Breaking: calls for Paddy Gower’s resignation as MSM slips in its own bullshit

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24 comments on “Breaking: calls for Paddy Gower’s resignation as MSM slips in its own bullshit”

  1. Michael 1

    Ole “howdy doodie” Gower, talking through a hole in his arse as usual.

    [lprent: How about trying to stay on the topic, and actually adding some informed comment? You really don’t need to try to replicate the Gower operating technique. ]

    • Michael 1.1

      Not me in the above post. I’ve only just read this thread and don’t have anything to say about the matter.

  2. Colour me surprised. I noticed yesterday that the Herald had the same story on their homepage about the Greens resignations, but kept changing the headline, so it made it seem like a new story when it wasn’t. Also meant they could have multiple facebook posts on the subject. Didn’t see the Barkley affair having the same treatment.

    • greywarshark 2.1

      That’s an interesting ploy on the MSM playlist You Fool. Thanks for heads up, I have to rely on dedicated tech users to learn about things as I can’t find time to be wired in multiple directions at once. Overload for me.

    • xanthe 2.2

      thats been standard practice on the herald for some time, bloody annoying

  3. SpaceMonkey 3

    Gower has achieved the ability to offend every sense of mine… I wish he would resign.

  4. Muttonbird 4

    This is odd. It seems to be a follow up by Newshub staff looking at the story from the outside in as if Gower himself were the news.

    ‘Gower believes this…’, ‘Gower said that…’, ‘Gower got calls from Labour Party members saying they hate the Greens and want to destroy them.’

    Not sure if I’ve seen many examples where a news organisation interviews its own reporter. Perhaps this is a way for Newshub to distance itself from Gower while still achieving the primary objective which is to promote discord between Labour and the Greens, probably not in a partisan way, but for the drama and ‘newsworthiness’.

  5. tc 5

    Prize wanker along with garner in a media outlet committed to nact remaining in power. Recall his behaviour towards cunliffe, journalism isnt what panic paddy does.

    NZ’s version of Fox and yet another reason tvnz needs to be overhauled into a public broadcaster as its no better most days with hoskins and ankle deep coverage on serious topics.

  6. red-blooded 6

    Certainly looks like a beat-up. I wonder if he actually bothered to approach the candidate before deciding that she was either;
    a) “Resigning” (“Greens disintegrate”), or
    b) Being withdrawn by her party as part of a “dirty deal”?

    Surely he can’t have it both ways? (And yet it seems that he’s tried to…)

    Presumably the Greens put out a statement about her reasons for withdrawing? If so, odd that it wasn’t quoted… Gower trying to prove that he has inside knowledge and actually proving just the opposite.

  7. adam 7

    So is this the money that national gave to TV3 coming back as election attacks on opposition parties?

    TV3 have really gone to the dogs. It would appear they are in all probability, the least trust worthy news caster in the country these days.

    Odd poll results, questions missing from poll presentations, and now out right lies from one of their journalists. It looks bad. It looks like a company clutching at straws to stay relevant.

  8. dukeofurl 8

    Stuff had a ‘breaking’ red banner news tape across its site yesterday:
    ‘Green MPs to leave parliament immediately’

    Of course it was nonsense as leaving a party caucus doesnt mean you are out of parliament. They werent even going to be expelled from party by that stage.

    They just cant help themselves to run fake news

  9. Cinny 9

    Manipulating misleading click bait attacks as soon as the Greens gain some traction. Desperate attempts to gain attention via deceptive stuff headlines, sad, sad MSM.

    Whose Gower and MSM ‘in bed’ ’embedded’ with? Are you going down that propaganda path Paddy? It sure looks like it.

    Let’s call you an entertainer rather than a journalist if that’s the case.

    • Manipulating misleading click bait attacks as soon as the Greens gain some traction.

      That’s what it looks like. The MSM trying its hardest to keep the Greens out of parliament/government.

      Let’s call you an entertainer rather than a journalist if that’s the case.

      He’s not that entertaining.

  10. Stuart Munro 10

    It would be a pretty sad reflection on NZ if people could become informed by paying attention to Gower or the self-styled celebrities on the so-called Project.

  11. Tamati Tautuhi 11

    PG the hyperactive chipmunk will be busy sharpening his fangs for an assault on the Opposition Parties in the lead up to the Election, the Opposition MP’s just need to ignore him and give him the polite brush off rather than buying into his bull#$%t.

  12. Drowsy M. Kram 12

    Puppet Paddy, groveller Gower? Maybe it’s too risky, or simply unrewarding to pursue the bloodless ghouls that front the National Party. Mainly red (blooded) prey for Paddy (tricky now with Jacinda), and a dash of Green/Grey.

    “It seems to suggest that with Gower, as with no other political journalist on tele­vision or radio, the new rules of the game are tacitly acknowledged: that political journalism in the 21st century has become essentially a form of sport.”

    “Gower leads the pack almost literally, especially when there’s a wounded politician to be pursued.”

    • tc 12.1

      BS drowsy ! Compare this treatment to the pursuit of English over Barclay, Bennett over any of her discretions, bridges many lies, Colemans ministry etc etc.

      Mediawonks are an extension of the nact spin machine having had Weldon and Christie drive out any actual journalism.

      • Drowsy M. Kram 12.1.1

        My comment was not in support of Gower’s style of ‘journalism’ (“a form of sport”), more about the obvious bias in his choice of targets and possible reasons (political pressure/encouragement?) for this bias. Apologies for the lack of clarity.

  13. Bill 13

    I must admit to kinda loving all of this. There’s fear in the air.

    I don’t know how closely people followed the constant bagging and shit-stirring that msm and pundits leveled at Corbyn and any other example of meaningful change, but this has a very similar feel.

    It ends well 🙂

    I’ll just add. With Hooten and Williams et al shouting about how the Greens will plummet to 5% in the next poll ,and Labour die hards frantically hyping Jacinda “all done” Ardern as some wondrous change (sorry guys) and being enthusiastically backed by msm in those efforts…I’m kind of keenly anticipating the next poll and the veritable frothing at the mouth that’ll ensue if my sense of where Green Party support sits is at all accurate. (5% my arse)

    • Dspare 13.1

      The next poll is likely to be the Roy Morgan; which had the GP at 13.5% (off phone calls between 26/6 – 9/7). Disregarding any systematic bias, that means there is a 19 in 20 chance that the Greens vote would be between; 11.5-15.5%. Even if the forthcoming results have them at 10%, that translates to; 8-12% and is still statistically possibly unchanged in the 11.5-12% range.

      But that won’t be how it is reported.

  14. eco maori 14

    we should reward 2 parent family’s the system pays people to officially stay single a child need a mother and father and grand parents to reach there full potential .
    I take my hat off to Metiria for bring up her child by her self and getting a law degree one person told me that you get 200 a week for bring up a unsupported child i said what about the other 6 days pay because razing a child is a 24/7 job 200 is not enough

  15. Mrs Brillo 15

    Gower’s probably trying to re-establish his cred and get back in his editor’s and Brownlees’ good books after his Jacinda throbby piece.

  16. savenz 16

    Can’t remember headline but sounds like Gower has a headline about Greens and Labour “fighting” each other for votes. How long can Gower try to stimulate this “division” controversy?

  17. newsense 17

    Not the fucking news you vainglorous cretin. And you are not a journalist

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