Assets going cheap

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With the world’s markets in turmoil (again) how are the Nats going to hock off those assets? Fire-sale time!

Starts November 26th, unless you stop them.

16 comments on “Assets going cheap”

  1. Ianupnorth 1

    As quickly as they can to mum and dad investors, who with sell them just as quickly to fund a week on the Gold Coast or Fiji….

  2. ropata 2

    The only mum and dad investors with anything left have surnames like Brierley, Fletcher, and Hubbard

  3. Bored 3

    Labour needs to run this as an election advert. It is so funny and so true.

    • In Vino Veritas 3.1

      True? Which small bit is true bored? My understanding is that National are in fact spending money upgrading trains and have no intention of selling Kiwirail, nor for that matter Kiwibank. I’d also make the comment that Air NZ already has minority investors, sort of like the proposal for Meridian and Genesis. A 50 second video made by some Labour loser, that has two lies and two half truths (or half lies, whichever way one looks at it).

  4. Craig Glen Eden 4

    Sadly I have been made redundant like many other hard working Kiwis.
    But I have know set my self up as a Broker, yup thats right a Mansion Broker. And have I got a deal for you lucky Mum and Dads out there.

    My first property is situated in Hawaii, it use to belong that John the Con Key guy,yup thats right you remember him don’t children he use to draw on your mummies tummy and for 3 whole years he pretended to be a prime minister. I know a prime minister can you believe it he traveled the world at the expense of the NZ people, smiling and waving and he even tried stand up comedy ( which the NZ people payed for).

    Now this offer is rare, you just are not going to believe it Mums and Dad, because you can have it for half price, yup half price but wait theirs more because John the con has kindly offered if you buy this property today, you get $40.000 worth of shares that even his son didn’t want.Hang on Mums and Dads I have John the Con on the phone right now and its not $40,000 its $50,000 ,whats that John you are not sure how many shares are attached to this deal it might be $100,000. Wow what a guy. If Mums and Dads are interested in this one off sale they can contact me on 0800 TREASURY,
    we sell peoples stuff even if they don’t want to sell. Come on what are you waiting for call us now before Jenny sells it to the Chinese .

    • Jum 4.1

      Craig Glen Eden,

      I hope you experience better times soon. Good to see you’ve not lost your sense of humour!

      • Craig Glen Eden 4.1.1

        The whole thing was a joke jum I have not lost my job thankfully but thanks for caring. I just wanted to show how ridiculous are country has become.The clown who has so much wants to steal whats left.

  5. mik e 5

    we’ve given all our manufacturing to china we might as well give them everything else Nact policy

  6. Jeff O 6

    I can tell the future. Ten or twenty years from now, if we vote NACT back in, there will be regretful articles in the newspapers asking why did we sell off our last few strategic assets. “What were they thinking?” – will be the wistful conclusion (making the assumption that anyone was actually thinking).

    Not that there will be that many people around to read those articles, as most of us will have shifted to Australia by then.

    • ropata 6.1

      Gee I wish we hadn’t sold Telecom
      Gee I wish we hadn’t sold Contact
      Gee I wish we hadn’t sold the BNZ
      Gee I wish we hadn’t sold NZ Rail
      Gee I wish we hadn’t sold NZ Steel
      Gee I wish we hadn’t sold Tiwai Point

      What kind of asshole tries to sell the future of NZ, as if they have the right to liquidate assets built by the painstaking sweat of previous generations.
      Ports, Power companies, Water utilities, what next? Police and Military to be sold to Blackwater?

      NACT are a bunch of spoiled rich brats who think NZ is their plaything,
      They were elected to govern and protect the nation but they are ripping us off instead.

  7. Rodel 7

    A clever video.
    But I like the use of the expression “Don’t sell New Zealand’s infrastructure” better than, “Don’t sell New Zealand’s assets.”
    Sounds a lot more serious to me.
    It should also be made clear to people that its their own ‘assets’ or ‘infrastructure’ that the government want to sell.

  8. Jum 8

    There’s just one small problem with the ad, which is brilliant I have to say, and that is if we have such a strong number of people out there saying how popular Key is, i.e. stupid/naive/deaf… I have to wonder if they actually even know that Key intends to sell their assets. We don’t want them thinking Labour is intending that fire sale; they’ve already learned their lesson. They’re trying to save them from National. That didn’t come through.

    • tc 8.1

      Problem is a tough one. Mostly swinging voters and turnout numbers decide elections, not the people staying informed via this excellent blog and those with an ideologic voting method.

      The media is part of the con through lazy and bias reporting and non reporting of solid policy and other political issues. The ACC non crises a case in point, the media parroted nat lines.

      Now given folk fell for the lies in 08, Epsom voted in the nasty dwarf and there’s a general apathy towards politics with an I’ll informed country who think the AB’s are the extent of cultural sophistication it’s not looking good…..never has especially given the ease the hollow men bagged 08.

  9. ropata 9

    I would like to see a map of how much private land is still owned by New Zealand citizens. It is quite possible that the bulk of NZ farmland is being taken over by transnational corporations. Farmers aren’t farming for profit any more, the high kiwi dollar is destroying their margins. They are farming for capital gains then selling off farmland as a going concern to foreign corporations, giving them full control of the chain of production …

    Example from the OIO :

    – 6731.6613 hectares of land at 3761 and 4580 Omarama-Otematata Road, Omarama, South Island.
    – 9935.6926 hectares of land at 2102 Otematata-Kurrow Road, Oamaru.
    The acquisition will enable the Applicant to continue to control the chain of production (from farming the wool to creating fabric from the wool clip). The ability to control quality through all stages of production and product traceability is fundamental to the Applicant’s business strategy.

    CAFCA analysis:

    The approval of the Overseas Investment Office (OIO; before 25 August 2005, the Overseas Investment Commission (OIC)) is required for most overseas investment into Aotearoa/New Zealand that involves land and fishing, and most other investment valued at $50 million or more. In fact, it acts as a rubber stamp, approving almost all applications.

    However, it does act as a source of information as to foreign investment coming into Aotearoa/New Zealand. CAFCA decided to make use of this by requesting under the Official Information Act all decisions of the OIC, and analysing them each month. After several years of argument, that information began being supplied in December 1989. Decisions since November 2006 are now available on the OIO’s web site. Most of CAFCA’s analyses are available through the links below, and give often detailed information on the companies buying assets in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

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