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43 comments on “Caption contest”

  1. Mac1 1

    “When they said the PM’s life was full of highlights, did they mean just speeches?”

  2. RedLogix 2

    170,000 …umm what was that again? My shares in TranzRail, or the number of new pixie jobs this Budget will create?

  3. ianmac 3

    Oh god! Steven has given me the words I have to say but I can’t read his handwriting. Beam me up Rapture maker!

  4. the sprout 4

    Key studies Budget’s plausibility and implications.

  5. todd 5

    I can’t bear to look at the results of my bankrupt policies.

  6. todd 6

    Argh! Glare from Dune’s bouffant.

  7. hellonearthis 7

    What IRD figures…

  8. todd 8

    Nooo! My reptilian eyes!

  9. Double facepalm…What does it mean ?

  10. ghostwhowalksnz 10

    Treasury’s figures back up everything I say !

  11. prism 11

    S..t I’m sick of all this budget ‘blathering’. I’m getting a migraine. Call my plane I’m off to Hawaii.

  12. mikesh 12

    Oh no! The world hasn’t ended after all.

  13. kriswgtn 13

    Oh fuck I have read the wrong speech
    This speech admits my guilt re the attack on the NZ $ in the 1980’s
    Hope no-one was listening

  14. Playing hide and seek with the budget.

  15. fabregas4 15

    I’m see no poverty, Bill is hear no poverty, and Joycie is … well a bit of a tosser!

  16. “Your kidding me, Labour actually thinks they are going to win the election?”

  17. George D 17

    “D- ?!??

    But I worked so hard on this paper!”

  18. Peter Johansson 18

    A few seconds later, John realised his mistake: using a highlighter pen as eyeliner could cause nasty burns.

  19. Irascible 19

    “Oh Shit!! I’ve been caught out not remembering the Crosby Textor script again. It looks like Don will be using this in a hostile takeover bid soon.” This was John Key’s reaction on being given a transcript of the statements he made while giving a press conference in which his honesty was questioned. He had previously stated that he didn’t know what he’d said as he hadn’t seen the programme yet.

  20. Craig 20

    When I open my eyes, please tell me that Brash has finally gone away and stopped bothering me…

  21. rod 21

    Oh bollocks, this botox doesn’t seem to be working this time.

  22. logie97 22

    “When thse liftists make funof mispich, they dn tundistand thit mireal diffcultyis thit I cannot read CrsbyTxtor’s hindrittin- remember I read whatispit infrintiv me. It miks micry simtims.”

  23. logie97 23

    ‘Oh shit, that journalist is about to me ask a question about the snip again. He wants to know what I meant when, through an off the cuff (I thought I was being smart at the time) slip of the tongue statement I said in that press conference “All I can say is it’s been highly successful but anyway we won’t get into that either.” That was a year ago now. I thought they had let it pass.’

  24. Richard 24

    John Key Uses Charades To Explain National Economic Policy

  25. terryg 25

    I can’t hear you
    I can’t hear you
    I can’t hear you
    I can’t hear you
    I can’t hear you
    I can’t hear you

  26. toad 26

    For fuck sakes Bill, don’t you remember me telling you not to contract Harold Camping as a consultant for the Budget?

  27. Hey! When I look through my fingers like this, Bill does look like a fence post!

  28. todd 28

    Oh no! I just saw Anne Tolley Naked, make the image go away. Make it go away. Oh please make it go away.

  29. randal 29


  30. todd 30

    Can’t remeber if I’m the prim minster, havn’t watched the progam yet.

  31. todd 31

    Oh fuck! The drugs are givin me hendous flashbacks O pissin in da bottle.

  32. Colonial Viper 32

    If I pretend that I can’t see poor people, I’m pretty sure that they can’t see me.

  33. vto 33

    I think its Key thinking yet again that he’s back at kindy.

  34. William 34

    The use of a yellow highlight pen was a sure giveaway that the speech notes were written by Don Brash.

  35. M 35

    Seeing the destruction he’s wrought on New Zealand Key commences to gouge out his own eyes before flying to Hawai’í to do the plutonium tango.

  36. M 36

    John Key bitterly regrets taking Joan River’s advice to have his upper and lower lids done.

  37. Craig 37

    “Ah!!! Actual statistical calculations and hard data!!! Stop it, stop it!!! I’m meltinnnnggggg…” [Key, after a stray gust of wind whipped a Labour Party policy costing into his face…]

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