Cameron cancels Key photo-op

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David Cameron has cancelled his planned trip to Japan and New Zealand. He is facing a backbench revolt over European Union membership at the same time as he is trying to intervene in the crucial financial summit trying to sort out problems in the Euro zone on Wednesday. True to form, his is also trying to fob off the Tory right by promising to use agreement to the bailout  as a bargaining chip to release Britain from European Union labour obligations.







Oh well, one less photo op for John Key – wonder how he will fill his day. And I’ve seen that slogan before somewhere. The future doesn’t seem to be getting  better in Britain however.

At least we won’t have Cameron pressuring  Key to keep troops in Afghanistan. That might help save a few lives.

16 comments on “Cameron cancels Key photo-op”

  1. johnm 1

    Just some thoughts: Echoing AFKTT and Richard Heinberg. We have reached the end of growth due to capped oil supply and imminent supply decline plus the end of increasing mineral extraction etc. (Refer Heinberg’s “Peak everything”) Populations have maxed out in growth and consumption. Our financial Ponzi scheme system has lost its guarantee and collateral : growth producing wealth.
    We are at an historical turning point well into the decline phase of fossil fuelled Industrial civilisation.
    That’s why the U$ and the Euro zone are in crisis. The blame can also be laid at the door of Neo-Liberal greed which basically is the worship of wealth at the expense of ordinary people.
    Also refer and

    Even mainstream establishment commentators are talking of oil supply decline. refer
    We also have the problem of climate change.

    • johnm 1.1

      Refer to supporting comment to the above:

      “The peak oil crisis: contagion
      With every passing day it is becoming more apparent that the crisis of the depletion of cheap oil has become deeply enmeshed in the European debt crises.

      Our concern here remains how all this will affect oil prices and the availability of oil. Concern over the course of the Greek debt crisis has been roiling the foreign exchange and equity markets of late taking oil prices along for a rather wild ride. Last week we had London oil below $100 a barrel, but renewed optimism, or as it is now known, “risk appetite,” soon sent London oil back up over $111 where it continues to methodically eat the heart out of the OECD economies. London oil has now been above $100 a barrel for the last nine months and so far shows no signs of collapsing to the fabled $60 a barrel level as it did three years ago.”

      refer link:

      • Afewknowthetruth 1.1.1


        Spot on.

        It is now one year since the International Energy Agency admitted that Peak Oil was 2005/6 yet the clowns who call themselves leaders continue to ignore the issue altogether and campaign on unachievable growth. How much longer they can keep the masses deluded is anyone’s guess but RWC indicates most people have completely lost their minds and are now absolute zombies of the system.

        It is particularly interesting that the elites have managed to suppress the price of precious metals and oil for the moment, whilst pumping up share values. That does rather suggest the elites are setting up the preconditions for yet another almighty crash, as discussed a few weeks ago.

        Mike Smith says: ‘The future doesn’t seem to be getting better in Britain however.’

        The future is not getting better anywhere on this planet. Nor can it until industrial civilisation is terminated or it collapses as a consequence of shrinking energy supply and diminishing resources. (Environmental collapse is helping to bring down civilisation, too, of course,)

  2. Afewknowthetruth 2

    In the background we see that the Macaroon is ‘building a better future’ by devaluing the currency via ‘money printing. destroying what remains of the environment via out-of-control emissions, fracking, deep-sea drilling, raising the unemployment rate etc.

    It’s all all the same nonsense we are subjected to here in NZ …… not that there is any international conspiracy amongst money-lenders, corporations and the global elites to mislead the general populace in all western nations.

  3. Things are not looking up for Dear Leader…

    In fact, the latest Horizon Poll has National at 36.8% of registered voters (down 2.7% since September 22).

    The ‘Rena” grounding has definitely impacted on the Teflon Don.

  4. Colonial Viper 4

    These National Party billboards are hilarious.

    They’re going to try and get away with these lol

  5. John Key has a solution to incessant claims everything he does is for a photo op.

  6. Craig 6

    You left out ‘trailing British Labour in most opinion polls’, folks…

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