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A clean start

Written By: - Date published: 11:17 am, September 19th, 2014 - 27 comments
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Dirty politics. Ministerial resignations. Spying revelations. John Key’s credibility in tatters. A member of Key’s staff in hiding. Various enquiries underway. A new scandal emerging the very day before the election. NZ an international laughing stock. The chickens of six years worth of the most manipulative and amoral government we have seen since Muldoon have all come home to roost.

The cool kids call it “peak cray”. Most people just see a confusing whirl of misleading headlines. Whatever you call it I am well sick of the whole business.

If Team Key manage to stagger over the line we get more of the same. We get to watch it all fall apart. Three (probably) more years of dirty politics. Three more years of scandals and enquiries. Three more years of cult-of-the personality. Three more years of no ideas. It will be a government paralysed from the start by scandal and investigation – inward looking and defensive. A rather Pyrrhic “victory” at best.

We need a Labour led government, we need the Greens. Not just because their policies are better for people, better for the environment, and better for the economy. We need a Labour led government to draw a line under the mess of the last six years, and reject Key’s dirty politics. We need a Labour led government so that we can put this nightmare behind us. We need a clean start.

27 comments on “A clean start ”

  1. woodpecker 1

    This could be the cleanest victory in a long time or the dirtiest. Depending on the winner on the night.
    I know who I’ll be voting for.
    Go the Daver

    • Disturbed 1.1


    • I honestly don’t think that’s going to work. Were Labour able to form a government with NZF and the Greens (and there’s a decent chance of that), the right wing attack machine would go into overdrive. There’s already a narrative floating about that there is a plot to steal the election that by rights belongs to John Key (and Kim.com is supposed to be the source of it).

      The left needs to ruthlessly go after the people responsible for dirty politics and the journalists who enabled them and hound them out of their jobs and out of politics. What’s gone on is unacceptable, and the only way to stop it is to show that there are consequences for such behaviour. Anything less is just not going to work.

    • AmaKiwi 1.3

      “If Team Key manage to stagger over the line it will be a government paralysed from the start by scandal and investigation.”

      I have a preposterous theory: Subconsciously Key wants to escape the ugly personal attacks so part of him wants to lose. My evidence: he is campaigning in rural regions where he cannot possibly gain any meaningful additional votes. If he were trying to win, he would do what Cunliffe has been doing, working hard 16 hour days campaigning where he can gain as many additional votes as possible (West and South Auckland). For Key, that would be the North Shore and the wealthy suburbs.

      Why is Key campaigning in Cambridge? It makes no sense unless a part of him wants to leave this nastiness behind, lose the election, and go someplace where people will appreciate him again.

      In the dark days of the ABC gang (Anybody But Cunliffe), I worried David would throw in the towel, too. I cannot thank him enough for staying the course. Actually, I have thanked him by working my ass off in his campaign.

  2. cogito 2

    The only way for any potential incoming National-led coalition (God forbid) to have any credibility would be for Key to step down and for eg Bill English to take over and take personal responsibility for a thorough and wide ranging clean-up. Anything short of that would just mean on-going poison, division and damage to NZ.

    NZ needs a fresh start. The best way to achieve that is to vote for a change of government.

    • Disturbed 2.1

      English said we cant afford both a rail and road land transport option?

      He is the same finance minister that has bankrolled 30 Billions of public subsidised road projects (mainly for trucks) and beach holiday homes of the NatZ.

      So more of the same with a slightly deferent tie than Key wears unfortunately.

      Anti-rail Govt costs Gisborne and HB dearly

      Thursday, September 18, 2014

      THE Citizen’s Environmental Advocacy Centre was established in 2000 as a non-political organisation to promote a sustainable, safe environment; preservation of environmentally-friendly rail being part of that.

      Labour MPs Paul Swain, Mark Goshe, Pete Hodgson and Michael Cullen met with us. Green Party co-leader Jeannette Fitzsimmons visited our area of concern along the HB Expressway, stating that it was the most dangerous highway in a residential area she had ever seen. We received three letters from Helen Clark. All these forged a way to reinstate rail as a major transport option, and reduce the freight task on our roads.

      From 2002, National MPs Anne Tolley and Chris Tremain visited the same location to inspect freight truck impacts but could not help.

      In 2006 the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment released its report on the HB Expressway in Napier, stating 12 mitigation steps be taken including use of rail — bingo!

      In the past three years, 54 emails to the Prime Minister, Transport Minster and others remain unanswered. There has been no support or communication from the National-led Government. Not one of its coalition partners has supported rail to save the thousands living near truck routes who who will now suffer an early death from noise, vibration and air pollution. We are alone in this bid to save the people and environment.

      National is aggressively capturing truck revenues, rather than caring for public health and environmental issues.

