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Bennett up in flames in Rotorua

Written By: - Date published: 1:49 pm, July 14th, 2010 - 49 comments
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The protest rally held in Rotorua, held its slogan high with nearly a hundred people in tow. “Kill the Future Focus Bill, or it will kill you!” was out in front along with cut outs of Paula Bennett, complete with fangs, risque cleavage and that famous leopard skin trenchcoat -all the props of an actor satirising the working class as she attacks us.

When Jenny Shipley was in, they went out and burnt an effigy of her and made TIME magazine. This time Paula made front page of the Daily Post, page 5 of the Herald and a snippet on TV One news. But make no mistake, this government’s policies are hurting people up and down this country, and they’re fighting back.

49 comments on “Bennett up in flames in Rotorua ”

  1. tsmithfield 1

    Immature. Vindictive. Any arsons in the area recently?

    • loota 1.1

      Immature? Vindictive?

      Never quite thought of Bennett in those terms but, yes, they do fit perfectly.

      • tsmithfield 1.1.1

        Nah. I was talking about the dick-wit who seems to like burning things.

    • felix 1.2

      I’ve noticed this guy who (some of the time) calls himself tsmithfield making quite stroppy posts on blogs.

      Been any serious death threats received lately? Probably the same guy.

      • tsmithfield 1.2.1

        Well he actually was burning something in public, Felix. Can’t recall I’ve ever made any comments on blogs about killing anyone or anything. So I don’t think your analogy quite works.

        • felix

          Ever burned anything Tony?

          • tsmithfield

            I have never burned anything in breach of council regulations, or for the purpose of attacking someone I didn’t like.

            The person in the photo is coming close to committing revenge-motivated arson which is described as:

            “A revenge motivated fire is set in retaliation for some injustice real or imagined perceived by the offender. This offense may be a well-planned one time event compared with the other categories of arson or the offender may be a serial arsonist taking revenge against society with little or no pre-planning”

            In the picture he is burning an effigy of Bennett. If he gets even more pissed off he might end up burning her house down.

            • Armchair Critic

              If he gets even more pissed off he might end up burning her house down.
              Righto. Next you will be suggesting the chinese army will invade. Ridiculous.

            • felix

              So far you’re just writing mildly offensive bullshit on the internet and accusing people of being dangerous criminals. But what if you get any stupider? You might start sending people death threats.

              (p.s. this is where a stupid person would put a definition of a death threat as if that somehow made the preceding statement more true)

              • tsmithfield

                Lets tick the boxes for that definition in my previous post:

                1. “A…fire set in retaliation for some injustice real or imagined.”

                Tick. A fire was set. The protest was about a perceived injustice. The person lighting the fire was retaliating against Bennett because he was burning her effigy.

                2. “This offense may be a well planned one time event”

                Tick. It was obviously well planned as he had both the effigy and a means to light it with him. It was obvious he was intending to take this action.

                Hmmm….starting to sound a lot like revenge motivated arson to me.

                • felix

                  If it were arson. But it wasn’t.

                  As usual you’ve made up the first bit and used it to “prove” the second bit.

                  It’s a cunt’s trick for sure but not a particularly clever one. Don’t know why you bother really – literally no-one falls for it.

                  BTW your tone is getting more and more psychotic. I think you could be on the brink of a serious crime spree. Like me to prove it?

                  • tsmithfield

                    Yes I know it didn’t quite reach the threshold for criminal arson in NZ, which is why I was careful to qualify my position in my previous post: “The person in the photo is coming close to committing revenge-motivated arson…”

                    However, if he had done this in Australia it definitely would have qualified as arson and could have earned him up to 10 years in jail.

                    They know how to write laws over there. 🙂

                    My first question was “Any arsons in the area recently?”. I didn’t specifically accuse this guy of being an arsonist. However, he has definitely shown a willingness to use fire as a means of making a point. If the answer to my first question had been “yes”, and particularly if those arsons had an anti-National flavour to them, do think the police might at least be interested in having a chat to this guy?

                    • felix

                      And I didn’t say you’ve actually committed murder, but you’re getting dangerously close to threatening it.

                      See this is why no-one takes you seriously, Tim. It’s entirely up to you that the focus of your writing is to make offensive and accusatory statements in such a way that most people couldn’t be bothered trying to hold you to them, but don’t act all surprised when someone decides to address your ugly meaning rather than your slimy words.

                      Very cowardly really. No surprise that you might send nasty death threats, it fits your M.O.

                    • tsmithfield

                      “And I didn’t say you’ve actually committed murder, but you’re getting dangerously close to threatening it.”

                      I see you are fantasizing as usual Felix. On hallucinatory drugs again?

                    • tsmithfield

                      Anyway Felix, here is what can happen when protesters go crazy with fire, so there is a reason for concern.

