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Govt: All workers to get same holidays as PM

Written By: - Date published: 6:03 am, January 12th, 2010 - 85 comments
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Workers to get same holidays as PM
Monday, 11/01/2010, 11:30pm
Press release: New Zealand Government

The Government will raise the minimum annual leave entitlement for all workers from four weeks a year to seven, Prime Minister John Key said today. “This will bring the holiday entitlements of all Kiwis into line with the vacations I take”, said Mr Key.

The Prime Minister said that if it was good enough for him, it was good enough for everyone. “I’ve had two months off in just 14 in power”, Mr Key revealed. “Hell,  how do you think I stay so relaxed about everything?” he remarked from poolside in Hawaii.

The Prime Minister did not think that businesses would object to giving their employees an extra three weeks a year off. “My employers hardly seem to have noticed” he said with his trademark grin.

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Kill Kill Kill – Please disregard previous press release ‘Workers to get same holidays as PM’
Monday, 12/01/2010, 5:30am
Press release: New Zealand Government

Righto. Sorry about that guys. A few to many margaritas by the pool, and I think bloody Bill Kristol slipped something into my drinks when we were playing Risk. Me and the Foreign Policy Initiative boys just wrote that release for a laugh, didn’t mean to send it but obviously got a bit carried away.

So, yeah, there won’t be seven weeks paid leave for you guys. Sorry. In fact, most of you will only be getting three as of next year.

I, however, might see if I can’t get away with eight.

85 comments on “Govt: All workers to get same holidays as PM ”

  1. Pip 1

    Bill Kristol … playing Risk = Win

  2. Gosman 2

    When he’s working you think he’s lightweight and doesn’t do anything and then when he’s on holiday you want him back at work.

    I can’t understand your leftist logic sometime.

    BTW I think this sort of post is along the lines of those attacking Barrack Obama that are detailed here http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/trifecta.asp or those that were made against Helen Clark about her personal life. If you wish to engage in this level of discussion then go ahead but it can get really messy in the gutter.

    • Marty G 2.1

      Gosman, I don’t read any US blogs, I’m not copying them.

      And this has nothing to do with Key’s personal life. I’m not accusing him of being gay, I’m not attacking his appearance or ethnicity or his family life.

      I’m criticising his dedication to his work.

      And that is in no way contradictory to criticising the work he does sometimes do. Why should I have to settle for saying ‘pheww, at least he’s not at work buggering things up’.

      Is it too much to ask to want a prime minister that both shows up for work and does a good job while he’s there?

      Cheers Pip, new Eddie.

      • Gosman 2.1.1

        The only people who seem to have any real problem with John Key being away is a small clique of leftists such as yourself. Now considering it is unlikely John Key would be able to do anything that would satisfy your own particular political philosophy I don’t see the point of you bemoaning his absence from the job.

        Perhaps you are expecting the MSM or general population to take up the points you are making. However at the moment you just come across as petty and vindicative. It is exactly the same ugliness that frames the attacks on Obama in that link I provided or was behind the silly personal attacks on Clark during the last Government.

        These don’t tend to work except amongst the ugly section of society. If you wish to appeal to these people then go ahead. Perhaps you can make some comments against Maori rights as well vis-a-vis Phil Goff.

        • Marty G

          We made comments on Goff’s speech at the time.

          Tell us what to write on our blog again and you won’t be welcome anymore, see our policy page. It’s about behaving in fair manner to the people who give up the time to provide you with a forum.

          • Gosman

            Ummmmm….. there is a BIG difference between telling you what to write and suggesting something.

            All I stated is that if you wish to appeal to the ugly section of society then doing something along the lines of Phil Goff’s comments would be a start.

            If you don’t undersatand the point I am making then it is more fool you.

  3. Jewish Kiwi 3

    Gosman – you don’t appear to understand logic itself.

    The point is that John Key does nothing whatsoever. And now he is doing so flagrantly. He should be back in New Zealand, being less of a lightweight.

    Do you understand?

    • Gosman 3.1

      So you think he should be doing nothing at all in NZ instead of in Hawaii?

      Why exactly?

      • Jewish Kiwi 3.1.1

        Gosman – who says he should be doing nothing in NZ?

