Arise, Sir Lynton

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It’s already been noted in comments, but I thought that marking this great event deserved its own post.

To me, this really signals who is running the show, who is still running the show, and what their values are.

Meanwhile, the rest of you can continue to eat cake. Carry on.

From the Independent:

Conservative election strategist Lynton Crosby has been knighted for his service to politics – almost a year to the day since he helped the party secure a shock victory at the General Election…

he said in a written statement: “I am truly honoured to receive this award in recognition of my service to politics in the UK and especially proud that my family can rightly share in and enjoy the recognition.

“It is also recognition for the thousands of candidates, campaign staff, activists, volunteers and my company’s professional colleagues who I’ve had the great fortune to work alongside in the UK – across elections over the past decade.

“It is their hard work and commitment in fighting for a cause they believe in and unfailing faith in focusing on the people that matter – the voting public – that have contributed to the achievement of politics and campaign successes.”

Isn’t it nice of Mr Crosby to recognise that he is part of a much larger network of colleagues, contacts and employees who make his success possible?

lprent: I amended the excerpt to conform to the site’s legal obligations.

28 comments on “Arise, Sir Lynton”

  1. Jenny Kirk 1

    You sensed a wasted opportunity with this photo ? ? ? Me too: blood red would go nicely with the carpet !

    [lprent: We don’t advocate illegal acts. Looks like I will have to amend CV’s excerpt.

    Similar comments will get trashed and bans issued. There is a whole lot of ways to express outrage at this travesty that don’t involve putting the site at risk. ]

    • Anne 1.1

      Ummm… I think it was just a figure of speech on Jenny Kirk’s part. Granted… there are a lot of stupid rwnjs out there who might see fit to interpret and report as an incitement to violence.

    • Colonial Viper 1.2

      Hi Lprent, all I suggested in my original front page post excerpt was some fully consensual sexual activity between consenting adults while on bended knee.

      Nothing violent at all 🙂

      • lprent 1.2.1

        I didn’t read it that way, and obviously nether did JK.

        I guess you should have made it somewhat more explicit..

        • Colonial Viper

          tbh I made the comment deliberately open to the inclinations and imagination of the individual reader…

      • Smilin 1.2.2

        lets hope not for old Princy ,if you read into your scenario a bit further it could almost be a Rowan Atkinson sketch

    • Jenny Kirk 1.3

      Apologies lprent – didn’t think !!

  2. adam 2

    Do love the irony.

    He was getting his knighthood, whilst his great racist gambit fell apart with the people of London voting for a solid left wing Mayor.

    Karma makes you calmer.

    • whateva next? 2.1

      beautiful eh? His Knighthood is hollow and has consequently made all knighthoods questionable and meaningless (sorry to the worthy recipients, don’t shoot the messenger)

      • Anne 2.1.1

        I wonder what’s going to happen to John Key’s expected knighthood?

        • tinfoilhat

          He’ll no doubt get one, or the equivalent, after a change of government plus one term…isn’t that the standard operating procedure for our politicians regardless of their flavour ?

          • whateva next?

            and it will be even more meaningless then, he can fly off to Hawaii with his photo album and his knighthood…..and he will realise what a vacuous life he has lead.

        • mary_a

          @ Anne (2.1.1) … FJK will probably get something from the Queen I’d say. However it might not be in the form of the much anticipated Knighthood though.

          Hopefully, it will be more like accommodation at Her Majesty’s pleasure, for crimes against the state!

        • Jenny Kirk

          There’s a parliamentary convention Anne that if an honour has been offered and accepted, then the incoming government allows it to happen.

    • Reddelusion 2.2

      Council elections, bore! 40pc turn out, who cares

      • DoublePlusGood 2.2.1

        Low turnout usually favours the Conservatives, and they still did terribly. Sad trombone music for you.

  3. greywarshark 3

    Quote from Crosby in post:
    “It is their hard work and commitment in fighting for a cause they believe in and
    unfailing faith in focusing on the people that matter – the voting public

    What is the cause ‘they’ believe in?
    ‘Unfailing faith in focusing on the people that matter – the voting public.’

    The unvoting public are the people that don’t matter.
    Faith in the evangelical nature of the cause, underlines the fervour for the new religion of riches.

    The cause that they believe in –
    Is the ‘conservative’ one that works aggressively to get into a position of maximum power and wealth within the appearance of an open democracy, while at the same time working to sew it up so that in reality it is a dictatorship using the state’s services in such a way as to diminish the individual’s democratic power.

    Elections to the power-pushers are just reality tv shows, the polls are their ratings, that ensure that the money-backers keep pumping their facilitating money to them, and assisting them to achieve the best and most effective propaganda to the voting public.

    • joe90 3.1

      ‘Unfailing faith in focusing on the people that matter – the voting public.’

      By press release

      According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, here is how the total American job numbers looked 15 years ago, and today:

      2000: 65,900 news reporters, and 128,600 public relations people

      2015: 45,800 news reporters, and 218,000 public relations people

      So 15 years ago, there were two PR people for every reporter in the country. Now there are 4.8 PR people for every reporter.

    • Reddelusion 3.2

      Fighting the good fight to prevent left wing destructive ideology ever getting it hands on power to Venezuelize us all and destroy the benefits we enjoy from Western democracy and good capitalism

      • DoublePlusGood 3.2.1

        Less than 1% of the population benefit from Crosby’s politics.

        • Colonial Viper

          Untrue. The top 10% of NZ households with incomes in the $200K+ pa range benefit handsomely from today’s system.

          Another 10% of NZ households with incomes well over the $100K range do alright, quite comfortably in the short term to medium.

      • Colonial Viper 3.2.2


        That’s a decade long Anglo Empire campaign against a small country which insists on having an independent economic and foreign policy which doesn’t recognise the premiership of the Anglo Oligarchy.

        That is not allowed.

  4. Graeme Stanley 4

    Poetic it is that Sir Lynton Crosby gets knighted by Prince Charles on May 6th and yesterday his Zac Goldsmith Campaign for The Conservative Party fell apart because the epic diversity that is London saw through their dog whistle racism campaign Sadiq,Khan demonstrated remarkable dignity in the face of the Goldsmith/Crosby election strategists smear campaign of hatred and suspicion.

  5. NZJester 5

    I think a Knighthood suits him as just like most knights he is a relic of history!

    • greywarshark 5.1

      That history is being laid down today though. He is not even recent history, he is present and pre-history.

  6. mary_a 6

    Bet FJK is pleasuring himself silly just looking at the photo of Crosby receiving a knighthood!

  7. Whateva next? 7

    I thought the post said……Arse, Sir Lynton.

  8. Smilin 8

    With great disgust I view this kthood as a sham and a fuckin great waste of resources and intellectual endeavour on the account of the NZ TAXPAYER
    Up yours your toffship
    When is the world going to recognise the complete and utter waste of time and space these people are to the progress of the people

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