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62 comments on “Caption contest”

  1. Hey Judith, I have left a few messages for you but have not heard back from you. Ring me it’s important …

  2. Treetop 2

    “Wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

  3. Sosoo 3

    Is that a Koch bottle in my pocket, or…

    • North 3.1

      Yes……..I’m a rich entitled to be richer narcissist…… what ? Fuck off with your “democracy” loser !

  4. prism 4

    I’m posing for a PR shot ready for when I’m hailed as the successful destroyer of NZ democracy, and now I’m set to initiate the project going flat-out like a one-armed paperhanger.

  5. prism 5

    My rule is never to let the left hand see what the right hand is doing.

  6. Jenny 6

    Can’t see the hood for the trees.

  7. Dv 7

    That IS NOT blood on those trees.

  8. fender 8

    Hunting with Slater is great, all the pigs are attracted to Cam and as you can see I get rather excited watching him root around on all fours.

  9. One Anonymous Knucklehead 9

    Pockets stuffed with campaign contributions, Quisling Mosley prepares to go Galt.

  10. billbrowne 10

    Man with hole in pocket feel cocky all day

  11. “..i have eaten whaleoil..he is now me..”

    phillip ure..

  12. hand in pocket means orchard-porn…

    phillip ure..

  13. fender 13

    I love Judith Collins just as much as I love Sarah Palin.

    If it wasn’t for Judith Collins I’d be expecting the police to do an Urewera style terror raid on my compound.

  14. “i”m ambi-political..i wank with my left hand..”

    phillip ure..

  15. cover-shot for ‘country-wanker-magazine’…

    phillip ure..

  16. ianmac 16

    I am Jesus reborn.

  17. “..i’m off on a date..with slate..”

    phillip ure..

  18. born to mis-rule..

    phillip ure..

  19. “..i also cover john denver songs..”

    phillip ure..

    • mac1 19.1

      This one?

      “Blow Up Your TV, throw away your paper
      Go to the country, build you a home

      Plant a little garden, eat a lot of peaches
      Try and find Jesus on your own.”

  20. “..i hate lefties..’cos..’cos..when i was 15…a leftie-chick laughed at my boat-shoes..”

    phillip ure..

  21. mac1 21

    “I have formed a lose alliance of committed fiscal conservatives” says the home page caption.

    Oh for a Right wing prediction that is right!

  22. dweeb-of-the-year..?

    phillip ure..

  23. “..i am confident around women..and i like to take long walks on beaches..

    ..and i have a golden labrador..

    ..he’s called ‘buddy’..”

    phillip ure..

  24. “..i moved out of my house..

    ..’cos i had to turn left when i went out of my driveway..

    ..and ‘this lady is not for turning’..”

    phillip ure..

  25. vto 25

    You see, you too can turn out like this if you make the right life choices.

    (blleeeaaargh… spew,…. cough, bleeaargh…..

  26. Te Reo Putake 26

    As we’re in the woods, I’ve bought a tent.

  27. Jenny 27

    “I have formed a lose alliance of committed fiscal conservatives”

    I have decided to call it the Front Bone Club.

  28. risildo 28

    I have Sarah Palin in my pocket

  29. Treetop 29

    Playground for the rich is just beyond the trees.

  30. “..i have never shared a double-sleeping-bag with that man..”

    phillip ure..

  31. irascible 31

    Is that a Key I’m feeling or am I just on a self indulgent trip?

  32. “ name is brad…some call me ‘chuck’..”

    phillip ure..

  33. Poission 33

    Card carrying member of Ononia has evidence in hand.

  34. “..i know i look like an ex-cop..”

    phillip ure..

  35. pollywog 35

    Are you feeling lusky punk?…cos I am!

  36. rod 36

    “You don’t get many of these to the Kilo”.

  37. QoT 37

    “Standing slightly three-quarter makes me look more approachable. Autumn leaves background will symbolise dying of an era yet hope for renewal through my guidance. No tie, too corporate. Slight smile, don’t want to look too stern nor too lightweight. One hand in pocket to look casual, but not both – too casual. Pull slightly at pocket to emphasise package and thus heighten sense of masculine self-reassurance. God, I’m sooooooooooooooo good.”

    • Colonial Viper 37.1

      The choice of the rural gentleman’s sports coat, do say more…

      • QoT 37.1.1

        I was trying to find the perfect descriptor for the coat, but men’s fashion is not my area of expertise. Let’s go with, looks smart but not corporate, sly wink to the Fed Farmers demographic?

        • IrishBill

          It’s off the rack. A bit like his political strategy.

        • Don't worry be happy

          Got a bit of a halo thing going on there too….pull in some fundy happy clappers?

  38. IrishBill 38

    Is that a master strategy to professionalise New Zealand politics with American money and install a cabal of neo conservatives in parliament and the public service, or are you just pleased to see me?

  39. felix 39

    Jeez, at least when Slater fakes a muscle for the camera it’s just a bicep.

  40. “..i play in a rightwing village-people tribute band..

    ..we are called..’there is no such thing as a village..people..!’

    ..i am the cop in that band..

    ..we also put music to ayn rand lyrics..

    ..with village-people stylings..

    ..but we have gone a bit neo-punk with our latest one..’s called ‘fuck the poor..!”..”

    phillip ure..

  41. handle 41


  42. ak 42

    “Key in pocket” claim repeated by tory “Rasputin”

  43. ak 43

    Hard-right Nat softens towards centre

  44. David H 44

    No!!! I’m not! It’s called Pocket Billiards!!!!

  45. Saarbo 45

    I didn’t realise Ewen McDonald had been released from prison.

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