      A 2003 news article stated that pollution near the HB Expressway in Napier regularly exceeds health guidelines, and would be having an adverse effect on people living nearby.

      Doctors and public health reports confirm the potential dangers and call for action to reduce the pollution, especially with heavy traffic forecast to increase. The highest reading was 133 micrograms, nearly three times the guideline. Niwa scientist Gavin Fisher said exposure to concentrations even below the guideline can have serious effects. The guideline was regarded as an “acceptable risk” level, not a totally safe level.

      Analysis by Water Care Services showed five of 12 days monitored from May to October 2002 had pollution, in the form of small particles, that exceeded the ministry guideline of 50mcg per cubic metre for a 24-hour period. Scientist Judy Warren said the particulates, “will be creating an adverse effect on members of the public who live and work in the area”.

      “The air quality at this site is unacceptable by national and international standards. Steps should be taken to improve the air quality,” she said. Noise-level readings reached 73.5 decibels average background noise levels (the maximum is 63).

      We asked National’s Napier candidate Wayne Walford to meet us at the HB Expressway urban location. He declined, saying what we have with truck gridlock in urban areas is “an urban myth”.

      This should give you a clear choice of who to vote for this election, as rail will not be around next election if current trends continue. NZ First, the Green Party and Labour have all pledged to fix our rail and improve the services.

  3. Enough is Enough 3

    Hear Hear

    • weka 3.1


      Although I have to say that first paragraph is a delight to read, in its succintness.

      If the left lose tomorrow, it’s not like National are going to be able to carry on as usual. They will have a very difficult 3 years, and that presents the left with a number of opportunities, both for the left and for the good of the country.

      But yeah, here’s hoping for a clean start. If the left win I think we will have our work cut out for us, because of Peters, and because the MSM are still getting to grips with their complicity in Slatergate and beyond. Am looking forward to some good conversations here on ts.

  4. philj 4

    Can’t wait for the movie. Only thing we haven’t seen is vote rigging…. oh wait…

    • halfcrown 4.1

      “Can’t wait for the movie.”

      Yeah agree. But what do you think the title should be? It can’t be “All The Presidents Men” as that has already been used. “Team key” does not seem to have the same ring about it.

    • Maz 4.2

      Vote rigging! Surely not…but then there have been many instances where this government has mislead, manipulated, lied, setup, bullied and denigrated in order to remain in power. I for one, believe that ‘vote rigging’ isn’t beyond them.

    • AmaKiwi 4.3

      John Key has sold the movie rights (a state asset) to Warner Brothers who are making it into a Hobbit sequel. The climax is Warrior King Key leading the Knights of Trickle Down against the Unions of Evil.

  5. AsleepWhileWalking 5

    It seems to be a choice for either a return to full sovereignty, or the continued undermining of the best interests of the NZ people.

  6. As well as the bitching and back stabbing that will go on inside the nasty Nats.
    Key and that Nova pay guy, whats his name ?

    English and his side kick Smith don’t particularly like Key and then there is Williamson and his side kick, Collins, who would love to get a few points back on Key, so it is not going to be happy camp.

  7. Smelper 7

    It seems that late in the campaign, all the events that transpired eventually turned up the ultimate campaign slogan demonstrating the benefit of a Labour/Green coalition. David unrolled it in the last debate and thank you Anthony for articulating it so clearly.

    Vote for the Labour/Green Coalition: For a clean start!

  8. mpledger 8

    What ever way it goes there are going to be a lot of **ordinary NZers** who are going to be disappointed. Let’s remember on Sunday (or whenever it becomes clear) to be cheerful losers or kindly winners (without being patronising) and gentle with each other.

    • Anne 8.1

      sorry mpledger: no way will I be cheerful (or gentle) if this government gets another term and nor should anyone else who voted against corruption and sleaze.

      The one bit of hope is that they probably wouldn’t last the three years and John Key will have escaped to Hawaii. Do we have an extradition treaty with Hawaii? I guess it’s covered by the US treaty.

      Oh what supreme irony if Johnny boy is extradited back to NZ to face trial for corruption.

    • No.

      The way that the right have behaved in this election is unacceptable. They aren’t fellow citizens who happen to have a different opinion, but people who have been exposed as willing to engage in almost any sort of corrupt practice to get what they want. They should be treated as fair game.

  9. Tracey 9

    heard hooton on rnz today.

    Heard him suggesting kdc was paying people to vote before ryan corrected him that kdc is paying for buses. Hooton cant help himself, any chance to lie for the team. He then laughed at his script writing effort with peter eliot. He is SO comfortable in his lying and manipulating its just a joke. I wonder Matthew, do you teach your girls to do as you do or as you say? Would you want them to come home with a boy with your values?

