A message from Generation Zero

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8 comments on “A message from Generation Zero”

  1. Dot 1

    A clear message from Generation Zero,
    please can we have clear leadership.

  2. Ad 2

    Gen Zero should forget the crap slogans and figure out how this government can be supported to deliver.

    No more crayon lines on maps.

    No more bumper sticker righteousness.

    Just get what you want.

    Time for them to figure out how to help an actual government minister to succeed.

    • Union city greens 2.1

      Car reggo focus on engine size. Gas guzzler = Big fee. And about time too. No one needs a tank to drive the Kids to school. If smokes are priced out to cut human waste, so should fuel use.
      Investment into getting sustainable cars on the road. Lead the world in green tech. Cut off the oil middle men at the knee.

      Be the enemy of no-one and a friend to all. We will sell you food and and clean power if you leave your bombs and ego at the door.

      Gen zero is no different than other common sense ideal from gross generalizations, just younger and perhaps a little less less gun shy and weathered.

      • WILD KATIPO 2.1.1

        LOl!… aint that the truth!

        But I don’t know about gun shy… this younger generation knows shit aint right,… they are just not prepared to waltz off to every whim of some fat , capitalist elitist wanking pigs to their deaths.

        I reckon ,.. we of the older generation need to ‘ stand in the gap ‘ and fight for them and the grandchildren they will inevitably produce.

        Its a disgusting thing when parents do not see their own children right, – we owe it to them.

        And in a big way ,… this is what this election has been all about.

        And the war has only just started and won a major victory. So lets keep pressing the advantage for the sake of future generations. That’s the least we can do. And its what the Great Generation never had any qualms about doing. And they paid for it with their own blood. Surely we can do the same without the threat of bodily harm.

        Surely to goodness we can.

    • JC 2.2

      Sure we All need to get behind a New government, to support and Deliver!

      I think I understand where you are coming from… But Your comments, anti Gen Z/(X or Y), aren’t helpful!


      “No more crayon lines on maps.”

      “No more bumper sticker righteousness.”

      Time for us All to figure out how to help an actual government minister to succeed.”

  3. The Real Matthew 3

    Carbon neutral by 2050 appears to be the goal.

    It’s an unambitious target that won’t halt the march of climate change. Unfortunately Generation Zero are going to be out of luck based on what’s been said thus far.

  4. I see this sort of kick back from the neo liberal far right in today’s NZ Herald,…

    … ” I predict bureaucratic opposition to this government will be significant. It will start leaking from day one. Everyone knows this coalition of losers has no mandate to implement Winston Peters’ interventionist policies ”….

    How dare they.

    How dare they even try to smear this incoming govt as a ‘coalition of losers’ ,… when we have had 9 years of impotence , elitism and degradation of the working persons wages and conditions so much that many family’s sleep and live in cars ,… or garages. The hypocrisy of the neo liberal ‘ Brighter Future’ is a self mockery.

    This is the state of MSM in New Zealand.

    Shot through with hypocrisy and denial.

    Here is the article ,… just to show the contemptible , cowardly cringing stance of the extreme far right wing in embarking on their 3 year campaign to undermine and foment instability in an incoming govt before they have even undertaken power.

    Richard Prebble: Jacinda Ardern will regret this coalition of losers – NZ …
    http://www.nzherald.co.nz › New Zealand

    The neo liberal far right wing extremists are pushing hard even now as this new invigorated peoples choice of govt has yet to be officially ordained…

    Let us again ,… revisit the sage words of Hugh Price of Hugh Price Publishers to gain an insight as to JUST WHY the far right wing extremists are doing this ,… and what they are REALLY afraid of losing… which is , in essence , …. their very grip on power,… and thus ,… elitism.

    And so , if anything ,… to provide a thorough counterbalance to this brash and shoddy piece of base and crass journalism … let us be reminded once more of just what we are actually fighting for , – and against the very people who wish to inhibit the people of this nations desire : and that is , – the very futures of our own children and grandchildren’s hope for a better future:

    New Right Fight – Who are the New Right?

    And as a footnote , … and as a challenge ,…

    I challenge personally any far right wing neo liberal extremist to refute ANYTHING contained within the above article and link to justify their stance, – and then to marry that up against the thousands of NZ soldiers who gave their very own lives paid for by their own blood to protect our way of life against the obscenity’s of FASCISM.

    Come on you cowards,

    State your case.

    You are sadly lacking.

    • Oh ,… and just to let you fascist scumbags know where I’m coming from ,… here’s a song that my Dad often played when I was young. And hes still alive at the age of 89 . A real hard old bastard and conservative. And my mother is still alive at age 92 . Been rattling round in my head for the last few days.

      It speaks volumes about what I believe in.

      And it says a lot about justice and mercy.

      And I reckon you could learn a lot from it and do the same.

      The Master’s Call – Marty Robbins – YouTube

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