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The self appointed Air New Zealand best blog award committee (important legal disclaimer: “Air New Zealand are not really sponsoring the award but creative license has never stopped old media making shit up either”) have reported back:

1st Cactus Kate

2nd Dim Post

3rd= No Right Turn & Whaleoil

Congratulations to Cactus and to Dim Post, the other winners, and all who took part. Tumeke’s commentary is interesting. You can certainly learn a lot about the vibrant NZ blogging community by reading through the many nominated links here.

Nice to see DPF also congratulating the winners despite himself not believing in awards. Here at The Standard we are of course so devastated not to have placed that we’ve all decided to give up blogging and take up macramé instead. Nahhh – just kidding!

12 comments on “Best blog award”

  1. When did Hooton become ‘moderate-right’? in the Hollow Men he called himself a ‘neo-con ultra’ 🙂

    and it’s a shame to see Bomber styling himself ‘moderate-left’.

    I’m not too worried about being called predictable. I don’t consider having a consistent world view to be a bad thing.. It’s better than random rants that contradict each other.

    Does this mean KB and The Standard have become the mainstream media of the blogs? Too big to be cool in the eyes of the little fellas?

    • r0b 1.1

      All good questions to be sure!

      My main quibble would be the lack of mention Red Alert. I think it’s a brave experiment on Labour’s part. It’s fantastic to have MPs so accessible to all, and they do it really well.

      • SHG 1.1.1

        I think it’s a brave experiment on Labour’s part.


        It’s fantastic to have MPs so accessible to all


        and they do it really well.


        They’re just going through the motions. Anything remotely aggressive or controversial gets deleted by the moderators, as if the poor widdle Labour MPs were too easily scared by the nasty Interweb talk. It just makes them look like sensitive little bitches. Curran makes embarrassing posts as if she’s a 12-year-old on Facebook who has just discovered the Internet (“OMG I FOUND THIS SITE CALLED SPEEDTEST.NET AND IT SAYS OUR INTERTUBES ARE SLOW”) and then expects everyone to gush over her. Carter has some staffer make posts under his name and never participates in discussion or responds when he gets called on obvious bullshit. Mallard does a pretty good job I must admit, I’m actually quite impressed.

        Still better than anything National’s doing though.

    • When did Hooton become ‘moderate-right’? in the Hollow Men he called himself a ‘neo-con ultra’

      The thing I remember about Hooton from The Hollow Men was that he was fighting against the race-baiting etc. I thought he came across as the good guy.

      • Marty G 1.2.1

        You crack me up Graeme. Do you actually think Hooton is a moderate? Do you think the sole condition of being an extreme rightie is being racist?

        It’s like saying the only way to be extreme left is to be gay

        neo-con ultra… it’s an extremist’s phrase for extremist

    • Matthew Hooton 1.3

      Please be assured there was a degree of irony built into parts of the press statement!

  2. just saying 2

    Don’t agree with Cactus Kate’s views but she writes really well and her win is well-deserved IMO.

    The lack of categories put many at a big disadvantage, but I’m sure that will be rectified in years to come.

    The dimpost doesn’t come close to Lyndon Hood for satire IMO, not to mention the Standard piece (was it by one of the Martys?) satirising the media’s fawning of Key in the style of overseas totalitarian media. Was that entered? cos you were robbed of second place if it was.

    Of course there is a place for “predicatably” partisan blogging with big audience participation. This is a genre in itself.

    Sorry to see that kiwipolitico didn’t get the recogntion it deserved. Square pegs and all that…. Maybe an appropriate category in the future will rectify this.

  3. Cactus Kate 3

    Thank you Rob.

    Enough of the hugging, lets get back down to it.

    [lprent: Yes dear… Hunkers down, covers the most vulnerable point. 😈 ]

    • r0b 3.1

      What – no resting on your laurels? Well that’s the good old ACT work ethic Cactus!

      Ok then, back to work, I quite agree. Nothing personal you understand, but we got a class war to fight here…

  4. Here’s a blog worth rolling over

    …and the book looks like the tonic as well.

    captcha : quantity (nah…quality)

  5. ak 5

    The class of the “winner”, a glance at the third-placed “equals”, and a count of the comments certainly confirms the validity and popularity of this sort of thing.
    Reminds me of Mr Espiner being “voted” best political commentator: notwithstanding Mr Jones, surely masturbation should remain a private matter.

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