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As you caption this one, please remember, this is a family blog…

34 comments on “Caption contest”

  1. This one’s for John Key – he’s been taking the piss out of New Zealand for too long – so here John it’s a pint and it’s on me.

  2. randal 2

    in the kindom of the anally retented carrots the one eyed parsnip is king!

  3. toad 3

    It was very noisy and like Paul Quinn last week I must have misheard.  I thought he said “plonking”.

  4. r0b 4

    Peter Dunne – as thick as two short planks.

  5. jackal 5

    Backdoor Wenches!

    “Feel’s better than fucking the welfare state.”

    Insert credit to the original planker please.

    “This is when that hair gel comes in handy.”

    Dunne tries to outdo Rodney’s dancing antics.

    Dog lies down on request.

  6. Tom 6

    “I’ll make myself useful until November and then choose so that I remain in Government.

  7. Plankingwood, at least it is original when it comes to a sign.

  8. hellonearthis 8

    They called you a w*nker not a planker.

  9. William Joyce 9

    Dunne demonstrates the how to make the most of American Pie.

  10. M 10

    Knowing his number’s up in November Dunne decided to fall back on that refuge of has-beens and demonstrated some moves from his new exercise video.

  11. mikesh 11

    That’s the trouble with being a sole MP. You have to do it by yourself.

  12. R 12

    Having suddenly realised that the Back Benches set lacked ‘The Worm’, Dunne promptly acted out his relevance-ratings trend for the live audience.

  13. HC 13

    Pete Done has done it again. He has shown to be a bit of a pretentious stuntman! This time he risked hurting his precious part down under by lying flat of this piece of furniture. I wonder whether his libido and fertility have been detrimentally affected. May be an application to ACC (or the future private competitors) is in preparation?

  14. logie97 14

    Peter Dunne getting a feel for lying on Park Benches after he is made redundant in November.

  15. Armchair Critic 15

    Peter Dunne demonstrates what asset sales will really mean, for most of us.

  16. Rizzle 16

    Not satisfied with the level of effective cuts in this year’s budget, Peter Dunne flatlines himself.

  17. Akldnut 17

    Get used to it NZ, imagine me as this Govt. and the table as you!!!!
    We’re on top & you’re fucked!!!

  18. chris73 18

    Peter Dunne getting ready for Annette Kings next party

  19. Pascal's bookie 19

    Memeologiosts: Video evidence proves planking not cool.

    “Peter Dunne; case closed. Just fucking stop it already”

  20. her 20

    I’m so tired.

  21. Tel 21

    Back Benches changes its name to “No Back Bone”

  22. Postie 22

    This how me and Graham Capill would do it at Christian Heritage Party Do’s

  23. JS 23

    Peter illustrates his understanding of cultural sensitivity by not sitting on the table.

  24. bobo 24

    Everyone down! Dunnes ass is gonna blow !

  25. Irascible 25

    Follically and intellectually challenged, Dunne, following advice from the PM & his son, allows himself to be manipulated in public.

  26. hellonearthis 26

    Ok we have a plank now who will walk it.

  27. Jason 27

    In a predictable pre-election move, Dunne attempts to span the political spectrum.

  28. Dexter 28

    United Party Leader and sole MP Peter Dunne gives a display of the entire party participating in group sex (missionary style of course).

  29. Mark 29

    What a ‘Planker’!!

  30. Clunk 30

    Practical lesson by a Dunne unit

  31. James 31

    A plank a day will keep National at bay

  32. Craig 32

    Peter Dunne tries desperately to grab more cheap publicity after he reads the latest Ohariu-Belmont micropoll ratings showing Charles Chauvel well in front!

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