Brighter Future Delivering the Cusp of Something Special for New Zealanders

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We’ve had the Brighter Future.

We’ve had the Cusp of Something Special.

And it seems that National’s soundbite this year is Delivering for New Zealanders. No one guessed that in our sweepstakes, possibly because it’s so boring. Certainly it sank without trace in the cacophony of the debarclay.

While we’re on the subject of empty slogans, RNZ is doing a great job in its series “Is this the Brighter Future?”:

National promised a ‘Brighter Future’ back in 2008 when it took power, so has it shaped our lives for better or worse? RNZ reporters investigate.

Articles in the series:

Brighter Future? The missing patients

Brighter Future? A cancer stalemate

Brighter Future? The faces of mental health

Brighter Future? One house, two generations

Brighter Future? From ‘aye’ to ‘I do’

Brighter Future? Beyond 9 to 5

Brighter Future? A tale of two cities

Brighter Future? Closing the door on the Pacific

Brighter Future? Arriving just the beginning for refugees

Brighter Future? The rise of Rolleston

Brighter Future? Riding the dairy rollercoaster

Brighter Future? Inside our classrooms

Brighter Future? The nation’s changing palate

Brighter Future? Does tourism trump taonga?

Something for us all to keep an eye on in the run up to the election.

8 comments on “Brighter Future Delivering the Cusp of Something Special for New Zealanders”

  1. Draco T Bastard 1

    Now, now, that”s just not fair – using truth to show how National has blighted everything it touched.

  2. That is an awesome series of articles. I have looked through just 3 and they are all spot on point about the incredible incompetence of actually living here under National’s dismal future.

  3. Tamati Tautuhi 3

    The “Brighter Future” was basically false advertising ?

    Some did very well but not the average New Zealander.

  4. Draco T Bastard 4

    And they’re delivering sickness to us as well:

    New research has heightened concerns that intensive livestock farming could increase risks to human health. In order to maintain a healthy population, we need to understand how livestock farming could affect our health. These risks must be carefully weighed, especially at a time when the Government is preparing to spend millions of taxpayer dollars to expand the dairy industry through irrigation.

    That Brighter Future truly is blighted for most of us.

  5. Muttonbird 5

    You hear anecdotal evidence of this all the time, that food prices in New Zealand are way higher than in a higher wage place like Australia.

    Basics like food, housing, health, and power affect lower wage families and the vulnerable so much more than the ‘doing alright’ set and the investment class, yet these are the areas which National has consistently failed New Zealand on.

    So much for the market providing.

    So much for the brighter future.

  6. The decrypter 6

    “Disheveling for New Zealanders “might be more apt?

  7. To be fair, the Nat’s only ever promised a brighter future to their own supporters. They had no intention, ever, to apply this aim to the whole of New Zealand.
    They have demonstrated this on numerous occasions, tax cuts then and now promised, who has and is going to benefit the most from this? Power companies privatised, who benefitted from that? Sky City deals, Hollywood deals, roads of national significance, who benefitted from all of that?
    NZ voters and especially non-voters deserve all they get!

  8. Tamati Tautuhi 8

    Apathy is a big problem in this country and it is costing the country dearly, so many people are politically disengaged and actually do not vote.

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