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Katie Bradford

56 comments on “Caption competition”

  1. Macro 1

    Delivering onions to New Zealand.

  2. Bill English addressing the troops after the gnat record election loss.

  3. Dspare 4

    Woman in safety vest thinks: “Why did I wear I heels today? I could have run away too if I’d only been in gym shoes!”

  4. Brian 5

    Empty room, empty boxes, empty promises.

  5. NZJester 6

    This speech at a local produce company was a rousing success when 100% of the companies Kiwi employees as shown in this picture turned up to Nationals event.

  6. Pete 7

    Bill boxes on.

  7. Re crateing the magic

  8. ianmac 9

    Anyone for selfies? Anyone? Pleeese?

  9. Matiri 10

    The crowd didn’t turnip.

  10. mary_a 11

    Despite being boxed in, Bill and Trade Minister McClay continued talking to the Natz support base of the staunch party faithful!

  11. Pete 12

    Bill prepares to bring tears to our eyes.

  12. One Anonymous Bloke 13

    Coming to you live from National’s protester-proof bunker…

  13. AB 14

    PM gives rousing speech to “pretty hopeless” Kiwi horticulture workers

  14. McFlock 15

    That explains why he was waving his head back and forth like a cylon when he delivered the speech. Couldn’t remember what it was like speaking to a receptive audience.

  15. tracey 16

    Bill English time travels to… 2002

  16. mac1 17

    Bill rehearsing for the National campaign opening on Saturday with feedback from crates full of vegetables recreating the anticipated atmosphere of the launch.

  17. Adrian 18

    ” Jim Bolger won at least one election and he was called Spud, might be worth a shot ? ”
    ” Yeah right Bill”.

  18. Ethica 19

    PM makes earthquake preparedness safety video

  19. ropata 20

    National’s solution to homeless crisis. Crate ’em up and ship ’em to Kaeo

  20. The decrypter 21

    Checking Gov’t Panama Papers storage room.

  21. Carolyn_nth 22

    We are ready to deliver for New Zealand.

    Bugger! Where’s the National Party heavy lifters when needed?

  22. james 23

    Labour have had more leaders since they last won an election than all the people in this photo.

  23. Incognito 24

    If onions don’t make you cry Bill will.

  24. Incognito 25

    Another wooden performance by Bill English.

  25. Incognito 26

    Sunlight is indeed the best disinfectant, which is why Bill is standing in the shadows.

  26. Incognito 27

    The brighter future for all New Zealanders is not where Bill’s standing.

    • greywarshark 27.1

      Or put another way – The brighter future for all New Zealanders is where Bill’s not standing! But don’t take that to heart Gnashionals. As you were, you’re doing fine.

  27. Incognito 28

    The DPS are masters of camouflage.

  28. McFlock 29

    National Party policy announcement is regarded as unpalletable…

  29. rod 30

    Where the hell are all our MSM mates when we need them? We pay them enough surely.

  30. Stuart Munro 31

    Gnats prepare for mass protests by stockpiling throwable vegetables.

  31. rod 32

    Nationals Brighter Future disappearing on the floor.

  32. Ms Fargo 33

    And the winnah must be McFlock!
    Unpalletable… Bah-hahahaha!

  33. fork lift says mr english – sadly no one laughed…

  34. Disinterested lurker 35

    Bill-“are you sure we don’t need the green screen this time?”.

  35. Frankie and Benjie 36

    Bribe them with 10 bridges. Bribe them 10 RONS. Ten potatoes? Nope out of ideas….

  36. mosa 37

    A vacancy at the warehouse.

  37. mosa 38

    I was only joking when i said Jacinda had already won.

  38. Indiana 39

    The crowds of potatoes didn’t find Bill very a-ppeal-ing

  39. Philj 40

    Bill practices speech to cabbages and pumpkins!

  40. Philj 41

    “Bill’s, Bill’s and more Bill’s!”

  41. Philj 42

    Bill practices speech to cabbages and pumpkins!
    BILL launches imaginative new housing policy – its wooden crates!

  42. Nzsage 43

    Breaking News: Women with pony tails finally feel safe in the presence of a National leader.

  43. greywarshark 44

    All Workers in this area are to wear hi-viz jackets, all others wear suits.

  44. Andy 45

    Bill later described the audience as a little wooden but crateful for his time and commitment.

  45. georgecom 46

    Wooden boxes, wooden leaders

  46. georgecom 47

    English reveals his new affordable housing plan and solution to the housing crisis.

  47. georgecom 48

    Bill “onion” English is inducted into the National Party Hall of Vegetable Fame alongside Jim “spud” Bolger and Don “corn Beef and peas” Brash

  48. seeker 49

    Warning….Tony Abbott eats onions skin and all and remember what happened to him.

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