Alone and forlorn

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Got to hand it to Peter Dunne, he is a master of tragic comedy – PETER DUNNE: Dark, grim Labour stands alone and forlorn

The sense of optimism and enthusiasm for New Zealand that pervaded Labour previously in even the darkest of times now seems to have deserted it completely. Labour appears these days to be against everything, and for nothing.

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Labour’s “we know best” attitude stands defiantly and forlornly all by itself. Labour – for so long the party of reform – is now but a hollow shadow of itself. Saddening to some, but surprising to few.

That would be Peter Dunne, sole MP of a pretend party, calling Labour “alone and forlorn”. That would be Labour, in formal cooperation with The Greens, as a bloc polling equal to the Nats, and solidly a contender to lead the next government.

Didn’t really think that one through did you Peter. Enjoy your retirement old chap.

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  1. In the photo, the Dunne twins, Alone and Forlorn.

  2. Carolyn_nth 2

    Dunne: Labour’s “we know best” attitude stands defiantly and forlornly all by itself.

    Projection, much.

    And we are living in dark days – when WINZ punitively, and illegally, deducts much needed income from a rape victim; when the numbers of visible and invisible homeless keep growing; when growing numbers of children are getting ill; when too many people are dying before their time; when the public health system is stretched to the limit; ditto the public education system; when our cities are in a state of gridlock; when the wealthy rub their hands in glee at the increasing wealth of their property portfolios;

    …. and when a minister can only spend time bagging the opposition instead of doing anything significant to make NZ a better place for all people in NZ.

    Opposition parties have some policies, and hopefully the will, to fix all (or at least the most in needy of) the above darknesses.

    • tricledrown 2.1

      He was anti drug reform now his seat is on the line he has changed his tune.

      • Aldousk 2.1.1

        Peter Dunne doesn’t have any tunes. He squawks whatever he is instructed to squawk by whoever rattles his cage.

    • greywarshark 2.2

      And what must always be mentioned that the neoliberal governments have done is kill domestic business in NZ on the basis of efficiency. NZ people have been thrown on the scrapheap because of our size not allowing for economies of scale, and because of the low, survival wages paid overseas.

      And talking to 40 year olds recently, they think there is no other way of doing things, quite accepting. It’s cheaper isn’t it, why pay more to get it done in NZ when we can ship it in. And of course bring in the extra pests that are going on with the destruction of what was once ‘our country’. which we were proud of for all its accomplishments in societal matters and enterprise. Now young NZrs live by grace and favour in the cracks between the pavers that government and their wranglers stride on.

      Peter Dunne has been a facilitator for neo liberalism that National can rely on. None of them have any principles or ideals, they are plastic people bent into the required shape. Similar with Labour, can they be bent back to their full height?
      Too late for PD.

  3. James 3

    You keep forgetting that labour are looking at getting sub 30 % come the election.

    Despite the combined vote with the greens there is no way winny is going to put a party with 20 something % into government. Especially when the other party is in the mid 40’s.

    • Draco T Bastard 3.1

      I still don’t think that NZ First will go with National. Their policies are too opposed.

    • DoublePlusGood 3.2

      That really isn’t how MMP works

      • james 3.2.1

        I understand how MMP works – but a ‘kingmaker’ would be nuts to put up a leader from a party only in the 20 %’s

        • Stuart Munro

          Your determination to slate Labour is eroding your reasoning skills. Irrespective of what Winston does, a kingmaker does best with smaller parties because their influence is proportionately greater. It’s no fun for a serious politician to become a flaccid appendage like Done or Cmor.

          Richard Neville supported factions that couldn’t make it on their own until his own influence was practically insuperable – that’s the kingmaker game.

      • weka 3.2.2

        That’s how Peters does it though. FPP mentality.

  4. 22 years in labour – gotta say P. Dunne is a survivor.

    • mikesh 4.1

      He is pretty popular in the Ohariu electorate, and works very hard at remaining so. However, I think many National supporters vote for him because they know that he will provide the party with one more vote in the house – over and above what their party vote entitles them to.

  5. weka 5

    Peter Dunne, always pointing to the major flaw in MMP.

    But this is good. It’s not a go a Labour, it’s a go at the L/G coalition. Because Dunne could quite easily fit into a L/NZF govt if he had to, but he can’t stand the idea of NZ having a govt to the left of that, especially with the Greens. And of course that govt wouldn’t have him so he’d have to spend his last term in opposition with nothing to do but be a remnant of RW neoliberalism.

  6. tc 6

    Fence sitting trougher who will not be missed. Disingenuous hypocrite.

  7. The decrypter 7

    Alone and forlorn, Alone -and- forlorn. Has a nice ring to it, much like, “Strong and stable”– Strong and stable– both excellent to boogie to, As I am doing right now. Thanks NATWATCH for the post. Alone ===and ===forlorn.

  8. Shona 8

    Winston has twice gone into coalition with Labour. Once with National. I live in the Far North and trust me when I say Winston knows which side his bread is buttered on. This government has fucked everyone over including the farming sector. He has survived for so long because he has a far clearer understanding of what matters to New Zealanders than anyone in National.

    • Karen 8.1

      Don’t forget Winston was a National Party MP from 1978 until 1993 and had unsuccessfully stood for National in 1975. At heart, Winston is still a Nat IMO.

      • Hongi Ika 8.1.1

        Nah he is not kindly disposed to National since Jenny Shipley shafted him.

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