ACT Policy finally makes sense!

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Check out ACT’s policy page (ht freedom in comments).  It’s the most sense that they’ve ever made.  Click through to any specific policy – they all look the same:

Update: They’ve fixed it.  So it’s back to their usual nonsense now.  How dull.

15 comments on “ACT Policy finally makes sense!”

  1. the references to pork farming (Douglas), corned beef (Brash) and shank pork loin swine (Hide), suggest it is indeed genuine ACT policy 😆

  2. Kaplan 2

    Looks like chopped liver and tripe to me.

  3. alex 3

    Are they even still trying? I haven’t seen a single ACT billboard up around Wellington, and they only ever make the news with gaffes. Its starting to look a little bit wierd, and a little bit like sabotage.
    (Not that I’m complaining, those neoliberal ogres have long outstayed their welcome.)

  4. queenstfarmer 4

    I quite like their bacon policies.

  5. homerS 5

    mmmmmmmmm bacon

  6. framu 6

    cool – theyre using bacon ipsum

    so the question is – stuff up or developer hijinks?

  7. fender 7

    Haha brilliant, see Dons been updating policy after toking on his bong, but he was overcome with the munchies and couldnt stop thinking about his favourite recipe.

  8. billy fish 8

    hmmm munchies

  9. burt 9

    Meatball shoulder shank pancetta. Fatback flank chicken beef tail. Salami jowl tongue, beef ribs cow ball tip venison. Pastrami leberkäse boudin, biltong beef ribs sausage rump shoulder. Bacon ribeye ham, pork loin turducken strip steak pork chop pastrami swine prosciutto ball tip beef sausage meatloaf. Shoulder strip steak andouille tenderloin pig. Ham pork belly ball tip chicken flank, frankfurter meatloaf chuck shoulder fatback corned beef andouille beef ribs spare ribs drumstick.

  10. r0b 10

    There were a few good one liners on #actmeat.  Pity the whole thing got the chop…

  11. Isn’t this pork-barrel politics?

  12. Craig 12

    Here’s another one.
    Q: What is the real name of ACT’s Epsom candidate and phantom menace?
    A: Jar Jar Banks!*

    (*Especially jar-ring with Brash!)

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