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Cameron Slater back in court

Written By: - Date published: 4:05 pm, October 18th, 2015 - 35 comments
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For the observers of the continued disaster that is Cameron Slater, here is a snippet observed in the High Court list for tomorrow that someone observed and told me about.

High court list october 19th

High court list october 19th-2

High court list october 19th-3

First call… That has to be yet another new action from Matthew Blomfield against Cameron Slater for contempt of court.

I only just wrote about some of the results of the last one – Cameron Slater – still technically (and legally) incompetent!. Hell, I still haven’t finished the post on the implications of the seventh charge for bloggers.

I’ve sent a email off to Blomfield asking what this one is about. But if anyone is interested in cheap entertainment and has the time, head down to the high court tomorrow, sit through a few other cases, and watch an incompetent pretending to be a lawyer.

35 comments on “Cameron Slater back in court ”

  1. lprent 1

    Oops.. Forgot the title.

  2. Paul Campbell 2

    I was going to sarcastically say “couldn’t be happening to a nicer person” ….. but then I realised that it actually wouldn’t be happening to a nicer person

  3. tinfoilhat 3

    Don’t know why you bother giving either of these idiots oxygen on your blog.

    • lprent 3.1

      I am just intrigued by how much of a mess that dumbarse Cameron Slater can get into, and I like to highlight it as an example for other social media warriors of how not to proceed.

      Slater wanders off and deliberately (in my informed opinion) lies about and defames Blomfield for no obvious reason. Of course the reason, after Dirty Politics made it pretty obvious, is very likely to be purely financial even if Cameron ‘agrees’ with the money.

      It is clear that Cameron Slater was making a business out of smearing the crap out of people for money. Which is almost certainly why he is defying and appealing against a court decision to reveal the sources of the material, lies, inventions and probably the motivation for the dirt he was throwing around. They don’t want to be dragged into the defamation case after paying to stay ‘clean’.

      He then proceeds to do very much the same kind of hit against Colin Craig, the only real difference is that this time it is in the political sphere rather than the commercial. Again, the motivations for that are quite unclear. In my view it carries all of the hallmarks of having the same middlemen facilitation and the same kinds of strategy.

      From memory there are other groups gunning for him legally for the same kind of modus operandi.

      Not to mention that I will be taking a case against him if the police chicken out on the arsehole trying to break into my computers for other unnamed paymasters.

      In all the cases, the interest of the other side is less about the bit of meat being crushed into the legal system and more about who is paying for him to be a delusional lying arsehole.

      Meanwhile the fool is trying to play games with the legal system as he appears to treat the courts with contempt, gets convicted of it, and then provides an opportunity for Blomfield to raise it again. He is bleeding cash and time from those, as can bee seen from his almost pathetic attempts to con cash out of his diminishing audience.

      Meanwhile his contempt is steadily making it more likely that the ignoring and playing lip service to court orders will wind up with him getting jail time for repeated contempt of court.

      This is a black comedy act of the first order.. Looking at someone dig himself an ever deeper hole with assistance from the idiots who advise him.

      I think that pointing this out provides a salutary lesson for the other morons of the blogosphere and other social media about the limits of the medium. It is also providing the judges with some benchmarks for what is stupid and irresponsible behaviour.

      • Grindlebottom 3.1.1

        Plus it’s just plain entertaining watching it all unfold like some crazy comedic soap opera. (Especially with all this background analysis.)

        • lprent

          Indeed. For some reason it reminds me of the portrayal of Rik of the Young Ones mixed with the spiv in the same show.

          Slater seems to pick these bits of social operation like law and order out of the ether as slogans that he repeats without any real understanding beyond the slogans. The idiots at lauda finem pursuing their own wee personal vendettas seem to do the same. Same for some of the other sites around on ACC, police, and various other issues.

          They are interesting for their material right up into the point where they drop out of the policy side, and flip to accusations of personal corruption without any proof. Then they seem to go completely batshit with the apparent powwwweeeerrrrr without consequences.

          But there are consequences.

          Cameron Slater in in real difficulties because he is also the only one that I know of who has tried to monetise that daft model as a business. That provides a venal motivation for the courts to hook into.

          • dukeofurl

            Well he has doubled down with some sort of South East Auckland ‘financial advisor’ who gets a lot of attention.
            Then recently there is a former judge and head of Real estate agents tribunal, we can imagine whos paying for creating this little bit of froth , this time fronted by an actual journalist- but sacked by Herald after being arrested for connections with P .

            “Len Brown scandal journalist Stephen Cook on P charges”

            • lprent

              Have you noticed that exactly the same campaigns show up at LF as well? They just have a different emphasis.

