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53 comments on “Caption competition”

  1. Uturn 1

    Keyzilla attacks wind farm.

  2. BernyD 2

    Love the tie M8!

  3. Clashman 3

    “Not while the photographers are here, Banksie!”

  4. mac1 4

    1. The Colossus of Rhodes astride his Cycle Tracks.

    2. “How about this one for a Statue of Liberty, Bill?”

    3. “It just fell into my hand, honest!”

  5. mac1 5

    “Give me your tired, your poor
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

  6. Carol 6

    1. “Gotta do something about the lack of toilets on this planet.”

    2. “I admire its purity. A survivor… unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality. “

  7. Ed 7

    My shoes are getting wet.

    I do own the wind

    I can feel the electricity

    Sorry John, you just need to stay out of sight a bit longer.

    My turbine generates more hot air than the windmill on the next hill.

    Does this short make me look a little bit pregnant?

  8. BernyD 8

    🙂 “Does this short make me look a little bit pregnant?”
    Na babe you’re simply glowing radiance, don’t frett so much M8!

  9. ianmac 9

    “My God! All those missed motions. I am pregnant. But wait. Will I be famous as a Virgin Birth? Will a god annoint me as Second Coming? That fits! Oh yeah!”

  10. Tazirev 10

    Look, Just all piss and wind

  11. Blue 11

    …and this is what Horomia looks like.

  12. Kaplan 12

    When asked on his bold choice of tie colour Key responded that his wardrobe assistant had assured him it was simply a light shade of red. When pressed on whether he planned to confirm his assistant’s statement Key stated he didn’t feel it would be necessary to open his eyes before his next wardrobe change.

  13. In the absence of toilets, the giant of Planet Key pisses on the poor

  14. Dylan 14

    The Fairy Godfather waves his wand.

  15. Bill 15

    “200MW guaranteed when I, yet again, open my mouth to let my belly rumble.”

  16. georgecom 16

    “On planet Key there will be no wind”

    “By the time I’m finished this is all Kiwis will own of their electricity assets”

  17. captain hook 17

    They work when it blows but I suck ALL THE TIME!

  18. PJ 18

    KEY: “Won’t a pink shirt mean people will want to punch me in the face?”

    AIDE (under his breath): “Ah, that’s not why people want to punch you in the face.”

  19. BeeDee 19

    Pointing straight up.

  20. Dr Terry 20

    “Look at me, growing fat off the land!”

  21. Do I look as stupid as Jeanette Fitzsimmons, when she stood under one of these things with her arms in the air ….. hailing the savior of human kind?

    Isn’t it interesting how bullshit acts like a windmill …. it just keeps going around and around.

  22. air guitar fail number 24 – pee-emky and his unorthodox pick – wrong hand idiot!

  23. Jackal 23

    Does this Capitalism make me look fat?

    After the oil and gas subsidies, this little windmill is all we could afford.

  24. Te Reo Putake 24

    When it came to wind generation, there was no one quite like Johnny Fartpants.

  25. freedom 25

    instead of a caption let’s revist some classics

    some pleading from the theatrically minded

    or some Trillion for the reality conscious

    both of which are disturbingly apt this week

  26. billbrowne 26

    Sock tests wind

  27. AC 27

    Let’s blow those schools away.

  28. ak 28

    Bennett cosmetic surgery revealed

  29. ak 29

    Windmill tilts at Donkey’s ok

  30. tc 30

    Jeez do I have to do this…what…yeah shit forgot its this or attending question time

  31. David H 31

    Shut up Nasty people! The Wind is mine, ALL mine. Hahahaha

  32. toad 32

    #Planet Key has blue wee

    Their dolphins are all dead

    No one ever dies there (dolphins & crayfish excepted)

    No one has a head

    [But I got to eat a seriously big fucking crayfish – the size of a horse.]

    • weka 32.1

      Planet Key has no wee

      They hold it all inside

      Bodies bloat

      They get to gloat

      As the dolphins have all died. 

      (sorry, images of Mr Creosote coming on now) 

  33. AC 33

    Oh Gerry, you must stop eating Mac’ers. Poo!

  34. AC 34

    You can have the water. I have the air that blows the clouds that creates rain. Maori Party 0, Key 1.

  35. Akldnut 35

    I can definitely feel it, now we have to figure a way to sell it and stop the Maarees from claiming it!
    Ha! The only wind they can have is what I pass.

  36. Akldnut 36

    I can definitely feel it, now we have to figure a way to sell it and stop the Maoris from claiming it!
    Ha! The only wind they can have is what I pass.

  37. Georgecom 37

    nice of Tony Ryall to lend me this shirt and tie

  38. Policy Parrot 38


  39. Tim G. 39

    Flamboyant tie tries desperately to escape from Mad Despot.

  40. fustercluck 40

    Hey 99%: Blow this!

  41. irascible 41

    “The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind”

  42. Chris 42

    I love being PM,all these freebies are really cool.I will take this sharp shiny one home to Bronagh.I wonder where she will put it?

  43. AC 43

    Great idea. We’ll force power prices up and subsidize them for politicians.

  44. Lota hot air and wind there

  45. Brian 45

    “I’m such a dick I can hardly see my toes”

  46. bbfloyd 46

    Sigh,…. time to start lying about going for morning runs again to cover for the lyposuction…

  47. joe90 47

    Over the hills and far away,
    Teletubbies come to play ….
    Time for teletubbies,
    time for teletubbies,
    time for teletubbies….
    Tinkywinky. “Tinkywinky!”
    Dipsy. “Dipsy!”
    Laalaa. “Laalaa!”
    Po. “Po!”
    Teletubbies. “Teletubbies!”
    Say, Heeeeee-lo! “Eh-oh!”
    Tinkywinky. Dipsy. Laalaa. Po.
    Teletubbies. “Teletubbies!”
    Say Heeeeeee ……… “Uh-oh!”
    “Where have the teletubbies gone?
    Where have the teletubbies gone?”

  48. blue leopard 48

    On having tried his hand at running the country
    Mr Key makes efforts of a similar effectiveness
    to fly back to Planet Key

  49. AC 49

    The rich are so lucky to have me!

  50. BernyD 50

    We’ll build the orphanorium over here …
    Windfarm here, (Maintained by orphans and their parents/prisoners … sweet) …
    Prison for the older ones over there …..
    M8! this is the plan over here!, write it down or something.

  51. Look at my thickening midriff, I’m okay, what else is there to worry about?

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