        Rodney Hide, perhaps.

      • Marty G 3.1.2

        No. Gosman. Try reading. Jewish Kiwi, like me, thinks he should be back in NZ and working.

        • Gosman

          But when he’s back in N.Z most of you guy’s think he doesn’t do anything anyway. This ‘Too many holiday’s’ attack line seem to be just an excuse to make a personal attack on him.

          • Jewish Kiwi

            Because we *think* he doesn’t do anything doesn’t mean we *want* this to be the case.

            You are very slow in the head, and if you don’t get it by now, go read Hairy McClairy or something.

          • Marty G

            again: “Is it too much to ask to want a prime minister that both shows up for work and does a good job while he’s there?”

          • Rob Carr

            This too many holidays proves he is lazy in general. Prime Ministers are not known for taking that much holiday time in their first year in government.

            • Gosman

              But this isn’t within the first year in Government. You guys are stretching the period to 14 months (which includes two major holiday periods) and then trying to state it falls within a year. Essentially you are guilty of dodgy statistical gathering.

  4. illuminatedtiger 4

    I was back at work on the 4th. Now this asshole who we call the PM is just taking the piss!

  5. TightyRighty 5

    So in the first year of his new job, John Key took his 4 weeks holiday, in the second year of his new job, he has taken his four weeks annual leave? whats the problem? i think it’s great he takes holidays with his families. Families are important, and i’m sure they don’t get to see to much of Mr Key during the year.

    • Jewish Kiwi 5.1

      Except when he is hiding out at the Huka Lodge during important by-elections

    • logie97 5.2

      Now let’s see – Election November 2008 – 2 months in the job and already on top of it so I take 4 weeks leave. 12 months later after just 14 months in the job I take another 4 weeks. How many jobs are there where you get a full leave entitlement after only 2 months?

      It could be argued that the “first hundred days” where everything got passed under urgency was his idea of a full year’s work…

      • Gosman 5.2.1

        Seriously but are you a little slow or something logie97?

        When did John Key become an MP again – was it October 2008 or a few years previously?

        When you get a promotion at work does you Holiday entitlement start again from the moment you start your new role?

        If you are representative of the the intellectual capital of the left I don’t think the National led Government has much to worry about for a good few years to come.

        • logie97

          Promotion? – He changed jobs.

          • Gosman

            He changed roles not jobs. He is still first and foremost an Member of Parliament. Within this specific job he can take on a number of roles. One of these includes being the Prime Minister. However I think you will find his holiday entitlements are accrued according to the length of time he has been an MP not when he bacame PM.

            • logie97

              You can spin it how you like. He was 2 months into a new job, no longer just an MP or leader of a political party (answerable only to that party), but in a totally different job as leader of a country – a Prime Minister and answerable to a nation.

              (and as for trying to gain the intellectual high ground, you should check your typing before you submit – Professor “Tolley” Umbridge would not be very proud of one of hers making so many fundamental grammatical errors…)

              • Gosman

                So just to clarify your position, MP’s who were formally employed as Ministers under the last Labour Government are not entitled to any leave that they had accrued at the moment they ceased being Ministers of the crown and have to start afresh – is that correct?

                As for my gramatical errors, this is a blog comments section not an English test. What is more important is ideas and argument logic and you fail seriously on that front.

              • Pascal's bookie

                See my comment below, but on this separate issue, parliaments are dissolved between elections aren’t they. If so then they are re-applying for their jobs.

      • Crash Cart 5.2.2

        In the defense force you have the full balance of you leave year available to you at the start of the year. The moment it rolls over you could go out and use your 20 days. They work under the premise that you are going to earn it any way, you will have restricted opportunities to take it, why not let you use it. It also means you don’t have to scramble to use it up when a leave year is going to roll over due to the fact you can only carry over a certain number of days per year. If you leave before you have earned the leave days that you have used you are required to pay them back.

        Just because things don’t work like this where you are doesn’t mean no on e else gets it that way.

  6. TightyRighty 6

    snide, snippy remarks. the hallmark of the politics of envy

    • Jewish Kiwi 6.1

      Actually, you are bang on the money TightyRighty.

      I’m bloody envious my snout isn’t in the gravy train as well.

