About time for another Key photo op

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It’s that time of the cycle again. Get ready for another John Key photo op. It’s always the same. Unpopular new policy. Crappy week in the House (notice Key is only bothering to show up once a week to Question Time now? Loving that accountability).

Gotta switch the mood. Photo op.

Something stupid for the papers to run. Something for the journos to say ‘your ministers are a bunch of incompetents, lairs, and thieves. All your important promises have been broken. And you keep lying to us. But damn you’re cute’.

What will it be?

Something with kids? Always a favourite. But just did the ‘private school girls swoon in heat for 48 year old dude’ one.

Maybe something with animals?

I’ve got an inside hint. You can have a look. But don’t tell anyone.

It’ll look great on page 2. With 300 words of gush from Tracey Watkins. Trust me.

29 comments on “About time for another Key photo op”

  1. JAS 1

    nah, I think a pic of him taking a bunch of school kids from south auckland (he so loves them for photo ops) to play in a working mine, just to show how safe it is.

  2. PJM 2

    It is something with kids! He’s opening a building today, at a school in Rodney District (North Auckland). But it’s a Decile 9 school so probably not very useful as a photo op.

    • Adders 2.1

      John Key is also opening the new court house in Levin tomorrow, Friday, at 9:30am.

      A protest march aimed at saving Horowhenua Health Centre’s 24 inpatient beds is being planned to interrupt the opening.

      The $16 million Health Centre opened three years ago. Closing the beds would save only $2.4 million out of $8.9 million the Health Board is being compelled to cut because of under-funding.

      To support the campaign to save the hospital beds, complete an online petition at http://www.savehorowhenuahospitalbeds.co.nz .

  3. Olwyn 3

    I have to say, Zetetic, your suggested option is just too delightful – I just burst into laughter when I saw it. The problem is, you can actually imagine it on page 2, with all the attendant gushing.

  4. madnessinc 4

    Didn’t think there’d be enough room on the bike For Key and Jacinda Arden.

  5. freedom 5

    nice story

  6. that zebra is rescuing key – bad zebra

  7. freedom 7

    the standard is being censored

    [lprent: No it isn’t. You’re just too impatient about a comment that went into the spam queue.

    Remember this site is run on a voluntary basis by people giving it time when they have some. One of my tasks is to rescue or approve items caught in the spam queue. Yesterday I went to work without my iPhone, which meant that I couldn’t tether to the internet, which meant that my abilities to admin the site were quite restricted.

    However I’m now starting to get interested in banning you because you’re getting irritating and wasting too much of my precious time. ]

  8. freedom 8

    turns out the link i was trying to post is on the site’s spam filter’s list.
    Why is an internationally recognised academic site on a spam list?
    the link is now spaced so at least it can be seen
    a e 9 1 1 t r u t h . o r g
    the post is
    “no-one said it was going to be easy

    all we can do is point people to information, such as the fact that one of the most academic and heavily regulated information sites on 9/11 Truth last week presented a new legal challenge to the Official story and was signed by 1,000 members.

    A site that to be a member of, you must be a qualified Architect or an Engineer.
    read that again and let it soak in

    1,000 qualified Architects and Engineers challenging an Official declaration from their Government. A challenge based on questions of the physical events, nothing else. No Politics. No accusations, just the facts people, nothing but the facts. Why would they do that if the Truth was not in question?

    • lprent 8.1

      Not just this site… We use http://akismet.com/ as do many others

      So there have been quite a lot of site operators pushing comments with one or both of these links into spam. When the count gets high enough, every site using akismet (including virtually every wordpress site) starts to block comments with those links. At present it is set to bring it to the operators attention, which means that it has been marked as spam by a lot of people, but not all.

      I let it out of spam, giving it a positive vote, because the comment was ok. But many of the comments across many sites must have been pretty damn bad. Activists have to be aware of how their comments will be viewed by system operators, because systems are cross-connected with cooperative systems like akismet.

      • freedom 8.1.1

        which goes to my point
        the disinformation brigade is hammering sites with abusive and generally rascist and derogatory comments, they throw these links in so they get blocked

        people must be made aware how subtle the manipulation of information has become

        on a personal note i thank the standard for their efforts and want to say publicly at no time did i believe the censorship was being directed by the standard
        captcha; serioulsy , couldn’t be more apt

        [lprent: Enough time wasted from your innumerable comments saying that the site is censored. So I’ll give you an object lesson so you’ll know how this site is ‘censored’ when we choose to do so.

        You’re now banned for 2 weeks for being a dickhead who has just wasted too much of my time. Piss off and learn some better behaviours that don’t waste my time. ]

  9. ghostwhowalksnz 9

    I think a snap election is in the offing after the budget ( with tax cuts).
    ACT is crumbling, the (minor) Maori party is waking up.
    Time for the biggest photo op of them all

  10. IrishBill 10

    But where’s the shark?

    • Zorr 10.1

      Was double checking that someone else hadn’t said that…

      You bastard!

      But yes, can we has shark pls? kthxbai! 😛

  11. rodney you plonker 11

    How about a photo of key holding a tiger by the tail.

  12. Bored 12

    Can you get Spot (the Telecom dog) into the photo aswell, perhaps Key running him over?

  13. Ianmac 13

    How about a photo showing Key with a rilly trewly genuine smile to contrst with the fake ones?

  14. Peter Johns 14

    No need for a photo op, GDP up 0.8% in Dec quarter. Boosted by manufacturing, not retail sales.

    • Bright Red 14.1

      We knew there would be an increase in December. It’s a bit of a one-off due to timing of some manufacturing. The expectation is a return to lower growth in March.

      Anyway, with unemployment rising and wages falling, where is the result of that growth going?

    • Tiger Mountain 14.2

      Tell someone who cares PJ, GDP as a measurement of how well the country is doing tells only part of the story, leaving out value such as unpaid work and the distribution of wealth among many other items.

      Photo op: howabout a phantom hair piece snatcher

      • Ianmac 14.2.1

        As an economic illiterate I thought GDP included things like Prison population. That is the greater the crime/prison population the greater the increase in GNP.

        How about John being proud about his skill at “fooling all the people…..”

  15. BLiP 15

    My sympathy’s with the zebra but I hope the lion doesn’t take a bite out of that toxic sludge on top.

  16. greenfly 16

    It’ll be Key with a baby panda. The panda will sneeze, Key will get such a fright and we’ll all go, “Awwww!!! So cute!”

  17. Chris 17

    And right on cue, up come telly images of teflon John giving high fives to a line of school girls (intermediate school aged)… saw it on the late news last night…

    He’s slowly turning into a Richard Simmons or something. Its just weird.

    • Bright Red 17.1

      surely, in the name of everything holy, you only get one ‘high fiving school girls’ story as PM.

  18. gobsmacked 18

    Don’t worry, he just needs to pay a visit to the heartland . Find a true-blue provincial town and get some good pictures of him surrounded by the adoring locals …


    Oh dear. Abort! Back to the panda!

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