Another challenger for Dunedin South

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olivier.jpg Newstalk ZB reports that failed Dunedin Mayoral candidate Olivier Lequeux has put his name forward to challenge the Labour selection in Dunedin South.

According to ZB:

Mr Lequeux says Labour approached him to put his name forward. He is now in Auckland meeting with party officials.

This strikes me as highly unlikely. My sources tell me Lequeux is widely disliked in Dunedin, having ripped off a lot of people through his dodgy business dealings. Word has it Lequeux even had to flee to France at one stage to avoid his debts. And according to an article on his own website,

By his own admission, there are some who view him as a “womaniser”. The Montpellier native, responsible for a string of cafe and bar ventures in Dunedin, admits his credit history has not always been good, and in a moment of candour tells me administration is not his strong point.

I understand Lequeux is a Labour Party member and is perfectly entitled to stand for selection. But with a chequered past like his it is almost certain he does not have the party’s backing, and I’m surprised at ZB’s lack of research. How hard would it have been for them to check?

13 comments on “Another challenger for Dunedin South”

  1. Robinsod 1

    Ha! I had a mate who worked for this guy (he was a longtime Dunedin character by all accounts) and from the stories I’ve heard I’m not surprised he’s big-noting. It’s a bit concerning when a national news network like ZB just repeats deluded ranting hook, line and sinker (mind you they put DPF up as a political analyst too!)

  2. rjs131 2

    Well maybe he took heart from the high list placing given to Taito Philip Field by the labour party in teh last election

  3. Daveo 3

    Mate, you guys gave that lying crook Don Brash your number 1 place last time round so I wouldn’t get too cocky.

  4. Dunedinite 4

    And according to the gos Olivier only ran to piss off Lee Vandervis who stole his wife…

  5. Robinsod 5

    Oh jesus – is it the cold down there that makes so many of you bastards crazy or what?

  6. Benodic 6

    This dude sounds insane. I don’t think Don Pryde will be losing any sleep over this one.

  7. The real problem with Lequeux is that there are no prima facie cases for immigration fraud, fraud, or assault against him.

  8. JamesK 8

    Sorry, did you say prima facie? I hear there’s one of them against Tau Henare for assaulting Trevor Mallard. Anyone know a crooked accountant to take the prosecution?

  9. Luke 9

    I heard that although Lequeux is a member, he is certainly not active at all. However he has been a member for less than a year, so will need special dispensation from the NZ council. I don’t believe there is any chance of him winning the nomination, up against the EPMU president, and maybe the Otago/Southland regional rep as well.

  10. Lee C 10

    So the people of Dunedein South get to choose between an alleged philandere an proven liar, or a proven womaniser and alleged liar.
    What a brilliant Labour Party strategy.
    Three good pieces of news yesterday &
    “A court challenge is being made against the Electoral Finance Bill.
    Papers have been filed at the High Court in Wellington today, against Attorney General Michael Cullen seeking a judicial review of the legislation.
    The action is being taken by Auckland man and ACT Party member John Boscawen. He is joined by Greypower, the Sensible Sentencing Trust and ACT Party leader Rodney Hide. Mr Boscawen says they believe the Attorney General was wrong in not indicating to Parliament that the legislation was inconsistent with the Bill of Rights Act”.
    “Mallard to face private prosection
    9:01AM Thursday November 01, 2007
    Wellington accountant Graham McCready has said he will take a private prosecution against Trevor Mallard (pictured). Photo / Mark Mitchell
    Wellington accountant Graham McCready has launched a private prosecution of Cabinet Minister Trevor Mallard over the parliamentary dust up in which he punched National MP Tau Henare.”
    “Home violence – Key pledges tougher action
    John Key has proposed giving police the power to hand out instant protection orders.
    National is promising to give police the power to issue temporary, on-the-spot domestic violence protection orders in a bid to improve New Zealand’s poor record on abuse in the home.”
    Looks like for a change people are starting to engage their brains…
    I will be fascinated to see detractors jump through hoops to support the status-quo on
    Un-democratic legislation
    Domestic abuse..

  11. Robinsod 11

    Hey Lee- if you’d read a little more you’d see there’s another candidate for selection. Like I’ve said before though don’t let facts trouble your prejudices. Oh and good on you for getting your hopes up on the back of a whole lot of one-trick headlines. Just don’t be too disheartened when they all fizzle… You’ve still not confirmed our dinner date. I’m sure there are some good restaurants on the shore…

  12. Lee C 12

    So I take it you are in favour of the status quo when it comes to Assault
    Un-democratic legislation
    Domestic abuse..?

  13. Robinsod 13

    And Lee do you still beat your wife. Don’t you have a job or something?

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