      • TightyRighty 6.1.1

        By not taking your full entitlement of annual leave granted by the last government that John Key is quite rightly making use of? then you are either an idiot, or a martyr.

        • Jewish Kiwi


          Does the Prime Minister have leave allocated like a normal worker, or does he just swan off whenever he’s feeling a bit pale around the edges?

          I don’t think politicians have job descriptions nor contracts with leave factored into them.

          • TightyRighty

            really? so as an employee of the state he’s not covered by any contract? hmmmm, i find that a bit hard to believe. does anyone know how much time our last prime minister, defeated at the polls, the second female prime minister of new zealand, Helen Clark took in office?

            • Jewish Kiwi


              They don’t contact public services HR and schedule some time off to see their families. They might consult their party whip.

              • TightyRighty

                Oh really? gee thanks for clearing that up. your obviously such an HR expert that you could probably explain to me why all full time employees, no matter their role, are covered under the Holidays Act. if he gets paid for a job, i’m pretty sure you could consider him employed.

          • Gosman

            What an ill informed comment. Of course the Politicians have conditions of employment. They are ultimately paid by the same state bureacracy that pays Heads of Departments and other Civil Servants. the only difference being is that the emplyment and dismissal rules are different.

            • Jewish Kiwi

              What are the dismissal rules for the PM, do you think?

              • Gosman


                Either he gets rolled by his caucus, rejected by the electorate during a General election, or he can have his Ministerial warrant removed by the GG.

                I thought this was pretty obvious.

            • Pascal's bookie

              What an ill informed comment. Of course the Politicians have conditions of employment. They are ultimately paid by the same state bureacracy that pays Heads of Departments and other Civil Servants. the only difference being is that the emplyment and dismissal rules are different.

              I’m pretty sure Jewish Kiwi is spot on here actually. They are members of parliament. They are not employees of the state, and I doubt very much that they have any contract of the sort an employee would have.

              As you say, their ‘conditions of employment’ are about being duly elected. Beyond that the are pretty much safe as long as they don’t get convicted of a crime. The privileges committee has some control over their behaviour, bringing the house into disrepute, that sort of thing.

              Who do you think is on the other side of the contract you imagine exists? Any civil servant is employed, ultimately, by an mp so that won’t work.

              However I think you will find his holiday entitlements are accrued according to the length of time he has been an MP not when he bacame PM.

              Where would I find this? I think you’ll find they can take as much holiday as they want, and do as little work as they want. Accrual doesn’t come into it. The only thing that will matter is public perception of their performance.

    • roger nome 6.2

      the only thing i envy about you is your ability to be blissfully unaware of the world around you. key treats his most important position with contempt, just as Bush did. we deserve better.

  7. jcuknz 7

    It is a fun piece Marty but to be fair … how many ‘workers’ remain ‘on call’ during their holidays the way John Key has to? I would guess that if you deducted the amount of time JK spends on government business during his holidays his total free time would be no more than what the rest of us, myself excluded as a returee, have off / used to have off. ‘Workers’ have real time off, I doubt that JK does. No doubt some idiot will say he doesn’t work now.

    • Jewish Kiwi 7.1


      “How many ‘workers’ remain ‘on call’ during their holidays the way John Key has to?”

      Firefighters and Emergency Workers
      IT Professionals
      Hotel Administrators
      Hospital Interns

      ..to name a few

      • Crash Cart 7.1.1

        All of those you have listed above are required to be compensated in some way for remaining on call and should they be called in during that leave the day is to be refunded to them. I am in the defense force and before that was an IT professional. Both fall into this category.

        • TightyRighty

          Do they? Seeing how Mr Key donates his salary to charity, how would he be compensated seeing as he has limited time for holidays?

        • Bright Red

          I think the $350K salary probably counts as compo, don’t you think?

          The guy knew the job he was running for.

          Did you really think you would be getting a PM who takes 7 weeks a year off on overseas holidays?

          Is that really OK with you?

          • Gosman

            I prefer to rate people’s work on overall performance and outcomes rather than on how much time they spend ‘officially’ at work. Now if you have evidence that John Key is failing in this regard by all means attack him on them rather than this rather pathetic smeer attack on his Holiday’s.

