ACT have been very stable

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We missed this at the time – thanks to toad in comments (and link to for the heads up!  Especially relevant now that John Key has personally tied himself to ACT with his endorsement.

18 comments on “ACT have been very stable”

  1. Lovely… Act have been very stable 😈

  2. Jim Nald 2

    Coming to you from Key’s mouth … the currency speculator’s double tongue – More Bullshit

  3. ianmac 3

    Oh what’s that? Well if John Key says ACT are stable then it is so. You weirdos who question our Great Leader over every thing that he says should get a life. You make things up and no one likes the way you Lefties play dirty politics. John Key shifted himself from a poor State House background to become New Zealand’s greatest success story and one of our richest men. The politics of envy that you lot screw around with, is a disgrace. Go back and wallow in the gutter where you belong.
    (I speak for the NACT trolls as they are busy astro-turfing Stuff. How well did I do?)

  4. anne 4

    This article is clever and accurate,now key’s reply
    “I dunno wasn’t there”
    “That’s for act to answer”
    “I dunno,I just heard it,I dunno”
    “I dunno,they have been stable”
    “It’s all a beat up by the left”
    “You can blame the last govt for that”
    “I dunno,act fits very well with our style of politics”
    “Act and National share everything”
    “I dunno,We are a stable govt”
    “Anything else?”

    Stable,Yeah right.

  5. Lanthanide 5

    ACT’s leadership is dinimic.

  6. Akldnut 6

    Ha I should have commented when I watched it on Monday – thought it was hilarious and that Key is nothing more than a lying mamipulating ass impersonating someone with integrity.

  7. Nick K 7

    Internally very unstable. Providing stable government with the Gnats, absolutely. So Key is right.

    • burt 7.1

      Correct, the context of the video is the stability of the coalition, in which ACT have been very stable.

      The vid is mildly entertaining but sloppy really as it’s classic attack the man tactics which don’t seem to have been working too well so far. I also don’t think amateurs should play with repetition, it has the form of subliminal advertising in this clip where it reinforces a message. ACT have been very stable!

      • Colonial Viper 7.1.1

        ACT has been stable as it is a puppet organisation. Many of the puppets have gone, but the puppet masters stay the same = stability.

        Thank goodness for that.

        • burt

          ACT has been stable as it is a puppet organisation.

          For sure, no argument. So the guy who made the video reminding us that Key is right is a dork if he thinks he’s hurting Key with this.

          The bottom line CV is that in terms of a coalition partner – ACT have been very stable.

  8. BLiP 8

    So far as distracting from National Ltd™’s own bumbling incompetence and Pansy Wong type dramas, the ACT Party has been a stable source of feed for the media chooks.

  9. Salsy 9

    That is priceless! Now where are the tea tapes?? Ive been waiting all week.

  10. Steve Wrathall 10

    That’s right. In ACT personalities come and go, but the principles (less govt, more personal freedom) remain. This contrasts with parties where personalities remain, but principles come and go.

  11. Ianupnorth 11

    I had the misfortune to drive through the Waikato this evening; what surprised me is that for every 5 Nat banners, there are at least 2 ACT banners – some people just don’t get it.

    They really are quite entertaining – one says

    <blockquote>In tough economic times you ned an experienced pair of hands</blockquote>

    and it has a picture of a smiling Brash;

    another says

    <blockquote>Ensuring excellence in education</blockquote>


    <blockquote>Protecting our farmers from the ETS</blockquote>

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