Ashcroft owns up to “non-dom” tax status

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Lord Ashcroft, the British Conservative party’s major donor, has admitted that while he is “permanently resident” in Britain he is not domiciled there for tax status. His admission comes a day before the information was due to be released under Britain’s Official Information Act.

Their Electoral Commission is also investigating whether the company vehicle Ashcroft has used to make his donations, Bearwood Corporate Services, is “actively trading” in Britain. If it is found that it is not, the Conservative party may have to repay donations totalling several million pounds.

Ashcroft visited John Key in New Zealand in his corporate jet before the last election. At the time, in response to reporters’ questions, John Key insisted that no donations had been made to the National Party.

Ashcroft’s admission comes at a time when the Conservative party is slipping in the polls as the UK election draws near. For the time being, the Conservatives are refusing to answer questions about what they knew about Ashcroft’s status before the admission.

This story has a way to run yet. Watch this space

7 comments on “Ashcroft owns up to “non-dom” tax status”

  1. Andrew 1

    UK Labour too has non-dom donors, such as Privy Councillor Lord Paul. So what? Many people in the UK are non-doms, I was as well when I lived and worked there. It just means that the UK can’t tax you on your overseas income, which I guess is fair enough. If he was sheltering money from the UK through his non-dom company, then I guess that’s another story.

    But so far all we know is that he is changing his tax status so he is now domiciled in the UK.

    • Draco T Bastard 1.1

      So the fact that he lied about it doesn’t concern you at all?

      • Andrew 1.1.1

        Did he lie? Sorry I was not aware of that. If he did, then yes that does concern me.

      • Andrew 1.1.2

        Sorry, but I can’t see where he lied.

        “has admitted that while he is a “permanently resident’ in Britain he is not domiciled there for tax status”

        If you mean that the above constitutes a lie, I have to disagree, as anyone who is a permanent resident in the UK is also entitled to be a non-dom. Domiciled has nothing to do with where you are a resident. I was a permanent resident of the UK for 5 years, and also non-domiciled, this is perfectly legal in UK tax law.

        If you were not talking about the above, then could you please point me to the lie as I cannot find it. If so I will be more than happy to concede, as if he has lied, that will then be a completely different matter.


  2. Rich 2

    I think it’s unbelievable that any country would allow somebody to be part of their government who isn’t a fully committed taxpaying resident.

    Then again, we have the British Royal Family.

    (Also, Ashcroft interferes in our society with Crimestoppers and the like. Someone should call 0800 555 111 and dob him in for tax evasion).

  3. Heaton 3

    It is rather odd that Ashcroft gave money to the Australian Govt to fight a election and Keys doesnt want to mention about Ashcrofts private trip out here on jet to see Keys.
    Lord Ashcroft has become a significant figure in Australian politics having been identified as the single largest individual donor to any Australian political party during the Financial Year 2004/2005. The Australian Electoral Commission reported in February 2006 that Ashcroft (who gave his address as “House of Lords, Westminster, London”) had donated $1,000,000 to the Liberal Party in September 2004 just before the 2004 Federal election.

    New Zealand:
    “No,” says Key, “But I don’t discuss donations anyway. But it wouldn’t be possible for him to give anyway – he’s an offshore entity.”

    Whatever the purpose of Lord Ashcroft’s visit, he was not very keen to be filmed by 3 News as he left yesterday.

    I still havent forgot about his rail shares he lied about at near time of Election. makes interesting reading how his dealing saved millions.
    I find it rather Odd that Whale Oil blogger with his trash garbage website avoids mentioning this and doesnt like any referal to this website. Also avoids any bad things National has done. Has he had a falling out from here.?

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