Bennett “gutted”

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One of Giovanni Tiso’s clever “Erratum” series.


24 comments on “Bennett “gutted””


  2. Enviro Gal 2

    Paula Bennett is a traitor to the values of the wider Bennett whanau,
    You have her sussed Giovanni.

  3. save nz 3

    While I hate everything Bennet stands for, she is a patsy for John Key on his housing policies.

    Just like Collins was jettisoned out and blamed when things got rough for Key last election over dirty politics.

    It’s taking one, for team Key.

  4. Greg 4

    Its how the national party work, little bits of gossip here and there.

  5. Justme 5

    Not too long ago Paula Bennett deliberately provided the name(s)of some beneficiaries who criticised her to the media. She had no remorse for doing what she did(back then)and happily said she would do it again.
    Through way of allowing the news leak to go ahead just recently i.e in the past week; it looks like Paula Bennett has allowed private information to become public through a ‘chat’ to someone in the media.
    All her actions have shown a complete incompetence. She is unsuitable to be an MP and it’s time her head rolled.
    There is the quote ‘the buck stophs here’ and in the instance of Paula Bennett the buck and everything else in regards to her portfolio in the Key government STOPS at her desk. Therefore she MUST be held accountable for the actions of her staff and herself. She cannot do a John Key and blame everyone else but herself.
    I am sure we New Zealanders are now losing our patience for the Key government. They have lost what little credibility they had. Through their perfect arrogance they are proceeding very well at destroying the Key government from within. And so keep going the way you are Bennett, Joyce, Bridges, Brownlee, etc,etc,etc and you will be so hated that not one NZer would ever welcome you to their place for a coffee.
    We NZers no longer have confidence in this government.Not whilst they embark on one constant vanity quest after another at OUR(NZ taxpayers)expense.And not whilst they don’t even talk to each other regarding policies.
    I am thinking there is such double standards in regards to the Key government and in particular Paula Bennett. Sometime ago a NZ businessman with close Natonal Party links was given permanent name suppression after being charged with sexual assault. I am sure Bennett would have known the name of this pro-National Party businessman but kept her mouth shut.She did breached some NZers rights to privacy by giving their names to the media.This was because some NZers had criticised her(as I mentioned earlier on this positing).
    Such double standards are totally unacceptable and it shows the amount of rot that is within the Key government.

    • Mike Bond 5.1

      I would like to know if posting comments like this above makes you feel better? Did Bennett mess up? Yes! Have there been instances that National have messed up? Yes! But to state that “We NZers no longer have confidence in this government”, is taking it a bit far. Polls continue to favour National and I say again, I think the 100% negativity from the left does not go down well with the majority of Kiwis and I hope that the left will start campaigning on a more positive note! Eight years of negativity and trying to frame Key and Co. has not paid any dividends, so a change in tactics is necessary. Posts like this will go down well with staunch left supporters only and will not win one single vote from the right.

  6. Justme 6

    May I say the Key government is totally rotten to the core. Signs of imploding into oblivion I hope

  7. fisiani 7

    Beltway nonsense. Paula Bennett is a hard working National goverment Minister who was badly let down by a staff member who admitted their mistake and offered to resign. End of story.

    • b waghorn 7.1

      If it was the first time I’d give her a chance , but she’s got a rap sheet a mile long.

    • In the real world, the staffer was badly let down by the Minister, who indulged in gossip (at best) or deliberate character assassination (usual form). Given that the staffer had enough understanding of ethics to offer her resignation, could we perhaps do a job swap? Make the staffer Minister, make Bennett unemployed. Sorted.

    • Paul 7.3

      It is shameful you are prepared to defend a government and a minister that us failing to house its citizens.

      • Pat 7.3.1

        no shame in it…fisi is a mindless toll who spouts the most demonstrable bullshit he (she?) can muster for effect… response is to ignore….is either mind numbingly stupid or winding everyone up.

