Brighter future (still) just around the corner

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Unemployment’s up, wages are flat, retail and export prices in freefall. Last week, the government didn’t get enough bids on its debt issue – usually it gets bids totaling 3 or 4 times what its issuing.

Last budget National promised 4% this year – it’s 1%. We’re in a second stall, threatening to turn into a double dip recession since National took office promising growth.

But never fear, the brighter future is just around the corner – again.

Key says the budget will show growth will be strong in 2013/14 -2 years from now.

He sounds like a WW1 general, every year promising the boys will be home by Christmas.

12 comments on “Brighter future (still) just around the corner”

  1. Pete 1

    ‘I’m sure I’ll take you with pleasure!’ the Queen said. ‘Twopence a week and jam every other day.’
    Alice couldn’t help laughing, as she said ‘I don’t want you to hire me — and I don’t care for jam.’
    ‘It’s very good jam,’ said the Queen.
    ‘Well, I don’t want any to-day, at any rate.’
    ‘You couldn’t have it if you did want it,’ the Queen said. ‘The rule is, jam to-morrow and jam yesterday — but never jam to-day.’
    ‘It must come sometimes to “jam to-day”,’ Alice objected.
    ‘No, it can’t, said the Queen. ‘It’s jam every other day: to-day isn’t any other day, you know.’

    • prism 1.1

      That’s good – Alice being the naive, sincere enquirer. It somehow brings to mind John Cleese in the cheese shop which calls itself, grandly, an emporium I think. He is an epicure and names and requests every sort of cheese there is. Always there is an excuse for not having it, the cat ate it is one. There is a distracting theme of music from a bouzouki. Finally Cleese realises there is no cheese and the proprietor admits this. Cleese shoots him and comments ‘What a waste of a life’.

      This is a good analogy for NACT – an empty-minded group with nothing to offer except NACTs promises, and cheesy photo-ops. We must get rid of them using legal means though!

  2. They’ll blame it all on the ChCh quake and the GFC and take no responsibility for their mismanagement and ineptness.

    Actually scrap that, they’ll blame it on Labour and that fictitious “ten years of deficits” that treasury projected before the 2008 election.

    • Jim Nald 2.1

      They have been running out of excuses and, coming up next, they will show the only kind of green credentials they have: recycling – recycling old, tired excuses.

    • Lanthanide 2.2

      You still see that “10 years of deficits” nonsense routinely spouted in the stuff comments section. Was talking to my bf about it this morning: National really hammered it hard and got people believing it, even though it was essentially a figment of some treasury wonk’s imagination. People now widely believe that Labour ruined the economy in the entire 9 years they were in office, rather than slating most/any failure to the 3rd term (where it would belong, if anywhere). This is essentially what kept Labour’s vote down in 2011.

  3. freedom 3

    May 2012, the New Zealand government’s operating deficit for the nine months ended March 31 stands at $6.1 billion.

    Think back to 2008, the chaos was subsiding. The major turmoil from the GFC was officially declared under control by every international body that decides these things. Thus allowing the world a brief moment for pause. Here in kiwiland some wealthy strategically savvy people took that ( largely illusory) moment of clarity and threw it through an inverse filter. They stood on the shoulders of the msm and flat out lied as loudly as they (and their teams of lawyers) were able. In 2008 NZ debt was eight billion dollars. It is 2012, the NZ debt is fifty billion dollars. This year’s operating deficit alone is projected to be equitable to the entire debt as it stood in 2008. Believing a brighter future is just around the corner does seem to be a baseless claim.

    • Liberal Realist 3.1

      Nact had long planned to run strategic deficit’s. All part of the Nact medium term strategy.

      I fear that New Zealand will require a firebrand prime minister of the left to undo all of the damage already done and all of the damage Nact will do up until 2014.

      If we bend over, grab our ankles and sign the TPP agreement in it’s current form we’ll have to go the way of Argentina in 2002. If we don’t NZ will cease to become a sovereign nation. Fancy paying $1000’s for a prescription which currently costs you $3? How about US corporations suing our government because they ‘don’t like’ our labour laws?

  4. Rosie 4

    On the theme of “A Brighter Future”……..

    Do check out the PM spoofs from Lolnats. It will bring cheer.

  5. Dr Terry 5

    The “brighter future” will only arrive at the end of 2014 when, hoping desperately, Key and his retinue of clowns will be out of office.
    Note how Key is now “putting down” Australia and its economy! How strange that the Aussies should be currently all but begging Kiwis to live and work there!

    • Rosie 5.1

      Hi Dr. I was hoping the “blighted future” would end in November 2011 but alas our voters were overcome with apathy and stupidity.

  6. Roy 6

    In other news, Key is putting his fingers in his ears and shouting “La la la, I can’t hear anything!”…oh wait, that’s not other news…

  7. Georgecom 7

    Must be easy for English to write his budget speech. All he needs to do is make the same promises but keep changing the dates when the ‘brighter future’ will arrive. He has used the same speech, with date changes, 3 times so far. Fourth time coming shortly and another 2 years of recycling the same speech with different dates.

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