          • TightyRighty

            see above. what 350K salary? he doesn’t take 7 weeks of a yeart. he took four in the first year, and has taken three so far this year of employment. all within the holidays act. doofus.

            anti-spam: drawing, as in marty and eddie are drawing a long bow on this one

            • Pascal's bookie

              Where’s this ‘Key donates his salary to charity’ meme spring from? Got a cite?

              It’s meaningless anyway for this debate. What he does with the salary he gets paid in no way detracts from the fact that he is paid it.

              • Gosman

                So why are you guy’s using a 14 month term and trying to imply the time off he’s had is related to a year in office?

              • TightyRighty

                Really? in no way detracts from the debate? i would have thought that if someone donates 100% of their salary from their job, you would at least not begrudge them their holiday entitlements. especially in such a demanding job that requires many hours away from the family. nobody minded when Helen Clark went hiking in dangerous mountain country, so why mind that John Key is off on holiday with his family?

              • Pascal's bookie

                What he does with salary he is paid is his business. We pay him to do a job.

                Now any evidence at all that he pays 100 perecnt of his salary to charity?

              • Crash Cart

                Actually tighty he gets to trade on the good will he earns from donating his salary. In the long run someone as rich as he is will gain more political leverage and increase his chances of re-election by a far grater amount by donating his salary rather than collecting it.

              • Pascal's bookie

                Does anyone have a cite for this donation story?

              • TightyRighty

                PB: sorry he donates a good part. what a good part is i am unsure, but am guessing it is more than 50%


                Crash, i understand the good will he earns by doing this. However, i am at a loss to understand why taking holidays allowed for within the holiday act to spend time with his family is a bad thing?

              • Crash Cart

                See my statement below Tighty. I am not passing judgment on him taking leave. I agree taht no one should be ridiculed for taking their allotment, and he probably is in constant contact with his party while on leave. I merely back the stance that his donating of his salary in no way effects the amount of leave he should be able to take. He sees a benefit from that salary be it good will or feeding his kids.

              • Pascal's bookie

                Thanks TR

                National Party leader John Key has vowed to donate “a good part” of his government pay to charity should he be New Zealand’s next Prime Minister.

                Like my tax cut north of fifty bucks then eh 😉

                Seriously though, good on him if he is, but it’s pretty vague to hang any sort of argument on it.

              • DeeDub

                If he does not take his salary as leader of the country he is in extremely dodgy company. 😉

                A certain Adolf Schickelgruber was widely praised a few years back for not drawing his salary. He was a multi-millionaire too.

              • felix

                TR: Why do you assume it would be above 50% though?

                Wouldn’t 20% be a good part?

                How many people do you know who donate 10% of their salary?

                If you donated 10% of your salary would you consider that “a good part”? What about 5%?

                It’s all academic anyway, as PB points out. No-one has provided a shred of evidence that he donates anything at all.

          • Crash Cart

            I was not passing judgment on JK. I just pointed out that Jewish kiwi was not giving all facts in regards to those who have to be on call.

            I am a right winger who is not happy at all with the current government.

  8. prism 8

    Great imaginative piece Marty G. Sounds as convincing as the usual stuff from government.

  9. For fucks sake, he’s a do nothing anyway, holiday or not.

    Funnily enough most workers can take holidays over and above their entitlement, provided they budget for the loss of income. Isn’t John Key’s salary being given to charity anyway?

  10. Razorlight 10

    Can you please give me the dates of the seven weeks he has taken as ‘holiday’. I can then get this clarified by his office.

    We can all then all see whether he is lazy or whether you are full of shit

    • snoozer 10.1

      razor, don’t be lazy and angry like some reptile, check the post from yesterday, it lists 5 and a half weeks of holidays – Hawaii, New York/Florida, Trinidad – then add the 3 he has taken just now. That’s 2 months in 14, or about 7 weeks in 12 months.

  11. vidiot 11

    If I work 2 jobs and each job gives me 4 weeks annual leave – does that mean I get 8 weeks leave a year ?

    • Crash Cart 11.1

      Yes you do. You may choose to take them all at the same time so it appears that you have only taken 4 weeks off but you have received the equivalent of 8 weeks of leave pay. When it comes down to it that is how the leave you take is measured. You can take as much time off as you want but your employer only has to pay you for 4 weeks.

