Can we talk about the issues please?

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Can we pease have some reporting on the actual issues in the super-major race and where the candidates stand? I’m so sick and tired of loading the news-sites to be told who spent what on what (with the implication that there’s all a massive scandal somewhere) or a factual piece reporting on the opinion of some supposed expert on how the candiates are doing as if it’s a horse race.

24 comments on “Can we talk about the issues please?”

  1. comedy 1

    The issue is that all the potential mayors appear to be fuckwits

  2. The issue is whether there will be a party central venue to celebrate the taking over of a third of the North Island by one political inward-looking bloc – finished when Mayor and Councillors elected (isn’t it nice to have a choice of dictators).

    Key Auckland dates for Auckland local election –
    17-22 September Voting papers delivered to those enrolled
    Midday Saturday
    9 October Voting closes voting papers must be with the (I’ve cut this off – guess the wording is with the returning officer, and I think that means that you can’t post the night before and be sure it will be there in time, usually there is a hand delivered receiving box somewhere if you’ve forgotten.)

  3. r0b 3

    Excellent post – short but sweet, right on target. I don’t know a thing about the policies of any of the Supercity mayoral candidates. We’ve had endless coverage of their spending and their personalities, and nothing that I can recall on what they stand for. This is everything that’s wrong with current politics and reporting in a nutshell.

    • comedy 3.1

      Apparently they all stand for the same thing.

      1. Put up the rates
      2. Trough on the back of the ratepayers

  4. tc 4

    Appreciate the idea marty but this is where our MSM is at now, they lack the ability/experience and incentive from their management to do anything other than ham it up for their dwindling crowds.

    Could you see any of the sub-editors even getting a serious piece to critique let alone letting one through….it’s taken the efforts of committed individuals to highlight Wodneys many cockups whilst the MSM are stalking mayors relieving themselves and getting all excited about nothing at all.

    • The Voice of Reason 4.1

      What’s a sub editor, TC? I vaguely remember the term, I think it was last used back in the days when newspapers felt it was neccesary to check facts and press releases were srutinised, criticised and then rewritten in the house style, not reprinted verbatim.

      Anti-spam: father (as in father of the chapel?)

  5. Evidence-Based Practice 5

    I would like to see more information encouraging people to get on the roll and vote. Otherwise thousands will be disenfranchised. (Basic civics education via the media.)

  6. Big Bruv 6

    So, the theft of rate payer funds does not matter to the left?

    • Pascal's bookie 6.1

      So you’ve filed a complaint with the police then bludge. Good for you.

      • Big Bruv 6.1.1


        So you would not be screaming from the rooftops if Banks had abused tax payer fund in this manner?……yeah right.

        The shocking hypocrisy of the left never ceases to amaze me.

        • Pascal's bookie

          Eh? You are not surprised by your made up version of me? Go figure.

          So have you filed a complaint about all this ‘theft’ or not?

        • The Voice of Reason

          Jeez, you’ve got a cheek talking about hypocrisy, Blub. What a strange political philosophy you have that requires everyone to pay their debts except yourself. Your internal monologue must be a doosy; one half hair shirt, one half hippy, battling it out for control of your cerebral cortex. Both halves losing the fight.

    • kriswgtn 6.2

      lol- ask banks for some flowers- he spent over $11000 in past year of rate payers $$

      any comment

      • loota 6.2.1

        Yeah I saw that too. Maybe the Left could learn a lesson – don’t just one bunch of flowers, buy a couple every week of the year and then call the practice ‘routine’.

  7. Pat 7

    I wish we had a candidate that was not endorsed by a politcal party, and was only interested in what is best for Auckland. Someone with some common sense, a vision without crackpot ideas, a leader who is not a nutcase. Someone you could be proud to have as a mayor.


  8. Carol 8

    The MSM may not be focussing on issues, but Len Brown is using the web and social networking to state where he stands on important issues:
    [From LB’s blog on his website]

    “This is a column I wrote for the Suburban Newspapers last week. We need to keep public ownership of Auckland’s public assets. — As I travel around our region one of the biggest concerns I hear from local residents is that the new Auckland supercity council will sell off of our public assets. We cannot let that happen and, if I am elected mayor, it will not happen. We need to grow Auckland’s economic base not sell it. Under my leadership, my council has been committed to keeping public ownership of our public assets. We have fought to keep our airport shares …” read more

    And there’s more on that site that gives information about the issues he is standing on. I also follow LB on Twitter:

    It’s there if you look for it, just not so much in the MSM. But I see it as up to us to promote it, so I often re-tweet LB’s links to his website comments to my followers. Viral campaigning.

  9. Draco T Bastard 9

    Would be nice to see actual investigative reporting going on but I really don’t think our journos are capable of it.

    • Carol 9.1

      We could sure do with some investigative journalism to investigate and hold our politicians to account.

      But maybe our idea of “investigative journalism” needs a re-think, because the old model is near dead. My idea of the old model is of a fearless, lone individual investigating and speaking truth to power. A bit of an anti-hero star-turn, who will live dangerously to get the goods for us.

      But maybe we now have the tools to start doing such journalism in a different way? I guess, I’m talking about a version of citizen journalism. But one that uses accessible networking tools to work collaboratively. And to do this in a way that cuts across traditional boundaries of professional and amateur (or citizen) journalists.

      Maybe we need to take the initiative and intensify what some blogs do: pooling knowledge and experiences, critiquing existing sources etc. and thereby get more solid evidence of what’s happening behind the scenes or “on the ground”?

      or maybe I’m just having a utopian dreamer moment……

  10. Tom 10

    To be honest, the crap tabloid pseudo-journalism in the North Shore Times covering Andrew Williams only makes me want to vote for him. I know it’s a parish rag, but the reportage is breathtakingly poor quality, as if they are an opponent in a political campaign and not a newspaper.

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