                • deeeer

                  lets tick the box for gives a shit,


            • Ryan

              Excuse me buddy. I light it. I’m behind the smoke in the picture. If your paid right wing antics want an answer? I’ll give you one. We got permission from the police before she went up. Now go back to making money from private prisons filled with people who steal to eat or feed their kids.

  2. michaeljsavage 2

    Bennetts a common as muck femme fatale who believes she made good and can now save the rest of NZ who are unfortunate enough to need welfare assistance.

    What she fails to see – is that she is still just a femme fatale no talent …. when she talks on TV it reminds me of “shirl from down thu hairdressas – yu know”

    Dirty player – no ethics or morality when it comes to interpreting her role. Bet she doesnt get invited to plush dinner parties at Keys house too often – they probably have to lay in extra “cold duck” for Paulas refined palate …

    Barn dance anyone …

    • Rob 2.1

      and the follow up from MJS is just the same. I feel sorry for anybody who does not quite measure up to your obviously high standards. What’s wrong with Shirl the hairdresser anyway.

      • michaeljsavage 2.1.1

        Well now that you mention it … shirl does cook a decent pavlova. what are your standards rob .. or do you rent an opinion …

        • Rob

          My standards are my own and I do not feel I am superior to Shirl the hairdresser or Paula Bennet because of her dress sense or her assumed taste in wine.

          I think the real Michael Joseph Savage would not worry too much about those things and would also value Shirl the Hairdressers contribution to our community. Maybe you should change your name to something more fitting your intended snobbery.

          • michaeljsavage

            I think you need to acquire a sense of humour – you take yourself too seriously Rob – dont you realise these new pollies have changed the rules … in MJS’s day people like paula bennett wouldnt have done what this one has done …. and the situations wouldnt have existed.

            How do you know my name isnt actually michael j savage .. it might be.

            lighten up mate … i grew up with shirl the hairdresser – but she wasnt a poncy shit all over people person like our Paula ….

            • Rob

              I’ll acquire a sense of hmour when I read something humerous.

              BTW what was the world like in the 1930’s .

              • michaeljsavage

                It was a blast – lots of black uniforms – marching music – queueing for soup – revolutionary fervour … the usual

                And its all coming again courtesy of the absolute “kirkups at duncock” of the Freemarket profiteers and prophets/seers.

                Best part was marlene dietrich … “underneath the lamplight … in the barrack square …” you have to imagine that with a lovely husky north german accent –

                Now Rob … lighten up a little – it could be worse … Rodney could be prime minister and banksy could be supercity mayor wearing a twinset and pearls to mark the occasion.

                • Alexandra

                  I accept that you may think you are bringing something unique to the debate in the form of humour, but can you accept for a minute that maybe you are just not funny? Im sure we can all lighten up, if only your contribution was original and witty, instead of stale and rancid.

                  • michaeljsavage

                    Opinion noted Alexandra – but theres room for all of us i think?

                    Wasnt trying to be witty or unique …. honestly.

                    Appreciate the feedback…

      • felix 2.1.2

        Hey retard, there’s nothing wrong with Shirl the hairdresser that’s any of my business, but we haven’t put Shirl in charge of the biggest budget in the country, now have we?

  3. tc 3

    A waste of time….Bennett thrives on this sort of behaviour like her powder room caucus mates crusher & trolley they see this as a sign of being tough and pioneering whilst they drag their knuckles along the ground behind them and ask Blinglish what’s next on the business rountable agenda.

    • joe bloggs 3.1

      …they see this as a sign of being tough and pioneering whilst they drag their knuckles along the ground behind them and ask Blinglish what’s next on the business rountable agenda

      and clearly the knuckle-dragging strategy is working … ‘cos the lumpen proles are sure signing up to it:


      The latest New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll shows support for John Key’s National-led Government has strengthen considerably to 57.5% (up 3.5%)…

      …Support for Opposition Parties has fallen to 42.5% (down 3.5%); Labour Party 30% (down 3.5%)…

      …If a National Election were held today the National Party would be clearly returned to Government….

      …63.5% (up 4%) of New Zealanders saying New Zealand is ñ€˜heading in the right direction’ compared to 26% (down 2.5%) that say New Zealand is ñ€˜heading in the wrong direction.’…

      • michaeljsavage 3.1.1

        JB JB JB old fruit …. the polls are like a window on the fickle nature of human behaviours.

        Why quote these figures .. w’eve all seen them – but most people who talk to other people etc etc have developed a feel for the mercurial nature of the voting public.

        Are you trying to convince yourself bloggy ….

  4. ianmac 4

    And whoever heard of a leopard coat changing its spots?
    It is a bit like a plan to harass beneficiaries and teachers. Wonder why?

