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35 comments on “Caption competition”

  1. DeeDub 1

    “I know it’s not natural for any of us Gerry…. but it goes ‘you put your LEFT foot in’, mate.”

  2. Sorry Bob but CERA lets me do whatever I want to.

    • Olwyn 2.1

      Lol! Along similar lines, Don’t worry Bob, you can trust us. We’re your mates.

  3. Pascal's bookie 3

    A half probably would have been enough eh?

  4. r0b 4

    Pride comes before the fall…

  5. Joyce and Brownlee surfing, Parker on edge.

  6. mr fox 6

    Boggis, Bunce and Bean

  7. Daveo 7

    They’re in! Quick fill it in before they get out!

  8. joe90 8

    It’s just a jump to the left

    And then a step to the right

    With your hands on your hips

    You bring your knees in tight

    But it’s the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane,

    Let’s do the Time Warp again!

  9. happynz 9

    Dancing on democracy’s grave.

  10. There’s the National Party line Bob, make sure you stick to it.

  11. Sean 11

    Bob Parker and Steven Joyce rejoice at Gerry Brownlee’s vision of where Christchurch is going in the future.

  12. “Go on Bob. I know when Don did it he needed a plank – and that other guy needed water – but if you just smile and wave you too can walk on thin air, just like John. Trust us, you’ll be laughing all the way to the next election.”

  13. higherstandard 13

    Look Osama bounced !

  14. hellonearthis 14

    See we are using local government to fix chch, now fill that gap bob.

  15. todd 15

    Then we jump all over their civil liberties.

  16. William Joyce 16

    After being fed magic mushrooms, superfluous Christchurch mayor “encouraged” to attempt flight.

  17. steve 17

    Look how far Labour have fallen

  18. MrSmith 18

    Ok Guys I get the message you can have the Assets.

  19. DJ 19

    The three stooges live-action christchurch show!

  20. Georgecom 20

    You see this Bob? It used to be your city centre. But not anymore. I’m going to build a snotting great 8 lane, loss making. highway through the centre of it. That’ll speed up the trip between Nelson and Dunedin by 10 minutes.

  21. Georgecom 21

    Gerry Brownlee “assists” another old man down some steps.

  22. todd 22

    Bob wins the hit the head of a hobo with hock competition.

  23. Blue 23

    Pay attention Bob, this is what an election victory dance looks like.

  24. Deadly_NZ 24

    We don’t laugh all the way t the bank, we dance ha ha ha

  25. Oh look, Bob Each Way is at hooker with two fat lazy National lickspittles playing sleaze prop’s trying to fix a large crack.Even the ground would spit these creeps out! Christchurch is doomed with these fuckwits in charge!

  26. M 26

    “C’mon Bob, it’s not that deep – the benefit cuts will be deeper if we’re returned in November.”

  27. M 27

    Steve and Gerry assist Bob to his new al fresco commode.

  28. M 28

    Gerry said, “Bob, we couldn’t be arsed getting the miners out, but yeah, sure we’ll help you find your pinky ring.”

  29. Armchair Critic 29

    Is it a bird bit of s4 conservation land? Is it a plane Road of National Significance? No, it’s superman a bunch of incompetent fuckwits.

  30. Virginia Anderson 30

    “But Bob we are Demi Gods – those little folks down there who put us here squeal when you mess with them – go on squash the one with the democracy sign – its fun…”

  31. todd 31

    And you thought we were joking, when we said we’d throw you off the cliff.

  32. Craig 32

    And in TV3’s first New Zealand-sourced version of the hit Aussie crime drama “Underbelly”, “Two Bob” Parker is seen taking the “long way home” with “Fat Gerry” and “Sinister Stephen.” Who will triumph? And when will less well off ChCh suburbs get essential services fully restored…?

    Theme Music: Burkhardt Overdrive, “It’s a Bungle Inside There…”

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