A moan at 3 News

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Hello 3 News. I know there’s a lot of pressure to churn stuff out. Too few people doing too much work. Maybe a lack of depth and experience in the newsroom. And so on and so on and so on. But even so – come on people – you can do better than this:

Duncan Garner on the week in politics

By 3 News online staff

The political week has been dominated by the rise and rise of Christian based Conservative Party leader Colin Craig.

On the agenda has been contraception, promiscuous Kiwi women and John Key’s reaction to it all.

3 News political editor Duncan Garner told Firstline this morning Mr Key would prefer other options to making a deal with Mr Craig.

“You have to think if he’s grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory.”

“What this shows is there’s a real problem in the party with a man called Simon Lusk… He’s a real problem according to the party at the highest level,” he says.

3 News

“I think John Key would prefer if [there] were some other options,” he says.

The minutes from the National Party Annual General Meeting were leaked to 3 News this week, revealing the party’s concerns about one man.

Garner says Mr Key is also concerned about Mr Lusk’s involvement with National.

11 comments on “A moan at 3 News”

  1. Carol 1

    Duncan Garner:  John Key’s PR spokesperson. (and not trained by Simon Lusk)

  2. BLiP 2


    Garner’s just trolling. He’s off to talk back radio soon so has, finally, made like water and found his own level. He might as well rile a few of his critics on the way out, I guess. He responded directly to some of his high-profile critics last Sunday on National Radio’s “Media Watch”. He pops up near the end of the show, but its worth listening to for the other material.

    [audio src="http://podcast.radionz.co.nz/mwatch/mwatch-20120506-0908-mediawatch_for_6_may_2012-048.mp3" /]

  3. ianmac 3

    Duncan Garner. Credible? Even handed? Hardly. But I doubt that he gets actual cash for being the National spokesman/spinner. Brent Edwards on National Radio is the best political editor that I know of. Duncan is all flash and froth and bias. Brent is measured and thoughtful and fair.

  4. Tom Gould 4

    Garner plucked Craig from total obscurity and based a whole show around him, then fed the news with it. Makes you wonder who he is working for? Key? Craig? The big money boys? Certainly not 3News which reports the news rather than makes it, right?

  5. tc 5

    Garner thinks he’s the story, always looking to get his fat head on camera talking fluff. Off to talkback radio where all the shock jock low brow bottom feeders dwell.

    There’s so much weighty material going on right across Shonkeys cabinet yet they choose to use the space on a born again nutjob who wouldn’t be out of place running in the GOP against Obama.

    It’s all about distraction, Banks/Craig etc whilst they’re sneaking through Asset sale provisions that see over 50% of voting rights in SOE’s being flogged off so there goes the control and ability to direct the SOE.

    You’ll end up owning 51% of an entity you’ve no say in as you’ve less than 50% voting rights…FFS where’s the reporting on that !

  6. Richard Harman 6

    I produce “The Nation” — the editorial decisions that led to Colin Craig appearing on the programme last weekend were mine, not Duncan’s. I took the view that a look at the right was relevant in a week when the Banks affair seemed to indicate that ACT was in trouble. I am not interested in what headlines we make; I am interesed in exploring issues in depth and adding perspective and context to the issues of the day.That is why NZonAir funds us. We are an interview show, not as some here would want us to be, a debate show.

    • r0b 6.1

      Hi Richard – thanks for stopping by.

      My moan was not at The Nation, or at Duncan, it was at whomever wrote the piece quoted. The text is an absolute mess, a jumble of two different topics. It’s just awful awful writing. That’s all.

      Anthony / r0b

      • Blue 6.1.1

        Yeah, the byline “By 3 News online staff” means it was written by monkeys. The monkeys are usually kept in line by an editor though. How they let that one through is a mystery. It’s devoid of any value in either information or style.

  7. Steve 7

    Drunken Gardener can not wait until John Campbell gets tired of TV3

  8. Another example of the diminishing impact of TV News – in this case TV3 again.

    The Associated Press ‏ @AP 5:37 PM – 10 May 12 via SocialFlow
    Two strong explosions shake Syrian capital: http://apne.ws/IZAjdJ – VW
    Retweeted by David Huebner

    Right at the tail end if TV3 news (nearly 7pm) the announced “news just coming to hand….”

    I often see news on the ‘net before TV get’s their bulletin time, the modern problem with a fixed time slot, but still wonder about their dramatic scripts at times. And when I check their website:

    Two strong explosions shake Syrian capital
    Thu, 10 May 2012 6:43p.m.

    So they are catering for different audiences, fair enough, but they should at least not dramatise their timing with blatant mistruths (I guess unless the website newsroom and broadcast newsroom operate independently).

  9. captain hook 9

    tv3 just another org that employed a whole lot of juveniles who never grew up.
    you knbow thye inisist on showing the ‘fast and furious” over and over and trying to give the boy wussers some validity and legitimacy but all they are doing is strirring up trouble and thts what they like best.

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