Another Quality Selection

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So many things wrong with what poor Clutha-Southland are having foist upon them by National.

A very young man whose experience of life is National Party jobs and Tobacco company lobbying.

Those jobs assisting English, Brownlee and Parata will have given him lots of that private sector experience that Nats say is essential (just like English himself had… at Treasury…)

And from his one 8-month stint in the private sector?  On cigarettes he says: “It was just a job, and it taught me a lot about corporate politics . . . I do not condone smoking or even smoke myself though. Everyone has been affected by someone with a long-term illness, so my greatest sympathies go out to them.”

That’s a strong moral compass right there while you’re advocating increased smoking for everyone else…

And on Clutha-Southland?

When asked about the main issues facing the Clutha-Southland area, Barclay said he had held the position for only one day.

“The area deserves strong representation and someone who understands the issues,” he said.

So he doesn’t know the issues, but Clutha-Southland deserves someone who does? Right.

Luckily, the good citizens of Clutha Southland do have a choice, in the shape of the highly intelligent child health expert Liz Craig.

29 comments on “Another Quality Selection”

  1. Whatever next? 1

    Are there no National people of substance, integrity or intelligence? If so, where are they? Your party really need you right now.

  2. Colonial Viper 2

    Liz Craig is an outstanding candidate for Clutha Southland and I back her 100%.

    Re: Barclay. I think he must have extremely strong National Party sponsors/patrons, and someone has figured out that he will eventually be Tory Cabinet material. As a 24 year old brand new candidate he is going to make plenty of inexperienced fuck ups plus a case of frequent foot in the mouth syndrome, and many old National voters in the electorate won’t be that keen on him as he is basically an outsider, but I suspect that ol’ Bill will be providing him with a tonne of mentoring and contacts over the next few weeks.

    Those jobs assisting English, Brownlee and Parata will have given him lots of that private sector experience that Nats say is essential (just like English himself had… at Treasury…)

    The hypocrisy is there, but we (and the voters) know that both National and Labour caucuses are full of career public servant types who spent years on Parliamentary Services pay and then got shoulder tapped to stand for Parliament.

  3. Blue 3

    He’s not an outsider CV, he’s raised in Dipton and schooled in Gore. You can’t get more local than that.

    • Colonial Viper 3.1

      Huh? The guy admitted to the media that he doesn’t know or understand the issues facing the electorate. Yes, he was raised as a child in part of the electorate. But he hasn’t spent any of his adult professional life there. He left for university and the bright lights of the big city as soon as he was able to.

      Put another way – he hasn’t farmed in the district for the last 20 years and then decided to enter politics. He’ll be another English, acting as MP for the electorate from Karori.

      • Blue 3.1.1

        He’s 24 years old so I’m not surprised he hasn’t farmed for the last 20 years , what a ridiculous statement. He hadn’t spent his adult life there? He’s been at university, then worked for a couple of years. Your case of being a born and raised north islander who ran in Clutha Southland is different I suppose from your warped perspective. Jesus you’re a clown, no wonder you couldn’t even get in the top 11 for the Dunedin Council elections, you’re an outsider.

        • Ant

          He’s talking about Blinglish.

          • One Anonymous Bloke

            Nope. CV was proposing that someone who had farmed for twenty years would make a better candidate, and pointing out English’s similar lack of life-experience. Blue attacked the messenger, which says a lot about Blue and nothing else whatsoever.

            • Blue

              OAB complaining about “playing the man” oh the irony. From most of your posts that’s all you’ve got. I’m pointing out the irony of a repeatedly failed candidate like CV smearing others, when he’s covered in the same shit himself.

              • One Anonymous Bloke

                How is it a smear to hold the belief that a farmer with 20 years experience would make a better MP for this electorate than a spin doctor?

                Your English comprehension needs work.

        • chrissy

          I see the Queenstown Mirror are running with the story: “The Doctor vs the Tobacco Company Man” is frontpage… It’s Fairfax so linking is tough: Type Queenstown Mirror into Google, and go with the top listing.