    • Katipo 7.4

      @Fisiani, Not sure if you’re being…
      1.Sarcastic, 2.Serious, 3.A troll. Either way I feel you have fallen victim to Poe’s Law…
      “Poe’s law is an Internet adage which states that, without a clear indicator of the author’s intent, parodies of extreme views will be mistaken by some readers or viewers for sincere expressions of the parodied views.” (from Wikipedia)

    • Armchair Critic 7.5

      Trolling nonsense. Paula Bennett is a National government minister who badly let down a staff member by blaming them for her own mistake and continued to humiliated them by forcing them to pretend it was their mistake and make up a fantasy tale about offering to resign.


      And that’s pretty much what can be expected from the pathetic excuse of a government we have. Your trolling efforts don’t even meet the low standards that your heroes set.

    • reason 7.6

      Bennett is trash ……… charging homeless people $1400 per week for a scummy motel room. and calling it ‘social welfare’ ……. inept dirty politics smears on those trying to lessen the rotten effects of Nationals housing disaster …… pass the buck Bennett is a cruel con artist.

      Notice how the nats treat the ‘duress debt’ from ripping the homeless off ( $1400pw) as a (sub=prime) asset in the Governments books ….

      John Key is certainly stamping his mark on the way the nats govern………

      New Zealands Key governments efforts to Fight climate change …………… with fraud…. seemed very Wall st like too.

      Bennetts dishonesty seems to be less tolerated than Keys ……………..

      She’s the more bullying ugly face of Nationals war on the poor ………

      figuratively Shes is whaleoil and key is kiwiblog ………….

    • “End of story” means, “I have my hands over my ears now, la la la la!

    • georgecom 7.8

      Gosh, some nat supporters must be getting worried here. Potentially very damaging for the government. An issue that is turning into a slow burning story and sapping support from the government, homelessness. One that rolls on week to week and had National frozen into inactivity and looking more and more incapable. A community opens it doors and provides a temporary solution to sleeping in your car. An offer and solution most kiwis would applaud and support. The government smears the chairman of the Marae.

      Totally offends kiwis notions of fair play and a fair deal. It may well be that the damage is wider than Bennett and Key realise. Water dripping on a stone, this issue being one where many kiwis will think to themselves “no longer support this government. not doing anything about homelessness, but worse still, attack an innocent party who is trying to do some good”.

      Far from a belt way issue, one that is not about politics at all, one that paints the government as being mean spirited and even spiteful. crucial votes will be lost to National. If not now, next time it’s a toss up for an individual whether they give Key et al the benefit of the doubt, they no longer will.

  8. hokinga mai i kent RongonuI 8

    This is how I see it
    Tax cuts for those that didn’t really need them.John Banks &Dotcom $25-000 donation
    The Ponytail saga,The Nicky Hagar,Cameron Slater,Judith Collins affair,The Miners Tragedy, EQC &the Christchurch rebuild ,Panama Papers.Faulty Steel on roads and bridges,Low wages,high rents,homeless people,selloff of housing stock,budget cuts to health services and Education, new CARS,what was wrong with the old ones at a time when people were sleeping in their cars and garages,people who sit in Parliament who
    have become uncaring and have forgotten that they were elected by the people and can also be voted out by the very same people.
    Our government in my eyes have used their positions to feather their own pockets.They have become a bunch of liars, corrupt and greedy and I am so not going
    to be happy until we have a government that cares not just for some but for all

    hokinga mai i kent rongonui

  9. Enviro Gal 9

    “I am not going to be happy until we have a government that cares not just for some
    but for all.” me too ! @ Hokinga mai ikent Rongonui.
    Your summary of the present government is all too true.

  10. Rae 10

    Paula Bennett is so much about the WAY she says things and presents herself as she is about what she says, maybe more.
    I cannot get around her utterly insincere delivery and have yet to find a moment when I believe she is being sincere. I can even hear it in her voice if all I have is audio to go by.
    It’s like she has a very, very bad acting coach.

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