A plea to deaf ears

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The PM is off to Antarctica:

Parting plea to Key as he heads to Ice

As Prime Minister John Key flies over the Ross Sea, environmentalists hope the experience will help him reinforce efforts to secure a marine reserve over the pristine region.

I applaud the Antarctic Ocean Alliance for their attempt, and I hope that it is successful. But this is the PM whose government tried to initiate mining in our national parks, and fallen over backwards to facilitate off-shore oil exploration. Nothing in Key’s character or behaviour to date suggests that he has the capacity either to understand environmental risks, or to be moved by the beauty and fragility of the natural world.

Come on John – prove me wrong. Please…

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  1. andy (the other one) 1


    “It’s an environment unlike anything else, a place of great beauty and history. The great explorers from Shackleton to Scott all launched their expeditions from New Zealand.”


    Then further on ..

    Most people can remember the first time they learnt about the loss of our aircraft down here.

    “I know I was starting School C at around that time – it’s a memory that’s lasted with me till now.”

    Still can’t remember the springbok tour though!!!

  2. higherstandard 2

    Aren’t we already leading the charge on this marine reserve.

    From the article you linked to

    “New Zealand and the United States have proposed the world’s largest marine protected area of 2.27 million square kilometres for consideration by the 25-member Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) at a meeting in Germany in July.”

    Sounds like a good thing to me and hopefully the start of more reserves around the antarctic region.

  3. Slicing the pie for Antarctic oil and gas.

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