      • snoozer 11.1.1

        but if you don’t take the leave at the same time, you’ll have to show up for your normal hours at your second job even if you’re on leave from your first one.

        • Crash Cart

          That’s irrelevant. You get paid for 8 weeks leave from two different employers. I could choose to take up part time work during my 4 weeks leave. It doesn’t mean I am not getting it. My employer is still having to pay for me to not be there.

          • Pascal's bookie

            Don’t you get four weeks leave from each? I get what you are saying, but the ‘8 weeks’ angle doesn’t really describe what’s going on, (unless you’d say that they get two weeks pay for two weeks work every week when they are not on holiday).

            • Crash Cart

              As far as I see it getting 4 weeks from two sources is 8 weeks. An employer isn’t usually interested or responsible for what people do in their own time. The fact that they get the 8 weeks worth of holiday pay from two different employers doesn’t change the fact that it is 8 weeks holiday pay.

  12. Ministry of Justice 12

    “All workers to get same holidays as PM”

    The teachers’ union isn’t going to be happy.

  13. grumpy 13

    So, if JK works on weekends or statutory holidays, does he get days in lieu?

  14. Hopw many weeks hoiklday a year did Helen Clark take.

    • Bright Red 14.1

      not 2 months in every 14, I’ll bet you that much.

      Tell you what Brett, if you think it’s OK for Key to take 2 months in 14 off on overseas trips as long as Clark did (despite the fact that you hated Clark) why don’t you work how how much overseas leave she took and tell us.

      Bet it’s not 2 months in 14.

    • burt 14.2

      Brett Dale

      You know that’s different. Helen was a competent and popular PM and everything she did was always good.

  15. burt 15

    When self serving Labour were in charge I regularly posted comments about how is it that the PM (and senior ministers) get circa 9% pay rises every year while the general workforce gets 2%-3% if they are lucky. I was regularly shot down for this because the PM isn’t in charge of setting his/her own salary.

    But on the subject of extra weeks leave, that is a tough one. Perhaps the solution would be for the same percentage increase the MPs get to be given to all the public service always. So if the MPs get a 9% payrise – so do the teachers, doctors, police etc.

    Lets get that sorted then work on the holidays as well, but as noted above – the teachers won’t like this and they are just starting to get over being called rich pricks under Labour so tread carefully with them if you want their support to return to Labour.

    • Pascal's bookie 15.1

      I’m not at all sure that mp’s have these sort of contracts.

      AFAIK they can take as many holidays and do as little work as they like. Judgements about whether or not they are troughing that entitlement are political, which would make them fair game for comment I’d think.

      If there is some sort of employment contract specifying their entitlements, I’d be obliged if someone could confirm that.

  16. burt 16

    Pascal’s bookie

    Well that’s even more of a concern isn’t it. It is interesting that when “the red team” were in charge the red team supporters had no issue with, and actually defended, the pay and entitlements their team enjoyed. All changed when the red team got the boot eh – now the red team supporters are actually looking at what they are talking about rather than just being apologists for self serving troughers…

    Hell in 2007 Helen’s pay rise was bigger than the gross pay of a minimum wage worker – this will be the same for Key but I suspect I won’t be shot down pointing it out like I have been in the past.

    • Pascal's bookie 16.1

      Don’t be too stupid burt.

      Whther or not they are troughing it is a judgement call. It’s quite possible to think the system itself is ok, and that one team is abusing it and the other is not. But whatevs.

    • lprent 16.2

      Ummm wasn’t the topic on MPs and specifically the PMs holidays? What do wages have to do with it?

      The wages are set by the state services commission.

      I suspect that the holidays are set by the MP concerned themselves.

      So you’re just doing a pile of bullshit – what for? Diversion…

    • Bright Red 16.3

      MPs don’t determine their salaries, burt, the Remuneration Board does. MPs do determine how much time they take on holiday, and where they go to.

      Are you cool with a PM taking 2 months off in 14? Would you be cool if Clark had done it? Of course not.

  17. Noo 17

    IrishBill: A couple of days ago I banned you for a week. Now I think I’ll make it two.

