A Right Jackup

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So it appears that John Banks, having applied for his Epsom candidature and ACT party membership at the same time, will get to face his mayoral campaign manager, Aaron Bhatnagar, as National candidate for Epsom.

Banks was able to assure everyone on Morning Report this morning that whoever was National candidate would get a high list placing, to ensure they both got in.  As someone with such close links to the National heirarchy, he obviously knows…

One suspects that Bhatnagar won’t be using the black-ops of past council campaigns against his mate John.  Banks was saying he was looking forward to a contest of ideas, although one wouldn’t suspect there were many ideas between them.  Indeed as a past ACT member, Bhatnagar probably believes in their policies more than his mate John…

Bhatnagar claims he will campaign on being a fresh pair of eyes, and he has more experience of Epsom.  And as his experience is of losing Epsom for both Act and National, it’s probably just the sort of experience National will be looking for in a candidate…

So it looks like NAct will continue to rort MMP – all part of their plot to get rid of it altogether?

[Unfortunately prolific blogger Bhatnagar has a habit of deleting blogs as he cleanses his history.  For shame, as Trevor Mallard says about promoting Paul Quinn: the more people see of him, the less likely that they’ll vote National…]

18 comments on “A Right Jackup”

  1. rod 1

    Not a word on TV1 news about this yet, I wonder why.

  2. felix 2

    “the more people see of him, the less likely that they’ll vote National…”

    Err, I’d much prefer that people in Epsom did vote for him really.

  3. Carol 3

    I was appalled at how blatantly Banks & Bhatnagar are explicitly gaming the system to get more ACT & Nat MP’s voted in my the people of Epsom – thumbing their noses at democracy. And if Epsom voters follow this direction, resulting in a further deterioration of rights & living conditions for ordinary Kiwis, I will be holding them accountable. This defintely shows a loophole that needs fixing when improving the MMP system.

  4. Sean 4

    >Unfortunately prolific blogger Bhatnagar has a habit of deleting blogs as he cleanses his history.

    Some of his older blogs seem to archived by the National Library…


  5. the sprout 5

    When it comes to politics, The Nagar is all bad news. An out of control, spoilt rich man-child.
    I would love to see him elected as a member representing National.

  6. What is the bet that Bhatman will be on National’s list in an electable position?

  7. tc 7

    Dumb and dumber you lucky Epsom folk.

    • Haha TC

      Which one is which?

      • felix 7.1.1

        You could add dumbest if we take this too lightly I reckon.

        Banks may be many things – a lying thieving bigoted sociopathic white-collar criminal foremost among them – but dumb he ain’t.

  8. Jim Nald 8

    Banks says “contest” of ideas with Bhatnagar ? ?

    My foot.

    Collusion !

  9. tc 9

    Dumbest is if the electorate allow NACT to blag another term and finish off the wrecking job they begun in 2008.

  10. Rich 10

    He must feel bad as being the patsy candidate who Key guarantees nobody will vote for.

  11. Anne 11

    As ms says: he’ll be rewarded with a high list placing. Bhatnagar has been an activist with National since around 2000. Before that he was in Act and frequented the Act Head Office in Auckland on a near daily basis.

    What amuses me about these NAct ‘Johnny Come Latelies’ is that few of them have ever done an honest days work in their privileged lives. Apparently that makes them desirable parliamentary material… handing out decisions which affect the lives of hard-working NZers.

  12. What I am wondering is what about Rodney? Have we really seen the last \of this clown ? I thought he looked very angry and bitter when interviewed after the change over .

  13. Craig 13

    Hence the naughty rumours about imaginary Brash lerv children from disenfranchised Rodneybites…

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