruela 8

    Actually, it WAS hollow…

  9. outofbed 9

    And they say the left doesn’t have a sense of humour

    they are probably right

  10. ok stop it now! they say that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit but the people that say that probably find puns amusing

  11. Matthew Pilott 11

    “find puns amusing”

    – bean there, done that

  12. Gruela 12


    you’re Pilotting a dangerous course, there.

  13. outofbed 13

    Mat Pilott
    Flying Carpet ?

  14. hehe ok i’m beet

  15. Gruela 15

    Beet? But we were Rooting for you.

  16. the sprout 16

    time to leaf

  17. Lampie 17

    Shoot the messenger???

    She is the author, it is her opinion piece!!

    John Key and Bill English are lovers. Who do you shoot?

    So these guys talk about John Key, so what? You love him or something? So much you need to defend him????

  18. r0b 18

    “time to leaf”

    We will pine for you!

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