Blood money

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  1. TEA 1

    cheap fish

    • Colonial Viper 1.1

      Slave profiteers

      The ruling class need cheap indentured plantation workers…whether they are foreign fishers or NZ youth rates.

    • mik e 1.2

      SlAVERY was outlawed in 1833 through out the british empire. 2011 Unfortunately National want it reintroduced obviously. When they were last in power they were pulling the same stunt, turning a blind eye to these employment practices.Farm workers isolated in the country are treated similarly by National voting farmers, nothing more than bonded labour forced to work long hours with no extra hours paid using low salaries to get around the law.

    • bbfloyd 1.3

      “cheap fish”? where? in iceland? certainly not here… in fact, where are all those extra profits going?

  2. Red Rosa 2

    How transparent is all this? Which iwi are ultimately responsible for the plight of the (surviving) Indonesian fisherman Wilkinson was so keen to deport last week?

  3. Blood fish and the government support it.

  4. uke 4

    Just in case anybody is wondering (it doesn’t say on the diagram): MIO stands for “Mandated Iwi Organisation”.
    I think this diagram is a bit misleading in that it suggests all “slave ship” charters can be traced back to MIOs and Iwi. Many – probably still a majority – would go back to non-Iwi quota holders and private companies. This does not, of course, exonerate those MIOs who exploit ownership and limited liability structures to distance themselves from these horrific work practices.

    • William Joyce 4.1

      Fair points, uke. Probably not all iwi charter “slave ships” and not all “slave ships” are chartered by iwi.
      In fairness, I really don’t give a flying F who charters the boat (hulk) with impoverished workers. They all do so inside a New Zealand regulatory framework and as a NZdr it offends me.
      Then I saw that disgraceful performance by Kate Wilkinson at Question Time when she played smart-guy games with procedure to score points against the opposition when at the core of it all are the lives of real people.
      She should have been roundly condemned in the MSM media – a forlorn hope I know.
      The diagram was to show that there is a food chain and everyone takes their cut while the people who make those profits possible are hit over the head with frypans, paid shit wages, and then deported because they don’t have the $17000 to appeal their deportation and who will return home to face breach of contract action and penalties.
      Credit needs to go to Labour for pushing the point last week and to the Anglican church who have taken up their cause.

      • uke 4.1.1

        I should ackowledge the diagram is very good in showing the complex insulating layers by which quota holders seek to rinse their hands clean of moral obligation to these much-abused crews.
        Together with government failures to regulate and oversee the industry, this scandalous situation reveals the moral bankruptcy of the limited liability corporate model. As Ambrose Bierce once defined the corporation: “An ingenious device for obtaining individual profit without individual responsibility.”

        • William Joyce

          Equally iniquitous is the dictum “the sole responsibility of the CEO is to maximize profits for the shareholder”.

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