          • Rosie

            Thanks Chrissy. Here’s the link:


            Check out the questions re issues facing the area. Baby Tory Boy is so weak and just states “infrastructure” without expanding on what he means by that, whilst Liz Craig discusses housing inafforability for Queenstown residents, and DHB issues, demonstrating her more mature understanding of realities for people.

        • Tracey

          to befair even the current member for cs hasnt been a farmer for twenty years.

  4. RedLogix 4

    Reminds me of something I heard working on a back country farm as a young man. The ultimately safe National candidacy for Marlborough (IIRC) had fallen vacant and the farmer I was working for rather dryly pronounced, “They’ll have no trouble filling that – no honest man would touch it!”

  5. RedBaronCV 5

    If this is the best candidate choice then the others who were in the running must have been even worse?

    • Ant 5.1

      My inside sources tell me the other 3 selection candidates were Glenn Inwood, a bag of rats, and a severed goats head within a flaming blood pentagram.

      • Draco T Bastard 5.1.1

        I would have gone with the goats head with the flaming pentagram 😈

        • Populuxe1

          I think I’d rather have the rats – seperation of church and state and all that

          • Ant

            Bag of rats did give baby tory a run for his money, but through no fault of the rats the bag was made of synthetic fibre and the panel thought that might compromise the bluegreen vote come September.

      • toad 5.1.2

        Shoosh! Don’t give them any ideas. The Nats’ electorate selections are almost completed but they could yet give Glenn Inwood a high list position.

  6. One Anonymous Bloke 6

    My, little Joey Naylor, how you’ve grown!

  7. Rosie 7

    Baby Tory Boy aside, Liz Craig looks smart, experienced, and motivated going by her FB page! I liked the campaign/door knocking updates, great to see that the team is organised and busy. I really hope people can see through the shallow Tory plant and warm to Liz Craig. It may be a big stretch for such a blue area but not impossible eh?

  8. redfred 8

    What the fuck has this country done to deserve this tobacco lobbyist idiot, seriously is this National best offering?

    A rich white kid whose done nothing a part ride on the coat tails of family and political connections no doubt.

    Whos his daddy? What the family connection? Bet there is more to this. How much money has his family donated to the National party over the years, there is more to this.

    This guy with his wealth of experience could be deliberating on New Zealand law.

  9. fisiani 9

    The rejuvenation of National is amazing. 15 new faces seamlessly selected with total unity. John Key is planning his 2017-20 government and beyond. Contrast with Labour who last night chose Carmel for the safe new seat of Kelston, add in probable Labour gains in Napier, Christchurch Central Roturua and Wairarapa and hardly any list members get in. The scrabble for the Labour list will be intense. Kelvin Davis will warm his seat for less than 30 days and how on earth would he be given a high list ranking. Far too sensible. Andrew Little is toast and Shane Jones could see the writing on the walls. Rajen Prasad will be sorely missed.

    • Tracey 9.1

      this guy, jamie lee ross, bill english… is there no end to nationals career bureaucrats withno real world experience

  10. Blue 10

    He’ll win by a landslide, then.

    The people of Epsom will be relieved – takes the pressure off them for being the most cravenly stupid electorate in the country.

  11. captain hook 11

    the common thread of malaysian airlines, the korean ferry and the tragedy in the Ukraine is the spoilt brats who have never faced any difficulty being put in charge of stuff that they aren’t equipped to handle and now National is going to foist another infantilised juvenile on the electorate. things are going from bad to worse.

  12. SPC 12

    The real story is that two National MP candidates have since university have either worked for the National government (post 2008) in Wellington or Philip Morris.

    Shaw the candidate in Hutt South had the Philip Morris job 2011-2103 before returning to his handlers and his job went to Barclay.

    So who has their Philip Morris Corporate Affairs job now and when will they be declared a candidate for National?

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