Budget choices – ignoring domestic violence refuges

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Budgets are about priorities and choices. NZ is the worst country in the world for domestic violence, but the budget is going to ignore on-the-ground support organisations. Green Party MP Jan Logie calls out the Nats in this piece on Stuff:

Govt delivers ‘devastating news’ to Moko marchers, on funding for family violence

New Zealand has the worst rates of domestic violence in the developed world. … The most recent marches around the country after the killing of Moko Rangitoheriri were another call to action for the Government to do more to prevent domestic and family violence. The question is, what can the Government do?

It’s brilliant that this Government is reviewing the legislative response to family violence and is trialling a new crisis response model, but it also needs to properly fund Women’s Refuge to do the vitally important work of aiding and assisting women and families to get to safety. Providing the resources that these vital, on-the-ground services need to support families in the middle of a crisis should be a priority.

Governments have underfunded these agencies for years. I recently surveyed refuges around New Zealand to get a nationwide look at how domestic violence funding providers have been faring. The results were grim.

Of the 20 organisations, more than half have been forced to cut services and/or staff in the past 6 years due to a lack of funding. Nearly all said that there are needs now in their communities that they can’t respond to.

Hastings Women’s Refuge, an area where there have been several youth suicides related to family violence, has had their funding cut by over $36,000 over the last six years despite costs and demand going up.

Denying refuges the funding they need inevitably compromises the safety of women and children. The Government has made it clear that more funding for refuges will not be in this week’s Budget. This will be devastating news for those who just marched for Moko. Family violence is not inevitable. We can end it, but it’ll take action from all of us, including the Government.

• Women’s refuge crisisline: 0800 733 843
• Lifeline (open 24/7): 0800 543 354
• Depression Helpline (open 24/7): 0800 111 757
• Samaritans (open 24/7): 0800 726 666

7 comments on “Budget choices – ignoring domestic violence refuges”

  1. adam 1

    Thanks for doing all your work Jan.

    This is a national disgrace. I’m not sure we can deal with this in the current social, and economic environment. The culture of blaming the victim, and the war on the weakest just keeps the wheel of domestic violence turning.

    A good example is the self serving Tony Veitch.

  2. Sabine 2

    Did anyone expect anything else?

    Clearly the future tax cuts for the few deserving need to come from somewhere. And women and children is a good place to short change.
    They have all paid lipservice the other week with the big Mea Culpa n such of some vile girlfriend beaters and now its all sorted.
    Domestic Violence is an issue only for the ones beaten up in hospitals or morgues. Irrespective of gender and age.

  3. save nz 3

    Shocking! Family violence is a national disgrace.

    National should be shamed by the link between the horrific deaths of abused children and the lack of facilities and funding for women’s refuges that they are perpetuating while giving money for flag referendums and Sky City real estate deals.

  4. Macro 4

    But John has just said that he’s going to give people $1000 to live in a run down motel for a week! AND… They may not have to wait until september before this wonderful opportunity to get away kicks in (if I can use that expression here).
    Just think how much benefit people will get when we build all those extra convention centres under Project Palace. They might even be able to get away for a whole night! I’m sure having all the extra pokies and gambling facilities available for people will help tremendously in reducing domestic violence.

    • save nz 4.1

      Good idea, maybe Sky City has a few free rooms for the homeless and abused. That would be our 500 million of tax payers money better spent.

      • Macro 4.1.1

        And!! All the extra car parks! No need to park up out in the open anymore trying to avoid the ex!
        Steve, John, Nick and Paula are brilliant! So caring – it almost makes you want to weep.

  5. Jenny 5

    There is a whole lot of ignorin goin on.

    If it has nothing to do with rich people, this government doesn’t want to know.

    Jonky Lewis

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