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52 comments on “Caption competition”

  1. mary_a 1

    Pick the muppet ….

  2. b waghorn 2

    “Why’s it so skinny this year”

    “Well you see paddy its hard to make it big when you have no ideas”

  3. McFlock 3

    Mediaworks agent ready to snap a pic if blinglish flicks through the budget speech, thus once again beating a media lock-in…

  4. TC 4

    The ventriloquist and his dummy

  5. Richardrawshark 5

    Gower thinks,” I got that ass shot I was desperately after, mm hasn’t he got a tight budget ass that honey Bill.

  6. Richardrawshark 6


    If I hold this phone like that, how do I look G?, side camera like a gangsta?

  7. McFlock 7

    “Yeah, nah, it’s all good, we’re just photocopying the new version after the PM made some shit up on the fly this morning.”

  8. jag 8

    Ladies and Gentlemen selling for Murry McCully we come to lot 24; 11 boxes of ‘Pacific Relief Aid’, who’ll make the first bid…….sorry ‘donation’.

  9. Honest bob 9

    Oh-paddy- ,he’s just taking a selfie, he plays an important part in team Key at moments like this.

  10. b waghorn 10

    Don’t worry paddy , our little book of your secrets is safe , as long as you behave.!

  11. ankerawshark 11

    Yes we are going to use the boxes to help house those in Auckland who can’t get a garage.

    • weka 11.1

      With a special bonus pamphlet insert on how to perform the Four Yorhshiremen sketch for fun instead of watching TV.

  12. Ecosse_Maidy 12

    “I think even for John, there is rather a lot of Panama Papers” “Don’t fret i have hired the industrial shredder again” “phew, where would we be without it”

  13. gsays 13

    The polls are in, now I can write a budget.

  14. Ecosse_Maidy 14

    National reveals its plan for the housing crisis….

    We can make houses out of these boxes!

  15. mauī 15

    Seven boxes of PrintLink made it’s first appearance as Prime Minister of New Zealand today. Wheeled in on a trolley by a dodgy looking security man. PrintLink’s catchy slogan “delivering value everyday” was deemed overall more appealing to voters than the previous PM Key who was ousted last month.

  16. Ecosse_Maidy 16

    Does Collins needs all these cosmetics?

    Yeah, you should see a full order

  17. Ecosse_Maidy 17

    Right, is that it for this month? Files for disposal,,,,you put the Slater-Keys in there? Okdokey,,,lets do this thing

  18. Birkdale Basher 18

    We pulled all the debt figures out and now she’s as light as can be……….

  19. Ecosse_Maidy 19

    Due to Budget cuts….TV1’s version of Celebrity Squares was slightly different

  20. Ecosse_Maidy 20

    “This will solve the housing shortage in Auckland,,,de luxe, well appointed Boxes……high rental, low maintenance,,,,lets see them complain now!

  21. Sabine 21

    good grief, the geezer in the back looks miserable.

  22. Ecosse_Maidy 22

    Ok if we Budget for one semi free cardboard box for the plebs, i think that will balance the budget,,,lets not talk about the debt though

  23. Ecosse_Maidy 23

    The Boxer Rebellion, had begun at last at Nat’s HQ!

  24. Ecosse_Maidy 24

    Wow, we arent getting the usual amount of hate mail for John..
    we best double check….
    Rigthio, 1, 2, 3, 4

  25. Ecosse_Maidy 25

    Box Building Comp at Nasty Party,,,,
    nope sorry that’s not the record,,,,,John and Pauline are equal top.. managing to put 5 boxes on top of each other!

  26. Ecosse_Maidy 26

    Right that’s it, i have having a word with post office, why do we always get the complaints for the right wing apologist Beige Pete, delivered here?
    Perhaps they know something we don’t?

  27. Ecosse_Maidy 27

    If we box clever, we can have this mess cleared up in a jiffy

  28. Ecosse_Maidy 28

    This budget of yrs is brilliant, it ticks all the boxes

  29. tc 29

    Yeah I know he looks like he’s crapping himself because I told him I didn’t have the list of memes, slogans and numerology we wanted them to go with like we usually do.

  30. Ecosse_Maidy 30

    Somewhere in deepest Panama City, one lackey make ready a secret delivery to one J Keys….

  31. Macro 31

    Bill – “As you can see, there is nothing in it again this year”.

  32. Atiawa 32

    “Geez Bill, a Safety Station. Is it gonna be that dreadful.?”

  33. weka 33

    Printlink delivering value everyday (subsidiary of Crosby Textor).

  34. Shit….what a wanker….

  35. Incognito 35

    “Captain, my tricorder does not detect a heartbeat or any brain waves!? But there’s a hell of a lot of BS particles in this space …”

  36. Chooky 36

    Its all bullshit and jellybeans…but people think I am important and that is what matters

  37. Doogs 37

    “Hold the bloody thing a bit higher Bill, I want to get a damn photo!”

  38. NZJester 38

    You can make a make a silk purse of a sow’s ear, but how the hell am I meant to pass this pigs rectum of a budget off as a silk purse Bill?

  39. Gavin 39

    It’s eight years on and I can’t grow the economy or even balance the books. Even our press helpers are grumpy. Still, it beats farming. Smile for the camera.

  40. Adrian 40

    Gower ” I don’t like the look of this dodgy fucking robot, and what’s this orange and white thing ?. “

  41. Bernard 41

    What Auckland housing problem! Here I’ll sort this out Nick, I’ll have a ring-around from this South Island phone book. Should be at least one number in here that will help.

  42. Stuart Munro 42

    “Nothing of substance in here – but we’ve managed to barricade that oik Gower in the print room with the boxes and the Whale is hacking his phone so with a bit of luck we won’t see him again.”

  43. Halfcrown 43

    Yes I know it is very thin, it’s to match that other book on National’s achievements.

  44. Birkdale Basher 44

    But donations have been the real growth area and are now listed in Mandarin……

  45. adam 45

    Gower goes for the cheap shot…

  46. rod 46

    Yes, we are grooming the Dick Head behind me, to become Hosking MK 2, he’s doing very well in the role.

  47. whateva next? 47

    “I’ve got your back mate”

  48. Birkdale Basher 48

    Hey look Bill, we’re on Youporn….

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