  10. Dont worry. Be happy 10

    What will the movie be called? “Fiddle Earth”. “Goodbye Dork spies”. “Utu” (Oops… Taken) “Who Pays the Beery Man”….”The Man from Uncle Sam” (sorry wandering off into ancient telly now.)

  11. Michael 11

    Unfortunately, Labour is unfit for office, too. It has run a pisspoor campaign, during which caucus distaste for its leader is manifest. Labour will be lucky to achieve the same level of Party Vote tomorrow that it did in 2011, it’s worst result since 1922. The Party must take action against those MPs who do not support its principles and replace them with people who do. Otherwise, we’re all wasting our time and money supporting National-lite. OTOH, the Greens have done well this campaign, while Winston First still retains the allegiance of a lot of people who thrill to the sound of his dog-whistle. Internet-Mana may or may not make it over the threshold: if they do, it will be thanks to Labour’s tactical ineptitude (actually, if they don’t make it, that too may be due to Labour’s tactical ineptitude). I suspect there are many within Labour’s ranks who are not averse to a coalition with National, provided the baubles of office are doled out to the favoured few. Anecdotal evidence suggests that many who voted Labour this time will not do so again unless it becomes fit for purpose.

    • Tracey 11.1

      People are saying, anecdotally, “fit for purpose”

    • Richard 11.2

      Oh poppycock, what planet Key are you visiting from?

      Labour poor, Cunliffe was amazing far superior in his oration than Clark, bordering on Lange’s talent IMHO. It was high blardy time the Labour leader acted like a tough labour leader and I as a member of the down trodden work force who has watched all the rights labour fought for eroded by one muppet of a MMP government was damn impressed he took it to Key. More than anyone barring KDC.

      We need another option as leader and until he stood up and got the airtime to show us he was one we had NO ONE.

      Labours going to win massively tomorrow if you believe any of the polls as indicators of voting your basically deluded dumb and do not understand the demographic of these polls. They are a farce and only ever support the rights wealthy who predominantly can afford a home phone and/or the internet. Who struggling to live can afford phone internet rent and massive lectricity and insurance hikes….the rich Right voters.

      the polls should frankly be scrapped as they are just bollocks though and through.

      Go David C he really could be a 3+ term PM if he stays true to the Labour principles and keeps a fair for all government. It’s his time and so far I am nothing but impressed by him and pleased he’ll be my new PM.

  12. Undecided 12

    We need the Greens to lead the left-wing block

  13. No Anthony,

    It will get worse. In Australia the terror levels have been raised and they arrested “terrorists” they say where on their way beheading someone in the streets of Australia. Nothing will come of it and they will be out on the streets soon again because this is all to justify that we should all be spied on and Tony Abbott wants to sen soldiers in to the Iraq quagmire.

    This morning we were told that it could happen here too meaning more spying and more fear mongering. Next they will be doing a raid in say Hamilton where there is a group of Muslims building a new Mosque you mark my words.

    The war on terror is coming home.

  14. Richard 14

    The left, or mainly Labour and Greens are going to reap shovel fulls of votes tomorrow, rest easy everyone, Why? The biggest turnout in history for one. This is a sure indicator that people are very motivated to vote. because their lives have been in turmoil since national won, they have been disgusted and frankly every single person I speak to except my employer hates them badly.

    Not only do I expect Labour on voting day to hit the mid 40 % mark, I expect that the only people who’ll be left voting National are their hard core of voting supporters.

    Considering they only got into power due to voter apathy and boredom of the status quo they have certainly done all they possibly could to lose those swing voters.

    Then we had Internet mana do a brilliant job of rallying the youth to vote. The majority of them won’t be voting blue, probably green and Internet mana IMHO.

    So watch my prediction, national low to mid 30’s labour mid 40’s greens 15-20 scraps for the rest on the party vote.

    Regional MP’s will be different due to boundary rule changes like here where tokoroa has been amalgamated with Taupo’s blue area. Sneaky but I have faith in the people to see corruption and make the right choice.

    Sorry National, play dirty and get caught, WELL expect the backlash you deserve, blame yourselves not the left next time your caught red handed.

    Sorry if my Maths a bit out, but you get the general picture. Big wins for the socially caring and aware parties.

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    A big injection of Jobs for Nature funding will create much-needed jobs and financial security for families in TeTairāwhiti, and has exciting prospects for conservation in the region, Conservation Minister Kiri Allan says. “The projects target local communities most affected by the economic consequences of COVID 19 and are designed ...
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  • Temporary Accommodation Service activated for West Coast flooding event
    The Temporary Accommodation Service (TAS) has been activated today - meaning residents on the West Coast of the South Island and in the Marlborough region hit by flooding over the weekend can now access help finding temporary accommodation, announced Associate Minister of Housing (Public Housing) Poto Williams in Westport today. ...
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    2 weeks ago