Aussie police raid – plastic sword discovered!

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Last month the Australian covered “the biggest anti-terrorism raid in Australia’s history” extensively, complete with picture of a sword “that police claim they were planning to use” according to Channel 10, and comment from prosecutor about the one person who turned up in court

At Mr Azari’s court hearing today, prosecutor Michael Allnutt said he was accused of plans designed to “shock” and “horrify” the community. The plan involved the “random selection of persons to rather gruesomely execute”, he said.

Yesterday it turned out that the sword was plastic.

But the owner of the menacing item has revealed that it is actually a plastic decoration common in almost every Shiite Muslim household. The sword – a Zulfiqar or Dhu al-Fiqar – is one of the major symbols of Shiite Islam that one leader said “wouldn’t be able to cut a cucumber”.

Mustafa Dirani, a 21-year-old part-time painter, was detained and his parents’ Marsfield home raided at dawn on September 18 as part of the Joint Counter-Terrorism Team’s Operation Appleby.

True to form, the police are staying stumm:

The Australian Federal Police refused to explain why the sword was seized or to confirm that it was plastic. “The AFP does not comment on ongoing investigations,” a spokeswoman said.

The ABC’s MediaWatch discusses who was controlling the news of the raids – embedded cameras and all. Russell Brown also has an interesting discussion on PublicAddress titled “Terror Panics and the War Imperative.”

The police are certainly keen to control the discourse – they must have a big media section. Suits a hyped- up media as well. The one certain result is more fear in the communities.

22 comments on “Aussie police raid – plastic sword discovered!”

  1. This ladies and gentleman has happened in the states time and time again and is what you might call a false flag operation designed to strike fear in your own population to push through laws they would otherwise never accept. But conspiring against their own populations? Never! Our governments love us!

    • McFlock 1.1


      Actually, it’s what you might call a simple lie.
      FF ops are a specific type of operation where party A pretends to party B that they are actually party C.

      • Murray Rawshark 1.1.1

        Are you conspiring against ev? She just wants to save us. Only a shill would notice that 73% of what she writes is demonstrably wrong. This was in fact a false sword operation.

  2. Karen 2

    Of even more interest is the fact that these raids happened just after the Greenwald and Snowden revelations about the GCSB and 5 Eyes in Auckland. The headline news all over the MSM about a Sydney-based terrorist group’s plans to randomly kidnap and behead ordinary citizens scared voters in NZinto staying with the status quo.
    They knew Greenwald and Snowden were coming and when. Tony Abbot was probably planning raids like these anyway as he has his own legislative agenda, but why not help out another 5 Eyes member and do it just before our election.

    • Chooky 2.1

      +100 Karen ….and they were on all of the front pages of the msm newspapers ( eg the Christchurch Press)…..on the day before the ELection! ( disgraceful manipulation!)

      … other commentators have pointed out this was used to SCARE and swing New Zealand voters at the last minute

      ….towards John Key and Nactional and BIG BROTHER illegitimate mass surveillance of New Zealanders

      • phat physco hen Joky 2.1.1

        Chooky + Karen

        I think RNZ is Johns New Attack Poodle.

        On RNZ – 18 September 2014 (from about 06:30am-112:30pm)

        During that morning they effectively slagged of Snowdon/Dotcom/Mana, queitly removed it from the discussion over the course of the morning and then referenced the “raid of terror” increasingly.

        Leader’s debate IV

        I think our friend Guyon was putting the boots into Dotcom that morning as well (from what I remember it had no relevance except putting Dotcom in a bad light).

        Note now we have the ANZ chief economist rabbiting on without almost any challenge whatsoever (essentially, his message, optimism is good, National good, pessimism will not be tolerated)

  3. kiwisaver 3

    So who found and bagged the plastic sword, and why weren’t journalists told that’s what it was, so they didn’t have to write reams in newspapers, and frighten the public?
    Obviously the agenda of mass surveillance takes precedence.
    And it didn’t hurt the National Party’s election chances either, after the Greenwald/Snowden disclosures.

  4. One Anonymous Bloke 4

    Don’t tell me he’s going to have recourse to the Impossibility Defence!

    Cut off the head and the body will die.

  5. greywarshark 5

    Is this coincidence or satire prosecutor Michael Allnutt,

  6. ghostwhowalksnz 6

    What is it with US Intelligence agencies, that their proxies/proteges go wild

    First it was the private suppliers of weapons to the central america anti communists who morphed into the drug cartels who bought drugs on their supply routes back to US.
    Then there was the anti soviet guerrillas in Afghanistan who stayed on to become Al Qaeda and Taliban
    Now its the Syrian rebels who were doing Turkey- Saudi bidding against Shia regime who turned into a region wide caliphate.

  7. The Real Matthew 7

    Ever taken a plastic sword to the eye?

    You’ll see (or not) that plastic swords are weapons of mass destruction

    • McFlock 7.1

      And then there’s the likelihoood that the cheap factory that made it used lead-based paints, thus creating a pollution problem…

      • One Anonymous Bloke 7.1.1

        They are highly reflective and can be used to blind oncoming drone strikes on sunny days.

    • framu 7.2

      so their dastardly plan was to grab someone and poke them in the eye?

      cmon matty – thats really silly

      either its so silly as to be well… silly

      or the cops think the level of their response was appropriate for this internal eye poking terror threat

      all a bit silly

      i do hope you forgot to add the 🙂 to that

    • Lanthanide 7.3

      Better outlaw chopsticks.

  8. ma rohemo 8

    The Aussie media have published details about it being a plastic sword.

    That wouldn’t happen here with our media.

  9. Bastables 9

    In their mad misguided attempts at securing Aussies against a Sunni (Salfist/Wahabist) nut jobs the intelligence services of Australia manage to detain and terrify young shia because all those darkies look the same . . .

    Bigotry and incompetence all just mixed together.

    Or maybe corruption

  10. Murray Rawshark 10

    I just saw on tv tonight that they are advising defence staff, ambulance workers, police, and anyone who wears a work uniform to change at work and go home in civvies. It’s even been applied to 12 year olds at one of the cadet schools they love so much in NSW. Abbott and his stooges are really ramping up the fear factor.

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