              LF look to be have been placed as the dirtier end of a same franchise operation, despite the occasional post they put up decrying WO taking “their ” stories. It allows them to get the resonance effects that WO used to do with a number of other “dirty politics” blogs, and that Cameron was selling.

              • Tracey

                and LF’s cover story is so bogus… they seem to be the opposite of what they claim, experts in law.

              • dukeofurl

                Who would benefit from undermining judicial officials and then to the ministerial warrant holders who appoint them?
                I think the trail of crumbs lead back from Slater to such a person.

        • Chris

          I like how his blog has deteriorated close to a porn site with ads for overseas brides etc. Surely it can’t be the most commented on blog now, even with the inflated numbers?

          • NickS

            Except there’s no traditional google ads on this site.

            Though lying is pretty par the course for you 🙄

  4. savenz 4

    Isn’t he our PM and ex justice ministers bff?

    • NZJester 4.1

      No No according to the spin he is not a BFF of the prime minister and has no connection to the prime minister. As for if he is the BFF of john Key the private citizen that is apparently John’s business and not ours.

  5. Rodel 5

    Just re-read some of National party blogger Slater’s comments and emails in the book ‘Dirty Politics’ It’s a reminder of his malevolence.Hope the courts dish out all that he deserves.He’s earned it.

  6. Vaughan Little 6

    I get no joy from watching such a disaster of a character. but every now and then you come across a nasty piece of work whose ambitions and capacities, such as they are, go quite beyond anything in the western literary canon. and that’s always cause for pause. goes with Chris Cairns too. they serve as commentaries on the zeitgeist while remaining so utterly singular. people can get tangled up in such sticky messes – very sobering. there but for God’s grace…

  7. Vaughan Little 7

    veitch not such a straightforward case. from a distance it’s clear he has some sort of conscience, but the exact species of which I’m not able to make out. his debt to society remains an open question. there’d be gold to mine in him fronting some public work against violence toward women, which remains a major ongoing pproblem in nz society.

  8. JeevesPOnzi 8

    Any update on our erstwhile Atticus Filth?

    Or is he still wooing the learned judge with his eloquent legal rationale…

    ” But look, I’ve got a text from Judith Collins in 2011 saying I’ve got integrity- and a Judge said I’m a journalist- so there you go- Have I won yet?”

  9. Vaughan Little 9

    though women wouldn’t be the target audience, of course. the eye of justice is a dim blind eye that does not see in a generous spirit.

    precedents abound. I think it was eroni clark who was made to visit schools speaking against drunk driving after he killed someone driving drunk. there’s a gravity about the words of such people that cuts nicely through the idiot levity of youth. I think some people fancy themselves as gods, the way they’re so willing to cast their fellow humans into an eternal hell.

  10. JeevesPOnzi 10

    Any update on what transpired this morning?

    • lprent 10.1

      Not much.

      Nothing much happens at first call and I think that there is some kind of gagging order in place from the lack of response.

      If you look at the previous post that I wrote on the last judgement

      [5] It was recorded by Judge Blackie in his minute that counsel had “indicated on behalf of his client” that the publications would not be made. 3 Despite the slightly unusual wording, Mr Slater accepts that there was an undertaking given to the Court in the terms set out. This was a sensible concession on his part, as the Judge appeared to treat what Mr Williams had said as an undertaking, and the parties have acted since on the basis that there was an undertaking which was binding on Mr Slater. Mr Slater now seeks to have it revoked.

      and the judgement was

      I am not persuaded that the undertaking should be discharged. It was voluntarily given, and given the wide and extreme nature of the allegations that were the subject of the claim, it was appropriate. Nothing has happened to change that position.

      Generally, neither side says much about the other these days, Apart from Cameron Slater’s divergence through his wife (who is usually goes under the handle of the Spanish Bride on the blogs), and wide open parrot pipe to the ‘league of justice’ sockpuppets at LaudaFinem.

      I can only seek or get given public documents, usually the judgments or documents filed at the court, unless I turn up at court for watching the dark comedy of Cameron Slater’s slow legal implosion.

      I’d love to know details about what has been happening in the Court of Appeal where Slater is attempting to appeal the judgement made in the High Court that he has to reveal his sources. It sounds like a bit of time wasting clusterfuck. From the scraps that I have heard, it sounds like Cameron Slater is having a problem understanding what the role of the Court of Appeal is.

      I’m wondering how much this incompetent bludger is costing the taxpayers. After all getting a QC to help the court to make sense of incompetent submissions by lay litigants doesn’t come cheap.

  11. infused 11

    I’m still at a loss as to why people donate to him.

    • rod 11.1

      I’m at a loss to why you can’t figure it out

    • tc 11.2

      Read some fine work done by an investigative journalist called hager on the subject and wonder no more.

      Carrick Graham and Katherine Rich are potential keen donors amonst others who have enjoyed his copy/paste skills.

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