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58 comments on “Caption contest”

  1. Blighty 1

    All the country’s problems solved, the Prime Minister had literally nothing better to do than pretend to drive a toy jet boat

    • D-D-D-Damn ! 1.1

      Where’s that last drink taking you, Prime Minister ?

      • D-D-D-Damn ! 1.1.1

        “Come on, get the hell out of there, you little brat !!!. I’ve told you before. Don’t make me come down there and get you out !.”

  2. marsman 2

    Key driving the economy.

  3. Jim Nald 3

    “So when things turn to custard, this jet will be my quick exit plan to fly to Hawaii! Vroom vroom!”

  4. happynz 4

    The King’s Speech version 2.0

    ‘Tehpot tehpot thai boat thai boat! We’re the iPad government, the iPad government! Vroom vroom’

    ‘Teapot teapot toy boat toy boat, Mr Key.’ [Sheesh…]

  5. Blighty 5

    just by the by, I hate how he has taken to wearing the silver fern lapel all the time. shades of what Bush administration officials did after 9/11. And a reference to the All Blacks.

    It’s a form of wrapping yourself in the flag designed to make you immune from criticism.

  6. Jim Nald 6

    “I’m looking at getting this jet for the Defence Force so that I won’t organise to use the choppers next time”

  7. sally 7

    You really don’t think I can look stupider than Brash walking the plank? That sounds like a challenge…

  8. todd 8

    “That’s more suitable, much more fun than driving the economy into the ground eh boy.”

  9. John Key joins the Shriners: “where’s my funny hat?”

  10. sally 10

    To the cycleway!

  11. Pascal's bookie 11

    I’m still not sure you fully grasp this anti-piracy legislation Prime Minister…

  12. John D 12

    Toot toot chugga chugga big red boat

  13. PeteG 13

    They mustn’t have understood him when he asked them to shoot over with a jet for him.

  14. LeeFluff 14

    You’ll find it’s a lot easier to steer if you’re actually going somewhere

  15. Knit wit 15

    New adventure tourism regulations won’t take the fun out of jet boating, says Key

  16. ianmac 16

    “Wonder if people would love me more if they see me driving this instead of a BMW? Nah.”

  17. Craig 17

    Sadly, after the election, John Key had to downsize considerably from his earlier BMW limousine…

  18. John D 18

    Look, tax breaks for R&D results in stuff like this…

  19. only room for one in key’s waka

    • hellonearthis 19.1

      Nice 🙂

    • William Joyce 19.2

      Ain’t that the truth!
      “Don’t worry John. You come to NZ and be the boss. You get the photos and the others will push the paper.”

  20. r0b 20

    Noddy Car Mk 2.

    • marsman 20.1

      Key auditioning for a ‘Noddy in Toyland’ movie to be made by Jackson and Parasite Productions.
      ‘Shonkey Noddy and his adventures in Toryland’

  21. hellonearthis 21

    You got in by yourself mate so now can you please get out of my craft.


    I really wanted some of these for the RWC instead of those extra BMWs

  22. Tel 22

    Little Johnny Key fresh from his wet behind the ears budget debate caught in shock aqua-phobic therapy class.

  23. Tel 23

    Ugly Tourist Monster caught in filming of Peter Jackson’s remake of Land of the Giants

  24. randal 24

    how much tax can I write off investing in this?

  25. todd 25

    “Now peddle John peddle god damn it!”

  26. freedom 26

    The Minister of Tourism denies the effects of intense Dairying on NZ ‘s 100% Pure waterways

  27. Craig 27

    Unfortunately, the aquacar cut out midstream up S**t C***k, and Key was left without a paddle after ACT took on water, tried to bail out, but then capsized and sank, leaving no survivors…

  28. todd 28

    “You mean there’s no rudder in this thing?”

  29. Treetop 29

    Do I look over dressed in my suit?

  30. andy (the other one) 30

    Sorry Prime Minister, we’ve run out of clown cars, the helicopter is busy and this is all we have left…

  31. todd 31

    “I know it’s a downgrade, but at least my arse is warm.”

  32. logie97 32

    Alan Gibbs cons some pratt into purchasing the prototype of his Aquada amphibious project.

  33. rod 33

    Call me Bond James Bond.

  34. Bryan 34

    Shit creek here I come !

  35. todd 35

    “Look mate! I can still get my shot over. Now I’m off to pick up Bronagh ta shoot sim blanks.”

  36. Adrian 36

    “Exshully, ut’s pretty much 100% the size of half ov thuh reil one so thuts close enuff for me”

  37. ak 37

    “Amphibious for new cylinders” photo-op tantrum: translator’s foot crushed by “cranky” PM”

  38. William Joyce 38

    “Akshully, werz the diplomatik boyz? I need them ta run along siad – arnd some motacycools arnd flags n things”

  39. William Joyce 39

    “…….and somewhere, a child waits.”

  40. Gruntie 40

    The hobbit on wheels

  41. Descendant Of Smith 41

    This’ll be the closest you’ll get to boating once the cows have shit in all the water.

    Next item a garden gnome fishing cause that’ll be all you get to catch as well.

  42. DJ 42

    “We’ll cut our emissions by driving tiny cars like these!”

  43. Lazy Susan 43

    “Nah – I won’t be getting no silly photo-op done in that little Shotover Jet thingy until after the election when I’ve got a mandate from the voters. Oops!”

  44. Brendon O'Connor 44

    Everyone else might be up the creek without a paddle, but I was brought up in a state house in Bryndwr with no father and if I can get out of this predicament everyone else should be able to.

  45. Craig 45

    Despite the adulation of his sycophants amongst the press gallery, Key found he couldn’t walk on water after all and had to use alternative means…

  46. Armchair Critic 46

    “It’s just like NZ, really – it’s mostly red, and I’m trying to turn it to the right.”

  47. Nick 47

    A sink or swim economy? Long live the boat-owning class!

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