  5. Tiger Mountain 5

    Go guest, I like a good protest, keeps the tories on their toes… “Burn Shipley Burn!’ type actions are never too far away when you have a National government, whose main task in life, lest anyone forget, is to transfer wealth upstairs. Graphs published on this very site have confirmed where the money goes when the Nats hold office.

    Sue Bradford’s new “Alternative Welfare Working Group’ looks like doing some good work, unlike Paula Rebstock’s ñ€˜show trial’ forum. Even Gareth Morgan, no left winger, even if a bit of a philanthropist, apparently sees sense in the concept espoused by Sue’s group of a Universal Basic Income. UBI could see the end of the stigma of welfare. It would be nice to farewell the other Paula rather than symbolically too.

  6. Craig Glen Eden 6

    Bennette’s a bully and while we might be our equal I have no time for a person who pulls down others for her own agenda. Bennett is a public servant and she should behave accordingly and treat voters with respect. Bennette’s nothing special and she should remember it, she should stop the bulling and stop breaching peoples privacy.

    • Craig said

      Bennette’s a bully and while we might be our equal I have no time for a person who pulls down others for her own agenda.

      So ypou’re not fond of Trevor Mallard either then Craig?

  7. tc 7

    “and clearly the knuckle-dragging strategy is working ñ€˜cos the lumpen proles are sure signing up to it:…”

    with a non-existent MSM anything is possible before we get into the margin of errors in Roy’s poles or any phone based measure.

    • Tiger Mountain 7.1

      Agree tc, the pollsters often claim “random phone’ as their sampling tool, but there are many permutations of this, probability sampling, judgement sampling, quota samples, convenience samples.

      Until they come clean on what they actually run I retain a healthy suspicion of their findings.
      Polling companies help manufacture both consent and perception. Flawed or manipulative methodology does not totally explain poll results but it has to be a factor when you try and match alledged satisfaction rates etc. with the real world material and social circumstances of New Zealanders.

  8. big bruv 8

    Fancy that, a protest in Rotorua, one of the bastions of welfare dependency.

    Perhaps the real reason these parasites decided to protest was that they are scared, scared that the free ride they have enjoyed on the back of the tax payer may be coming to an end soon.

    I can only hope that we see more and more of these protest’s in the coming months, if welfare bludgers and DPB slappers are upset then it means that at least the Nat’s are getting something right.

    • loota 8.1

      No no, get it right, its those whom are capital wealthy at the top of the hierarchy whose sole aim is to gather in more capital off the backs of their workers while sharing as little as possible with society at large who are the parasites

  9. felix 9

    Once you start paying your own way in this world instead of stealing and cheating and taking advantage of the good faith of others, then we’ll listen to what you have to say about free rides.

  10. michaeljsavage 10

    I think its a case of who has been getting a free ride off whom …. i thought neanderthals had died out as a result of natural selection … but then up pops big bruv and paula bennett. Are you related to shirl the hairdresser bruv? a hint – lift the elbows and you dont graze your knuckles … tilt your head and the dribble oozes out equally on both sides.

    Glad i could assist.

    Ecce Homo …

  11. Pundit X 11

    It has got everyones attention but the sight of a Maori women being burnt in effigy leaves me feeling we’ve lost the argument.

  12. tc 12

    Exactly TM…despite what the telco’s would have you believe using phones to poll doesn’t give you anthing like a ‘representative sample’ unless you consider the crackberry/iphone/media device brigade to be that sample when in fact that will more than likely to skew towards the NACT’ophiles responses.

  13. tsmithfield sounds like a good National supporter to me, there to hold support up for their good leader.

    Why waste your time replying to him.

  14. Santi 14

    These protesters must be beneficiaries not seeking paid employment. Too much time, nothing to do.

    • loota 14.1

      Well you’ve touched on a classic tactic, put people in debt up to their eyeballs, make them fear for the loss of their homes, work them hard in multiple jobs just to make a basic living, and they will become fearful, compliant and too fatigued to give the ruling class any trouble.

      captcha touched

  15. michaeljsavage 15

    Its called new feudalism. I think they’ve taken advice from beijing on running good sweatshops.

    Work the peasants hard – make the merchant class (who employ the peasants) pay through the nose and distrust the peasants … keep the ersatz class war going so the middle class cant see the ground slipping away beneath them and you’ve got the world the way Fay and Richwhite Brierly and the Nathan dynasty always wanted it.

  16. Ryan 17

    Nice to see intelligent life out there. Obviously there is no shortage of people who can’t spell and rant on in a grandiose manner, and believe the thieves in office to be good people.

    But of those of you who know what the species are up to, good luck, were going to need it to survive, too much of their kind have held on to “The BOMB” and “The Official Secrets Act” to keep the big companies and secret societies in power that make us pay for there “derivitive” corruption.

    I like this site, and I’m sure the grandiose rant from right wingers will fill the comments on this page for a while. Solidarity people.. It’s coming, were not that uneducated and entertained are we?

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