    [lprent: Ah – I missed that… Explains what was happening. I should have backtracked him. Oh well he has had a few comments pushed to anti-spam now. ]

    IrishBill: Sorry Lynn, I should have flicked you an email. He was posting as “yess” at the time. First ban for 2010.

  18. dirtystandardfilth 18


  19. If this goes through it will definatly be a blow to employeers.

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  • Jobs for Nature funding will create training and employment opportunities
    A major investment to tackle wilding pines in Mt Richmond will create jobs and help protect the area’s unique ecosystems, Biosecurity Minister Damien O’Connor says. The Mt Richmond Forest Park has unique ecosystems developed on mineral-rich geology, including taonga plant species found nowhere else in the country. “These special plant ...
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    1 week ago
  • Pre-departure testing extended to all passengers to New Zealand
    To further protect New Zealand from COVID-19, the Government is extending pre-departure testing to all passengers to New Zealand except from Australia, Antarctica and most Pacific Islands, COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins said today. “The change will come into force for all flights arriving in New Zealand after 11:59pm (NZT) on Monday ...
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    1 week ago
  • Bay Cadets learn skills to protect environment
    Bay Conservation Cadets launched with first intake Supported with $3.5 million grant Part of $1.245b Jobs for Nature programme to accelerate recover from Covid Cadets will learn skills to protect and enhance environment Environment Minister David Parker today welcomed the first intake of cadets at the launch of the Bay ...
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    1 week ago
  • Cook Islanders to resume travel to New Zealand
    The Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern and the Prime Minister of the Cook Islands Mark Brown have announced passengers from the Cook Islands can resume quarantine-free travel into New Zealand from 21 January, enabling access to essential services such as health. “Following confirmation of the Cook Islands’ COVID ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Supporting communities and landowners to grow employment opportunities
    Jobs for Nature funding is being made available to conservation groups and landowners to employ staff and contractors in a move aimed at boosting local biodiversity-focused projects, Conservation Minister Kiritapu Allan has announced. It is estimated some 400-plus jobs will be created with employment opportunities in ecology, restoration, trapping, ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Border exception for some returning international tertiary students
    The Government has approved an exception class for 1000 international tertiary students, degree level and above, who began their study in New Zealand but were caught offshore when border restrictions began. The exception will allow students to return to New Zealand in stages from April 2021. “Our top priority continues ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Tiwai deal gives time for managed transition
    Today’s deal between Meridian and Rio Tinto for the Tiwai smelter to remain open another four years provides time for a managed transition for Southland. “The deal provides welcome certainty to the Southland community by protecting jobs and incomes as the region plans for the future. The Government is committed ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • New member for APEC Business Advisory Council
    Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has appointed Anna Curzon to the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC). The leader of each APEC economy appoints three private sector representatives to ABAC. ABAC provides advice to leaders annually on business priorities. “ABAC helps ensure that APEC’s work programme is informed by business community perspectives ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Govt’s careful economic management recognised
    The Government’s prudent fiscal management and strong policy programme in the face of the COVID-19 global pandemic have been acknowledged by the credit rating agency Fitch. Fitch has today affirmed New Zealand’s local currency rating at AA+ with a stable outlook and foreign currency rating at AA with a positive ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • Additional actions to keep COVID-19 out of NZ
    The Government is putting in place a suite of additional actions to protect New Zealand from COVID-19, including new emerging variants, COVID-19 Response Minister Chris Hipkins said today. “Given the high rates of infection in many countries and evidence of the global spread of more transmissible variants, it’s clear that ...
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    2 weeks ago
  • 19 projects will clean up and protect waterways
    $36 million of Government funding alongside councils and others for 19 projects Investment will clean up and protect waterways and create local jobs Boots on the ground expected in Q2 of 2021 Funding part of the Jobs for Nature policy package A package of 19 projects will help clean up ...
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    3 weeks ago
  • New Zealand Government acknowledges 175th anniversary of Battle of Ruapekapeka
    The commemoration of the 175th anniversary of the Battle of Ruapekapeka represents an opportunity for all New Zealanders to reflect on the role these conflicts have had in creating our modern nation, says Associate Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage Kiri Allan. “The Battle at Te Ruapekapeka Pā, which took ...
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    3 weeks ago